Monday, October 31, 2011


It will be a great day in America when we rid ourselves of King Alinsky, a wannabe dictator and serial liar who has absolutely ZERO accomplishments to run on and many screwups to attack, so he pulls an "Alinsky" and simply lies.

EXCERPT: "White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Barack Obama will "continue" to act "independently" without congressional authorization to "benefit the American people" as part of the White House’s "We Can’t Wait" campaign. "He [Obama] fully understands that the kinds of things that are contained within the American Jobs Act require congressional action, require laws being passed, and that’s why he’s pressing for Congress to take action legislatively," Carney told reporters on Monday at the White House.

Let's be clear here. King Alinsky's "American Jobs Act" was pure bullsh*t. There WAS NO ACT just a mishmash of gibberish and sloganisms that King Alinsky, when speaking without his teleprompter, is famous for, only this crapulence is on paper. The GOP introduces a REAL jobs act into Congress and King Alinsky says nothing. One more point, the Dems MAJORITY in the Senate did not pass it either, so what now Baghdad Bob Carney?

BTW, WE CAN'T WAIT either Barry, to be RID of you and the First Grifter and November 2012 CANNOT COME FAST ENOUGH!

EXCERPT: "But he can also act independently or, rather, administratively, and exercise his executive authority to benefit the American people in other ways. And he will continue to do that."

THIS is simply MORE 100% pure unadulterated BULLSH*T from the White House and Carney's oral sewer. He usurps the Constitution and THAT does NOT help the American people by any stretch of the imagination, no matter HOW FAR to the Left that imagination is.

EXCERPT: "He is simply acting to help the American people, whether it’s with their mortgages, their student loans, their access to vital drugs, assisting businesses to speed up the process by which they get a, you know, contracts, with their payments from the federal government. These are all measures he can take administratively, and he will continue to take them."

There is no excuse for usurping the Constitution, no matter the reason. If this was a WHITE Republican acting in this manner, the Congress would be all over him like flies on a bull's ass. Obama should have ALREADY been impeached yet this has not been done. WHY? Is the Congress afraid of black flash mobs rioting because of it all? So Congress picks the easier road to travel vice JUSTICE and the Rule of Law? Congress enjoys a 14% approval rate and an EIGHTY-SIX percent DISAPPROVAL rate and can anyone question WHY that is? They absolutely deserve it. That they ignore King Alinsky's usurpation of the Constitution and things like the War Powers Act of 1973 in Libya is nothing short of a criminal act themselves.

This petty tyrant has taken over infrastructure funding, bypassing Congress, taken over student loans, making them MORE forgivable at the expense of the US Taxpayer, bypassing Congress, taken over home loans through Fannie and Freddie, bypassing Congress there as well, i.e., home foreclosures, closed down oil drilling, closed down coal mining, groped old people and babies through the American Gestapo (TSA) and now set up roadblocks in Tennesee and other states. Obama is nothing but a dictator with a toothless Congress and Senate UNWILLING to do what is right FOR America.

The ONE bright side of the despotic rule of King Alinsky is that the NEXT POTUS will be held to a stricter standard, as it should be, than King Alinsky, bought and paid for by Soros ever was and maybe another is that Congress will remember that THEY are supposed to protect US from a rogue president.

I'M KING OBAMA LIKE MY COUSIN KING ODINGO!‘continue’-to-act-‘independently’-without-congress/



EXCERPT: "Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi has been charged with felony grand theft after allegedly being caught by security officers stealing nearly $2,500 in clothing from a San Francisco Neiman Marcus store. The 45-year-old Castro Valley Democrat, wife of a Bay Area judge, pleaded not guilty Thursday in San Francisco Superior Court and is free on $15,000 bail pending further proceedings Nov. 15."

There can be no doubt that the Jackass Party should change their name to Crime Incorporated in order to better reflect their true values.


EXCERPT: "Sam Singer, spokesman for Hayashi, said the arrest occurred after she left the store while using her cellular phone.  "The incident in San Francisco was a mistake and a misunderstanding," Singer said. "The assemblywoman strongly believes in the justice system and is hopeful that this matter will be cleared up soon."

REALLY!? People just walk out of a store with $2,500.00 bucks of merchandise, while chatting on a cell phone, and simply "forget" to pay? B U L L S H * T!

What the truth is, is that Liberals are so used to stealing from THE US TAXPAYERS that they think they can do it anywhere. Naturally, she'll get off with a wrist slap since her hubby is a judge and he'll pressure his homies. NO JUSTICE will be done here.

(keep moving, nothing to see here...)


for an interview? Afraid his true colors will come out? Afraid Chris will ask him about sending his aides to help Barry create the Frankenstein of ObummerKare? Afraid that Chris will ask him why he won't disavow RomneyKare? Maybe Romney is afraid that Chris may find out that Romney's big backers are bailout banks?

Keep pushing this steaming turd GOP and once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


You gotta admit, the Leftists are a hoot. These pandering whores OVERLOOKED and APOLOGIZED for a serial rapist in the White House who maliciously mistreated a cigar (probably a Cuban at that) and who left his load on a blue dress, now on display in the Smithsonian, and are whining like the little girls they are over two FALSE reports of The Hermanator sexually harassing two women. Let the Gunny be up front here. He doesn't give a fat baby's ass if Cain sexually harassed a dozen women as the Tyrant in the White House is DESTROYING this nation through his community organizing rabble rousing. THIS is the BEST that these idiots can come up with to try and sully the reputation of Cain?

When the names of these women are released, the Gunny BETS IT ALL that when researched by HIM, not the Liberal Lapdog Media, that they'll be libs and Obama supporters.

Here is something in BJ Bubba's own words:

When Monica asked Bill to settle the Jones [rape] suit, he said, "You don't understand, I can't. There are hundreds of them."

And the Left COVERED for their guy as viciously as they cover for a community organizer who should never have gotten into the City Dogcatcher job vice becoming the POTUS! The Left REFUSED to vet King Alinsky. ABC REFUSED to release the video of Obummer partying with PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi, now a professor at some libtard university. They REFUSED to ask WHY King Alinsky sealed his college transcripts, his birth certificate, his SSN, his Fulbright scholarship papers, his federal aid paperwork, etc, under an Executive Order and this after promising the most "transparent administration in American history."

The Gunny finds it amazing that the Politico, a far-left website, did not publish the names of the hags but "confirmed" that they were employees, blah, blah, blah. Now the Politico MIGHT think that they were living in the Soviet Union but here in America, we're ALLOWED to face our accusers, that is, unless you are a successful Conservative black man with the mojo to unseat their King Alinsky.

How pathetic the Left is. Their guy wins the Nobel peace prize for doing nothing and five wars later, or is it seven, and they can't even see the joke of that whole affair. Zero followed the Bush Doctrine to a TEE and the Left is too stupid to catch it. King Alinsky rules by Executive Order and they ARE SILENT about it! King Alinsky mewls about bypassing the Congress and violating the Constitution time and time again and they EMBRACE IT! No wonder the Liberal Lapdog Media is about as useful as a condom with the tip cut off.

Dear Leftists, if this is the best you can do trying to derail the Cain train, go back to kissing the ass of your petty tyrant and sniffing his anal fumes because THAT is what you sh*theads do best.

Just for that Politico, the Gunny is sending ANOTHER C note Cain's way.  If you can, donate to The Hermanator and let's help him REMOVE the Tyrant-in-Thief.


