Tuesday, October 25, 2011


When you have Democrats involved with America's foreign policy, it is akin to handing a toddler a loaded Uzi, with the safety off, in a room full of people. Let's examine their fine history of ensuring America's interests are taken care of. Readers of the Anti Liberal Zone will recognize the following highlights of various Democrat presidents from Wilson onward.

Woodrow "Mr. Progressive" Wilson: This is the guy who demanded that his 14 point plan be implemented at the expense of the Germans. He was more concerned with getting the League of Nations created (forerunner of the UN) than ensuring that an equitable peace was achieved. Thus he allowed the British and the French, especially the French, to put the screws to the Germans, thus ensuring that they [Germans] would be pissed off enough to start up World War Two and to try and finish what they started. Almost 50 MILLION people ended up dying in that war.

FDR: Where to start? This is the same idiot who refused German Jews entry into the US for sanctuary from the SS Saint Louis, sending them BACK to Germany where they were murdered. But FDR was also the man who sentenced millions and millions of Eastern Europeans to decades under Communist rule, which was so bad, that thousands of them risked their lives trying to flee from it, after he made a deal at Yalta, with his "Uncle Joe" Stalin. Under FDR, thanks to the idiots he put in power, namely Dean Acheson, we lost China to Mao (commies in the State Dept helped there), had a war in Korea (thanks to a Acheson speech that left South Korea out of our "defensive perimeter.")

Truman: Truman backed the French in Vietnam, vice supporting Ho Chi Minh who was actually pro-American at the time and he botched Korea but Truman was not nearly as bad as FDR or the liberal clowns who would follow him.

JFK: Bay of Pigs. Cuban Missile Crisis. The Berlin Wall.

KGB Karter: Iran. Afghanistan. In fact, KGB Karter is an abject idiot and a total waste of skin.

BJ Bubba Clinton: Rwanda, Sudan, bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, bombings in Kosovo, Haiti, etc., BJ Bubba’s foreign policy had no goals, no vision, and lurched from one crisis to another, much like Obama does today. Warren Christopher was an incompetent idiot and Maddy Halfbright dancing with Kim Il pretty much summed it up. Anthony Lake, a BJ Bubba advisor (now on Team Obama) stated that he said he didn't think Alger Hiss was guilty of spying and this AFTER the Soviet archives were opened up.  Lake was actually going to be BJ Bubba’s SecState! The rise of global terrorism against the US, i.e., Khobar Towers, and it was ignored.

Obama (short list):

1. Selling out Central Europe to Russia over US Missile Defence
2. Siding with Marxists in Honduras
3.  Bowing to Emperors and Kings
4.  Kissing Chavez’s ass
5.  Ignored the Iranian Protestors
6.  Betraying Israel time and again
7.  Apologizing for America with numerous apology tours
8. Timeline in Afghanistan…18month surge and then a drawdown.
9. Betraying America on the global economy
10. Betrayed America in the war on terrorism, i.e, Major Hasan STILL has not gone to trial
11. Sympathetic to our enemies and betrays our allies
12. Egypt
13. Libya

So we have idiots on the Left engaging in foreign policy, getting played like the children they are by our enemies. Consider how the Left betrayed our ally, South Vietnam, when the Democrat-controlled Congress cut off all funding to them and when the communists overran Saigon, they looked the other way, ignoring the boat people fleeing the commies. They poo-poo’d Pol Pot who killed almost two million. BJ Bubba was more interested in getting BJ’s than in helping Rwandans!

So now we have Obama bungling foreign policy talks in Iraq and announcing when the US would finally pull out. What he is doing is playing to his lunatic fringe base, nothing more. So when the US pulls out and violence erupts and more innocent Iraqis die and Iraq turns into another Iran, will Obama THEN take the blame? Will the sacrifice of over 4,500 Americans simply be in vain? Once again, the Left cuts and runs and simply moves on to the next bright and shiny object, leaving disaster in their wake. Obama tanked his poll numbers because his domestic policies sucked and now, he is ready to sacrifice ANY GAINS made in Iraq merely to satisfy his lunatic fringe base.

