Monday, December 12, 2011


The multitude of lies and broken promises from the Father of Lies, one Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM! This is the SHORT list (19) from over 500 lies during his campaign for the votes of morons and idiots.

1.  That he would end the recession. Oopsey, its worse now than January 2009 with 45 million Americans on food stamps and an unemployment rate well into double digits (if the truth was told).

2.  He would usher in a healthy and booming economy. Over 3 million jobs long gone. 1% GDP growth.

3.  That he would end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only are we still there 3 years later, Obama has started new wars in Libya, Uganda, Yemen, and Somalia.

4.  He would bring peace to the Mid-East. Wrong. Egypt is under al-qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood’s control, Libya is under Islamists rule, in other words, sharia law and hardcore Islamic control, Syria is in trouble, and Obama had pissed off and crapped on our only ally there, Israel. Obama was recently heard telling Sarkozy that he hated dealing with Netanyahu over an open mike. Huge epic failure that will bite us in the ass for decades.

5.  Obama would "reset" our relations with Russia. Shrillary screwed up the reset button resulting in a big joke on us. Obama gave up the missile shield in Eastern Europe, reneging on a contract with several sovereign nations. Obama gave Putin the codes for Britain’s Trident missiles that we have sold to them. Obama has been punked out by Putin time and time again.

6.  Obama stated that he would go over the federal budget line by line to cut out all of the waste and corruption. One, the federal budget has thousands of lines so Obama would not be able to do that. Two, the Democrat controlled Congress never issued a budget  and the Democrat controlled Senate has not either. He added trillions to the debt and a deficit that imposes debt on a generation yet unborn.

7.  He would meet with the Angry Dwarf in Iran and all would be well. Wrong. Iran is going nuclear and they’ll be fully involved in meddling in the Middle East for years to come.

8.  He promised more opportunities for college students. Maybe he meant the Occutard losers would have plenty of places to make a nuisance out of themselves.

9.  Increase the capital gains and dividends taxes for higher-income taxpayers from 15 to 20 percent for those making more than $250,000 (couples) or $200,000 (single).

10.  Repeal the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 (couples) or $200,000.

11.  Expand and make refundable the child and dependent care credit. (unconstitutional)

12.  Create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners. (unconstitutional)

13.  Create a $10 billion fund to help homeowners refinance or sell their homes. (unconstitutional)

14.  End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000. (Still ain't done.)

15.  Will ensure that federal contracts over $25,000 are competitively bid. (HAHAAHAHA)

16.  Phaseout personal exemptions and itemized deductions for "the rich."

17.  Forbid companies in bankruptcy from giving executives bonuses. (Solyndra anyone?)

18.  Create a national commission charged with examining and proposing solutions to work disincentives in the SSDI, SSI, Medicare, and Medicaid. (unconstitutional)

19.  Require employers to provide seven paid sick days per year. (unconstitutional)

Well done Obama voters. You morons voted in an idiot who doesn't know sh*t from shinola. Do remember to vote for your messiah on 7 November 2012.


  1. Gunny, off topic...I was just wondering if it is possible to see some of the liberal troll comments that I know you must get bombarded with...I know my head would explode but I am just curious...and by the way Great Post, as usual...God Bless America...

  2. You must have an AWFUL headache going through all those lies,and to settle on a handful for this post.Goes to show that,yes,indeed,66 million CAN be wrong.

  3. Zero, "The smartest man in the world."
    Hillary, "The smartest woman in the world."

    ....heh.....heh heh...heh heh ha...ha ha ha..BWAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
    (and on into the night)

  4. Lies?
    He see those as "victories".

  5. TexMan,

    I could do that but they are the comments from ignorant trolls and it is just venom, nothing of worth. Why air their BS?

    However, if you want them, send me an email address via my email and I'll shoot them to you.

    Shower after reading them! haha

  6. clyde,

    Evidently there are sites that track his lies and they are over 500 now!

  7. Buck,


    I remember when Shrillary was dodging sniper fire in Bosnia! HAHA! WHAT sniper could miss hitting that fat ass? A frigging blind one!

  8. Sepp,

    You go that right. In fact ANYTHING that Obama does that screws us over, he rejoices in.

  9. It is most obvious that Obuma does not fear God nor lighting!

  10. Gunny:
    Don't forget her aircraft, "..spiraled down through anti-aircraft fire.." before she and little Hillary had to, " to the hangar to escape the sniper fire.."
    Or that she was named after Sir Edmond Hillary...2 years before he conquered Mt. Everest.
    Or that she babysat illegal babies so mommy and daddy could work in the fields..
    note: That job is available only to the oldest sibling who babysits while mommy and daddy are down at City County Hospital, Welfare Office or enrolling older sib in tax paid tuition to the local institute of higher learning.
    Do we get a pattern here???