Saturday, November 13, 2010


Did anyone make this connection? From what the Gunny has read, everyone was outraged by Mark Penn's statement but has anyone noticed that the Left, while escalating their violence, through thugs from the SEIU, has now called for the "Reichstag" moment for Obama.

Mark Penn, a Democratic strategist and former chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, stated on Hardball, on 4 Nov 2010, that Obama’s current situation of the mid-term blowout, is akin to BJ Bubba’s 1994 “Republican Revolution,” and that BJ Bubba “reconnected” with the American people after the Oklahoma City domestic terrorist attack. Penn then stated that President Obama needed a “similar event” to achieve that reconnection after the Liberals were blown out of the water on a national and state level, across the US. Oddly enough, Chrissy Matthews did not even bat an eye at that outrageous statement.

Did you catch that? Penn calls for a DOMESTIC TRAGEDY to occur so the Jug-Eared clown can "reconnect" with the American people?

Remember when the insane kook from Florida, one Democrat nitwit who THANKFULLY was booted from the Congress, Court Jester Alan Grayson, stated that it was the GOP who was creating a "Reichstag" moment back on March 29, 2010, and he was not alone among the Dems.

What in the name of HELL is wrong with these asshat liberals? Penn would call for a "man-caused" disaster (to use this regime's term for a terrorist attack), that kills and maims AMERICANS, so that the blithering idiot in the White House, who was revealed once again at the G-20 summit, to be a gutless and witless man-child, and who is nothing more than a post turtle, can reconnect with the American people! WHAT. THE. HELL!

To what end Marky? To force a crackdown by the security services of the US on the people (which the Left and Obama would LOVE to do)? To allow the Left to confiscate all weapons of the people, something that they have been trying to do since the 1960's? To give Barry the "right" to create his civilian national security force, as he called for during the campaign? To give the Left the "right" to react in "justified" violence against those evil right-wingers?

That Penn could say something THIS disgusting and not be thrown off of Chrissy Matthew's show, Softball(s), IMMEDIATELY, says a lot about the mental state of the Leftists in America. They KNOW that this is their last gasp to force a Progressive agenda on America as the Conservative American people are aroused, angry, and rolling towards cleaning up DC of the corrupt Left and their RINO minions, so they're pulling out all of the stops.

While we on the Right could be justified in doing violence, WE CANNOT, not until that is the LAST RESORT to save the Republic! Civil Disobedience and our belief that God is not only on our side but that He will not abandon us as we speak the TRUTH, are our weapons. The Left seeks succor from Soros, he who helped the Nazis victimize his own people, and thus, they embrace evil. We had a rally on 8/28 and PEACEFULLY marched on DC, and left the Mall cleaner than we found it. THAT, my friends, is how we win more support. The Leftist march with the two asshats on 10/20, and trash the Mall, leaving hate, discontent, and garbage in their wake, that is how they LOSE support and ultimately, the war for the Republic.

If ANYONE performs a "reichstag" moment, it will be leftists, who have bombed buildings like the Pentagon (Ayers and Dorhn) and killed Americans, delighted in what Manson did to the "pigs", flown airplanes into an IRS building, shot their fellow leftist professors in a fit of rage, and taken hostages at the Discovery Channel building. In fact, it was unrepentant domestic terrorist and SDS/Weather Underground member Bernadine Dorhn who recently projected: "It's racist, it's armed, it's hostile, it's unspeakable. White people armed, demanding an end to this president – it's very crazy-producing."

The Left, my friends, will ALWAYS tell us which way they're going to jump before they do. They are foreshadowing the violence, which is all they know. There IS one act of violence that the Gunny would like to do and that is, put his combat boot so far up Mark Penn's ass, that he'll be tasting Kiwi for a year. Mark, do us all a favor and take a long walk off of a short pier.


"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." -Ben Franklin
(and the Left works OVERTIME at staying stupid.)


  1. "What in the name of HELL is wrong with these asshat liberals?"
    Well, Gunny, as has been pointed out not only on blogs but by some conservative writers and columnists... The democrat party is no longer the party of JFK. No longer the party of my father. The party has become the political action arm of the CPUSA. Hillary Clinton proudly proclaims she is a progressive on national tv. They're communist. They get their money and take their marching orders from Soros.
    And the difference between a communist and a NAZI? One is spelled, "c-o-m-m-u-n-i-s-t" and the other uses initials, "N-A-Z-I" of its National SOCIALIST Party... So it is perfectly understandable that the democrats would concoct a "Reichstag" moment.
    Much like was done in Texas to pass the "Hate-crime" legislation.

