Thursday, December 1, 2011


We are being betrayed by the very government that we are supposed to be running. The First and Second Amendments are under constant attack by the Left and the Progressives in the Republican Party and we’re caught in the middle.

EXCERPT: "HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) – In the wake of news that terror suspect Jose Pimentel was operating a jihadist Blogger site, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is urging Google to implement a system that bans terrorist material. Last week, Lieberman sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page on behalf of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that called on Google to ramp up its efforts against terrorist material on the Blogger platform. Pimentel’s "hate-filled writings" and "bomb-making instruction links" were littered throughout, his Google-hosted Blogger site, Lieberman noted. Pimentel has been accused of attempting to plan what’s being described as a "lone wolf" terrorist attack by using pipe bombs."

Lieberman mewled: "As demonstrated by this recent case, Google’s webhosting site, Blogger is being used by violent Islamist extremists to broadcast terrorist content."

The First Amendment does not cover "approved" speech simply because say, it is commonly accepted. For example, getting up on a soap box and screaming, "the Earth is round," is no big deal, we all know and accept that but to stand up on a soap box and scream, "liberals are fifth columnists and should be exiled," while it SHOULD be known and accepted, it ain’t. Thus, it is protected under the First Amendment. If someone says, "Obama sucks, he’s violated the Constitution and should be tried and jailed," while abhorrent to the kool-aid drinkers, we accept it! Again, something a lib might not want to hear but it is free speech, protected under the First Amendment.

Consider this. The Westboro Baptist Church maggots protest dead soldiers and while they SHOULD have their heads truncheonized to the Nth degree, their obnoxious speech is protected under the First Amendment! The Gunny considers the DNC a terrorist outfit so should THEY be banned?

Once we start limiting speech, as Fatass Elena Kagan bleated, "some speech can be disappeared," where does it end? The government, as represented by the co-idiot of Kerry-Lieberman, is "telling" (wink-wink) Google to start stepping on the First Amendment. It should be noted that Lieberman is a socialist in his own words and as such, he believes in collectivism and system of government that does not respect free speech, private property, or individual liberty and his calling for Google to arbitrary censor blogs is hideous. Is there any way to sell the NE States to Canada and the Left Coast to Mexico and get rid of the idiots who keep sending these steaming turds BACK to government? McLame, Lieberman, Kerry, Snowe, Murkowski, Collins, Reid, etc, etc, are all of the same mold. The more the Gunny studies our Senate, he understands WHY Sulla did what he did in Rome.

McLame calls the TEA Party hobbits yet nothing happened to him and rightly so. McShame is a piece of dog sh*t and as irrelevant as a pile of cow flop. Lieberman wants to "ask" a private company to decide on what should be posted on blogs where freedom of speech is tantamount! None dare call it fascism. Maybe this is all stemming from corrupt politicians who have gamed Wall Street in order to line their pockets and are afraid of the word getting out to MILLIONS, via the Internet, i.e., blogs on Google, independent media, etc. It would be shame to see those who disregard the Rule of Law dragged into the street and tried by the very people they have been screwing senselessly for the last 75 years! The Gunny heard that there are about 550 slots open at Gitmo.

None to be outdone, the traitors in the Senate, a Dem majority BTW, nearly REFUSES to call for Eric "SELLAPARDON" Holder’s resignation.

EXCERPT: "There are currently 52 congressmen demanding Holder’s immediate resignation, as well as three Republican presidential candidates. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman have each called for Holder’s resignation. According to The Hill, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal thinks Holder should resign too. No U.S. senators have called for Holder’s resignation, and TheDC is waiting for responses from many of them. A spokeswoman for Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, who’s leading the congressional investigation into Fast and Furious with House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, told TheDC that he thinks “Holder should resign if there is evidence that he knew the details of Fast and Furious."

Holder has admitted his knowledge of ON VIDEOTAPE and yet here we are. Rest assured, Obama is involved in this up to his eyeballs, as are MANY BIG DEM DONORS like Sarah Brady, and the word is out to squelch this scandal ASAP or the money dries up.  Bet on it.

Issa is dragging his feet and the Senate is going to do nothing and we're gonna get screwed over yet again.

Hercules had to shovel a mountain of sh*t to clean out the Augean Stables and it appears that the American people are going to have to stick a tube the size of the Alaska Pipeline up the ass of the Senate and flush the sh*t out with an enema the size of Lake Erie.

As far as being silenced by the Senate, Obumscum, the Congress, etc,? Never happen. All the Gunny needs is a printing press (he took print shop back in jr high!) and paper and ink.


As traitorous Senate led by an idiot.


  1. Hey Gunny, give Maine a little more time. After all, after 40 yrs of libidiot reign, we finally have a good Governor and have kicked the liberal dims out of the legislature.

  2. beachmom,

    Okay, you got a little more time! get rid of Snowe and Collins ASAP! They're IDIOTS!

  3. I think the whole damn idea of a senate and so-called "representatives" needs to be revisited,and turned upside down,inside out,or whatever it takes to make it NOT a lucrative career choice.

  4. Damn good post Gunny! I am in favor of everyone being able to express their own opinion; whether I agree with it or not. Even the idiot evil King has first admendment rights in this great country! Speaking one's opinion is not a crime in this country and neither is being stupid. If it was; all Dembonut's would be in prison! Elijah Parish Lovejoy expresses it the best!

  5. I'm thinking that as of yesterday there were two senators who had called for Holder's resignation.

  6. Great post Gunny covering many of our treasonous reps or I should say "the creatures who line their pockets who do not represent us".

    One thing Rand Paul did call for Holder's resignation, the only Senator to do so. It's on tape too.

    He and only 2 other repub senators also stood against the new Defense Authorization act that eliminates our 5th amendment rights. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Tom Coburn. Only those 3 held their oath to our constitution. The rest are horse meat and need to be sent off to slaughter as the idiot in chief would like all done-in horse to be made into horse meat or manure whichever you choose if it's a senator or actually something to eat, which i don't know what that would be right now.

    The DNC should be shut down since their free speech is like yelling fire in an auditorium. Isn't that against the law? Well they should then be shut down.