Thursday, October 13, 2011



In America today, we have a real problem with Fifth Columnists. Now some out there reading this may not know what a fifth column is, exactly. A FIFTH COLUMN is a group of people who covertly work to undermine a larger group, like the USA, from inside. Now Marcus Tullius Cicero nailed it down a little better:

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague."

Now burn that quote into your brains because THAT sums up much of the DNC and those who back them as well as most of the Liberal Lapdog Media and the Obama Regime.

Now the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently sent an open letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller calling for reform of Bureau training materials that the ACLU claims are biased against Muslims. Now let us be clear here, not all Muslims are terrorists but nearly ALL terrorist acts are committed by Muslims. In fact, Islam has declared war on the West and it was Muslims that flew jets with innocent people on them into buildings full of other innocent people, in the name of jihad.

EXCERPT: "The ACLU letter also principally focused on an FBI Intelligence Assessment document dated May 10, 2006 on homegrown Islamic terrorist radicalization titled, "The Radicalization Process: From Conversion to Jihad," claiming the assessment portrays converts to Islam in America as targets for radicalization who should primarily and mostly be viewed as suspects."

This is why the ACLU, who are Communists and Marxists, who’s organization was created by Communists in the 1920’s, must be viewed as a Fifth Column. They seek to undermine the efforts of the FBI to clearly view the situation. In a nutshell, like Reverend Wright in his church of hate, a radical hateful Muslim cleric runs a mosque of hate and young Muslims go there and get radicalized, it is that simple. The Hamburg cell is the perfect example of hate being spread in a mosque.

The ACLU, whom the Gunny calls, The American Communist’s and Liberal's Union, whined that the FBI wrongly portrays the indicators of a Muslim extremism which include, one, increased isolation from former life, two, wearing traditional Muslim attire, three, growing facial hair, four, frequent attendance at a mosque or a prayer group, five, travel to a Muslim country, six, increased activity in a pro-Muslim social group or political cause, and seven, proselytizing. Now THAT is what the ACLU is whining about but they left off, but they left off the OTHER seven which includes: Association with new social identity, Attendance at a training camp or participation in paramilitary training, Conducting surveillance activities, Travel without obvious source of funds, Suspicious purchase of bomb making paraphernalia or weapons, Large transfer of funds, from or to overseas, and, formation of operational cells.

You see, THIS is how COMMUNISTS and MARXISTS operate. They airbrush or remove the things that do not fit into their agenda and then spread lies and half-truths. ACLU and CAIR are a perfect match when it comes to undermining the efforts to keep America safe as they chisel away at obstacles to their agenda bit by bit. BTW, where has the ACLU been in OUR fight to KEEP and BEAR ARMS? AWOL, that’s where. Why? Because commies KNOW that to secure power, the populace must first be made defenseless. In fact, the ACLU has been AWOL on MOST of the issues WE fight for. Why? Because they are NOT FOR Freedom and Liberty.

The ACLU also manages to overloook the various radicalizations of Muslims in America, most notably, Obama’s friend, mass murderer Major Malik Nadal Hasan, former RELIGIOUS advisor to Obama, who managed to gun down 12 GI’s and wound 31 others. Then there are the prison converts to radicalized Islam, i.e., Kevin James and Levar Washington who pled guilty to federal terrorism charges in 2007 after plotting to attack recruiting stations, the Israeli consulate, and Jewish synagogues. Then there is Mohammad Zaki Amawi, a radicalized Muslim and planned to perform violent attacks against Americans overseas, oddly enough, including U.S. troops in Iraq in his plans. He fit the profile perfeectly, by traveling to Jordan in 2004, changing his behavoir and appearance and even, proselytizing his beliefs. Hmm, go figure. Ah, and WHO can forget the seven radical jihadists from North Carolina, led by Daniel Boyd, a Muslim convert, oddly enough, who wanted to start attacks here in the US, against US citizens. And finally, radical Muslim Carlos Bledsoe, who murdered two U.S. Army soldiers in Little Rock, outside of a recruiting station in 2009. Even more strange is that Bledsoe had converted to Islam in 2003 and then traveled to Yemen, where he could be even more radicalized by experts!

