Thursday, December 8, 2011


So the Gunny gets a smarmy email from JoeD saying that he [The Gunny] is stupid and wrong about liberalism, blah, blah, blah. So hat tip to JoeD for today’s essay on, THE FAILURE OF LIBERALISM.


Liberals cannot point to ONE program that has worked yet continue to crow that liberalism is the way to go, conservatism is evil, the GOP wants old people to die, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

1.  WAR ON POVERTY. Launched by a corrupt Dem named Lyndon Johnson. We are almost 11 TRILLION dollars into this lost war with black abortion rates skyrocketing, a broken black family unit, and poverty rates almost UNCHANGED almost 50 YEARS later. LBJ and the Dems gave other people’s money (and raised taxes as well) to single mothers who then became dependent on the government for their support, which allowed men to ignore their previous hardcore ingrained, "do the right thing," financial and moral obligations to the women they impregnanted. Lazy vermin FLOCKED to the free money. Case in point, a woman in North Carolina with FIFTEEN kids, from three different men, one currently in prison, whining that "SOMEONE needs to take responsibility for her kids."

Enter Newt and welfare reform in 1996. He and the GOP FORCED BJ Bubba to sign off on it and wonder of wonders, the welfare rolls declined. "When the 1996 law was passed ... liberal advocacy groups ... predicted that it would increase child poverty, hunger and homelessness. The predictions were not fulfilled." NYT 2006.

2. NATIONAL SECURITY. Two words…Sandy Berger. Or maybe two more, Henry Waxman. Or even three words fits here, New York Times. This portion could actually be taken back to when a Democrat named Andrew May betrayed TS material in WW2 that was responsible for US Sailors KIA’d and Sen Leaky Leahy dropped classified material in the 80’s like it was going out of style but for the sake of bevity, we’ll stay current. The entire Clinton years were full of lost secrets, sold secrets, and vanished missile technology. Henry Waxman actually allowed Code Pink to support terrorists fighting against US Marines in Fallujah. More importantly, HOW MANY secrets did the NY Times reveal to our enemies? How we tracked them. How we listened into their cell phones. Our sources and methods. And of course printing lies from clowns like Joe Wilson and Plame, you know, the same old same old.

3. GUN CONTROL. Simply put, Chicago, for example, has a TOTAL GUN BAN and the murder rate and violent crime rates are out of control. ANY city that has a gun ban imposed by Democrats has crime rates unseen in places where concealed gun permits are "shall-issue" or as in Alaska, not required, have lower crime rates. As a point-of-fact, when Virginia passed their "shall-issue" in 1995, crimes dropped 45% almost overnight. Duh. The thugs went back to DC and Maryland.

4. TAXES. Obama continues to whine about "making the rich pay their fair share," but as we see from 2009:

Top1% (over 343K) pays 36.73%
Top 5% (154-343K) pays 58.66%
Top 10% (112-154K) pays 70.47%
Top 25% (66-112K) pays 87.30%
Top 50% (32-66K) pays 97.75%
Bottom 50%...pays 2.25%

So much for fairness.

Dear Dork With Ears, the rich and the rest of us ARE SUPPORTING 50% of the population with the fruits of OUR LABOR! How much profit did GE and your buddy Immelt make wthout paying taxes?

5. EDUCATION. Kids are dumber after 50 YEARS of liberal interference with education. In fact, DC spends about 25K a year PER STUDENT and a report in 2010 stated that 50% of the population in DC is functionally ILLITERATE! Guess it is easier to make them vote for Dems if they’re too ignore to think for themselves and too illiterate to read for themselves. The Department of Education over the years has been run by crooks who have bought furs, luxury cars, etc., and wasted money by the boatload. Is there a reason why homeschooled kids are CRUSHING public schooled kids everywhere there is competition? Why do Democrats stand against school vouchers even as THEY send THEIR kids to the BEST private schools money can buy? Note, Obama’s brats go to the finest PRIVATE school in DC that served Japanese food on December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day). Who the hell KNOWS that they’re teaching for History.

6. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Three words. Barack Hussein Obama. He is the POSTER CHILD for AA. A free ride his whole life, a free ride in Harvard, did nothing as president of Harvard Law Journal, and a free ride into the WH having accomplished nothing of note his enough miserable life. AA has been voted DOWN whenever it has hit the ballots and it has taken liberal activist judges to void the people’s wish and keep AA on the books. The dropout rates for AA recipients is skyhigh. Nothing like liberals setting people up for failure and then reliance on government aid for the rest of their lives.

7. GAY RIGHTS. Why does the vast MINORITY enjoy "special rights?" The Constitution is not enough for them? Now we have gays serving openly in the military with the Senate giving the OK for sodomy and bestiality. So much for morals. Is it fair to the other 98% of the population to be forced to accept something they don’t like? Evidently so since the Dems can force you to buy health insurance. What someone does behind closed doors should NOT impact the majority. Our Founders were AGAINST the tyranny of the minority but here we have the Dems ENDORSING IT AND USING IT AGAINST US!

