Monday, December 12, 2011


The Gunny dedicates this to all of the little trolls who bombard his comment section with nastygrams and whiny bitchy little girl type notes. Guess what libtrolls, when the flak is thickest, the Gunny is over the target area! SO SUCK IT! Keep the love notes coming girls, they motivate me to step UP my attacks.

SAVED ROUND: The Panderer-in-Chief drug the Klingon War Bride and the grubs to church, no, not Reverend Wright's church of hate, in order to show America that he really IS a Christian and that he is NOT in a war against religion, that is Judaism and Christianity.

Too bad for Captain Campaigner, pictures like THIS exist...(at least for now)


  1. To borrow a nickname from your blog Gunny, "If this polished turd thinks he can win over the Jewish and Christian Right vote; he is more than just desperate...he's f*cking crazy! My guess is even a lot of atheist hate this motherf*cker! I'm probably being incorrect calling him a motherf*cker, because I'm now pretty sure another man had to impregnate his wife; she's not his style if ya' know what I mean...

    And I dedicate this remark to all you screwed up in the head left wing idiots that like peaking in on Gunny's blog...go f*ck yourselves!

  2. Hell,I think he could screw up running an ice cream stand. Wonder if he,being the good little redistributionist he is,if a POOR kid walked up to his B-R store,wanted an ice cream he could not PAY for,if the BECS would simply GIVE the tyke the treat? Since I worked in a DQ,(for a very SHORT period of time) back in the misspent days of my youth,I HAD given away a number of the goodies. Especially the girls who caught my eye. Never did any good,but,hey,a guy has to try,right?

  3. @ clyde,
    LMAO! The word "no" never hurt anyone...nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  4. Clyde,

    You probably wouldn't go to jail for giving ice cream to young lasses today, but you'd ruin your chances of being President.

  5. And the "intellectual" solutions he spews forth really sound like some lukewarm i.q. nimrod trying to impress a group of much smarter folks.
    In other words, he ain't as smart as he thinks he is.