Monday, October 17, 2011


Here is something that got LITTLE play in the Media in the last few days.
The Department of Energy, a corrupt and bloated agency that should be immediately AXED when WE THE PEOPLE take back the government in 2012, just awarded 135.8 MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS to a wind power farm called Granite Reliable.

Now THAT is liberalism for you, doing the same stupid thing, over and over, (Solyndra, SunPower - Pelosi involved with this scam) and yet expecting a different outcome. But deeper into this cesspool of crony socialism is the following:

Oddly enough, it was Heather Podesta  who lobbied for Granite Reliable to get a payola in the Obama Regime. WHO is Heather Podesta? THAT, brothers and sisters, is a GOOD QUESTION. Heather is the wife of Tony Podesta who is the brother of John Podesta, who runs the George Soros funded Center for American Progress! Ol’ Heather has been lobbying for Brookfield since, get this, 2009 (even more odd that that is the year Odumbo was sworn-in!) through HER firm Heather Podesta and Partners, LLC. Oh, BTW, Heather is also a TOP BUNDLER for the Dems. Gee, go figure.

Oh, and did the Gunny mention that Heather visited the White House EIGHT TIMES in the FIRST SIX MONTHS of the Odumbo Regime.

But wait, the stench gets thicker.

Granite Reliable is owned by BAIF Granite Holdings, created by Brookfield Renewable Power, which is in turn owned by Brookfield Asset Management, which oddly enough, owns Zucotti Park where the liberal scumbags and useful idiots are whining and crying for more freebies.

Oh, and WHO else sits on the board at The Center for American Progress? Ol Commie radical Van Jones, outed by Glenn Beck, and the billions Van Jones was given by Odumbo for “green jobs” that never happened, are still MIA. Just FYI so we don't forget that progressive and communist scum often reinvent themselves in other areas.

Now, Brookfield Asset Management wanted the stinking lice-ridden liberal crybabies REMOVED from the park so that it could be sanitized for normal people to enjoy again but NYC Mayor Buttberg caved to the protestors and allowed them to stay. Oddly enough, Buttberg’s girlfriend (Dianna L. Taylor) is on Brookfield’s board. The Media is behind these vermin as is the White House.

Could it be possible for Odumbo to call John, who calls Heather, who calls Brookfield, and tells them to back off of booting the maggots because Odumbo WANTS this to occur, as does his handler Soros? Could Mayor Buttberg have gotten a phone call from his girlfriend and told him to back off and cave to the protestors so that they could "look strong" to the Liberal Lapdog Media boobleheads? Oh what a wicked web Libs weave, when they practice to deceive! 

We all know that this "Occupy" protest is nothing but Soros paid bullsh*t, designed to usher in the consolidation of power by the Leftists and bring America down, and since China is now endorsing this bullsh*t, we KNOW that the Commies are in on it 100%!

This regime is so fetid and corrupt they make an Iraqi corpse baking in the sun for three days seem fresh as a daisy. The Left is SO DESPERATE to have a grassroots movement like the Tea Party that they have to pathetically PAY to gin one up and then they have to LIE about who is behind it all!

THIS WHOLE EPISODE is what comes of crony socialism and the croynism of the Chicago Way of doing business. Fellow patriots, we are going to have to double and triple our efforts in November 2012 to CLEAN HOUSE from top to bottom and punish ALL of those responsible for this corruption. One thing that NEEDS to happen is banning lobbyists from speaking to ANY government official, anywhere, under pain of death.

Where is the GOP on this? Busy hiding under the bed, as usual.


  1. Oh,what a tangled web. No truer words spoken for this bunch of criminals. And people thought Al Capone was bad. A PIKER compared to this bunch.

  2. This makes my head want to explode! Could it get any worse. God help us.

  3. This has been going on for as far back as I can remember.
    John Stormer wrote, "None Dare Call It Treason" in about 1964 and an update 20 years later.
    Your column reads like his book with the names changed.