    To allow the Left to confiscate all weapons of the people, something that they have been trying to do since the 1960's?
    \Since the '60's? Uh, Gunnery Sergeant, they have been trying to confiscate our guns since the '30's and maybe longer. FDR's government came out with the FFA. Now why? BAR's and Thompson .45 (Tommy Gun) were available to all Americans. Now don't ask why an honest American would want a fully automatic weapon. Don't go down that road. But because a few depression era criminals armed themselves with them the government came out with the Federal Firearms Act which denied automatic weapons from Every American Citizen. How many times has the government passed a law affecting all of us because of the acts of a few? or of a single individual? The government uses gun CRIMES as justification for removing guns from HONEST folks. And the government plots daily to remove the rest of the guns from American hands.

  2. This Penn moonbat is the SAME dickhead who lamented the fact that 9/11 happened on BUSH'S watch,INSTEAD of Clinton's. He shathed out that Clinton could have used the attack to become not merely a good potus,but a GREAT one. This sonofabitch and Pelosi related by any chance? Both are delusional as hell.

  3. Gunny,
    I'm so glad you wrote about this. I thought I was being paranoid when that was the first thing that popped into my mind. Then I thought "No surely they wouldn't do anything that awful." But you have reminded me just how evil these people are.
    Thanks again, every once in a while I need to be reminded, so I don't drop my guard. They will do anything to be in power.

  4. Buck,

    Great post. I knew about the FFA but most Americans don't. They DO know that the Left went after firearms big time in the 60's and 70's.

    I agree on the government's overreaction to gun crimes, we saw that under BJ Bubba's regime!

  5. clyde,

    Delusional? These people are clearly INSANE!

  6. Nanna,

    Libs and Dems are as Buck stated above, simply communists and nazis, who had, of course, NO PROBLEM killing millions of their own people. Just like libs have NO PROBLEM killing about 70 MILLION infants since Roe v Wade.

  7. Penn isn't the only one yapping about this. Check this out...

    My ammo supply is very adequate as it is with most conservatives.

    Bring it on douchebags.

  8. Gunny,

    Is Mark Penn related to Sean? Just wondering.

  9. Hardnox,

    I saw that! Disgusting but then again, what else can we expect from them?

    A number of years ago, I yanked the "scarf" off of a lib protestor, a young punk, who squawked like a bitch and ran off! haha

  10. Wait wait wait...So you dimwitted slack jawed backwoods rednecks actually are gonna bring up Roe V Wade but you support the DEATH PENALTY?????

  11. I heard about that. The left have truly come unhinged; wishing violence and death on innocent Americans for political gain.

    And they claim compassion and equality?!

  12. Gunny, does the Looney Left have the "cajones" to do this? In the large cities, the Nation of Islam, the gangs, the unions, and certain "Green" groups are willing and able to do this. But you and I know that the typical Liberal doesn't even know which end the bullet comes out of.

    Therefore, I have to assume that the answer to the question of whether or not the Left will try a "Reichstag" moment is probably not. They are all talk at this moment in time, and probably for the near future. However, if the new Conservatives in the US Congress shut down welfare and most of the federal government, then we have another situation.

  13. sorry(lib)retards,

    Yes, criminals who VIOLATE the mores of society DESERVE what society gives them. Executed criminals DO NOT commit anymore crimes.

    What laws have infants broken?

    Thanks for playing moron.

  14. Sorryretards:

    Yeah. Us slack jawed red neck retards will bring up Roe v Wade and at the same time support capital punishment.
    Open your eyes, dimwit.

    Roe grants immunity from prosecution for those who who have committed the henious act of ABORTING the life of an innocent child still in the womb.
    Capital punishment ABORTS the life of someone who has committed a henious act of crime against an innocent citizen.
    Got it, dunderhead????

  15. sorryretards,

    Are you Ivan is disguise?
    Insults like yours are hardly a way to make one believe that you have a cogent argument.