Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Gunny has thought long and hard about his stance on the Community Organizer-in-Chief, He Who Leads the Squalid Squatters in OWS Obamaville’s from Coast-to-Coast. The Gunny came to the conclusion that we should be THANKING The Kenyan Usurper for all he has done for us and not being so mean to him.

To wit:

1. Think of the gun sales in this country since BEFORE the 2008 election and how they have skyrocketed since! Jobs were created in the firearms field due to the high demand in not just shooting irons but ammo, brass, primers, powder, and other reloading devices. We should THANK Obama for putting more firearms in the hands of private citizens in one term than probably any other President in the history of the United States! Why, Obama should be named the BEST NRA gun salesman in US history. THANK YOU OBAMA!

2. Think of the total exposure of the Communists and Marxists in our government and how they came out of the woodwork like cockroaches after old pizza crusts when the Nattering Nabob was selected. You KNEW they infested the Dummycrat Party but you really weren’t sure and other than the Birchers among us how many Americans knew of the Progressive Caucus? How many knew that Nutsy Baloney was in that ring of scumbags? How many knew that Communists and Marxists FILLED the ranks of the Dummycrat Party before He of the Greek Columns at Invesco Field was selected? Not very many and yet today, MILLIONS of Americans are alert to the fact that Obama is a red diaper baby, having suckled at the teat of his mommy, nicknamed Anarchist Annie in college, and who’s daddy was a drunken Marxist bum who was "asked to leave" Harvard! We now KNOW that the Democrats WANT the downfall of America and our status as a Superpower done away with and a Third World status embraced. We now know that the Democrat Party is really a front organization for the Communist Party of the USA! THANK YOU OBAMA!

3. Think of the JOBS and REVENUE that will FLOW into the United States of America once we start drilling and mining again after we shed ourselves of this Regime like pubic lice in a Kwell shampoo job! Obama halted drilling and mining with a few Executive Orders, ignored a federal court or two, and our energy rates skyrocketed, necessarily so, JUST LIKE OBAMA WANTED! President Cain will be able to void all of Barry’s Bullsh*t E.O.s and usher in an era of unprecedented low energy prices and millions of jobs simply by implementing DRILL BABY DRILL! Whoda thunk it possible that by closing coal mines, power plants, banning oil drilling, and outsourcing MORE of our energy needs to Brazil (so Soros could profit), and Cuba, and China, etc, Obama would make it possible for the next POTUS to serious usher in a economy of Reaganesque porportions? THANK YOU OBAMA!

4. Think of the hoax that WAS "green and sustainable" energy and how it was exposed by Sir Golfsalot. It was He Who Descended From The Clouds At Invesco Field who dumped BILLIONS and BILLIONS of taxpayer’s money into bogus companies, all to repay his bundlers and donors and homies that finally alerted us to the fact that Solar and Wind energy is so much bullsh*t. It is a small price to pay (535 BILLION to Solyndra for example or BILLIONS to Former Green Jobs Czar, Communist Radical Van Jones that are now MIA), or Nutsy Pelosi's family, only to find out that solar and wind energy is nothing but pablum to Crime Incorporated, er, The Democrat Party (and Romney), and a serious waste of time, money, and effort. Even with Owl Gore running around with his "man-bear-pig" act and that the Earth was MILLIONS of degrees just a few miles down, Obama was STILL able to triumph here! THANK YOU OBAMA!