1. BJ Bubba Klinton
2. State Senator Dan Sutton (SD) fondled a male page
3. Carl Stanley McGee sexually assaulted a 15 yo boy
4. Bernard Vincent Ward serial leftist pervert
5. Davidson County Democratic Party Chairman Rodney Mullins (child porn)
6. Former Democrat Boston city councilor David Scondras
7. Charles Rust-Tierney (former pres of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU) (Child Porn)
8. Andrew Douglas Reed sexual exploitation of a minor
9. Mel Reynolds child porn
10. Gary Studds Studds serial gay pervert
11. Bonnie Frank (enough said)
12. John W. Gacy, serial gay rapist and serial killer (Chicago Dem ward chairman).
13. John Leftwards

14. Jesse "Sperminator" Jackson"
15. Owl Gore at the spa.

16. Anthony Weenie

And yes Leftists, there ARE perverts and scumbags on the Right however, WE boot them from the party, i.e., David Duke vs KKK Byrd, we do not circle the wagon on them nor do we cheer for them, i.e., Dems in Congress clapping for pervert Gerry Studds.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


to realize that Romney is nothing but McShamnesty number two, or worse? A Romney blogger working for the WaPo (a leftist rag) and attacking Romney's opponents, whoda thunk it?

Dear GOP, take Romney and stuff him up where the sun don't shine. NO WAY IN HELL will the Gunny vote for that Taxachusetts RomneyKare Techocrat.

Friday, October 28, 2011


but here is a video from Rick Perry that is OPTIMISTIC about America whereas King Akinsky mewls about Americans losing their mo-jo, much like his long lost father, Jimmy "the dhimmi" Karter did in 1979, wearing his Mr. Rogers sweater and whining that Americans need to get used to LESS.

Maybe THIS video will get Bonnie "Banking Queen" Fwank to STFU about how the GOP can't create jobs, blah, blah, blah. The Banking Queen should stick to shows like Rachel Madcow where he can relieve the pressure on his brain by farting to his heart's content.

More over, Texas is GROWING jobs while Taxachusetts is stuck in the cellar with clowns like Bonnie Fwank and Hanoi John Fonda Kerry leading them!

It seems that between the Cain Train and his 9-9-9 plan and Perry's plan, the GOP DOES have plans FOR America whereas the Leftist vermin not only have NOT come up with a budget in over 900 DAYS, but they're busy sucking off the smelly hippies in the OWS crowd. 

It should be clear to ANYONE with a working brain. The RIGHT WANTS America working and prospering. The LEFT wants equal misery FOR Americans through redistribution and entitlement plans paid for with the labor of others.


EXCERPT: "The list of top government officials unaware of a 2009 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) gun-walking program just keeps growing. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, appearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, became the latest high-level official to go on the record denying any knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious before the 2010 murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. She joins Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama who have also stated they knew nothing prior to a few weeks before May 3, 2011 (Holder) and March, 2011 (Obama.)  During the hearing, Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) confronted Ms. Napolitano on her decision not to call Holder up after she heard about agent Terry's demise. "For you to have two dead agents and to have never had a conversation with Eric Holder about Fast and Furious and about this is totally unacceptable."

The Secretary shot back that she had not communicated with Holder about the operation because it was led by the ATF, which is under the Justice Department (DOJ), and because it is being investigated by the DOJ's inspector general."
Evidently RIGHT AND WRONG was NEVER taught to these scurrilous vermin currently occupying the Government. Janet Incompetano just LIED under oath because there is video evidence that SHE actually helped launch Project Gunrunner back in March of 2009, at a WH press conference.

Operation Fast and Furious was an offshoot of Project Gun Runner and it started in late 2009.

In the above video, Incompetano EXPLAINS HOW they were using eTrace to track the firearms as they went into Mexico during Project Gunrunner. They used the same system with Operation Fast and Furious. Not to mention that the U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona, Dennis Burke, is VERY GOOD FRIENDS with Incompetano AND he not only worked for Napolitano but he also became Incompetano's chief deputy in 1998, when Arizonans had a brain fart and elected the idiot Attorney General! Incompetano was elected governor in 2002 (double brain fart) and Ol' Burke became her chief of staff. When Dumbo anointed this idiot head of DHS, Ol' Burke was right there riding her coattails as senior advisor.

Oddly enough, BURKE was the SENIOR Obummer official on the ground in Arizona during Operation Fast and Furious AND he was briefing DHS with weekly reports. There is NO WAY IN HELL that Napolitano did not know about this, conversing with Burke every day over the course of this scandal!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


You know, sometimes a tyrant CAN do good stuff.

EXCERPT: "Nearly half of Americans say they have a gun in their household, the highest percentage since 1993, according to a new Gallup poll. Forty-seven percent of Americans say they have a gun on their property. Gun ownership is up among Republicans as well as Democrats, though only 40 percent of Democrats say their home has a gun, compared to 55 percent of Republicans. Support for personal gun-ownership rights is also at a high."

The Gunny LIKES those odds. The country is more RIGHT than LEFT and WE own more guns than they do! Heh-heh-heh. 

Even better is that Americans WANT private gun ownership more than ever.

(Mossberg 930 SPX);utm_campaign=syndication&38;utm_content=morelink&38;utm_term=Politics&38;wpisrc=nl_fix


Since numbnuts FAILED to properly salute (as a civilian) (below) during the National Anthem back during the campaign (which shows you how UNpatriotic liberals REALLY are since they STILL voted for him) the Gunny figures that maybe he was simply waiting for HIS anthem to be played.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


EXCERPT: "DENVER (AP) -- President Barack Obama urged thousands of enthusiastic college students Wednesday to make their voices heard, telling a boisterous crowd in Denver, "Young people, I need you guys involved." "I need you active, I need you communicating to Congress, I need you to get the word out," Obama said at the University of Colorado, Denver. "Tweet `em. They're all tweeting all over the place, you tweet `em back."

EXCERPT: "$1 Trillion" -- Estimated amount of student loan debt owed by Americans.

In keeping with his new campaign theme of “we can’t wait,” President Obama today will roll out a plan to put more money in the pockets of some of the nation’s 36 million student loan recipients. Obama has broad latitude in this area – certainly broader than the first two parts of his western campaign trip, underwater mortgages and subsidies for hiring veterans – because one of his early legislative initiatives was to have the federal government take over the student lending business in America. Obama argued for the measure in 2009 as a cost-savings initiative, saying that the old system of privately issued, government secured loans reduced the amount of available money for needy students and also prevented the feds from making the system more efficient. But Obama is now seeking to use that new power to obtain a taxpayer-financed stimulus that Congress won’t approve. The idea is to cap student loan repayment rates at 10 percent of a debtor’s income that goes above the poverty line, and then limiting the life of a loan to 20 years."

So let us get this straight. The King of Frauds, the Chicago Grifter, The Father of All Lies, currently occupying the White House, asks students for their help getting his unqualified and criminal ass reelected and then follows up with a kickback to them via student loans! Why, HOW CHICAGO of the Kenyan Usurper!

Thus, Joe Libtard takes out loan and after loan, attending commie indoctrination sites like Columbia or Harvard, and then when the bill comes due, drags out the payments until the 20 year mark is hit and the remainer IS FORGIVEN! Actually, it'll be charged to the taxpayers but WTF, that is how this steaming turd from Kenya works. FoxNews has the example of:

    "If Suzy Creamcheese gets into George Washington University and borrows from the government the requisite $212,000 to obtain an undergraduate degree, her repayment schedule will be based on what she earns. If Suzy opts to heed the president’s call for public service, and takes a job as a city social worker earning $25,000, her payments would be limited to $1,411 a year after the $10,890 of poverty-level income is subtracted from her total exposure. Twenty years at that rate would have taxpayers recoup only $28,220 of their $212,000 loan to Suzy.Even MORE awesome is that he'll simply bypass Congress, usurp the Constitution yet again, nothing will happen because The King of Frauds is 1/8th black, 3/8ths Arab Muslim, and 100% teflon. The Obama Way folks is to buy votes not with one's OWN money, no no no, one uses THE TAXPAYER's money. Like using AF One to fly around giving reelection speeches or using the White House as a backdrop for a campaign ad (illegal, well, it USED to be before the Chicago Grifter was selected by Soros and installed by idiots). 

