Sunday, December 25, 2011


The girls at Google swooped on the Anti Liberal Zone and schwacked it. Oh, it is back up but due to the glorious abilities of MS Word and Owl Gore's internet, the Gunny was able to get a nice screen shot of what he saw when he went to the ALZ this Merry Christmas. Now this is typical of Google, who is in Obammy's LEFT pocket and he in their's (amongst others), and so, the Gunny PAID for his own domain name at:



Now the Gunny can write anything he damn well pleases, on any subject he damn well pleases, and those who don't like it, become offended, get their panties in a twist can simply piss off.

Ain't censorship, er, Liberalism grand?

Friday, December 23, 2011


America is doomed folks. The race is run. It's been a good one.

Consider the following headlines from a couple of Blue Cities…

1.  Women trade punches over Air Jordans...
2.  Pandemonium as shoppers race for shoes...
3.  Cops pepper spray mob...
4.  Brawl...
5.  Gunfire...
6.  They Can't Wait, They Break Into The Mall...
8.  5 shot at roller rink holiday party (Detroit)
9.  Congress To Fund Massive Expansion Of TSA Checkpoints (Nationwide)
10.  Government Spiraled Deeper Into Debt This Year...
11.  OBAMA: 'There is a laziness in me'... (Gee, no sh*t?)

Moreover, our debt ratio to our GDP is now over 100%. That means we’re flat broke. This is akin to you making 1000 bucks a month and you owe 1012 dollars in bills a month. You’re screwed.

But our saviors in Washington DC have spent about four weeks bitching about a payroll tax "holiday" of a measly two fricking months. Excuse the Gunny for a moment but BIG F*CKING DEAL. The government is allowing me to keep a whopping 40 bucks a month of MY PAY! Here is a point that is forgotten in the massive amount of lies that the Liar-in-Thief is putting out. The GOP wanted this for an entire YEAR. Obozo and the Dem Senate say no, two months is enough for the commoners. The GOP, as usual, failed to get their message out that Obozo and the Dems were screwing America, as usual, and then caved. They caved so we get about 160.00 extra in our pockets for two months. Whoopy sh*t. 

The patient is gushing blood from a gashed femoral artery and the idiots in DC, in both camps, are busy trying to put a butterfly bandage in place.

The Gunny read the above articles and simply could not believe it. These asshats are fighting over a pair of shoes. Really? The economy is in the crapper. Obozo and the rest of the government is busy lying to us as they line their pockets with insider trading, fat paychecks, and a great retirement system after two terms in office, DHS is arming local cops with weaponry like military assault rifles and drones, and these mental morons are fighting over frigging shoes. If the Founders saw that, they would be in tears.

We’re screwed, blued, and tattooed because many Americans are missing the three necessary ingredients of a vibrant society.

1.  Personal Responsibility
2.  Self-discipline
3.  Traditional mores and values

How do you teach Personal Responsibility to idiots who have no clue about it? How do you teach personal responsibility to the kids of a welfare whore who has fifteen brats from three different men, married to none of them, and one of them is in prison? Ben Franklin said, "make them uncomfortable in their poverty," but the Democrats, from FDR onward, have said, "make them comfortable in their poverty with other people’s money." This welfare brood mare turns out fifteen brats, who will likely not amount to a cup of warm spit, instead, getting knocked up at 15 or getting some hood rat knocked up at 15, dodging his responsibilities, probably going to jail, and they all end up following in mommy’s footsteps churning out losers like the M&M factory turning out peanut M&Ms and the cycle continues!

How do you teach personal responsibility to Peggy the Moocher who voted for Obozo simply because he was gonna fill her gas tank and pay her mortgage? There is no thought as to where the fricking money is coming from, it just…does. This is the basic problem when you have a government that takes from one person to give to another, they learn nothing about responsibility, they have no work ethic, they feel they are owed because decades of Dumbassacrats have told them they are owed with shakedown artists like Jesse Sr, Jesse Jr, and Twanda Al telling them the same bullsh*t, while skimming off the cream.

