Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Evidently the idiot can't remember which of the 57, or is it 58 states, that he is in, when TOTUS has a flame out! One has to wonder if Obama is still snorting coke like he admitted in his William Ayers ghostwritten autobiography or is he just sticking to marijuana. One thing is for sure, if Obama took a piss test like the TROOPS and FEDERAL EMPLOYEES have to, popping positive would be a foregone conclusion.

Watch yet ANOTHER gaffe by Captain Campaigner, that the Liberal Lapdog media WILL IGNORE as they focus on Gingrich's foot odor or Bachmann mispronouncing a word. LOVE Obonehead's recovery as he tries to pass it off like it was intended.

Obama just suffered ANOTHER rectal-cranial inversion as he now blames THE INTERNET for job losses!


Well, at least Bush 43 is off of the hook although Obonehead got three years out of blaming Bush, then the tsunami in Japan, then the Arab Spring, then the snowstorm on the East Coast, then the European Debt Crisis, and now the internet for every little thing.

SS Obamatanic is SINKING and the Gunny is LOVING IT!


  1. Well,since ALL libtards,their chief included,think Kansas and places like it is BENEATH them to visit,I'm not surprised he hasn't a clue where he is.Flyover country,remember? Go right past it on the way to Hawaii.At about 38,000ft.

  2. ....and there are still out there morons qualified to vote that don't get it...

  3. Speaking of drug testing, check this out.
    "U.S. Aviation Chief Babbitt Resigns on Drunk-Driving Arrest"
    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2011/12/06/bloomberg_articlesLVT4FG6K50XT.DTL#ixzz1fov8aByb

    Can’t make this stuff up… besides no one could make it up fast enough to keep up with these pretenders.