SHAZAM! The Flim-Flam Man from Nairobi, or is it Indonesia, STRIKES AGAIN! Screwing the 53% like a three dollar whore on payday!

This regime is so full of criminal acts that if we had an HONEST DOJ and an HONEST US Attorney General, and an HONEST Congress, the House of the Chicago Grifter would have been impeached long ago, much to the relief of the nation no doubt.

The Kenyan Usurper mewled:

"We can't wait for Congress to do its job, so where they won't act, I will." And then Zero rolled out plans to help students with loan debt.

So Obama is verbally talking about bypassing Congress to rule via Executive Order? Yet ANOTHER unconstitutional act? Now previously, before the rise of the Son of Kenya, E.O.'s were used by the POTUS for government agencies in the interest of efficiency but NOW, our wannabe tyrant uses them to inflict his narcissistic outlook on America as a whole. Moreover, thanks to a DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CONGRESS in 2009, Obama can obligate the Treasury without Congressional approval. How nice. WE pay our taxes and the Chicago Grifter uses it to buy votes from idiots to naive to have a clue. Well Done Obama voters, THAT is HOPE and CHANGE huh? Hope that the Chicago Flim-Flam Man leaves some money IN the Treasury, for a change.

The Gunny simply detests not only the idiot in the White House but the morons who voted for him. Dear Obama Voters, please, if you own a gun, put it in your mouth and pull the trigger and HELP America out instead of screwing us over. The rest of you moronic and parasitic anti-gun liberal trash can simply stick your head in an unlit (or lit for that matter) gas oven or jump off of a bridge. Whatever. Can we declare "feed a liberal to a shark week" soon? God knows we have too many of the vermin running around unmedicated and unsupervised.

It is going to take 20 YEARS or more to repair the damage this idiot has done to our Republic.

UPDATE: The Chicago Flim-Flam Man deserted in Las Vegas!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


but oddly enough, THEY DO NOT live in Alaska and get their money from the usual suspects who work tirelessly to undermine America and our economy. 

So how are those high energy prices working for ya America? Here in Alaska we pay almost 4 bucks a gallon for gas and it is higher in the bush and we can all thank groups like Earthjustice, who operate out of OAKLAND MEXIFORNIA, home of scumbags like Van Jones and other commie groups, who inflict their ideals on everyone else heedless of the cost. In fact, their douchebag president Donnell Van Noppen the THIRD mind you, walks to work and probably thinks the rest of us should as well.

Earthjustice Facts:

1. Founded in 1971 as the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
2. Name changed to Earthjustice in 1997
3. Headquartered in Oakland, CA

Stated Goal: Putting SEVERE restrictions on PUBLIC LAND usage through activist courts.

Currently up in Alaska, these vermin are interfering with a permit for Shell to drill for oil, a permit granted by the Nazis in the EPA no less! So once again, we see LIBERALS living in ANOTHER state interfering in the commerce of ANOTHER state, using the courts to stymie jobs, revenue, and energy resources that the nation needs all for THEIR ideals. This group is solely dedicated to fighting ANY effort to extract oil, gas, and coal from U.S. public lands and they are fighting against drilling in a wilderness in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), that would provide thousands of jobs for Alaskans and revenue for taxes, along with cheaper energy that helps people with a lower or fixed income stay warm. One must ask themselves HOW MANY liberal activists in Alaska, interfering with OUR energy needs, are getting THEIR paychecks from earthjustice and other anti-American groups based OUTSIDE of Alaska?

Earthjustice’s funding comes from trusts like the Pew Charitable Trust, which donated over $15 million to earthjustice from 2000 to 2004. Oddly enough, a rabid leftist by the name of Maddy Halfbright is employed by Pew and they fund anti-corporate and anti-capitalist groups like: Greenpeace, Ruckus Society, EarthJustice, Friends of the Earth, the Sierra Club, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Tides Center (funded by Soros). The Tides Center, founded by Commie Drummond Pike, is especially useful to the Left as they allow donors the option NOT to have their names publicly linked with who they give money to and in reality, they are laundering the money and pass it along to the intended beneficiary (ies). This is called donor-advised or donor-directed funding. How convenient.

They get a bunch of money from the Turner Foundation, created by Ted Turner, who put Hanoi Jane Fonda on their board. He funds just about every anti-American group known to mankind to include, the Tides, Ruckus, Arms Control Association, Rockefeller Family Fund, People for the American Way, and the United Nations Foundation.

Even better is the Compton Fund who funded almost ALL of the anti-war vermin during the Iraq War, including International ANSWER, which is run by the Worker’s World Party (commies, marxists, etc), and they fund the Ploughshares Fund; the Proteus Fund; Ruckus, and the Tides Center, and the ACLU to name a few.

More scary is funding of far Left groups by the Packard Foundation that includes the ACLU, Tides Foundation and Tides Center, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Brookings Institution, NAACP, La Raza, Greenpeace, EarthJustice, National Immigration Law Center, NARAL, United Nations Population Fund, United Nations Foundation, and every anti-human population group out there. Imagine a US foundation funding groups that want to seize the Southwest back for Mexico and who funds ILLEGAL ALIENS who take jobs away from Americans, do not pay taxes, commit a massive amount of crime, and who suck down benefits they do not rate. Amazing, huh? Leftist foundations funding ANTI-AMERICAN groups that seek our demise.

The Columbia Foundation supports the Global Exchange which is led by Code Pinker and anti-American communist revolutionary Medea Benjamin. They also work and fund such groups as the ACLU, Open Society Institute (George Soros), Tides Center, Greenpeace, Earthjustice, AMNESTY INT’L (they supported the terrorist group Shining Path), Friends of the Earth, and NARAL, to name a few. Amnesty International is a particularly fetid group that supports terrorists like the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) and ignored decades of human rights abuses by the Soviet Union. They are riddled with communists and anti-Americans and anti-Semites.

The Bullitt Foundation's stated goal is the "demolition of technological/industrial civilization" as written by Michael Berliner. In other words, socialist elites living large while we don’t. They give money to the usual suspects, the World Wildlife Fund (funds ecoterrorists), Tides Foundation and Tides Center, Earthjustice, Sierra Club, Zero Population Growth (now called Population Connection); NPR, and of course, Greenpeace.

Earthjustice gets additional funding from the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; the Beldon Fund; the Educational Foundation of America; the Scherman Foundation; the Nathan Cummings Foundation; and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

So Alaskans (and folks in the Lower 48), when you’re pulling up to the pump and paying 4 bucks a gallon (or more) for gas, in order to get to work, you can thank Earthjustice and their leftist funders, who don’t live in Alaska and really don’t give a damn about you and your families. When your natural gas bill "necessarily skyrockets" you can thank not only Obama but also Earthjustice and the rest of the Leftists. And when you’re without a job, sitting at home, because logging, mining, drilling, and refining are shut down via the EPA and Obama’s Executive Orders, you can thank Earthjustice and their shysters who DO NOT live in Alaska. This is how the Left works folks and you'd damn well better involved before you find your asses back in the 1700's trying to eke out a living while the socialist elites are living large. They literally have BILLIONS of dollars, most of them are non-profit which means NO TAXES, to donate to every group fighting against us and our way of life.

