Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Ah, the summer of love? Scummy hippies listening to free music, living off of free food and drunk donated by sponsors who were also selling their products there, rutting in the muck like animals, much like what we are seeing today with the crybabies in the "occupy Wall Street" movement.

The Gunny was listening to various talk radio shows and one mindless bimbo who was attending an institute of higher learning (if you call Marxist professorial indoctrination higher learning) giggling about her friend getting balled (60's term for having sex) under a tarp while other people stood around watching, critiquing, grading, or maybe even learning a few new moves. This led to the Gunny surmising that what these useful idiots, and Liberals in general lack, besides a working brain, is self-respect.

self-respect [self-ri-spekt] noun. Origin 1615.
1.  proper esteem or regard for the dignity of one's character.

What kind of idiot allows themselves to be used in return for free food, free water, free condoms, free sleeping bags, free clothes, drugs, whatever? Slaves, that's who. These useful idiots and their masters, all the way up to their handlers, are little more than slaves. Even those that are being paid to protest ($300.00-$500.00 a month) are nothing but tools and what makes it so funny is that they think they're blazing a trail protesting at some billionaire's house! Why even Kanye West, another tool, showed up in a $300.00 shirt replete with numerous gold chains! Now THAT is poverty baby.

Rutting in the muck, not showering for weeks on end, wearing the same clothes day after day, crapping in the street like an animal (or on a cop car), these punks little more than human flotsam needing to be laughed at like monkeys in a cage. Herman Cain nailed it when he said, "If You Don’t Have A Job And You’re Not Rich, Blame Yourself!"

INDEED! The Gunny sees these college kids get hired in the private sector and in the public sector and their time in that job is measured in days, maybe weeks, before they quit, usually with the words, "this job is too hard," hanging in the air behind them, taking their neck and face tattoos and multiple facial piercings  with them. For example, there were a few that came to Iraq with the Gunny, way back when, and lasted maybe a month or two before jetting out for mommy and daddy. It was too hard. We worked long hours. The General was too mean. Whaaaaaaaa.

It is pathetic that these dolts are too immature and too stupid to realize that they are being used like the free condoms they are currently using (under a tarp somewhere in NYC, near Wall Street), and will be chucked to the side when their role is done because that is how Marxists, the Communist Party of the USA, SEIU, Moveone.org, George Soros, CodePink, and all of the other scumbags work. Most of the morons don't even know WTF they are protesting and the Gunny wonders HOW MANY of them are going to school on Mommy and Daddy's dime? This is why the mean ol' Gunny forced his kids to pay for their own education! Indeed, whatever happened to WORKING YOUR WAY THROUGH COLLEGE?

It is quite clear that liberals have absolutely no self-respect, in addition to not having a brain, a spine, or a set of guts. These junior hippies are being mentored by senior citizen hippies, desperate for one last fling at bringing down the Republic and turning it into one big commune. It is amazing to hear these frigging liberal asshats call the USA a DEMOCRACY vice what we are, A REPUBLIC. Institutes of higher learning? They'd be better off saving their money, foregoing the student loans, and spending their days at the Public Library getting a REAL education vice listening to some bitchy little liberal man-sissy, who has tenure, whine about how evil America is.

What makes this whole episode so sad is that fat-asses multi-millionaire propagandist and extreme hypocrite Michael Moore and other RICH Hollywood drones, along with RICH liberal Nutsy Pelosi have come out supporting these protests, which indicates that the Democrats, especially Obummer, are VERY interested in the outcome of these protests. These so-called "grassroots" are really nothing more than a controlled opposition designed to usher in hate, anger, and discontent, leading to chaos and violence by 2012, so Obummer can declare martial law, suspend elections, (just like the NC governor wants), and rule by Executive Order, like Commie Clyburn wants.

