Monday, October 17, 2011


Timing is everything with this regime.

Now observe the below picture and look at the borders of Kenya.

Kenyan army troops have invaded Somalia and are searching for kidnappers whom they think belong to the Somali Al-Shabaab terrorist group. The Kenyans have flown airstrikes and the Somali government troops supports them.

So Kenya invades Somalia last week, right before The Kenyan Usurper dispatches 100 Special Forces troops to Uganda. Now we ask ourselves WHY? Now one might think that this was another wag the dog effort by The Kenyan Usurper, in order to distract from his piss poor poll numbers and lack of any meaningful accomplishments in THREE YEARS other than screwing the US up worse since he was selected by Soros and annoited by the Liberal Lapdog Media. They would be wrong. Another avenue of approach might be that The Kenyan Usurper is doing what another woman tells him to do, since that has been his life from day one, i.e., living in the WH with the Klingon War Bride AND his Mommy-in-Law, following Samantha Power's (Ms Cass Sunstein) BULLSH*T doctrine of Responsibility 2 Protect, but they too would be wrong.

Consider this. Kenya invades Somalia to the East. Now Tanzania is a stable country so no issues there. Ethiopia can barely feed their population and are more busy trying to emigrate to the US to drive taxi cabs in NYC so no threat there. The Sudan has UN peacekeepers in it so THAT is covered. That leaves Uganda in the West. Unstable and with protests and a potential civil war about to erupt. Might not Obama's cousin Odingo benefit from US troops in Uganda watching his six o'clock?

Amazing that The Kenyan Usurper who did not have the balls to serve in the military, like his fellow scumbag Lefty, The Impeached One, has no problem using the US military as a tool for Kenyan foreign policy. He plops 100 of the finest trained troops America has, into a potential Blackhawk Down situation, just like the Impeached One did in Somalia, and puts them in harm's way all for the sake of his cousin's ass. All we lack is Les Aspin denying armor support to the troops for "fear of leaving a big footprint."

But then again, what else can we expect from a sh*thead who allows his ILLEGAL ALIEN Aunt to live off of the taxpayer in Taxachusetts and allow his ILLEGAL ALIEN Uncle to drive drunk and BOTH of them remain in the USA.

The stench of corruption hangs over the White Houselike a miasma and The Kenyan Usurper makes Nixon look like a choirboy! November 2012 is just the START of purging the vermin out of every nook and cranny in OUR government.


  1. Hey Gunny:

    Check this out.

    It seems Soros has some vital interests in Uganda.

  2. God, I hope he's out of relatives soon or we'll be engaged in a half dozen more places before long.
    I'm guessing the happiest guy in America today has got to be Jimmy "Attack Rabbit" Carter. He's guaranteed moving up from the bottom of the Worst American President's List after 2012.
    Maybe then he can convince Soetoro to help him build some houses?

  3. Cousin Odingo got his full support during his stint as a senator. Obama went down on the taxpayer dime and taught his cousin election fraud first hand.

  4. Gunny, I think this is all part of a bigger plot...create so many scandals that they are impossible to keep track of...each one a distraction from the last. It all moves so fast that it very hard to keep track of...accidental/coincidental? thinks not...God Bless the United States of America

  5. Good post. Won't see this on Anderson Cooper 22,or the NBCMSNBCCBSABCPBS bootlickers.Did you read on Drudge where TOTUS has been kidnapped? Sonofabitch won't be able to speak. George will have to stick his hand up Barry's ass to get his message out.

  6. Okay, said it before.
    Send in 100 Special Forces to capture a shithole warlord.
    Does this remind anyone else of "Blackhawk Down"?

  7. Paladin,

    No lie there. KGB Karter is a miserable SOB and I have a bottle of champagne ready to go when the bastard dies.

  8. Brian,

    I reported on that on my old TH blog and the Liberal Lapdog media simply ingnored the whole affair! He actually CAMPAIGNED for Odingo!

  9. TexMan,

    I agree and it is working, for now. I pray that one day, many in this regime are in prison or on work farms, overseen by Conservatives!

  10. Clyde,

    I saw that! The thieves deserve a medal.

  11. Buck,

    Yep, it ain't gonna end well and Barry will simply walk away from it.

  12. Gunny, eventually this will all catch up to O'Vomit. We are all losing track of the scandals under his administration. But if it is any consolation, our Fearless Leader's poll numbers are dropping like a rock. Unless something major occurs within the next year, O'Vomit will lose in a landslide.