Sunday, October 2, 2011


Watching the ignorant children protesting Wall Street really shows the level of ignorance of the Left. Wall Street LOVES their tin god Obummer, showering him with campaign funds and these crybabies protest. The Gunny would bet real money that AT LEAST 80% of the college pissants protesting have their college tuition paid for by mommy and daddy and are too stupid to realize that by INVESTING, their parents MADE THE money to send these asshats to schools of "higher education," or as we know them, commie indoctrination centers. No doubt communist friends of Obama's, i.e., Stephen Lerner, were behind the whole thing and oddly enough, the rabble-rousing ACORN-loving community organizer in the White House has said NOTHING about this crap. What will Obummer say when these brats refuse to pay back their student loans? Will he simply stick it to the taxpayers, like he has done with Solyndra and the other EPIC "green failures?

EXCERPT: "The zeal for totalitarian government amongst some of the "protesters" is shocking. One sign being carried around read, "A government is an entity which holds the monopolistic right to initiate force," which seems a little ironic when protesters complain about being physically assaulted by police in the same breath!"

This is HILARIOUS! These idiots whine about a totalitarian government even as they want the government to implement their ideas, by force! Are they too stupid to understand that THEY TOO will suffer under a totalitarian government? Don't these morons study the history of Nazi Germany? The USSR? Cuba?

EXCERPT: "The usual suspects, mega-rich foundations and elitists, behind the young radicals have also started to emerge – George Soros, The Ruckus Society, the Tides Foundation and the Ford Foundation."

This is Obummer's doing, along with commie scumbags like Axleroid and Jarrett. How much is it costing the TAXPAYERS of these cities to pay for the police overtime, the damages, etc., caused by these spoiled children? These morons listen to the likes of fat toads like Michael Mooreon WHO IS RICH and not giving HIS money to the Treasury but he is egging these morons on, while sitting on the sidelines stuffing his fat face! It is even more funny that these dipsh*ts are too stupid to understand that the problem is THE FED, not Wall Street. They whine about an oppressive government yet clamor for the same. Once again, like him or not, Beck was right on the money and THAT should be an example for the rest of us to KNOW OUR ENEMY!

These frigging spoiled brats should be getting wood shampoos and free taser spa treatments and sent back to whatever sh*thole college or university they crawled out of. With the aged 60's hippies in the Tides, Ruckus, and Ford running this, we can only hope that these dregs from the peace, love, dope days drop dead sooner rather than later. The viscerial disgust that the Gunny feels towards these useful idiots AND their handlers knows no bounds. They are stupid tools of the Left and TOO STUPID to realize it! If they even THINK that WE THE REAL PEOPLE who PAY taxes are gonna stand idly by while they try to bring this nation down or foist that idiot in the White House on us for Life, they have another think coming.

Hopefully, one day, these spoiled morons will wake up and realize that they were used like condoms and tossed away afterwards. When will this government FINALLY do something about scumbags like Lerner who call for revolution? In case those morons in the DOJ don't understand what that is, it is called treason and subversion ad it USED to be punished by a fair trial followed by a first class hanging. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Left is going to create MASSIVE havoc and chaos in 2012 to disrupt the elections; why else is Obummer so uncaring about his poll number going down faster than a fat intern?



  1. Gunny, yes these tools are useful idiots. As they grow up they will expect all of the opportunity and freedom we have enjoyed. They will want the chance to compete and be successful and achieve the American Dream. They will realize that liberty and freedom are the cornerstones's upon which the "dream" depends. Ironically the behavior they exhibit now and the things that they march and protest for now will limit the very freedom and liberty that is required to realize the opportunity that America has always offered. These idiots (some of them) will then realize they were used as tools to eliminate the very way life our founders, and many since, have fought and died to provide and protect. Their future will be one of limited opportunity and government control along with shared misery for all. They will only have themselves to blame. The bigger issue is that they will have, by their actions, hoisted that miserable way of life on all Americans. They are tools of the communist left and the indoctrination that has taken place gradually over the last several decades. We must take control of our government and in the short run make changes to return to a free market economy and a constitutional republic with a limited federal government. Ounce that process is underway we will need to take back our entire educational system, throwing out the teachers union, and return the schools to the parents and local community's so we can begin the process of truly educating future generations as to the true history of America. That should begin to get us on the right path to restoring this Great nation for many generations to come. Sorry for the many things to say/do, so little time...God Bless the United States of America

  2. Gunny,

    These fools have eaten the idea...hook, line and, sinker...that giving up freedom in exchange for freebies is a good least until they find out that it all has to come from somebody's pocket and eventually will be from theirs.
    Meanwhile, the "ruling 1%er's" they keep droning on about remain in place...but as long as the freebies continue, who cares? Right?

    They're living proof that re-education camps are unneeded because, they've already been "educated" to accept slavery and like the idea.

  3. Gunny,

    Well said. The left elite are behind this to deflect blame only for lemming consumption.

    If the left is successful in postponing the 2012 elections then the crap will hit the fan. In my view Gov. Perdue was only pinging to listen for the echo. So far the echo has been silent from the left and the MSM. We will no doubt hear that cry again, and again until the lemmings think that it is a good idea.

    What part of the oath of office that they swore to do they not understand?

  4. America's government schools just keep birthing another and another generation of economics illiterati . . . and at our expense.

  5. Study history?!? Are you nuts? ;->

    First, the word "study" implies work, something they loathe. Second, "history" implies (to them) something to manipulate to match your agenda, not something objective that might have actually happened.

    Otherwise, well said.

  6. Another great post! The term “useful idiots” sure seems custom made for the Left.

  7. Useful idiots, indeed, Gunny! More like scum-sucking maggots and hairy douchebags .... Read someplace they were seeking "donations" of beans and even, tampons! How these feminazis degrade themselves ....

    Here is something inspiring, and emotional ....

  8. This is a test of the Crawfish Commenting System.

    Ain't it amazing that the Wall Street people they are protesting against have supported the Democrats (for the most part) for decades?