Friday, December 16, 2011


EXCERPT: "Members of the House Homeland Security Committee introduced a cybersecurity bill on Thursday that would establish a quasi-governmental entity to oversee information-sharing with the private sector. Like the other cybersecurity bills offered by the House GOP, the Promoting and Enhancing Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Effectiveness (PrECISE Act) encourages private firms to share information on cyber threats but stops short of mandating new security standards for sectors deemed critical to national security.

"The risk of cyberattack by enemies of the United States is real, is ongoing and is growing," said Chairman Pete King (R-N.Y.). "The PrECISE Act, in line with the framework set forth by the Speaker’s Cybersecurity Task Force led by Rep. [Mac] Thornberry [R-Texas], protects our critical infrastructure without a heavy-handed and burdensome regulatory approach that could cost American jobs."

The problem with this, is that THEY will have the ability to regulate the freedom of speech on the Internet, which is something the government has wanted to do for YEARS and even now, Obama has sought to obtain an Internet "kill switch." Once we have a government agency start up, they grab for MORE power, in order to entrench themselves, and we can NEVER get rid of them. The EPA, the DoE, ATF, BLM, etc, have ALL grabbed for more and more power, bigger budgets, and have exceeded their original charters many times over. THIS is what is meant by "soft" tyranny.

H.L. Mencken saw this coming: "The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it."


  1. A good example of power grabbing is the automobile inspection.
    When Texas adopted a mandatory automobile safety inspection back in the late '40's or early '50's it was a true SAFETY inspection.
    Brakes. Lights. Horn. Windshield Wipers.
    That has degenerated into a money pit for the state. What was once a dollar inspection is not about $40.00 and that is if your car passes rigid exhaust standards for one. A car that has a "Check Engine" light on will not get a sticker. All the EPA rules are imposed. It is no longer a safety inspection but a bludgeon forcing auto owners to comply with government imposed "Green" regulations.

  2. Buck,

    Yep. Anchorage finally got rid of their auto inspection after the libtards were voting out of office and Conservatives voted in. Just another scam to fund the government.

  3. It is not hard to imagine what will come out of such a bill - and republicans are as big dupes as the progressives.
    Further down the slippery slope to serfdom.
    The entire political class/elite needs to go.

  4. What a bunch of maroons.

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  5. This is PRECISELY the type of shit we DO NOT want so-called "conservatives" screwing with. Damned r's just don't seem to get it. A CONTROL is just that,no matter WHO wants to impose it.Couched in language that makes it sound reasonable.

  6. Proof positive that is not just Obama and the liberals we need to worry about in DC! The Repuke's have turned on us also. Slow tyranny; you nailed it Gunny!

  7. I agree with you Gunny (and also "Davetherave"). SLOW TYRANNY, under the guise of protecting us poor, ignorant slobs.

    We can no longer afford to elect politicians. We MUST start electing "average" people into our government.

  8. Gunny,

    That's right. This is nothing but tyranny in another part of our lives. It is becoming like a police state in East Berlin. Everything you do or say is being monitored. We are all going to end up in a Marxist state of the union if we don't do something soon.

  9. The EPA needs to be gutted, and Congress better start taking power back from these agencies. Congress represents us, we vote them in, and they have no right to throw that power off to nameless Fed employees. This Agenda 21 that keeps popping up better be stopped in its tracks. These questions should have been put forward during the presidential debate - and getting us out of the UN. Krys