Thursday, December 15, 2011


Here is the crux of the entire waste of our tax money by the DOJ investigating America's Sheriff.

EXCERPT: "While no formal findings of pattern or practice violations have been made, Mr. Perez said the investigation remains ongoing."

Now WHY would the DOJ investigate Sheriff Joe? The Gunny doesn't have to think long on that!

1.  Sheriff Joe is investigating the illegality of the Kenyan Usurper's reign of hell by taking a CLOSE LOOK at Thug One's fraudulent birth certificate.

2.  Sheriff Joe actively goes after ILLEGAL aliens. Evidently, Obama is counting on those votes so his lapdog Holder goes after the people keeping the human locusts OUT!

3.  Sheriff Joe treats criminals like, horror of horrors, CRIMINALS! This was probably a big shocker to the corrupt DOJ, run by corruptocrat Eric "ratface" Holder, who treats criminals like honest citizens and honest citizens, especially the white ones, like criminals.

4.  Sheriff Joe makes criminals live just like our troops do, in tents and w/o air conditioning, etc. THE HORROR! 

5.  Sheriff Joe is running for his SIXTH term and will WIN whereas Carter Jr, er, Obama will lose, especially if Sheriff Joe keeps the illegals out. (See #2 above)

6.  Sheriff Joe treated Al "Twanda Brawley" Sharpton like the ignorant race pimp he is.

7.  Sheriff Joe performs his duties as a lawfully elected Sheriff whereas Obama and Holder would not know the first frigging thing about that.

Oh, oddly enough, the "report" from DOJ came from Thomas Perez, who was born to illegal aliens from the Dominican Republic. Gee, no bias here huh? An anchor baby working FOR the Obama Regime INSIDE the DOJ? Oh, and he used to be the former board chairman of casa de Maryland, a Latino and immigration advocacy-and-assistance organization based in Maryland. What is funny is here are two people on CASA's board of directors...

1.  Maria Robalino, SEIU Local 32B, Vice President
2.  Andrew Kleine, Bureau of Budget and Managment Research, Treasurer of Baltimore

Perez is just like Obama who works, er, worked for ACORN!

If it came down to having the Regime watch the Gunny's back or Sheriff Joe and his posse, the Gunny takes Sheriff Joe over the Operation Fast and Furious clowns any day and twice on Sunday.

How did the Kenyan Usurper put it? Oh yeah, "we're going to punish our enemies." Evidently, that means people who ENFORCE the very laws they're elected TO ENFORCE!

(The DOJ)


  1. No surprise here. ANYONE gets too close to revealing the truth about this sham-in-chief,they SIMPLY MUST be taken down,or so goes libthink.

  2. Gunny,
    Sheriff Joe got the goods on obullshitester. I've read about how he has done some research and he knows that this Asshat is a fraud. Fake SS #'s etc, etc . We knew this all along. We THE PEOPLE of this once great republic are fed up w/ this BS. We want Our country back now not this Orwellian nightmare. There's so much corruption going down it's enough to make a sane person insane or your head explode. Fuck Saul alinsky Rot in hades w/ Wilson/Che/Osama/ hitler /Stalin et al fuck em see ya I
    n the re-education camp wink wink COME and GIT iT MOLON LABE my BROTHERS and SISTERS wolverines bwhahaha

  3. Gunny,

    I love Sheriff Joe. If he runs for President, I'd vote for him.

    I don't know if you know this or not, but the dumbest sheriff in America is right here in Onslow county. I thought that one out there where that congresswoman got shot was going to give him a run for his money, but Ed Brown is hands down the dumbest.

  4. hat part of " I do solemnly swear to....." Obama and Holder don't get.

    Pack Rat

  5. Imagine Holder and Obama parading around Sheriff Joe's Jail in the pink underwear that he makes all the prisoners wear.

    Pack Rat

  6. Some more points about F&F (and I don't mean Fox and Friends).

    We can only hope it is his Waterloo or Watergate.
    Pack Rat

  7. The Zero regime hires anchor babies?
    No surprises here. After living in the ghetto cum barrio I came out with the distinct impression anchor babies more often than not feel more alegiance to their parents' country of origin than to the United States.
    Tell me ONE person in the Obama regime that is not crooked as a dog's hind leg.
    An Attorney General who prosecutes only white people;
    A Treasury Secretary who evades his own taxes;
    A Secretary of State who can't tell the difference between truth and lie;
    I could go on and on and on but I'd just take up space preaching to the choir.

  8. clyde,

    Exactly right. That is how the Alinskites work.

  9. TGP,

    I'd vote for Sheriff Joe in a nanosecond. The guy simply rocks.

  10. Pack Rat,

    They have ALL violated their Oath of office so many times it is no longer funny. I'd LOVE to be on the jury that tries their for it.

    UGH! Not a nice visual. Almost as bad as the Klingon War bride in the nude! No wonder Barry bats for the other team.

  11. Buck,

    Great post. Don't forget his corrupt czars. They are just as guilty as he is and should be treated accordingly.

  12. I nominate Sheriff Joe as new DOJ leader! It would be great to see him slap the cuffs on Obamatraitor! Did ya' see the some of the excerpts from Obuma's books about hating white people? And, white people are buying the books! And white people will vote for him again! I say them sumbitches need to buy them a brush and a gallon can of black paint along with his books! F*cking reverse orio's!

  13. I would certainly vote for Sheriff Joe for any office he decided to go after. I like that he "enforces" the law and makes no excuses.

    The mere fact that he enforces the law equally for all makes him an "enemy" of Obama's DOJ.