Thursday, December 1, 2011


Now that does not mean actually WORK for a living but rather, their typical Modus Operandi concerning anything that they do not like, i.e., Freedom of Speech, Gun Ownership, Secure Borders, pointing out that Obama is an idiot and the most unqualified man in any room he walks into.

For example, Ivan the Dull mewled on "Time to Bust Out the Tar and Feathers" blog post:

Gunny G: "Fellow patriots, the Rule of Law in America is dead and gone. It is looking more and more like WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to apply the Rule of Law on these fugitives from Gitmo sometime after we boot them from office on November 6th, 2012."

Ivan: "You are once again flirting with open calls to insurrection and violence, you traitorous cur.

In case you've forgotten, it is a serious criminal offense to publicly advocate violent overthrow of the United States government.

I am presently considering whether to pass this on to the FBI, Secret Service and perhaps other law-enforcement agencies.

If your door gets kicked in 04:00 one of these mornings you'll know what I decided.

Keep your hands in plain sight."

You see fellow Patriots, this is how the Leftist maggots operate. They try to intimidate. They try to scare us. Then they try to threaten us. (See the Gunny's reply to Ivan on that post). What the leftists fail to note is that Obama's assh*le radical commie buddy and former Czar Van Jones CALLED for and STILL calls for violent revolution against the US Gov't. 

Cornel West, another buddy of Obama, CALLS for violent revolution against the US Gov't.

Trumka, another buddy of Obama and visitor to the White House, CALLS for violent revolution against the US Gov't.

Andy Stern, another buddy of Obama and visitor to the White House, CALLS  for violent revolution against the US Gov't.

Soros, the owner and operator of the DNC has called for the destruction of the US.

Anita Dunn, former Obama Czar, has called for violent revolution and cherishes Mao.

Even President Alinsky HIMSELF has determined that the United States MUST undergo a "fundamental transformation" and that he wishes he could "bypass Congress," which in reality, he has already done and continues to do.

Where Ivan the Dull is wrong is that it is NOT wrong to want to replace a corrupt and out of control government with what is allowed under the CONSTITUTION, it is wrong to try to OVERTHROW THE CONSTITUTION.

So WHO is trying usurp the Constitution? THE LEFT! THEY are the ones DOING IT via redistribution programs, illegal wars, bypassing Congress, Operation Castaway, Operation Fast and Furious, etc. WHO is stonewalling about Operation F&F? Holder and Obama. WHO is sealing records so that the truth cannot be found? Holder and Obama. WHO has used the Office of the President to attack PRIVATE CITIZENS? Obama. WHO ignores crimes committed by "his people" towards white voters in Filthadelphia? Holder and Obama. WHO fought against the epicenter of the economic collapse (Fannie and Freddie), THE LEFT, even as they milked those cash cows.

Quite clearly it is the Left who needs to have their doors kicked in and their asses frogmarched to jail. But then idiots like Ivan, who have SO DESPERATELY tried to silence and discredit the Gunny are willfully ignorant of the massive wrongs of the Left. 

Note to the Left:



  1. Gunny,

    I think Ivan may also be Jeff, a moonbat leftie who changes his profile but not his style. Jeff's been threatening to turn me in to the FBI for a while now. So far, no doors have been kicked.

  2. TGP,

    It is pretty funny actually and it is VERY revealing how Ivan/Jeff and his fellow liberal morons IGNORE the calls for violent revolution FROM THEIR SIDE!

  3. Hell,we've been turning ourselves in to that brownshirt,since DAY 1. Where are they? No knocks here. As to Ivan's comment,this ain't the first time he has threatened you,IIRC.Most likely the damned authorities are sick of his calls,kind of like the neighbor who calls the cops every time a dog shits in her front yard. Can tell you are shitting all over in fear,Guns. OK,OK sarcasm off! bwahahahahahahahaha

  4. clyde,

    No doubt IVAN is on THEIR list! haha.

    I'm the worst kinda guy that the Left can encounter because I don't give a F*CK and I don't scare, almost dying twice does that to you.

  5. Gunny,
    Good post.

    Mega Dittos here. I share your sentiments.

    Knock, knock... bang!

  6. Don't have a copy of Constitution or Declaration right at hand but it says something about when the government gets out of line it is the duty of the citizens to, "Alter or abolish it."
    Think that is in the preamble.