Man: "Why are you ladies lining up?"
Woman: "To get some money."
Man: "Whose money?"
Woman: "Obama’s money."
Man: "Where is it coming from?"
Woman: "His stash. Obama’s stash."

Self-discipline. How little there is in America these days, other than in the Heartland that is. In two word’s, The Occutrash. Why have American’s tolerated these stinking, lazy, shiftless, useful idiots depriving other Americans, likely PRODUCERS and TAXPAYERS, of THEIR right to enjoy places like Zucotti Park that their taxes likely paid for! Fifty years ago, these dirtbags would have gotten a wood shampoo, followed by a hefty fine, a few months in the slammer as vagrants, and then chased out of the county! Now Time has them on their cover as something important to this nation? Excuse the Gunny but F*CK THAT. Real heroes are ignored so that the Navy can "award" the "first kiss" to a couple of dykes and these lesbos kissing is called "the kiss heard ‘round the world," and the picture is run extolling this. Yet heroes like Sgt Maj Kasal are ignored and forgotten. Disgusting. Well done Admiral Mullen and Asshat Gates and every other senior officer who did not resign their commission in protest over homos serving openly. The Gunny wonders how many of those liberal homo activists have now enlisted…probably zero and when the military returns to the levels not seen since the KGB Karter days, who takes the blame? 

The lack of self-discipline in our senior officers, more concerned with their next promotion, has allowed the US Military to be shackled with insane rules of engagement, a moronic medal for NOT engaging the enemy (heroic restraint), a lack of resources more for political expediency than anything else, concern for the cultural feelings of our enemies vice our troop’s needs or wants, and a gutless caving in to activists who should have been told to go and F**K themselves and anyone who backed them, i.e., Barney "MOOBS" Frank. This goes double for an imposter who poses as a C-in-C who gets madder when he doesn’t get his way than in having more troops dead in Afghanistan since he took over than in the entire Bush years!

We’re screwed because too few Americans now believe in what the Gunny the three pillars of a Constitutional Republic, social conservatism, fiscal conservatism, and a strong national defense. We no longer have any grasp of any of the three and worse yet, the elected morons could care less as they have NO CLUE about it either!

Socially, our mores are toast. The Folsom Street parade is considered the norm, a pervert appointed by Obama oversees the homo-izing curriculum from K-12. The Gunny throws down the gauntlet and DARES a liberal to deny that Jennings is not a pervert and that his homo agenda is not rampant through the public government indoctrination system. Homos serving openly in the military with a total disregard for the religious or moral values of other servicemen, including a bullsh*t report that was rushed out from the regime, saying that there would be no impact. When normal folks stop serving, and the numbers of recruits drop, who is gonna take the blame? The Folsom Street gang gonna "man-up" and join? Maybe the Navy can recruit the Village People and maybe get them to make some cool recruiting commericals!

Fiscally, we’re absolutely and totally screwed. Boned. Hosed. Raped. Rode hard and put away wet. Well and totally F-D. Knocked into a cocked hat. If there is anyone who thinks that having a debt to GDP ratio of 100.12%, with a failing economy, and about 2 million jobs gone south for the winter, and all due to the government is good, needs a fugging CAT scan to see if they have a brain. There is only ONE WAY to come back this abyss and that is a fiscal conservatism not seen in probably 100 years or more. That means getting rid of all entitlements, shooting all of the enviro-nazis in the back of the head because THEY prevent Americans from thriving and producing, in order to start drilling, mining, refining, fishing, building, etc. (just kidding) Putting Americans TO WORK and USING our resources is the only way out of this mess that the Libs, the EPA, and asshats like Earth Justice has got us into.

You pay your way or you fricking starve.

