Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Well, we now know that Newt and Romney ARE NOT what Conservatives should be voting for in 2012.

The DISEASE in American politics is PROGRESSIVISM and it has infected the Democrats AND the Republicans, although the disease is almost terminal for the Leftists. We on the right are merely in the ER right now.

Progressivism IS BIG GOVERNMENT. It is government interfering with your life, at multiple levels, and whether it is Obama the Halfwit doing it or Juan McShamnesty or Newt of Romney, the outcome is still the same. Obammy steers HARD A PORT (Left) while the others merely call for 15 degrees Left rudder and get there a few minutes slower.

Unfortunately, it appears that Ann Coulter has gotten to close to libs and is now infected after she just said that Romney is the closest thing to a Conservative in this race. Really Ann?

"I think people recognize that I am not a partisan Republican. That I’m someone who is moderate, and that my views are progressive." Romney 2002

"And that my views are progressive." Thanks for coming out of the closet Mittens.

Not that Newt is any better folks...

"I'm a Theodore Roosevelt Republican. In fact, if I were going to characterize my — on health where I come from, I'm a Theodore Roosevelt Republican and I believe government can lean in the regulatory leaning is okay." Newt Gingrich

And as we all know, Teddy Roosevelt started the Progressive Party and his speech in Kansas in 1910 was basically "occupy America 1910." Google it and read the speech for yourself. It is sickening if you are a Taft Republican who values life, liberty and private property.

It appears that Newt digs serial commie radical Andy Stern, the same guy who calls for a violent revolution in America...

"Andy Stern, the head of the Service Employees International Union, is the union leader who probably best understands the challenge of the world market and the need to make American union members productive in the face of world competition."

Newt ALSO calls himself a WILSONIAN!

WOW! A Conservative embracing union scum? The Gunny don't think so. A Conservative would be embracing "right-to-work" states and NO UNIONS! And calling himself a WILSONIAN, after America's first FASCIST POTUS?

Both of them are flip-floppers. Both of them have problems with being pro-life. Both of them supported Porkzilla, the $750 billion Wall Street bailout that DID NOT but reward their homies. Both of them are climate change believers with Newt sitting down with Nutsy Baloney on that fateful couch.  Both were for Fannie and Freddie and Gingrich was a consultant to them. And oddly enough, BOTH helped with the ObamaCare legislation and Romney refuses to disown RomneyKare, the basis for ObummerKare.

Fellow Patriots, we're back to the same old pile of sh*t being slapped on a piece of burnt toast and shoved onto our plates. The Media, the Left, and the Repubics (love that one from Levin!) are telling us who to vote for in the coming primaries but there are only three Conservatives in the race, Santorum, Bachmann, and Perry. As far as the Gunny is concerned, if Newt or Mittens gets the nod, the Gunny will write in Perry or Bachmann or Santorum. This crap of having the Repubic elitists piss down our backs and tell us it is raining is OVER!. McLame, Obama, Newt, Mittens, all one and the same...Progressive sh*tbirds.

Here is a GREAT Rick Perry video with words you MIGHT hear coming from the mouths of Newt and Mittens BUT IT AIN'T FROM THE HEART!


SAVED ROUND: The START of Dem voter fraud...

EXCERPT: "New Haven Mayor John DeStefano plans to ask the state Legislature to allow illegal immigrants who live in the city to be able vote in municipal elections."

THAT, fellow Patriots, IS HOW IT STARTS.

SAVED ROUND II: DAY 957 of the DEMOCRAT controlled Senate NOT doing their Constitutional job of providing a budget! That is 2.62 YEARS of not doing their f-ing job.

SAVED ROUND III: DEMOCRAT SENATE kills the bill that would have REQUIRED a federal balanced budget.


  1. Romney is the pick of the country club GOP
    Newt is the second string quarterback in the game.
    If Newt gets the nod they'll support him.
    If a REAL conservative gets the nomination the GOP will do the same thing to him/her they did to O'Donnell.
    They will withold finances and support and when Zero gets back in they will say, "See, you should've listened to us."
    The GOP hierarchy would rather have a left wing Democrat than a conservative 'Pub.
    ipso facto
    They would rather the country go down the tubes than have a real conservative get the office.
    We gotta get rid of the East Coast country club cabal before we can have a viable candidate.

  2. Buck,

    That is exactly right. That is why I no longer give ANY MONEY or ANY SUPPORT to the GOP. I have written them letters, sent emails, and called them to no avail.

    F Em!

  3. Gunny some would argue that TR's brand of progressivism historically did not include communism/socialism/redistribution like Wilson's or FDR's brand of progressivism and thus is very different and more benign.
    I agree with you as to who are the obvious true conservatives but while I have questions and some doubts I am not so sure we should throw Newt out with the bath water he may have a better chance to beat Obummer.
    What do you think?
    Do you think for example Bachmann could really win?
    I would like to think so but we really need to rid ourselves of Obummer.

  4. kitman3,

    While I see your point, progressivism cannot be benign when it goes against the Constitution and forces people to do things they would not ordinarily do.

    I was "almost" behind Newt until this hit. Wilson was a F-ING FASCIST! Newt even called FDR a great president! FDR was a corrupt progressive and damned lying socialist!

    Brother, it is the media and the RNC telling us that we have to get behind Mittens or newt "to win."

    I say bullshit. Santorum or Perry would RIP Obummer a new assh*le in the debates and Bachmann, as VEEP would spin Gaffes Biden like a top.

    Conservatism WINS by a HUGE margin wherever it is tried whereas RINOism by Repubic progressives gives us Juan McShamnesty nodding his stupid head at everything Obummer was saying in the debates in 08!

    Nope brother, I cannot in good conscience get behind Mittens or Newt. I was EVEN ready to forgive Newt for sitting on the couch with Nutsy Baloney! Now? Nope.

    This race is far from over brother and I am going to send Perry and Santorum each $50.

  5. kitman3,

    Meant to add, google TR's speech in Kansas in 1910 and read it. It sounds JUST LIKE the crap the Occuturds and Obummer are spouting.

  6. Gunny I just read
    You are right Newt is a whore.
    He would be a dangerous president.
    We must stick to our conservative principals and not be swayed by establishment republicans or the media.
    Thanks for your response and continued great work.

  7. Starting to look a LOT like '08 AGAIN. The effing RNC trotting out NO ONE with a SHRED of conservatism in them. Limbaugh and others call for the Republican Party to be taken over by conservatives. OK GENIUSES,just HOW the HELL will that happen,when the PEOPLE elect conservatives in the primaries,then the MORONS running the party will NOT support these candidates in the general elections? Should by some twist of fate,anyone OTHER than Mitt or Newt wins the primaries,I see THE SAME DAMN THING happening again. Bastards need to QUIT listening to the echo chamber of DC. Conservatism CAN win IF the powers that be would simply ALLOW it.

  8. Gunny,
    Good post. You echo my thoughts.

    I concur with Clyde's comment. Conservatives win if presented to the electorate time and time again. 2010 was proof of that fact.

    I remain in Perry's camp and hope for a resurgence from him. I'm not holding my breath but the GOP circular firing squad is working overtime.

  9. Never figured Romney to be anything but what he is, an East Coast country club RINO.
    Had hopes for Newt on basis of his record in congress. But the baggage he drags in has nothing to do with marital infidelity and everything to do with what he has said and done in the past and what he is saying he will do now.
    I'm beginning to believe the Republican Primaries are our equivalent to the old Sioux Ghost Dancing.
    And with about the same effect.

  10. The GOP narrative: "Which liar would you rather have? We're giving you two perfectly good choices." The general will be the same.