How odd is it that by pulling out of Iraq, we very possibly could allow Iran to move in, since they've been meddling in Iraq since 2003 and even more odd is the fact that Valerie Jarrett, one of Obummer's handlers and advisors is, besides being a Marxist, is from Iran. KGB Karter botched Iran and we're STILL dealing with the fallout from it and here we have Boy Blunder leaving us a legacy of Islamic radicals getting control of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya (minus 20,000 MANPADS), possibly Syria and now a pissed off Pakistan as well. It is quite clear that Obummer and his master Soros are surrounding Israel with enemies and one wonders is Obummer enforcing AMERICAN interests in foreign policy or Reverend Jeremiah Wright's anti-Israel foreign policy.

Only God knows how many more people will die because Democrats and foreign policy mix like Democrats and ethics. When will we EVER LEARN that Democrats are morons not fit to be city dogcatcher, much less President, SecState, etc?


  1. Gunny the GAO is now accusing the Obummer admin of breaking the law when in bilateral talks with China.
    There is no end to the cronyism, corruption, and deceit coming from this bunch.
    Progressives are DUPES when it comes to foreign policy.

  2. Democrats,
    opposing common sense and American interests since....oh let's say the 1830s or so.

  3. Gunny, Great history, Great post...quite obviously there are a great number of people in this country that will never learn what a disaster progressive foreign policy always seems to be and how bad of shape it invariably leaves us in. There is never a coherent plan and Americas interests never seem to be the top priority. Currently the "o" has made us to appear weak, incompetent, and impotent, as has been the case with previous liberal administrations. As a result of this lack of sound foreign policy and the appeasement of our enemy's we now live in a world that is infinitely more dangerous for America as well as our allies. This is only one of the many serious blunders that will need to be addressed asap when we take back control of this Great country in 2012...God Bless the United States of America...

  4. Kitman3,

    Do you have a link? I'd LOVE to post that.

  5. Craw,

    They HAVE been screwing us for a long time, haven't they? Time for another round up and to herd them OUT of the USA.

  6. TexMan,

    ANYTIME we have a Dem in the WH, we have weak sisters and p*ssies runing the show, making us look weak. They'll never learn and neither will the idiots who vote for them.

  7. Damn dhimmis could take gold,and turn it to shit,I swear.

  8. Gunny,
    Excellent post. That's one hell of a legacy that the left has.

    Sadly, the mess zero leaves behind will need to get fixed by more blood and treasure, by this generation and the next.

    America goes through this circle jerk every 4 to 8 years. The right smoothes out the rough spots, the left yammers about unfairness, the left gets into office then proceeds to screw everything up, then the right gets elected and spends the whole time fixing the mess while at the same time being accused of not fixing things fast enough.

    This time Americans may have learned their lesson for a while. The left has really screwed the pooch this time and the ripples will last a while.

  9. Everything the left touches turns to shit. Thank you for the post. I just love lists like that.

  10. And they are treated like the fools they are by foreign governments.
    Maybe the ignorant in this country can't see what idiots the democrats are but you can bet your ass foreign leaders can see it.
    Damn near embarrassing.

  11. I offer a minor correction on Uncle Ho.
    I'm not sure he was "pro American" ever.
    When he went to France to train as a chef he got hooked up with communists then. See the book, "Viet Cong Memoir."
    Please read the reader review section.
    Ron in PA, associate of the "Crawfish."

  12. Hardnox,

    We need to quit playing with the left and stomp their guts out once and for all. They are the ENEMY.

  13. AZVick,

    That is the SHORT list brother. From Wilson on, the Left has consistenly screwed the pooch with foreign policy as well as domestic policy. A serious critical analysis of the Left in government could only produce the answer that they're idiots and traitors.

  14. Ron in Pa,

    I forgot where I read it but American advisors in WW2 worked with Ho, who likened his fight with the French with the American Revolution. That is why I wonder if he could not have been a friend to America, vice an enemy if we'd have supported him and not the Frogs, who lost ANYWAY!

  15. Just one minor gripe. The German's didn't start WW-1. The French did most of that in order to get revenge for the war of 1871. They wanted to break up the German Empire so France would be the biggest/most powerful country in Europe. The Brits were tricked into believing Germany wanted the Brit colonies and went along with igt.