Here are the links YOU need to RESEARCH these groups on your own. PEW TIDES
(Turner Foundation) (List of Funders)



When you have Democrats involved with America's foreign policy, it is akin to handing a toddler a loaded Uzi, with the safety off, in a room full of people. Let's examine their fine history of ensuring America's interests are taken care of. Readers of the Anti Liberal Zone will recognize the following highlights of various Democrat presidents from Wilson onward.

Woodrow "Mr. Progressive" Wilson: This is the guy who demanded that his 14 point plan be implemented at the expense of the Germans. He was more concerned with getting the League of Nations created (forerunner of the UN) than ensuring that an equitable peace was achieved. Thus he allowed the British and the French, especially the French, to put the screws to the Germans, thus ensuring that they [Germans] would be pissed off enough to start up World War Two and to try and finish what they started. Almost 50 MILLION people ended up dying in that war.

FDR: Where to start? This is the same idiot who refused German Jews entry into the US for sanctuary from the SS Saint Louis, sending them BACK to Germany where they were murdered. But FDR was also the man who sentenced millions and millions of Eastern Europeans to decades under Communist rule, which was so bad, that thousands of them risked their lives trying to flee from it, after he made a deal at Yalta, with his "Uncle Joe" Stalin. Under FDR, thanks to the idiots he put in power, namely Dean Acheson, we lost China to Mao (commies in the State Dept helped there), had a war in Korea (thanks to a Acheson speech that left South Korea out of our "defensive perimeter.")

Truman: Truman backed the French in Vietnam, vice supporting Ho Chi Minh who was actually pro-American at the time and he botched Korea but Truman was not nearly as bad as FDR or the liberal clowns who would follow him.

JFK: Bay of Pigs. Cuban Missile Crisis. The Berlin Wall.

KGB Karter: Iran. Afghanistan. In fact, KGB Karter is an abject idiot and a total waste of skin.

BJ Bubba Clinton: Rwanda, Sudan, bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, bombings in Kosovo, Haiti, etc., BJ Bubba’s foreign policy had no goals, no vision, and lurched from one crisis to another, much like Obama does today. Warren Christopher was an incompetent idiot and Maddy Halfbright dancing with Kim Il pretty much summed it up. Anthony Lake, a BJ Bubba advisor (now on Team Obama) stated that he said he didn't think Alger Hiss was guilty of spying and this AFTER the Soviet archives were opened up.  Lake was actually going to be BJ Bubba’s SecState! The rise of global terrorism against the US, i.e., Khobar Towers, and it was ignored.

Obama (short list):

1. Selling out Central Europe to Russia over US Missile Defence
2. Siding with Marxists in Honduras
3.  Bowing to Emperors and Kings
4.  Kissing Chavez’s ass
5.  Ignored the Iranian Protestors
6.  Betraying Israel time and again
7.  Apologizing for America with numerous apology tours
8. Timeline in Afghanistan…18month surge and then a drawdown.
9. Betraying America on the global economy
10. Betrayed America in the war on terrorism, i.e, Major Hasan STILL has not gone to trial
11. Sympathetic to our enemies and betrays our allies
12. Egypt
13. Libya

So we have idiots on the Left engaging in foreign policy, getting played like the children they are by our enemies. Consider how the Left betrayed our ally, South Vietnam, when the Democrat-controlled Congress cut off all funding to them and when the communists overran Saigon, they looked the other way, ignoring the boat people fleeing the commies. They poo-poo’d Pol Pot who killed almost two million. BJ Bubba was more interested in getting BJ’s than in helping Rwandans!

So now we have Obama bungling foreign policy talks in Iraq and announcing when the US would finally pull out. What he is doing is playing to his lunatic fringe base, nothing more. So when the US pulls out and violence erupts and more innocent Iraqis die and Iraq turns into another Iran, will Obama THEN take the blame? Will the sacrifice of over 4,500 Americans simply be in vain? Once again, the Left cuts and runs and simply moves on to the next bright and shiny object, leaving disaster in their wake. Obama tanked his poll numbers because his domestic policies sucked and now, he is ready to sacrifice ANY GAINS made in Iraq merely to satisfy his lunatic fringe base.

How odd is it that by pulling out of Iraq, we very possibly could allow Iran to move in, since they've been meddling in Iraq since 2003 and even more odd is the fact that Valerie Jarrett, one of Obummer's handlers and advisors is, besides being a Marxist, is from Iran. KGB Karter botched Iran and we're STILL dealing with the fallout from it and here we have Boy Blunder leaving us a legacy of Islamic radicals getting control of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya (minus 20,000 MANPADS), possibly Syria and now a pissed off Pakistan as well. It is quite clear that Obummer and his master Soros are surrounding Israel with enemies and one wonders is Obummer enforcing AMERICAN interests in foreign policy or Reverend Jeremiah Wright's anti-Israel foreign policy.

Only God knows how many more people will die because Democrats and foreign policy mix like Democrats and ethics. When will we EVER LEARN that Democrats are morons not fit to be city dogcatcher, much less President, SecState, etc?

Sunday, October 23, 2011


"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." Thomas Paine, "The American Crisis – Common Sense," December 23, 1776. 

After a long time pondering this sitution, the Gunny is firmly convinced that there can never be peace between the Left and the Right in America as we have passed the point of no return, or rather, the Left, under the despotic rule of Obama, has pushed us into these uncharted waters. Let us no longer kid ourselves, if the 2012 election cannot rid us of this tyrant and his cabal of liars, commie scum, and criminals, then it is either slavery to the rule of men (and we all know how THAT turns out) or we revolt in order to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. It is quite clear that the Rule of Law here in America has been completely and totally usurped by The Community Organizer and his myrmidons BUT it must be noted that we have been awakened to the threat and it has fired the hearts of the Silent Patriots in America, much to the anger of the Left.

The Left and their RINO enablers will say that we must march, like sheep, to their drumbeat but nothing could be further from the truth. Thus, under what authority can we revolt? The Founders rebelled against King George after endless appeals to the King’s justice, to no avail and is it any different today with a wannabe King Obama doing whatever he wants to do with a weak Congress, a corrupt Senate led by Dingy Reid, and a criminal Attorney General who refuses to challenge their unconstitutional acts while dabbling in criminal acts himself, i.e., perjury, violation of his oath of office, and possibly accomplice to murder with his actions in and cover up of, Operation Fast and Furious.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, which among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..."

It must be noted that we on the Right do not wish to institute a NEW government, that is what the Commies and Marxists in Obama’s camp wish to do; no, WE wish to RETURN this nation to the Rule of Law under the Constitution and AWAY from the lawless rule of Obama through Executive Orders and/or simply bypassing the eunuchs in the Congress, with a corrupt DOJ in tow. Like Michael Mooreon getting fat, our Republic did not degrade overnight and we face a long hard struggle to take back our nation with the tipping point being the Election of 2012 and make no mistake there, the Left is going to unleash an amount of voter fraud at a level not seen since the 1960 election was bought and paid for by Joe Kennedy, with Chicago being the corrupt linchpin then, as now. 

First, unlike Ol Teflon Barry, we must blame ourselves. We were the Silent Majority, who worked, raised families, and stood by while we were taxed more and more for the benefit of the lazy, the stupid, the illegal aliens, and the parasites and were given lies and empty promises from corrupt politicians in return to sup on, i.e., Owl Gore’s Social Security IOU’s. We stood by and allowed our faith, our values and beliefs, our guns, our morals and laws, our children’s education in public schools, our history, and our love of this nation to be laughed at, mocked, debased, and degraded by the Left and their collaborators in the Liberal Lapdog Media since at least the 1960’s and we stayed our hand, we followed the law and remained true to the nation. We who SHOULD have been demanding that they follow the Constitution were AWOL and the Left then infiltrated every strata of our nation, from the Presidency on down to the smallest public school, and we allowed it to happen. But the time has come to right the many wrongs and we are no longer the Silent Majority nor will we ever go back to that status again.