The ONLY entitlement programs should be for vets or those who cannot care for themselves and this is VERIFIED, not taken for granted, by LOCAL control over it, not some fat ass bureaucrat making 150K in DC who doesn’t give a damn and hasn’t for decades. In a nutshell, you draw welfare, you ass is owned by the state and you’ll work where you’re told to and do what you’re told to do, TO EARN THAT CHECK! Oh, and a Marine Gunny gets to run THAT program!

A strong national defense means securing our borders. It means telling douche bags like the midget in Iran to hand back the drone or lose a city a day, every day they keep it. It means bombing the sh*t out of anyone who attacks us, making sure than five or six generations from now, when someone acts up in their country, they’re reminded what happens when you attack the US of A. It means not taking sh*t from anyone AND backing up your allies to the hilt, helping them as needed. It means giving foreign aid to bona-fide FRIENDS and telling your enemies to piss off. It means WE LIVE WELL and if others WANT to be like US, they’ll come a-calling and ASK to be shown the way for imitation is the best form of flattery. It means putting OUR NATIONAL interests FIRST, each and EVERY time!

National Security could only be aided by rounding up all of the liberals in America and giving them their own state to pollute, after all, we have 57 of them, or so we’ve been told. Put them in there, wall it off, and let them have their communist experiment. Like East Germany, they’ll be asking to be taken back in. Screw em. They (and RINOs) put us behind the eight ball as it is and again, the Gunny DARES a liberal (or a RINO) to say it ain’t so.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


or should that say, stand by to repel the PARASITES!?

Normally the Gunny would have something to say about the draining of our life's blood by the Parasite Class, i.e., Octomom, the 15 kid brood mare in NC, Peggy the Moocher, The First Wookie and her numerous vacations, etc., but this time, he'll let the numbers speak for themselves.

$15,180,900,000.00. US GDP

$15,182,756,264,288.80. Total US Debt thanks to DEMOCRATS like Obama, Nutsy Baloney, and Dingy Reid.

Percentage of debt to GDP is now 100.012%.

Well done liberals, you've managed to drive the final nail into the coffin of the USA.

Guns and ammo and food, the coming currency.

Under Comrade OBogus, we went from a AAA credit rating to a AA and soon, it'll be an A rating.

Considering that the Q3 outlook was adjusted as WEAKER than predicted and GDP growth was a pathetic 1.8%, who can doubt that Comrade OBogus is more concerned with his FOUR MILLION DOLLAR vacation in Hawaii than the situation of 45 million Americans now on food stamps!

Comrade OBogus, taking a break from Wagyu beef at
$100.00 a pound in order to pander, er, show he is just like us!


Obama flies dog back from Hawaii for photo op.
Too bad the GOP doesn't have the balls to go after Comrade OBogus huh? How much did THIS cost us?


Operation Fast and Furious.

In the Marine Corps we are taught that the senior man is always the one responsible no matter what. "You can delegate authority," i.e., by direction signatures but NEVER the responsibility. The Gunny, as a Sergeant, was on one site when one of his Marines on another site screwed the pooch. Guess who got his ass reamed and rightly so. Said the Skipper: "You should have ensured he was better trained to handle his mission." Moreover, a real leader cops to the blame and then applies corrective measures, i.e., "sh*t rolls downhill!"

As a leader, you are "absolutely liable" for the stuff that happens on your watch, period. THAT comes with the job of being the HMFIC. Truman had a sign on his desk that said it all, "The Buck Stops Here." Evidently, Obama has one that says, "It’s all someone else’s fault."

Thus, Obama is culpable for Operation Castaway and Operation Fast and Furious because HE signed HR 1-16 into law. It matters not if he knew or he did not know, he is the C-in-C and the tip of the pyramid, he owns it.

HR 1—16

"For an additional amount for "State and Local Law Enforcement  Assistance", $40,000,000, for competitive grants to provide assistance and equipment to local law enforcement along the Southern border and in High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas to combat criminal narcotics activity stemming from the Southern border, of which $10,000,000 shall be transferred to "Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Salaries and Expenses" for the ATF Project Gunrunner."