5. Think of how kids have been getting indoctrinated by tenured vermin like Bill "Unrepentent Terrorist" Ayers and his scumbag terrorist wife Bernadine Dorhn for decades and how we THOUGHT that this was going on and were almost certain of it when the kiddies came home for Thanksgiving spouting off about Marx, Che, and Lenin, but we weren’t quite sure. BOOM! Along comes Sir Jackanape and BINGO!, the commie professors busted loose like a three dollar whore shaking it on Court Street, spouting Marx, Lenin, Che, Chavez, Castro, and even pulling in Commie Capitalists like the fatass Michael Mooreon and Rosie O’Lardass! WHO could have figured that a guest lecturer on the Constitution and one-time affirmative action president of the Harvard Law Journal, who never published anything there, could have that effect? Now almost ALL of America knows that sh*tholes like Columbia, Harvard, Yale, University of Sh*tcago, etc, are chock full of anti-American tenured professors, also known as PhD’s (Piled Higher and Deeper) and/or professional students, who rake in HUGE paychecks tahnks to inflated tuition (college costs up 500% but its all the bank’s fault not the colleges hoarding their endowment money) fees. Without Obama, we would not have had the verification that PLO terrorists like Rashid Khalidi (Obama’s buddy) was actually TEACHING kids in America or that Columbia University was so anti-American! THANK YOU OBAMA!

6. Think of how cheap food used to be in America until Obama got selected by Soros and appointed by the Liberal Lapdog Media! Why, WHO knew of the connection of farmers and say, diesel fuel, and how it affected the price of our food through higher production costs!? Why, that is straight out of Economics 101! And who knew that the WH was serving up $100.00 a pound Wagyu beef until Obama was selected? NO ONE! Now that we’re paying more in food costs AND inflation is on the rise, we know WHY! And when our kids are starving in the American Holodomor and John "Kill em All" Holdren is gleefully calling for millions more to die in order to save Gaia, we can all say, "THANK YOU OBAMA," with our last dying breath.

7. Think of the massive amount of entitlements in America and what they have produced for this once great nation; that is, "everyone gets a trophy kids," (GB) and parasites like Peggy the Moocher! Good God, WHO would have thought that a parasite like Peggy the Moocher could get her mortagage paid and her gas tank filled by the government before Obama came along? NO ONE! And that stash that Obama brought in with him that he redistributed to the grubs in Detroit? Classic. Now we ALL know that Social Security is a bankrupt scam as is all of the other entitlement programs and we can expect the next President and Conservative-majority Congress and Senate to end the, via compliance with the Constitution! My God, WHODA THUNK IT POSSIBLE!? THANK YOU OBAMA!

8. Think of the children going to college, forced to pay not only for their own tuition and books and food but their own HEALTHCARE as well! THE HORROR! From the cradle-to-college, their helicopter parents hovered over them, smoothing all of the bumps in the road for them, making sure they got their trophies for participating, and making sure that anything even remotely harmful was banned, and then off to college to suffer on their own. OH THE HUMANITY! It took Obama to usher in a new era of infantization of young adults by keeping them on mommy and daddy’s healthcare policies until they were TWENTY-SIX! Now if we could only get the pacifiers out of their mouths and get them to move out of mommy and daddy’s basement before age 30, it would be a utopia! WHO would have EVER considered that we could spawn an ENTIRE generation of Entitlement Babies, the spawn of the Woodstock Generation and the Sons of the Age of Aquarius, and then have them cared for by a loving patriarch like Obama. No one, that’s who. Some call Washington the father of this nation but it really is Daddy Obama, aiding and abetting those poor students in NYC, complaining about their student loans of $5,500 Macs and jamming on state-of-art iPods. THANK YOU OBAMA!

9. Think of the government and how it has finally blossomed into the all-knowing, all-caring, all-seeing, cradle-to-grave Nanny of All Americans under Obama. NO ONE could have ushering in such an age of totalitarianism and rule via Executive Orders like Barry. NO ONE! He even has Democrats like Governor Purdue calling for the suspension of the 2012 elections and shakedown artist and Congcritter Jesse Jackson Jr calling for Obama to be dictator! Why, he even graciously lets his wife, the Klingon War Bride, tell us what and what not to eat. Why, not even Liberal Fascist Mayor Dumbbutt in NYC is that thorough (except when it comes to gun grabbing). Obama BRAVELY bypassed Congress again and again and ALL for our own good; and maybe the Libyans as well with the war still going on there, even though Obama violated the War Powers Act of 1973 by a coon’s age. And WHO could have had the intelligence to put a serial nutjob like Cass Sunstein in as regulatory czar who turns out regulations like a three dollar whore turning out tricks on 42nd street in NYC? No one. Just THINK of the takeover of the FCC and how Obama tried to use it to regulate free speech on talk radio or putting a liberal fascist like Elena Kagan in the Supreme Court! HOW STALINESQUE! THANK YOU OBAMA!