Second, our government is to blame, namely for allowing Leftists to pervert an education system that was once the envy of the world into nothing more than a government indoctrination site wherein entitlements and perversions are the lessons of the day. Indeed, WHO did Obama appoint as "School Czar?" A leftist pervert.

    "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States when men were free." Ronaldus Magnus.

They are also to blame for allowing the corruption within their ranks to spread, like a virus, until it became accustomed to the tax cheats, perverts, criminals, liars, cowards, and traitors within their ranks, i.e., Murtha, Durbin, Ted Kennedy, Reid, Waxman, etc. Indeed, WHAT defense can Congress muster when they allow a traitor like Henry Waxman within their ranks, he who helped Code Pink send $600K in aid to TERRORISTS in Fallujah then engaged in battle with the US Marines? They have built their own scaffold and tied their own hangman’s nooses, not We the People. We simply want to deliver that which they have earned many times over.

Our mission statement is twofold. First, we must give the ballot box all of the chances to right the various wrongs that Progressives have inflicted on the US over the last 100 years, to a point that is. In that, we must also educate as many of our fellow citizens as possible as to why we, and they, must stand against the corrupt regime currently in the White House. The why and the how of why we are where we are in this current crisis. Second, it is imperative that the US Military know that we do not seek to usurp the Constitution, as the Left does, but to "support and defend" the Constitution's Rule of Law. That like the Americans in 1776 did, we tried to do everything humanly possible to bring America back to the Constitutional Republic that it was intended to be and that we have used the soap box, we will use the ballot box, and if need be, we’ll use the cartridge box, such is our resolve.

    "There can be no surer sign that the liberties of a people are hastening to a dissolution, than their countenancing those, who form parties on men, and not upon principles. When the people are corrupt, or debased enough, from mere personal affection or preference, to flock to either standard, such a people are not far distant from a revolution, which will not leave them even the poor privilege of choosing their own masters." Josiah Quincy, Independence Day, 1826.

Like King George the Third versus the Founders, we lose when we try to negotiate with the Prog/Stats and that leaves us with only two choices, enslave not only ourselves but our children and their children, while the socialist elites are themselves ruled over by globalists like Soros and the UN, and who drain away America’s wealth and resources playing the redistribution game or resist. To that end, it is time that we let the corruptocrats, the poltroons, the liars, and the criminals know that they reached their zenith with the election of a national disgrace like Obama and Biden. That we are done playing patty cake with them and now is the time for some radical chemo to rid ourselves of the cancerous disease of Progressivism, Liberalism, Socialism, and Communism. That we fully realize that what Obama and his minions have unleashed upon us will take at least, AT LEAST, a decade to repair, if then. That the democrat-controlled education system has failed in that 54 million idiots voted for an unvetted unqualified illegal alien for president. That we plan to restore the Rule of Law via the US Constitution, to resurrect the Tenth Amendment from the grave the Progressive’s buried it in, restore the economy through capitalism, not crony capitalism as practiced by the current regime, usher in a new era of prosperity for America by following proven economic practices, not the failed Keynesian ones, and dump everyone of the illegal rogue agencies like the EPA, BLM, DOE, DeptofEd, ATF, TSA, etc.

Lastly, that those who have broken the law, from Obama on down, SHALL answer to lawful justice with a speedy and fair trial under the rights afforded to them by the Constitution, which is something that the Left would NEVER give US if the positions, God forbid, were reversed.


It is great being an American. We're STILL pioneers and cowboys no matter what the p*ssies on the Left say and it is evident that we're only gonna take so much crap from Sir Golfsalot and his cabal of Commie bastards.

Here is Obummer's Magical Misery Tour getting the proper salute from some patriots.

Normally, the President would have his vehicle painted Red, White, and Blue but the Marxist colors of Red and Black suit President Alinsky better. Somehow, the Gunny doesn't think the Liberal Lapdog Media will print this picture. The Gunny was there in spirit BIG TIME!


Ah, that Arab Spring that the geniuses in the Community Organizer's helped foster sure is turning out well. Elections in Tunisia are going well, if you're an Islamist.

EXCERPT: "Islamist Ennahda party (Tunisia) expected to get most votes."

Oh, and in Libya, the transistional leader is stating that Sharia Law will be the basic source of law and since they've been fully infiltrated by al-qaeda, we all know how this will end.

This is version two of Jimmy "the dhimmi" Karter's big adventure in Iran, where he betrayed an ally and installed a rabid dog who then proceeded to murder more people in one year than the Shah's secret police did in 20 but then again, that's how it always ends when liberals get involved; allies get betrayed, enemies get supported.

Oh, and BTW, Barry gave a shout out from the golf course on the death of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz, the heir apparent to King Abudullah, while playing golf with three junior aides but at least Obummer is consistent. He also skipped the Polish president’s funeral to play golf with his homies.

"On behalf of the American people, I extend my condolences to King Abdullah, the royal family, and the people of Saudi Arabia, hey homeskillet, hand me that putter. Thanks for your attention, now I've got more important things to attend to. Watch this putt Bill"

And if you're keeping track, this is Emperor Obummer's 27th golfing trip this year and number 85 overall. That does not count his numerous vacations hither and yon.

UPDATE: Libya to implement MORE RADICAL Islam state....


Friday, October 21, 2011


For that matter, has ANY Liberal moron ever read the Constitution and really understood it? Idiots like Elizabeth Warren, The Kenyan Usurper, Michael Mooreon, Lardass Rosanne, and the rest of the ignorant scumbag Leftists yammer about redistribution yet miss one important fact, the Constitution blocks them.


"No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

Did Obama violate the Constitution yet AGAIN by whacking Awlaki without due process? Not that the Tyrant really cares because the DOJ is in his pocket, Congress can't find their balls, the SCOTUS is quivering under their beds afraid of challenging the Tyrant for fear of race riots and flashmobs coming to visit them, and Soros owns the entire Democrat Party anyway, making them dance to his tune. It is quite clear, and note that the Gunny did not have to attend Haaaaavahd Law School to understand this, that the Fifth Amendment CLEARLY prevents ANY seizing of wealth and redistributing it to the Parasite Class.

Private Property is openly stated in the Fifth Amendment which means what a person owns or possesses, i.e., land, money, gold, silver, guns, ammo, cars, food, etc, SHALL NOT be taken for public use, i.e., redistribution, without just compensation. Thus, if the government TAKES something from someone they MUST provide a JUST compensation for it. Oddly enough, FDR clearly violated this Amendment when he seized gold during the Depression and paid BELOW market rates and then sold it for higher gains for the government. But then again, Dems controlled the Congress, the Senate, and FDR had stacked the deck in the SCOTUS so no fear of punishment there.

Funny that when Marxists, er, Democrats gain control, how they run rampant trampling the rights of the common man they claim to protect. Note to the redistribution crowd, if you come to take what the Gunny has, you'll get it all right, in the form of mean little projectiles that ALL run faster than you do... 

You have been warned.    

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Whoda thunk it that the Gunny would ever agree with Calypso Louie Farrakhan on anything but back in March he asked who the hell appointed Little Boy Barry to decide who can rule and who can't? He was right. Libya was a war for Europe's oil and you can bet that somewhere along the way, Soros made money off of it.

It is HIDEOUS how Obummer is using the US military as a tool to enrich his homies, now currently playing in Uganda for Soros, and even worse is the fact that the cheerleaders in the Liberal Lapdog Media go right along with it! They are accomplices to the entire sordid affair that is the Obama Regime.