TEN MILLION DOLLARS buys A LOT of guns and strawman buyers. Page 16.

Now, two more members of this regime, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton BOTH visited Mexico in March/April of 2009 with the mission to ensure that weapons purchased in the USA were not crossing the border. However, Hillary had a nice little piece in the NY Obama Times wherein she spewed that 90% of the guns in Mexico used by criminals WERE purchased in the USA.

SHE KNEW about this crap as well and was likely in it up to her eyeballs. Now Hillary and Obama are both on board with the UN Small Arms Treaty and Hillary was involved with talks at the UN that would help restrict small arms AND it should be noted that in October 2009, Hillary’s State Department stated that they were against Bush43’s stance on the UN Small Arms Treaty (Bush43 told them to stuff it).

"Consensus is needed to ensure the widest possible support for the Treaty and to avoid loopholes in the Treaty that can be exploited by those wishing to export arms irresponsibly." Hillary Clinton on the UN Small Arms Treaty

In other words, work the Treaty so Americans cannot buy or sell guns or ammo. Gee, go figure, liberal scumbags trying to force us under UN rule.

Now, as we all know, two plus two STILL equals four and there can be no doubt that Obama, Hillary, and Holder were all involved in this whether knowingly or unknowingly. Obama himself even stated in an interview that his regime wanted to stop the trafficking of firearms from the USA to Mexico!

The real question is WHY can the Gunny come to these conclusions but Congress is still trying to find their balls over it?

Even if they knew nothing about Operations Castaway and Fast and Furious, they are guilty of criminal negligence. If the Gunny leaves a firearm where a kid can get to it, it is loaded, and that kid has an accident that wounds, maims, or kills someone, then the Gunny is guilty of criminal negligence as he should have known better. Obama, Holder, Clinton, and Incompetano are all guilty under this because they should have known that these firearms were going to fall into the wrong hands and shootings were going to occur. Agent Brian Terry was murdered with a firearm obtained under Operation Fast and Furious and thus, they should all be charged for that as well.

The crux of this issue is that there is no accountability or personal responsibility in our government any longer. Bill Clinton gets a little skull in the Oval Office, it is because he was raised by women, or some other bullshit. Hillary Clinton lies like a rug, i.e., "I dodged sniper fire in Bosnia," and Whitewater gets swept under the rug and no one in the media cares. Janet Incompetano issues a report that maligns returning Iraq War vets as possible right-wing terrorists and no one in government raises hell about it. Our society is so dysfunctional BECAUSE no one is held accountable for their actions. Some welfare pig had 15 kids from different men and "someone else" had to take responsibility for it. Meanwhile, the EBT card is filled on time, every month, with other people’s money, and the welfare pig can’t keep her legs closed. And the Left wonders why mainstream America is fed up with the Parasite Class.

A point must be made here on the culpability of the leaders of the Regime and Operation fast and Furious. One, authority allows a person to make decisions without having to seek permission, i.e., the Officer of the Day can call out the Guard Force without calling the Old Man for permission (but you better have a damn good reason). Two, responsibility is being held accountable for that decision(s). The Marine Corps or any organization CANNOT operate without such an arrangement and neither can the DOJ, ATF, or DHS. SOMEONE makes the decision(s) and others act upon it, and in the end, someone owns it. That person is the boss. The boss is the person who focuses the action of a person, persons, group, etc. That would be Obama, Holder, Incompetano, and Hillary as they are the bosses for their respective agencies.

One more point.

Attorney General Eric Holder at the Mexico/United States Arms Trafficking Conference
CUERNAVACA, MEXICO ~ Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail."

My My My. Holder knew about it and Incompetano gave the details on it.

They all knew.

In fact, here is Comrade Obowmao claiming that 90% of the guns in Mexico came from the USA! Three minutes and thirteen seconds of BUSTED!