Really, at the crux of it all, is the cruel joke that these useful idiots actually voted FOR the Kenyan Usurper (and will again) and his 2008 presidential campaign was bought and paid for by a HUGE number of Wall Street insiders, i.e., Goldman/Sachs (some of whom ended up in the White House working for Obummer), and other Fortune 500 corporate interests. UBER billionaire George Soros bought Obummer (as well as the DNC) and also finances the clowns at MoveOn.Org political action group, who are leading the useful idiots around by the nose. The premise that liberals are stupid is fully validated here in that the protesters don't even question the fact that their little protest movement is supported BY A BILLIONAIRE!

Oh, and dear little protestors, your lovely Nutsy Pelosi, who supports you, stands to make up to 25 MILLION bucks on a shady land deal. (Dingy Reid taught her well). Maybe you morons should protest at her vineyards where she has armed guards watching over illegal aliens picking grapes. Oopsey.

Hippies in the 60's, hippies in 2011, the same fruit from a rotten tree but here a THIRTEEN year old girl gets it. (At 13, she's already more mentally mature than ANY Liberal will EVER BE!)



  1. Well heck, GunnyG, plant an acorn and you get an oak, not a sycamore. This whole "movement" is reminding me of Europe.

  2. Gunny- good article, like you I can't stand hippies had to deal with them in frisco when I came home. These people are total trash. They should bring in the NYFD and hose them down,bright side is they might drown a few.

  3. P.S. were you aware that Jim (Perspective from Perseverance)has a new post up here at blogspot?

  4. Good piece. Love the note. This bunch is nothing more than Obama's people. As I've said,pull the plug on MEDIA coverage of this,it goes away.

  5. Gunny,

    Very good observations. I only wish that Rudy Giuliani was running New York instead of this piece of crap Bloomberg. Makes me nostalgic for the old days watching hippies getting maced. Now that's entertainment.

  6. Mrs AL,

    Yep, I've noticed that. Leftists are the same worldwide, that is what makes them libs. Nothing but hive dwellers.

  7. dong_ha68,

    Yep, miss the days of clobbering them down in San Diego when they start talking crap about being a "jarhead." Once LMMFAO watching my libo buddy rip the khaki shirt off of one hippie who no doubt bought it at the Goodwill! Still had Sgt chevrons on it! Damn near pissed myself.

  8. clyde,

    Exactly right. I LOVE seeing Nutsy Pigloser endorse them and now she is caught with her hand in a land deal cookie jar!

  9. The hippies and their Marxist professors, what a group of losers. Why isn't the media reporting them quoting Marxism at these events?

  10. Jim,

    Because the Liberal Lapdog Media are liars and marxist vermin themselves.

  11. Yeah.
    These spoiled, rich little assholes could get a job if Daddy & Mommie would quit buying them everything their little hearts desire and sending them to the little red schoolhouse.
    They remind me of Tony Soprano's daughter.
    One year in Columbia and she comes home with her nose in the air because she now believes her momma and daddy are idots and she is so intellectually superior to them... And like the rag tag spoiled kids in the 5 o'clock news, they don't know chit.

  12. Speaking of jobs & poverty & such, just how do they define poverty and by what yardstick do they determine the "poverty level"?

    Henry David Throeau lived on Walden Pond with total expendature of $8.00 per year. Was he below the poverty line?
    My grandfather was the foreman of a ranch and his pay was $50.00 per month. Was he?
    I've been told my wife and I are below the poverty level.
    But we have groceries in the pantry, food on the table, beer in the box and an occasional jug of Weller.
    So I am kinda suspicious of all this yelling about so many Americans going to bed hungry every night.

  13. And as for these rich snotnose chitheads demonstrating for "jobs"...
    There are jobs out there.
    I got one. At my age I still got one.
    It's not in my career field and it doesn't pay near what I used to make. But it proves JOBS ARE OUT THERE!
    If you are young and really want to make some decent bucks.
    Oklahoma oil patch is hiring.
    And a "worm" makes about $15-20 hr...
    But you gotta be ready to take a cram course in bust-ass.
    and those jerks aren't interested.