EXCERPT: "President Barack Obama hailed the lifting of the "dark tyranny" over Libya after the new government confirmed Muammar Gaddafi had been killed, issuing a warning to other dictators in the Middle East – and particularly Syria – that they could be next. Although Obama did not name Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, it was he Obama had in mind when he said the rule of the iron fist in the Middle East is inevitably coming to an end. Those leaders that try to deny the push for democracy will not succeed, he predicted. Obama was speaking in the White House Rose Garden after footage was shown worldwide of what appeared to be Gaddafi's bloody corpse. "One of the world's longest-serving dictators is no more," the president said. The Libyans had won their revolution and "the dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted," Obama said. Given the number of false claims in recent weeks that Gaddafi had been killed or captured, Obama was careful not to say categorically that he was dead.Instead, he confined himself to a carefully chosen formula: "We can definitively say the Gaddafi regime has come to an end."

He promised US help for Libya in establishing an interim government and in the holding of fair and free elections, (how much is THAT gonna cost us and will it be Jimmy the Dhimmi Karter as oversight?) but anticipated "difficult days ahead". The death of Gaddafi immediately raised speculation in the US that the same military model – the use of US air power combined with rebel forces on the ground and special forces from Europe – could be used again in Syria. Vice-president Joe Biden described the military model as a "prescription" for the future, while White House spokesman Jay Carney, when asked about Syria, said Assad had lost his legitimacy to rule. Obama, facing re-election next year, chalked up Libya as another foreign policy success to place alongside the killing in May of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, the draw down of most US troops from Iraq by the end of the year, and the first phase of a gradual pullout of troops from Afghanistan."

So Obummer chalks up another success? Let us remember that this illegal war was started by Hitlery, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power using the bullsh*t doctrine, Responsibility to Protect, created out of thin air by Ms. Cass Sunstein back when she chalked up all of her foreign policy experience as a journalist! And WHO THE HELL is Obama and the rest of his cabal of morons to decide whether or not Assad is fit to rule? WHERE in the Constitution is the RIGHT for Obama and his fellow idiots to play Kingmaker? The Gunny smells the corrupt and fetid stench of Soros in all of this, pulling Barry's strings right after Soros has invested in something, somehow. The corruption of this regime is sickening.

Now the Gunny searched his pocket edition of the US Constitution and could find no mention of using the military to replace leaders in foreign nations. Can we get a nation to remove Obama and the rest of the Democrat scumbags from OUR government and turn it over to the Tea Party Reps and Senators? That's fair right? Obama tramples our rights, pisses on the Constitution, and even has an assassination list that has 20 UNNAMED Americans on it. THAT is UNCONSTITUTIONAL AS HELL AND UNAMERICAN as well. Christ, the Tyrant whacks an American citizen using a Hellfire and Congress remains silent over it.

"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness..."

Obama DEPRIVED Awlaki of his Life WITHOUT the due process GUARANTEED by the US Constitution, which the Leftists SCREAM about, and nothing happens to him. Like it or not, Awlaki was an American citizen. Thus, fellow patriots, the act was an IMPEACHABLE offense. Obama LIES to the American people, AND Congress, for example, when he stated that he heard about Operations Castaway and Fast and Furious IN THE NEWS! Now THAT is one giant whopper coming from the King of Lies. Eric the Red Holder, Ol Sellapardon himself, is in this up to his eyeballs and Obama is clueless about it? B.U.L.L.S.H.*.T. Since Eric the Red stated ON VIDEO that he knew about these illegal gunrunning operations since 2009, it is another LIE uttered by the wannabe emperor Obama. ANOTHER Impeachable offense. Obama goes over the 90 day requirement in the War Powers Act of 1973, lies about troops on the ground in Libya and again, nothing is done. If this was a WHITE REPUBLICAN
doing this, the Dems would be sh*tting sea urchins over it, if how they reacted to Bush 43's CONSTITUTIONAL wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is any indication, which we were WINNING before Obummer took over, BTW.

And the Left remains silent about it all and silence is consent.

The fact that the Kenyan Usurper took credit for OBL getting whacked, when it was Bush 43's policies and doctrines that made it happen, was disgusting but doing a victory lap over Khaddafi, murdered in an illegal war, started by three stooges and kept going by the Kenyan Usurper, is an abomination. Yes Khaddafi sucked but he was NOT a threat to the US, and after he saw the US military buzz-saw through Iraq, he turned over his nuclear crap and swore to play nice.

Obama is a liar, a coward, and a criminal and history will judge him accordingly. The Gunny is gonna hail this asshat getting sent back to Kenya, Indonesia, Cuba, or wherever in January 2013 and he plans to work 24/7 to bring that result about. Let us NOT slacken our efforts but instead, REDOUBLE them to crush this petty tyrant and kick him to the curb. Let us TRIPLE our efforts to clean scumbags like Durbin, Reid, Pelosi, and the RINOs OUT of our government and work to return it to the Constitutional Republic our Founders fought for.

Woman: "What have you given us?"
B. Franklin: "A Republic, if you can keep it."

We got you covered Ben...


Evidently Janet Incompetano, along with many Dummycrats, missed that itsy bitsy problematic 4th Amendment in our Constitution...

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

This is what one of the TSA Gestapo clowns had to say: "Where is a terrorist more apt to be found? Not these days on an airplane more likely on the interstate," said Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons.

UN-FRICKING-BELIEVABLE! Yeah Bill, hordes of Islamic jihadis are driving down the road screaming, "Allah Akbar!", and pulling into weigh stations to have their trucks full of Semtex weighed. Naturally, the TSA Gestapo is rousting people for their papers at bus stations as well.

Now this is how stupid these morons are. WHY would a funded terrorist ride a bus when they can rent a car? Answer, they wouldn't. They'll have false papers, just the illegals have, and rent a car and travel to a safe house, already rented by a sleeper or someone sympathico to their cause.

What this is, is just ANOTHER step in the TSA and Obama's march to having his National Civilian Security Force monitoring everyone in America. The TSA has yet to catch a terrorist and if they were an IRA fund, the return on the investment would be like a Liberal's IQ, sub zero.

ANYONE traveling should have a copy or two of the Fourth Amendment so that when the TSA Gestapo approaches you and asks for your papers, you can hand them the copy and continue on with your lawful business. 

Oh, and while the TSA Gestapo is hasseling legit Americans going about their lawful business, Janet Incompetano is allowing backdoor amnesty...

EXCERPT: "( -- Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that under the administration’s policy of exercising "prosecutorial discretion" in the enforcement of the immigration laws, her department is currently authorizing some illegal aliens to work in the United States."

So the TSA rousts LEGAL Americans and coddles ILLEGAL ALIENS and all of it allowed under the Regime. Despicable. The Gunny wonders WHEN Congress is going to find their balls and finally DO something about this crap.

"4th Amendment? What's That?"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Gunny has thought long and hard about his stance on the Community Organizer-in-Chief, He Who Leads the Squalid Squatters in OWS Obamaville’s from Coast-to-Coast. The Gunny came to the conclusion that we should be THANKING The Kenyan Usurper for all he has done for us and not being so mean to him.

To wit:

1. Think of the gun sales in this country since BEFORE the 2008 election and how they have skyrocketed since! Jobs were created in the firearms field due to the high demand in not just shooting irons but ammo, brass, primers, powder, and other reloading devices. We should THANK Obama for putting more firearms in the hands of private citizens in one term than probably any other President in the history of the United States! Why, Obama should be named the BEST NRA gun salesman in US history. THANK YOU OBAMA!