(Hat Tip Mr DG)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Ron Paul is a nut job. His ideas are circa 1901. Besides being a liar and a pork barreler...

One, he’s a 9/11 Truther.

Two, he is anti-Israel.

Three, he actually ENDORSED Cynthia McKinney in 2008. McKinney is an anti-American nutjob who was arrested for punching a Capitol policeman who was doing his job. She was busted by the Israelis for trying to give aid to Hamas WHILE a Congcritter. (Naturally, nothing was done) This raving loon is anti free-market and has actually stated that she wants a dictator and socialism. This kook actually endorses far far fat Left policies.

Four, Paul endorsed the raving loon caught on camera having a conversation with a canary, Ralph Nader. Nader is a far left kook.

Five, Paul DID NOT endorse Bob Barr or Juan McShamnesty (THAT the Gunny can understand) who are right-wing (Barr) or Liberal-lite (McLame) but he endorses socialists.

Six, Paul thinks that Al-Alwaki is a harmless kinda guy.

So what is the idiot’s NEW endorsement?

On traitor Pvt Manning: "Should he be locked up and imprisoned? Manning should be seen as a "political hero" and "true patriot who reveals what’s going on."

A homo who flaunted his gayness in spite of DADT and who gives away classified material by the truckload is a true patriot? Really? Hmmm. Last time the Gunny looked, that is called espionage and treason and is punishable by death.

Oh, oddly enough, Manning is ALSO supported by the Movement for a Democratic Society, a group of scumbags, commies, traitors, and wonder of wonders, unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers, the very guy who started Obama’s political career in his living room. Also supporting Manning are the vermin from Code Pink, democrats one and all, who actually sent 600K of aid to terrorists in Fallujah, fighting against US Marines, with the help of Henry "Nostrilus" Waxman. Serial fatass and stench in the nostrils of decent Americans, Michael Mooreon ALSO supports Manning.

Nice company Paul is hanging with.



EXCERPT: "Former President Jimmy Carter has sent North Korea a message of condolence over the death of Kim Jong-il and wished "every success" to the man expected to take over as dictator, according to the communist country's state-run news agency. A dispatch from the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said Mr. Carter sent the message to Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il's son and heir apparent. "In the message Jimmy Carter extended condolences to Kim Jong Un and the Korean people over the demise of leader Kim Jong Il. He wished Kim Jong Un every success as he assumes his new responsibility of leadership, looking forward to another visit to [North Korea] in the future," the KCNA dispatch read.

When contacted by The Washington Times for comment, the Carter Center provided an email contact to a spokeswoman who is out of the office until the New Year."

The second worst president in our history still managing to kiss the filthy asses of dictators and tyrants after all these years. Being the Secret Service agent on his detail HAS to be a sh*t job.

EXCERPT: "The former U.S. president also downplayed a 2010 North Korean attack on a South Korean island and disclosure of a uranium enrichment facility, saying the acts were merely "designed to remind the world that they deserve respect in negotiations that will shape their future."

On second thought, WHY do we waste a security detail on this douchebag? Hell, he is ALLIED with our enemies AGAINST us so who would waste the time whacking this decrepit piece of liberalism?



Amazing isn't it? FOREIGNERS get it but the 40% of the US Population, the Elitist/Parasite Class can't seem to grasp it OR DO NOT WANT to grasp it.


Q. Is there ANY WAY we can prevent him from coming back off of vacation? Hmm. What if Air Force One just took off without him and left the idiot stranded in Hawaii?

UPDATE: So typical of the Affirmative Action potus.

1.  OBAMA PHONES IT IN... (leadership by remote control...)

2.  Then goes Christmas shopping... (how much is THAT gonna cost us?)

Thank GOD the First Wookie is enjoying a private vacation in Hawaii on the taxpayer's dime. Too bad the RNC is too gutless to go on the attack.