Tuesday, December 6, 2011


then you MUST be an Obama voter and SHOOTING UP the kool-aid.

The Gunny has been meaning to get to the report that they Liberal Lapdog Media short-stroked that the unemployment rate has suddenly dropped to 8.6%! Without taking into account that it is the Christmas season and seasonal employees are hired, the regime is cooking the books on unemployment as surely as Jamie Gorelick and Franklin Raines cooked the books at Fannie and Freddie. This is not the FIRST time the Gunny has outed how the Regime lies so this is a refresher for some and maybe a lesson on how the Left lies for others.

1.  It takes 120-150K of job growth PER MONTH to keep the unemployment rate down, stable, or manageable. (Some liberal parasites will never work no matter what.)

2.  The U3 number is the number ALWAYS reported on but THAT is NOT the TRUE unemployment rate. It is the percentage of the "workable" labor force that is jobless.

3.  The U6 number is the sum of the unemployed and UNDERemployed and THAT figure sits at 15.6%. THAT is the TRUE STATE of unemployment in America.

4.  The Obama Regime has taken chicanery to a new level by DROPPING people OFF of the reporting numbers when they finally drop off unemployment rolls, quit looking for a job, and generally say F it. They have been doing this since 2009.

Once again, the Father of the Tea Party, Rick Santelli, nails it: "I don't trust these numbers. I want to see the labor force participation rate because personally I don't trust the U3 rate and when you throw in the politics of the day -- because this is such a big number that resonates with the public -- there's a lot of movement in these numbers that can alter the rate significantly." Squawk Box - CNBC

Remember, it was the Left who SWORE TARP would keep unemployment under 8%. Guess it was all a lie or maybe Leftist economics really DO SUCK!

Steve Liesman, liberal economist evidently sees the truth: "The workforce declined by 315 thousand and that makes it easier to get the lower unemployment rate."

Folks, the Regime LIES. Dropping people off of the rolls and forgetting about them is as Stalinesque as airbrushing pictures to remove those undesirable to the Regime, i.e., Trotsky. When Bush 43 was in office, the unemployment rate was WELL UNDER 8% Moreover, the COST OF LIVING is going up (as Beck said it would) as Bernanke, Obama, and Ghietner play with the dollar with hings like QE1, QE2, QE3, bailing out the Euro by selling Dollars and taking in a COLLAPSING currency (Euro)! We're EXPORTING gas and yet Americans are paying $60-75 to fill their tanks! Coffee is $11-15 a CAN! Energy costs are UP! ("Under my plan, energy costs will necessary skyrocket!" Obummer)

HOW CAN ANYONE with a working brain say liberal economics are working? Obama is a LIAR and a scumbag and JOE WILSON WAS RIGHT, God Bless him. Our economy is SWIRLING down the crapper and you parasites out there, when the workers STOP WORKING, you stop getting your welfare check/EBT card and THAT means NO MORE Jumbo crab legs, lobsters, filet mignons, etc.



GOING BACK TO THE CONSTITUTION IS THE ANSWER! Is it so G-DAMNED hard to understand basic economics? Small government? Low taxes? A working and gainfully employed populace thriving on capitalism and the free market? 40% of Americans sided with the Occupy parasites who should have ended up as Solyent Green (watch the movie to see what happens to parasitic rioters).

With an unemployment rate in DOUBLE DIGITS why does this idiot Obama GO ON VACATION? Why are his approval ratings over 20% (that is the number of self-declared dumbass liberals in America)? WHY has he not been IMPEACHED for lies, violations of his Oath of Office, crimes against the American people? LIBERALS LIE to get into office and can we FINALLY FRIGGING ADMIT that LEFTISTS ARE IDIOTS and better off as dog food or fertilizer than in running our government? Can we? Please? And ANY idiots in Congress, like Nutsy Pelosi, Frank, McLame, etc, NEED TO BE BOOTED OUT for THEY TOO ARE THE PROBLEM!


1.  ObamaKare
2.  GM/Chrysler bailout/buyout

3.  Dodd-Frank
4.  Oil drilling Ban
5.  Federal contractor political speech disclosure
6.  Taxing Political Contributions
7.  ObamaKare waivers
8.  Obama's false SSN
9.  Obama's false Selective Service Number

and this is just the short list.



  1. Nice list Gunny! Mind if I add to Your list?
    More Constitutional violations:
    Refusal to seek Congressional approval before Libya

    Oh and let's not forget his scandals
    1) Gunwalker
    2) Solyndra
    4)Black Panther voter intimidation
    5)Gerald Walpin firing

    just to name a few

    What a scum bag

  2. Great rant. Cannot believe a WORD from these assmunches. Liars lie.It's all they have.

  3. Why don't you add "Dingy Harry" Reid to that list. He's guilty of breaking the rule, trying to fast track an anti-gun judge.


    Pack Rat

  4. Rush nailed it the day the report came out.

    They do not count as unemployed folks who have given up trying to find work.
    That is also where a great gain in their numbers comes in.
    What a bunch of carnies.
    Carnies are smarter and smoother than that.

  5. How about a little money laundering for mexican drug cartels?
    I'm having trouble seeing the legality of arming them and washing their drug money but, for some reason the JUST-US dept sees it as ok.

  6. Jim,

    Thanks for adding to the list. If there was ANY JUSTICE in America, the whole lot of them would already have been impeached!

  7. clyde,

    It is too bad that more people are not watching this regime and getting involved to eject them in 2012.

  8. Pack Rat,

    I hit that in another blog post but thanks for bringing it up again. Already called my Senators and gave them an earful! haha

  9. Buck,

    Rush needs to stop reading my blog before he goes on the air! HAHAHA!!

    I first brought this up about two years ago after my bro-in-law told about the U3/U6 scam.

  10. Sepp,

    The entire DOJ in my opinion needs to be reformed and the criminals weeded out and jailed. Your average agent IS NOT the problem, its the highers ups and the political hacks.

  11. What's that stuff about Obummer having a fake Social Security number? Are you a birther too? We have a lot in common, maybe we could be friends. If you ever need any electrical work done around yoour house then please let me know. I'll do it for free and I'm not in a union either.

  12. Drobeski,

    Obama's SSN FAILS to pass the Federal government's own program, e-Verify. It also comes up bogus on SS Death Record site and shows it belonged to some dead guy in Conn.

    I'm not an Adobe pro but some have declared the BC he put forth as being meta-tagged, altered, etc.

    Also, why does no one remember him from class and no girlfriends came forth?

    Why was the FIRST thing he did was seal all of his records?

    I have liberal friends and coworkers and we bump heads but agree to disagree. You'll note that Dems are NOT on my enemy list because there are good meaning but willfully ignorant Dems who refuse to admit they're wrong. I like converting them especially.

    I do basic electrician work and my neighbor is a pro but he sucks at carpentry! quid pro quo.