2. Think of the total exposure of the Communists and Marxists in our government and how they came out of the woodwork like cockroaches after old pizza crusts when the Nattering Nabob was selected. You KNEW they infested the Dummycrat Party but you really weren’t sure and other than the Birchers among us how many Americans knew of the Progressive Caucus? How many knew that Nutsy Baloney was in that ring of scumbags? How many knew that Communists and Marxists FILLED the ranks of the Dummycrat Party before He of the Greek Columns at Invesco Field was selected? Not very many and yet today, MILLIONS of Americans are alert to the fact that Obama is a red diaper baby, having suckled at the teat of his mommy, nicknamed Anarchist Annie in college, and who’s daddy was a drunken Marxist bum who was "asked to leave" Harvard! We now KNOW that the Democrats WANT the downfall of America and our status as a Superpower done away with and a Third World status embraced. We now know that the Democrat Party is really a front organization for the Communist Party of the USA! THANK YOU OBAMA!

3. Think of the JOBS and REVENUE that will FLOW into the United States of America once we start drilling and mining again after we shed ourselves of this Regime like pubic lice in a Kwell shampoo job! Obama halted drilling and mining with a few Executive Orders, ignored a federal court or two, and our energy rates skyrocketed, necessarily so, JUST LIKE OBAMA WANTED! President Cain will be able to void all of Barry’s Bullsh*t E.O.s and usher in an era of unprecedented low energy prices and millions of jobs simply by implementing DRILL BABY DRILL! Whoda thunk it possible that by closing coal mines, power plants, banning oil drilling, and outsourcing MORE of our energy needs to Brazil (so Soros could profit), and Cuba, and China, etc, Obama would make it possible for the next POTUS to serious usher in a economy of Reaganesque porportions? THANK YOU OBAMA!

4. Think of the hoax that WAS "green and sustainable" energy and how it was exposed by Sir Golfsalot. It was He Who Descended From The Clouds At Invesco Field who dumped BILLIONS and BILLIONS of taxpayer’s money into bogus companies, all to repay his bundlers and donors and homies that finally alerted us to the fact that Solar and Wind energy is so much bullsh*t. It is a small price to pay (535 BILLION to Solyndra for example or BILLIONS to Former Green Jobs Czar, Communist Radical Van Jones that are now MIA), or Nutsy Pelosi's family, only to find out that solar and wind energy is nothing but pablum to Crime Incorporated, er, The Democrat Party (and Romney), and a serious waste of time, money, and effort. Even with Owl Gore running around with his "man-bear-pig" act and that the Earth was MILLIONS of degrees just a few miles down, Obama was STILL able to triumph here! THANK YOU OBAMA!

5. Think of how kids have been getting indoctrinated by tenured vermin like Bill "Unrepentent Terrorist" Ayers and his scumbag terrorist wife Bernadine Dorhn for decades and how we THOUGHT that this was going on and were almost certain of it when the kiddies came home for Thanksgiving spouting off about Marx, Che, and Lenin, but we weren’t quite sure. BOOM! Along comes Sir Jackanape and BINGO!, the commie professors busted loose like a three dollar whore shaking it on Court Street, spouting Marx, Lenin, Che, Chavez, Castro, and even pulling in Commie Capitalists like the fatass Michael Mooreon and Rosie O’Lardass! WHO could have figured that a guest lecturer on the Constitution and one-time affirmative action president of the Harvard Law Journal, who never published anything there, could have that effect? Now almost ALL of America knows that sh*tholes like Columbia, Harvard, Yale, University of Sh*tcago, etc, are chock full of anti-American tenured professors, also known as PhD’s (Piled Higher and Deeper) and/or professional students, who rake in HUGE paychecks tahnks to inflated tuition (college costs up 500% but its all the bank’s fault not the colleges hoarding their endowment money) fees. Without Obama, we would not have had the verification that PLO terrorists like Rashid Khalidi (Obama’s buddy) was actually TEACHING kids in America or that Columbia University was so anti-American! THANK YOU OBAMA!

6. Think of how cheap food used to be in America until Obama got selected by Soros and appointed by the Liberal Lapdog Media! Why, WHO knew of the connection of farmers and say, diesel fuel, and how it affected the price of our food through higher production costs!? Why, that is straight out of Economics 101! And who knew that the WH was serving up $100.00 a pound Wagyu beef until Obama was selected? NO ONE! Now that we’re paying more in food costs AND inflation is on the rise, we know WHY! And when our kids are starving in the American Holodomor and John "Kill em All" Holdren is gleefully calling for millions more to die in order to save Gaia, we can all say, "THANK YOU OBAMA," with our last dying breath.

7. Think of the massive amount of entitlements in America and what they have produced for this once great nation; that is, "everyone gets a trophy kids," (GB) and parasites like Peggy the Moocher! Good God, WHO would have thought that a parasite like Peggy the Moocher could get her mortagage paid and her gas tank filled by the government before Obama came along? NO ONE! And that stash that Obama brought in with him that he redistributed to the grubs in Detroit? Classic. Now we ALL know that Social Security is a bankrupt scam as is all of the other entitlement programs and we can expect the next President and Conservative-majority Congress and Senate to end the, via compliance with the Constitution! My God, WHODA THUNK IT POSSIBLE!? THANK YOU OBAMA!

8. Think of the children going to college, forced to pay not only for their own tuition and books and food but their own HEALTHCARE as well! THE HORROR! From the cradle-to-college, their helicopter parents hovered over them, smoothing all of the bumps in the road for them, making sure they got their trophies for participating, and making sure that anything even remotely harmful was banned, and then off to college to suffer on their own. OH THE HUMANITY! It took Obama to usher in a new era of infantization of young adults by keeping them on mommy and daddy’s healthcare policies until they were TWENTY-SIX! Now if we could only get the pacifiers out of their mouths and get them to move out of mommy and daddy’s basement before age 30, it would be a utopia! WHO would have EVER considered that we could spawn an ENTIRE generation of Entitlement Babies, the spawn of the Woodstock Generation and the Sons of the Age of Aquarius, and then have them cared for by a loving patriarch like Obama. No one, that’s who. Some call Washington the father of this nation but it really is Daddy Obama, aiding and abetting those poor students in NYC, complaining about their student loans of $5,500 Macs and jamming on state-of-art iPods. THANK YOU OBAMA!

9. Think of the government and how it has finally blossomed into the all-knowing, all-caring, all-seeing, cradle-to-grave Nanny of All Americans under Obama. NO ONE could have ushering in such an age of totalitarianism and rule via Executive Orders like Barry. NO ONE! He even has Democrats like Governor Purdue calling for the suspension of the 2012 elections and shakedown artist and Congcritter Jesse Jackson Jr calling for Obama to be dictator! Why, he even graciously lets his wife, the Klingon War Bride, tell us what and what not to eat. Why, not even Liberal Fascist Mayor Dumbbutt in NYC is that thorough (except when it comes to gun grabbing). Obama BRAVELY bypassed Congress again and again and ALL for our own good; and maybe the Libyans as well with the war still going on there, even though Obama violated the War Powers Act of 1973 by a coon’s age. And WHO could have had the intelligence to put a serial nutjob like Cass Sunstein in as regulatory czar who turns out regulations like a three dollar whore turning out tricks on 42nd street in NYC? No one. Just THINK of the takeover of the FCC and how Obama tried to use it to regulate free speech on talk radio or putting a liberal fascist like Elena Kagan in the Supreme Court! HOW STALINESQUE! THANK YOU OBAMA!