10. Think of the US dollar and what a greenback used to mean. Why, we were so arrogant that the US dollar was used as the world’s currency! How DARE we have a sound currency? It took Sir ACORN to come in, get Soros, Ghietner, and Bernanke involved, to rectify that evil situation! Why TARP did so much for us, as did Cash for Clunkers, and that Quantitative EASING One, Two, and soon Three? Why, they rightfully took the US credit rating from a TRIPLE A right down to a DOUBLE A where it belongs, good credit rating INDEED! And is Obama done? Hell no. Why he graciously wants the Chinese Yuan as the world currency eventhough it is artifically propped up but hey, maybe his pal Soros is heavily invested in those Yuans and that is all that matters. Looking out for his homey. Who the hell needs a solid economy with plenty of jobs? Not the USA that’s for us. Why even Hanoi John Fonda Kerry’s sour old hag at Heinz 57 is outsourcing jobs faster than BJ Bubba Klintoon can hit on fat young interns. Why, before we know it, we’ll be right down there with, say, Obama’s cousin Mugabe and his wonderful and prosperous country of Zimbabwe. THANK YOU OBAMA!

"O'Hail the Messiah, Obama, Obama,
The path to the new Socialist Motherland...
Our Savior, Our Savior,
Obama, Obama...

The leader more famous than Lindsey Lohan,
BOWWWW down and praise The Won,
Give him your money and your guns...."

(sung to the Hymn "Gimn Sovetskogo Soyuza.")

(these are just the top 10. No doubt there is many more!)


  1. Good list. I'd thank him for WAKING UP those who twiddled their thumbs the last 20 years,and got THEM interested in just how putrid the DC swamp truly is.

  2. I couldn't agree more, Gunny.

    Don't forget: this is EXACTLY what we discussed waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2008 when McAmnesty was running for Prez. That letting Bat Ears get elected was the better option because it would reveal the full extent of the left's socialism, its inherent flaws, and their full agenda, which would prove repugnant to the Amurcan peeps.

    The long-range view.

    That's why we voted third-party to begin with. This whole thing validates the SCDS and those late-comers, the Tea Party.

    History, in the guise of current events, is proving us correct.

  3. BrianR,

    You got that right and remember how much crap we took over it? Every DAY Obama pisses off the mainstream Americans and his freaks like the OWS contribute to it. Obama sure did bring the commie roaches out into the daylight.

  4. Gunny, Great Post and great comments as well. I've been following this site for a while now and your daily commentary is always on the money as are the comments of your readers. You are the battering-RAM of truth and are doing more than your part to expose the evil that lies within. You Sir are a true Patriot. We all must follow your lead and continue to expose and educate. God Bless the United States of America

  5. Aside to Brianr: Spot-on about the flak. It appears as if we may see a repeat of '08 IF(and it don't look good)the damnable GOP and RNC cannot field a candidate that we can vote FOR,instead of simply voting against. BTW,read your latest at TH,still can't leave comments there,good piece. Another home run for you.

  6. Ahh. I'm so happy for you.

    You have finally learned to love Big Brother.

  7. TexMan,

    Thanks for the kudos. One of the old readers once said, "The Anti Liberal Zone has all of the subtlety of a battering ram!" haha
    When we expose these maggots, they run for cover and HOPE that we forget about them and we usually DO! We can no longer do that. When sccum like Van Jones raises his head, we have to point at him and go after him again.

  8. Buck,

    It is so much easier when you just submit to the love of King Barry! haha.

  9. Clyde, thanks, bro.

    Yeah, I'm worried about a repeat of '08, too.

    Maaaaaaaaaan... when will the GOP EVER learn?