Monday, October 31, 2011


You gotta admit, the Leftists are a hoot. These pandering whores OVERLOOKED and APOLOGIZED for a serial rapist in the White House who maliciously mistreated a cigar (probably a Cuban at that) and who left his load on a blue dress, now on display in the Smithsonian, and are whining like the little girls they are over two FALSE reports of The Hermanator sexually harassing two women. Let the Gunny be up front here. He doesn't give a fat baby's ass if Cain sexually harassed a dozen women as the Tyrant in the White House is DESTROYING this nation through his community organizing rabble rousing. THIS is the BEST that these idiots can come up with to try and sully the reputation of Cain?

When the names of these women are released, the Gunny BETS IT ALL that when researched by HIM, not the Liberal Lapdog Media, that they'll be libs and Obama supporters.

Here is something in BJ Bubba's own words:

When Monica asked Bill to settle the Jones [rape] suit, he said, "You don't understand, I can't. There are hundreds of them."

And the Left COVERED for their guy as viciously as they cover for a community organizer who should never have gotten into the City Dogcatcher job vice becoming the POTUS! The Left REFUSED to vet King Alinsky. ABC REFUSED to release the video of Obummer partying with PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi, now a professor at some libtard university. They REFUSED to ask WHY King Alinsky sealed his college transcripts, his birth certificate, his SSN, his Fulbright scholarship papers, his federal aid paperwork, etc, under an Executive Order and this after promising the most "transparent administration in American history."

The Gunny finds it amazing that the Politico, a far-left website, did not publish the names of the hags but "confirmed" that they were employees, blah, blah, blah. Now the Politico MIGHT think that they were living in the Soviet Union but here in America, we're ALLOWED to face our accusers, that is, unless you are a successful Conservative black man with the mojo to unseat their King Alinsky.

How pathetic the Left is. Their guy wins the Nobel peace prize for doing nothing and five wars later, or is it seven, and they can't even see the joke of that whole affair. Zero followed the Bush Doctrine to a TEE and the Left is too stupid to catch it. King Alinsky rules by Executive Order and they ARE SILENT about it! King Alinsky mewls about bypassing the Congress and violating the Constitution time and time again and they EMBRACE IT! No wonder the Liberal Lapdog Media is about as useful as a condom with the tip cut off.

Dear Leftists, if this is the best you can do trying to derail the Cain train, go back to kissing the ass of your petty tyrant and sniffing his anal fumes because THAT is what you sh*theads do best.

Just for that Politico, the Gunny is sending ANOTHER C note Cain's way.  If you can, donate to The Hermanator and let's help him REMOVE the Tyrant-in-Thief.


1. BJ Bubba Klinton
2. State Senator Dan Sutton (SD) fondled a male page
3. Carl Stanley McGee sexually assaulted a 15 yo boy
4. Bernard Vincent Ward serial leftist pervert
5. Davidson County Democratic Party Chairman Rodney Mullins (child porn)
6. Former Democrat Boston city councilor David Scondras
7. Charles Rust-Tierney (former pres of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU) (Child Porn)
8. Andrew Douglas Reed sexual exploitation of a minor
9. Mel Reynolds child porn
10. Gary Studds Studds serial gay pervert
11. Bonnie Frank (enough said)
12. John W. Gacy, serial gay rapist and serial killer (Chicago Dem ward chairman).
13. John Leftwards

14. Jesse "Sperminator" Jackson"
15. Owl Gore at the spa.

16. Anthony Weenie

And yes Leftists, there ARE perverts and scumbags on the Right however, WE boot them from the party, i.e., David Duke vs KKK Byrd, we do not circle the wagon on them nor do we cheer for them, i.e., Dems in Congress clapping for pervert Gerry Studds.


  1. Guns you know if he were a dem red, white, blue or black then abuse and rape would be an addition to his resume. Go Hermanator I'm with you Gunny, who cares if he said something that offended some one 15 or more years back he at least was born in the U. S. A.

  2. In these past tense allegations, I hear no staement that they madeCain or anyone else aware of their feelings. While it may be uncouth behavior, I want to see evidence of repeated, unwelcome behavior. Otherwise, it fails the test for sexual harrasment.

    Pack Rat

  3. R E,

    Exactly right. They're dredging up something from the 1990's!? What a joke. I knew that the Politico was a joke but really...

    I agree that Cain CAN produce his REAL birth certificate AND that he can produce his college transcripts, etc.

  4. Pack Rat,

    You go that right. When the Left REFUSED to go after BJ Bubba and then doubled down on REFUSING to vet Blunder Boy Barry, then they lose 100% of ANY credibility they had left. Screw em, I don't believe a DAMN THING ANY liberal news outlet says.

  5. Exactly why slimy libtard liars can't be trusted with anything, least of all the country.

    Charles Rust-Tierney (former pres of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU) (Child Porn). < No surprises there. He's from the biggest group of moral degenerates, the ACLU. Those monsters support everything evil from child porn to terrorism.

  6. Gunny, Great Post...we knew it was coming, how scared do think the left is of the Herminator? It's a full out assault to try and destroy the competition. This is how the "o" has won every elected office he has ever held. No personal resume or accomplishments, just destroy the other guy as well as his family and all with the generous help of the scum that is the MSM....God Bless the United States of America...

  7. Looks like the Hermanator is over the target.Getting the bullshit flak already. A C note from me as well.Goddamn Polibico.May a meteorite fall on their lying lair. Asshats.Hey,all you lib rags out there,if YOU report ANYTHING about ANY conservative,EVEN if there is strong evidence,we AIN'T going to believe YOU anyway.Save your fetid breath.Wonder if Romney's guys put the bug in Polibico's ear? Those jackwagons aren't smart enough to breathe without instructions from the white crib.

  8. Gunny,

    Good post.

    This will backfire on the left since people see this hit piece for what it is. Cain looks like the stand-up guy that he really is.

    The left just gave Cain a campaign bump.

    Ditto on the C note here!

  9. Funny how when the left does it, it's a "lifestyle", but when the right does it, it's lewd perversion.
    Uh...remember the Republican congressman who had "ticklefights"?
    Well, he ain't there no more.
    And the 'Pub who played footsie under the stall in the mens' room? Ditto....
    See a pattern here?
    Which side is moral??