Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Mittens is nothing but a left wing statist and posing as a Republican. Once again, like Juan McShamnesty, electing this idiot would STILL take this country to the LEFT, only a wee bit slower than The Kenyan Tyrant.  And like Juan McShamnesty, if Mittens gets the nomination, then the election is a joke. Ol' Mittens would make one helluva Democrat what with his pandering, lies, flip-flopping, and love of government.



  1. Must be the damned GOP WANTS to lose THIS election as well. The GOP brass best pull their heads from their sphincters,and GET OUT of the inside the Beltway thinking. It'll lead to GOP slaughter.

  2. Mitt ain't it that's for sure. He appears to me to be another ordinary politician. These times require an extraordinary individual to step out from the crowd. No sense in electing Obamalite just to have a Republican in there. It's Cain or West for me as of now but, we'll see. Looks like Cain is going to have to do it without much of the black vote. The MSM is looking to portray him as not black enough. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, I'd never waste my vote on Romnoid.

  3. Gunny,

    What is it about this guy that people don't get? He makes me sick, and these so called conservative pundits fawn all over him.

  4. Clyde,

    I am frigging SICK of voting AGAINST someone and would LOVE to vote FOR someone, i.e., Ronaldus Magnum.

  5. Paladin,

    The perfect name for Mittens, Obamalite. I did read where Cain would pull 25% of the black vote and THAT is UNHEARD of for a Republican. I like what Cain is all about and Perry brings up number two.

    I simply REFUSE to vote for Romney. If the Libs love him, HE AIN'T FOR US!

  6. TGP,

    I have no idea. Coulter was drooling over Christie for God's sakes! The GOP failed to learn a thing in 2010.

  7. The establishment is the problem - they are afraid to lose power party does not matter we are talking the political class and those who support them.
    I agree Cain seems to be the most honest untouched candidate who sticks to his values and principals.
    I think Perry is deep down a RINO too.
    Just conjecture but he has exhibited a lack of conservatism in the past and while not a pol from washington he is still establishment entrenched in the political system.
    The founders warned us about a political class and we fell in the trap.
    Perhaps Cain is a way to start to reverse this?
    Thanks Gunny keep up the good work!!!

  8. I agree with you Gunny, Romney is either a RINO or an undercover Liberal Democrat.

    My family and I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY.

    As an aside, when Romney stands before God he will have alot of explaining to do.

  9. Gray Ghost:
    ALL RINO's are undercover Liberal Democrats.

    Everyone is talking about 2012 election being pivotal for this country.
    I believe the 2012 GOP primaries will actually be the pivotal point.