8. OBAMAKARE. Quite simply, unconstitutional and stupid. The "new" cost of it is now estimated at 3.1 TRILLION over the next ten years, doctors are retiring ASAP, and insurance rates are up on average by 30%! Naturally, FOB (Friends of Obama) enjoy "waivers" so they avoid needed to follow the law. Something liberals are well noted for. Health insurance companies are closing their doors before this hits thus reducing the choice for Americans and competition in the health care arena. Oddly enough, it appears that governmental waste in this area is about 30% of the total cost our taxes fund.

9. DEPT OF ENERGY. Total failure. Created by the supreme idiot Jimmy "the dhimmi" Karter, to, get this, "reduce America’s dependence of foreign oil," which has failed miserably and should have been disbanded decades ago. They now endorse, at the expense of the US taxpayer, green energy, which is a total failure, unless you are on the receiveing end of an Obama bailout, i.e., Solyndra.

10. COMMUNITY REINVESTMENT ACT (CRA). This is a program created by Jimmy "the dhimmi" Karter and DOUBLED DOWN ON BY BJ BUBBA KLINTOON that FORCED private lenders to GIVE loans to people who had NO WAY to pay them back, who then sold the bogus loans (MBS/mortage backed securitues) to Fannie and Freddie, which then went belly-up, costing US taxpayers hundreds of billions AND who were the epicenter of the economic meltdown. The people then had their homes foreclosed, which exacerbated the meltdown, and Bonnie Fwank and Chris Dodd, both uber-libtards fought ANY reform of F&F and presided over the meltdown. Fannie and Freddie are needing ANOTHER multi-BILLION dollar bailout again THIS YEAR, like year, and the year before. Oddly enough, Democrats have been running F&F since its inception and using them as a cash cow.

11. SOCIAL SECURITY. EPIC AND TOTAL FAILURE. PONZI SCAM. The Democrats in Congress have been skimming the profits off of this for decades before LBJ and a DEMOCRAT Congress rolled it into the general fund where they raped it to death, bankrupting the program and lying about it for the next 40 years or so.

The Gunny could go on and on, including areas of foreign policy, domestic issues like oil drilling and illegal oil drilling bans, Medicare, etc., but you get the idea. ANYTHING the liberals touch, start, implement, "fix", etc, turns to sh*t almost before your eyes.

(especially the one in the picture)


  1. Let's be clear..this douchebag JoeD IS NOT me, JoeDaddy from NC , who see's eye-to-eye with the Gunny on every sylable...just sayin'

  2. Outstanding Gunny! No one but a leftist moron could argue against these facts. But, just as sure as a progressive likes to murder unborn babies, they will and all in the name of "compassion."

  3. Gunny great post - liberals will never admit to failure so they rationalize at every turn and the complicit media provides cover.
    Since the last SC ruling on guns Chicago must allow ownership but is making it so difficult and expensive as to try and nullify the court ruling.
    The media never tells you about the 2.5 million armed citizens who yearly stop the bad guys.
    Liberalism has pushed down the slippery slope to serfdom.
    Thanks for being a warrior for the Republic

  4. JoeDaddy,

    I knew it was not you and I suspect it was an old troll being a jerk.

  5. Chip,

    I LOVE the tax data! The bottom 50%, get that, the BOTTOM FIFTY PERCENT pay a mere 2.25%!


    Obama can shove those numbers up his class warfare ass.

  6. kitman3,

    Thanks for the kudos and everyone who takes a stand for the Republic is a warrior! I firmly believe that it is a fight against good and evil and the libs EXUDE evil my brother.

  7. Gunny,

    Thanks for this great post laying out actual facts that the LeftvirusX spreads their disease by not showing these facts; but rather distorting them in attempt to infect others with their virus.

    I found the Tax breakdown the most interesting and most disappointing. Obama has the leftvirusX so bad, he is in the incurable life ending stage.

    Evil is exactly what the left represents and promotes, so a thank you from me for your continued bombardment on the Evil Realm! As I know you will, keep swinging (as I will); until you can swing no more.

  8. Just another column to be linked in my Saturday edition......

  9. Dave,

    When I read that tax crap, I was fuming! Worse yet is the LIBERAL's invention of Earned Income Credit. That is, they not only DO NOT pay taxes BUT THE GET A REFUND AS WELL!

    Our government is upside down bro.

  10. Craw,

    Thanks amigo. You're REALLY gonna dig the essay I am researching and working on for publication soon. Might be up Sunday.

    BTW, you know me, ALWAYS ready to stick a sharp stick into the Eye of Sauron located atop the DNC! haha

  11. Gunny,
    Another awesome and informative post. Thanks.

  12. Take a bow. Proof positive liberalism is another name for failure.

  13. Kitman 3:
    It seems the politicians need a dictionary to look up "infringed".
    When you pass a law, ANY law against private ownership of firearms you are infringing upon the rights of the citizen.