Saturday, October 1, 2011


EXCERPT: "A group of House Democrats alleging that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas violated ethics rules by failing to report his wife’s income called for a federal investigation into the matter today. The group of 20 House Democrats led by Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) sent a letter to the U.S. Judicial Conference, the governing body for federal courts, saying that Thomas has failed to report the income of his wife, Virginia, who earned $700,000 from 2003 to 2007 while working at the Heritage Foundation, according to news reports. The letter came just days before the Supreme Court returns for the new session, during which it is expected to consider a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Obama administration’s sweeping health care law. With such high-profile issues on the horizon for the court, the lawmakers wrote, "it is vital that the Judicial Conference actively pursue any suspicious actions by Supreme Court Justices."

Are they equally concerned that Kagan, who was HEAVILY INVOLVED WITH OBUMMERKARE RECUSE HERSELF? Or maybe they ARE concerned about it and they seek to take away another vote. Hmmm.

Now THIS is funny. Where was this jackass when Turbo Timmy has HIS little tax problem? Or Sebelius? Or Rangel? Or Dashhole? Or Nicholas Mavroules? Or Bolley Johnson? Or Bill Campbell? James Traficant? Lawrence J. Smith? Charles F. Flaherty? This is just another thinly disguised attempt to disrupt the SCOTUS and to allow Obummer to annoit another unqualified commie useful idiot like Sotomayor or Elena "some speech can be disappeared" Kagan, who are TWO of the most UNQUALIFIED clowns ever to be nominated to the SCOTUS.

Also, by getting rid of a solid Conservative like Thomas, this liberal scumbag seeks to stack the deck for the upcoming ruling on ObummerKare. This is just another commie tactic from the Left, seeking to indict others for what THEY DO! Maybe Slaughter would be better served asking for the Congress to investigate Nutsy Pelosi and her illegally usage of an Air Force jet for HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Indeed, where is this progressive on Obama's various scandals? AWOL, that's where! Another lying conniving sniveling liberal scumbag desperately clinging to power in the face of CONSERVATISM IN THE ASCENDANCY! Maybe someone needs to hire a private investigator to do a little digging into Slaughter's past and maybe give Darrell Issa a call. Wait, never mind. Being a criminal is a resume ENHANCER for Democrats.

Maybe Louise Slaughter is a racist!? Why is a WHITE Congresswoman going after a successful black man? The Gunny thought that the Jackass Party supported the black race? WHERE is Al Sharpton's Rent-a-Mob? WHERE is Jesse "The Sperminator" Jackson? Oh, it's only all good IF they stay on Plantation Dummycrat. Even funnier is that this jackass party member is also the member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus AND posts to the laughable leftist site, Daily Kos! And she gets reelected? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAH! The State of NY is one F-D up state, from top to bottom.

Ol Louie is no slacker when it comes to putting on her hobnail boots and goosestepping to the sound of the Internationale. Even though a whopping 76% of Americans OPPOSED Obummerkare, Ol Louise proposed that a House rule be passed to expedite the passage of health care reform legislation and this would would have "already deemed" the bill to have passed WITHOUT HOLDING A RECORDED VOTE!

Again donning her hobnail boots, this commie goosestepped along, trying to get the FCC to "police incendiary language." Maybe this commie forgot to read the FIRST AMENDMENT!



  1. i think the bitch should investagate president bongo for selling guns to criminals which is a felony.maybe she should look at wasserman-schultz because she comes from a family of criminals,her mother and father are in jail,and we know that the acorn does not fall far from the tree.

  2. Gunny a weak progressive attempt to shift the power of the court their way.
    Especially with the review of Obamacare coming up they need all the help they can get no matter how they do it for after all the ends ALWAYS justify the means.
    I do not see Kagan recusing herself - hypocrites
    Progressivism = Totalitarianism
    God blees you Gunny

  3. Anon,

    Indeed. Obama is in the gunrunner scam up to his jug ears.

  4. Kitman3,

    They are so transparent in their power grabs it is laughable BUT that is where we must be careful. We can point at them and LAUGH but also take measures to stop them and ultimately, crush their fetid ideology.

  5. Kitman3,

    Also, may God Bless you and yours AND more importantly, may He bless our fight to take back our country from the liberals and progressive vermin.

  6. Maybe history does repeat itself.
    If the Twenties was, "The Lost Generation"
    In future days perhaps the left in this country will be looked back on as "The Politically Lost Generation."

  7. have you sent Louise an email or called her office and grilled her assistants?

    Read them your list and part of this excellent post. See what they do.