Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Once again, the Gunny's previous essay on Obama being a suspect homo hit the mark and one wonders IS there FIRE where there is smoke?

EXCERPT: "Building on pro-gay policies put in place by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Obama today ordered overseas federal agencies to fight local anti-gay violence and provide asylum to homosexuals seeking protection. Obama said, "I am deeply concerned by the violence and discrimination targeting LGBT persons around the world -- whether it is passing laws that criminalize LGBT status, beating citizens simply for joining peaceful LGBT pride celebrations, or killing men, women, and children for their perceived sexual orientation."

Yeah, FORGET about looking for LEGAL immigrants who can provide the US with expertise, job skills, advanced training, or subject matter information, Obama puts homosexuals to the front of the line. Now we're responsible for admitting the world's sexual deviants into our nation? And when they bring in massive amounts of STDs, Hepatitis A/B/C, HIV, AIDS, and a lack of health insurance, what then? Who pays THAT tab? Simply being a homo gets them FRONT of the line privileges? DEMOCRATS = NO MORALS.

Anyone still questioning the intent of Captain Campaigner towards the US nation?

Anyone still questioning the Wayne Madsen Report on Obama, Rahmbutt, Larry Sinclair, and Man's Country? He came out of the Progressive closet in Kansas yesterday, when does he come out of the gay closet?



  1. My God; he throw's just like a little girl! And the look on his face is so gay...and I don't mean happy gay. A liberal, muslim, immoral, communist sits in OUR White House. Could it get any worse? I think not...

  2. Crap, now we're importing them too. Geez, the demmerhoids must really need voters.

  3. The homosexuals are just part of the communist grand scheme.
    "The ends justify the means."
    Remember that.
    The obvious steps of alienating our allies and emasculating our military are out front for everyone to see.
    So is balkanizing our population with millions of illegal immigrants from all parts of the globe.
    Since they cannot yet use biological or germ warfare on the steadfast citizenery they sublet that to aids and other disease ridden masses they open the gates for.
    Ever wonder how many illegal aliens in this country are innoculated against the diseases such as polio and whooping cough long ago eradicated here?
    We quit vaccinating our kids against polio years ago because it was gone from our shores.
    But it could come back. It could come back with the illegals.

  4. Nothing would surprise me about the Liar-in-chief and his current desperation for every vote from every minority is obvious.
    He is lost middle America so he must coalesce as many fringe elements as he can.
    Thanks Gunny keep up the good work!!

  5. No question here. Queer. As a three-dollar bill. I'm NOT concerned about that. I'm concerned with the bastard being a flaming commie.

  6. This is hilarious and utterly priceless!

    Now President Barack Hussein Obama is a homosexual activist!

    Gunster, your desperation is palpable and absolutely delicious to witness.

    Whatever will you do when Obama is re-elected next year?

    Where will you go where an embittered old fascist like you will be welcome?

  7. Dave,

    I LMMFAO when I saw him throw that ball. WHAT A PANSY! And those Mommy jeans?


  8. Buck,

    Great post and I could not agree more. When recruiting number plummet, I hope they draft the libtards first, who pushed for this shit.

  9. kitman3,

    The blow out (not Obama at Man's Country) in 2012 is gonna be a MASSIVE landslide against the Kenyan. I'm going to invite myself to the inauguration and BOOOOO the hell out of Obama!

  10. Ivan,

    As a gay man, I'm surprised that you missed the FIFTEEN items OFF OF OBAMA's GAY agenda in a previous essay. It is clear he is supporting your kind much to the disgust of the rest of America.

    BTW, Fascism is a LEFTIST ideology created by Mussolini and ENDORSED and FOLLOWED by Wilson. Mussolini merely borrowed from Marx and created fascism.

    Nice try though you old gay racist you!

  11. Gunny,

    it is unbelievable how Liberals/Bolsheviks systematically obscure and hide the truth about their manicured "Manchurian Candidate." I can't watch the news anymore, including the ever left drifting FoxNews as they are all a waste of my time.

    Watching talking heads 'earn' their salaries regurgitating the same tweaked comments yet never uttering the real truth that lies beneath. I'm done with it.

    The "Man's Country" bath house in Chicago & Larry Sinclair, cocaine, etc., is nothing less than a bomb in news circles. Yet the media routinely worships liberals like McGinnis who write "books" based on gossip that is used as fact to attack any group or person, in his case Palin, who dares to "come out" for the Constitution or principles of the founders. And they ignore any caustic or potentially disarming and truthful fact remotely associated with left of center.

    I knew Zero was gay before he disgraced this nation as our POTUS. I read Corsi's book about him and discovered early Zero's penchant for silencing critics when Corsi was escorted by armed guard to his hotel room while he researched Zero's birth certificate in Kenya. He was allowed to leave the country with his life but not his research to my knowledge, all coincidentally during Zero's campaign.

    Taking the talking points into account mentioned prior by the blogger "Buck," this nation has also been under assault by Communists and their apparatchiks since the early part of the last century that inspired the rise of the FBI who defended the homeland aggressively.

    What this nation has become is a sobering reminder that we have succumbed to the bottom dwellers. Whether we can overcome it
    at this late stage is anyone's guess, but it is a fight worth taking to them.