Thursday, October 20, 2011


Evidently Janet Incompetano, along with many Dummycrats, missed that itsy bitsy problematic 4th Amendment in our Constitution...

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

This is what one of the TSA Gestapo clowns had to say: "Where is a terrorist more apt to be found? Not these days on an airplane more likely on the interstate," said Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons.

UN-FRICKING-BELIEVABLE! Yeah Bill, hordes of Islamic jihadis are driving down the road screaming, "Allah Akbar!", and pulling into weigh stations to have their trucks full of Semtex weighed. Naturally, the TSA Gestapo is rousting people for their papers at bus stations as well.

Now this is how stupid these morons are. WHY would a funded terrorist ride a bus when they can rent a car? Answer, they wouldn't. They'll have false papers, just the illegals have, and rent a car and travel to a safe house, already rented by a sleeper or someone sympathico to their cause.

What this is, is just ANOTHER step in the TSA and Obama's march to having his National Civilian Security Force monitoring everyone in America. The TSA has yet to catch a terrorist and if they were an IRA fund, the return on the investment would be like a Liberal's IQ, sub zero.

ANYONE traveling should have a copy or two of the Fourth Amendment so that when the TSA Gestapo approaches you and asks for your papers, you can hand them the copy and continue on with your lawful business. 

Oh, and while the TSA Gestapo is hasseling legit Americans going about their lawful business, Janet Incompetano is allowing backdoor amnesty...

EXCERPT: "( -- Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that under the administration’s policy of exercising "prosecutorial discretion" in the enforcement of the immigration laws, her department is currently authorizing some illegal aliens to work in the United States."

So the TSA rousts LEGAL Americans and coddles ILLEGAL ALIENS and all of it allowed under the Regime. Despicable. The Gunny wonders WHEN Congress is going to find their balls and finally DO something about this crap.

"4th Amendment? What's That?"


  1. Just something else for our band of idjuts to ignore in the next "debate"

  2. Gunny, I love ya,but,...did you REALLY have to post a pic of this unsightly hag? I just lost my lunch !!!
    By the way, was this pic taken while she was on her knees before the Community Organizer in Chief ?
    'Scuse me,...gotta go,...Apparently,I'm not finished puking!
    ¦ [

  3. Craw,

    Yep. I know that if I get pulled over and this sh*t ocurs, I'm gonna pull my pocket Constitution and give the TSA hell. I will REFUSE them permission to search and ANYONE doing so will be sued.

  4. Anon,

    Sorry amigo but a picture like that is worth 14.5 TRILLION words, which is oddly enough the size of the Obama debt!

  5. TSA don't work the weigh stations,although I wouldn't put it past these assholes to try it. Nothing new about Tennessee illegally searching and detaining trucks,especially the Knoxville coops on I-40.I was never searched,but held up for NOTHING many times. Just because my truck was orange,and had 150 lights on it.While I do not doubt there may be some jihadists driving trucks,you need to catch THEM at the northern border. Pretty much come in unchecked,as long as the particular truck pre-clears.

  6. An update to my earlier post.Just talked to a friend who got stopped in Tennessee yesterday,and had an inspection on his truck from the Tennessee patrol,along with TSA.He had a LOCKED,and SEALED load of concept cars on,and after several calls from the manufacturer (can't divulge here who it is)they convinced the TSA to let the truck go on it's way without opening it up.He said he expected the Tennessee patrol to be rude,but the TSA idiots made the Tennessee guys look like pikers.

  7. Did she just get shot in the head? I've seen eyes roll up like that before, and the end result was always bad.

  8. Gunny,
    We let this idea start when people thought it was a good idea to let companies do drug screens on workers to `protect them'. Then the sheeple decided second hand smoke was a killer. More protection? Now fat foods. Medical issues. The gate was opened by those foolish enough to think it would not be ME. The 4th, 2nd, 10th, and any other that gets in the way of power will be ignored and abused.
    Keep up the good work Gunny, there will always be the loyal reliable group out in the heartland that follow you. Like the Crawfish!


  9. Janet looks AND sounds like she's had a stroke.

  10. When is Congress going to find their balls?
    After January, 2013?
    If the Tea Party manages to knock off a few more Demarxists and maybe take out a few RINO's along the way????