10. Think of the US dollar and what a greenback used to mean. Why, we were so arrogant that the US dollar was used as the world’s currency! How DARE we have a sound currency? It took Sir ACORN to come in, get Soros, Ghietner, and Bernanke involved, to rectify that evil situation! Why TARP did so much for us, as did Cash for Clunkers, and that Quantitative EASING One, Two, and soon Three? Why, they rightfully took the US credit rating from a TRIPLE A right down to a DOUBLE A where it belongs, good credit rating INDEED! And is Obama done? Hell no. Why he graciously wants the Chinese Yuan as the world currency eventhough it is artifically propped up but hey, maybe his pal Soros is heavily invested in those Yuans and that is all that matters. Looking out for his homey. Who the hell needs a solid economy with plenty of jobs? Not the USA that’s for us. Why even Hanoi John Fonda Kerry’s sour old hag at Heinz 57 is outsourcing jobs faster than BJ Bubba Klintoon can hit on fat young interns. Why, before we know it, we’ll be right down there with, say, Obama’s cousin Mugabe and his wonderful and prosperous country of Zimbabwe. THANK YOU OBAMA!

"O'Hail the Messiah, Obama, Obama,
The path to the new Socialist Motherland...
Our Savior, Our Savior,
Obama, Obama...

The leader more famous than Lindsey Lohan,
BOWWWW down and praise The Won,
Give him your money and your guns...."

(sung to the Hymn "Gimn Sovetskogo Soyuza.")

(these are just the top 10. No doubt there is many more!)


Democrat Voter Fraud gets an Illegal President from Kenyan elected. Go figure.

Our government is so out of whack that it is going to take WE THE PEOPLE, and the Gunny excludes liberal vermin since they are little more than lice, bedbugs, pubic crabs, etc., 20 years, maybe more, to get it back into line with the Constitution, as the Founders intended.

No doubt the SCOTUS, if it gets that far, will have to search for their guts because they were AWOL on Barry's Bogus Birth Certificate and Social Security number, simply because of the fear of race riots. Ain't that what the National Guard and bullets were made for?

Naturally, you will hear NOTHING about this on the Liberal Lapdog Media so feel free to pass the link on.

Ronaldus Magnus sums up Liberals quite well.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


God MUST have a sense of humor since he created liberals.

EXCERPT: "WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. senators and health officials are taking on a baseball tradition older than the World Series itself: chewing tobacco on the diamond.

With the Series set to begin Wednesday between the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers — a team that started life as the Washington Senators 50 years ago — the senators, along with health officials from the teams' cities, want the players union to agree to a ban on chewing tobacco at games and on camera. They made the pleas in separate letters, obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

"When players use smokeless tobacco, they endanger not only their own health, but also the health of millions of children who follow their example," the senators wrote to union head Michael Weiner. The letter was signed by Dick Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, and fellow Democrats Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Senate Health Committee Chairman Tom Harkin of Iowa."
Dick(head) Dirtbag Durbin is a Muslim appeaser and a backstabber of the US Military time and time again and one corrupt SOB. Frank Lautenberg is a gun grabber corruptocrat from the most corrupt state in the Union, next to Illinois that is, or maybe Michigan, who has not had an original thought since he ran out of ex-lax AND a damn gun grabber to boot. BLUMENTHAL lied about his Vietnam service, not unlike Hanoi John Fonda Kerry or Obama about his grandfather liberating Auschwitz with the Soviet Army while simultaneously serving with the US Army! Barkin Harkin is a total shitbird so steeped in corruption that he reeks of it and a flaming leftist to boot who ALSO pulled a Hanoi John Fonda Kerry. They want a ban on smokeless tobacco in baseball when we're almost 15 TRILLION FRIGGING DOLLARS IN DEBT and a MORON is in the WH! THIS is what these dirtbags are worried about?

So they want to ban chewing tobacco in the World Series because it might influence kids.


Where is Dick(head) Dirtbag on telling Muslims not to listen to their radical imams in order to stop raising their children to become human bombs? How about calling for a ban, Dickie, on selling yourselves like whores so that any kids watching C-Span don't grow up to be streetwalkers! That is YOUR logic, you asshat. Lautenberg should try telling Arabs not to visit Washington DC so he isn't influenced like his buddy Murtha was in the ABSCAM deal. Maybe Lautenberg should call for a ban on lobbyists who seek to line his pockets for him. Maybe Lautenberg should tell the kids to read the CONSTITUTION and the FIRST AMENDMENT (and the Second) so that they don't say stupid stuff like, "Tea Party people don't deserve rights" or try to take the right of self-defense away from honest law-abiding Americans! As for the douchebag Blumenthal, that lying sack of manure should hide his head under a pile of cow flop for lying about his service in Vietnam. What a pile of crap.

ANOTHER FAKE WAR HERO is that dumbass from Iowa, Barking Harkin. WHO THE F**K VOTES for this lying ass buttwipe? Maybe Barkin Harkin can tell the kiddies NOT to watch his speeches so that they won't be influenced to grow up to be lying liberal scumbags! Maybe Barkin Harkin should tell the kiddies to watch movies like "Twelve O'Clock High," about REAL combat pilots, instead of listening to fake ones who ferried planes from Atsugi but said THEY flew combat strikes in Vietnam, then over Cuba, but sadly, were lying all along. That way, they won't follow in the footsteps of scummy liberal politicians!

Excuse the rant but HOW IN THE HELL do these idiots, these triple-vested jackanapes, these used condoms with the tips cutoff, chancre sores get reelected? To the people of their states the Gunny asks, "ARE YOU STUPID!? CAN'T YOU READ!? WTF IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION?"

How about we BAN STUPID LIBERALS (and RINOS) and UNBAN tobacco, transfats, french fries, sugar, oil drilling, cigs, greasy hamburgers dripping with cheese, mining, logging, KICKING the crap out of our enemies, punishing criminals with fast trials and fast execution, and forcing smelly hippies to BATHE for the public good? THAT is a ban that a majority of Americans COULD GET BEHIND! How about we start holding these dirtbag politicians accountable instead of them WASTING OUR DAMN TIME AND MONEY with STUPID REQUESTS LIKE THIS? Idiots like this should be flogged out of the Beltway once and for all. If stupidity was a virtue, these four morons would be as pure as the wind-driven snow!

These abject IDIOTS HAVE NOT passed a budget in YEARS, passed 2,000+ page bills that screwed America, kiss the UN's ass, pander to the IPCC, and have held a majority in the Senate since January 2007 and THIS is what bugs em? GROWN MEN CHEWING TOBACCO while playing baseball? ADULTS WANTING TO DO ADULT THINGS!? Next we'll have Congressional investigations on steroids in baseball and in the WWE, wasting more of our time and OUR MONEY! Wait, some Congcritters (ugly-ass Waxman and former Black Panther Bobby Rush and others) without a brain already did that. Morons. How did this great nation EVER MAKE IT so far without liberal buttwipes and RINO diaper stains moaning like unpaid whores about everything we did?

Here is a piece of advice for liberals: "STAY THE F**K OUT OF OUR LIVES before WE get fully involved WITH YOUR LIVES!"

The Gunny fully understand WHY Sulla entered Rome and put the Senate to the sword. The ones in his time were just about as useless as ours and probably as corrupt. In November 2012, let us make it our SACRED DUTY to run each and every one of these corrupt, stupid, ignorant, mentally arrested, ban-everything-for-your-own-good, liberal asshats and their RINO enablers OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT once and for all and then hound them into obscurity where they belong. They can join Obama and the other has-beens and never were's.

Maybe WE need to OCCUPY DC, say, a few MILLION of us? And impose OUR WILL on them? Maybe Nutsy Baloney will say to us like she did about the filthy hippies in NYC...

"God Bless them..."         Just thinking...

Dear Congcritters and Senators...