Naturally, the ACLU was joined by other fifth columnists like CAIR, ISNA, and MAS, (and often by politicians like Dick Durban) who nitpick what they don’t like while ignoring the larger picture and working to water down the security of the United States. All one has to do is review the State Department’s website on acts of global terrorism (link at the bottom of the page) to realize that 99% of all terrorist acts are committed by Muslims. Thus we must ask ourselves what need do we have of organizations like the ACLU who work to WEAKEN the body, to UNDERMINE the efforts to protect us (and always have), and who protect TERRORISTS who are bent on destroying the nation. Their stated goal is the destruction of the United States of America and we had better come to grips with that before a bunch more Americans die needlessly. The ACLU, the UN, CAIR, ISNA, MAS, the DNC, Soros, the Liberal Lapdog Media are all a fifth column of traitors on our midst and we’d better damn start viewing them as such for to ignore them is to put ourselves in MORE danger. ALWAYS look BEHIND the curtain to see who is pulling the strings, like WHO is pulling the strings on the "occupy" vermin? Communists, Marxists, Soros, i.e., the usual suspects.


  1. The Muslim infiltration of the US govt. at all levels is well underway...few believe it or care.

  2. True. The progressive movement is the fifth column and they think this is their time and chance to overthrow the evil capitalist system. That being said, I still think that majority of Americans are wise enough not to fall for it - yet!

    Eventually, their numbers will likely reach the critical mass, and then there will be a bloody struggle. I only hope that by then, I am still young enough to put a bullet in between a few of their eyes!

    American Partriot

  3. Fifth Column
    Folks posing as loyal Americans but work to undermine the nation.
    The CPUSA was once out in the open. They soapboxed from street corners all across the nation. And were listened to. Listened to until the folks heard what they were really saying and left faster'n the evening shift leaving Convair. Ridiculed. Vilified and scorned the CPUSA realized they were not going to have a mass American conversion to communism so they diverted their energies. The education system was the #1 target and they have done very well but it has taken many years to infiltrate and then to indoctrinate.
    Yesterday the communists in our midst were the old school and were tolerated in the halls of government as well as Los Alamos and White Sands where they gave our most top secrets to our most dangerous enemies.
    Today there are communists in our schools, our government and on many a pulpit. Most of these new day communists are graduates of the educational fifth column. Whereas the folks of the '20's and the '30's could think for themselves and came, listened and left the young communists of today have spent 12-16 formative years of indoctrinational classes. They cannot think for themselves. They, too are today in dangerous positions of government and they are indoctrinating the next generation to not think but to parrot mindless "Newthought".
    While we are concentrating on taking back our government we should also be concentrating on taking back our schools, our courts and our churches.

  4. Great piece. ACLU,U-frigging-N,DNC,RNC,all need to disappear.A pox on the lot of them.

  5. American Patriot,

    They're working at starting the violence but Obama wants US to start it so he can do the "Reichstag Moment" thing but we ain't buying it. Rest assured, it'll be a leftist drone who starts it and the Liberal Lapdog Media covers for him and blames us.

  6. Buck,

    I have long said that there is a critical thinking skills crisis in America. I was THOUGHT how to think for myself in school and at home. One of my teachers was a cuban EXILE who HATED communism and made SURE we knew the history of it.

  7. clyde,

    Thanks and I agree. I would not be sorry to see the RNC go away and the American Conservative Party arise. Let the RINOS join the DNC where they belong.

  8. Gunny, excellent post! This should be required reading for all of those who have not taken time to educate themselves regarding the danger of the "fifth column". These people have been very patient over the past several decades and gradually chipped away at our society's foundation and principles and now feel empowered, with the aid of the current administration, to stick their heads up and overtly attempt to take the final steps to achieve their total control "utopia". I say it is dangerous to stick your head up when their are so many people looking for a good target. By the by...Buck is right, we better better start to focus on taking back our schools, courts, and churches and re-claim our history, our laws, and our spiritual/moral beliefs so the next generations won't be lost and ignorant and add to the problems our nation already faces...God Bless the United States of America

  9. Excellent post indeed and one to remember at all times. We need outspoken representatives who stop playing both sides of the aisle or even go on the "mainstream" media for interviews. Block them all out, let them be an echo chamber. Americans need to use their pocketbooks and not support anything in the media (papers, movies etc) and speak out. And if our military and law enforcement are not going to secure our rights then we need to find a way to stop our taxes from funding them. I firmly believe 9/11 had a possibility of being prevented if the FBI did its job. What are we paying for? An investigation of the immigration department (homeland security?) needs to be done to see why they are purposely importing people here for social engineering. Again, why are we paying a bunch of bureaucrats to destroy our country? Its disgusting that a private property owner is allowing a group of anarchists to occupy their park (I know, they got money from the FEDS) and make life miserable for people down there. They should be sued. I would love to see an OCCUPY Hollywood or Malibu or Upper West Side NYC to see how they like it....Krys

  10. The Marxist termites are at it again. Can someone tell these filthy anti-American homos/anti-Christian bigots that they'll be the first to have their throats slit if Muslims get the power? I think as long as we classify the Islamic ideology as a religion, they'll continue to beat us with our own laws. Look at what they're doing to Europe :(