Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Once upon a time in America, we took treason or even the HINT of treason seriously but today, with crooked liberals running the show, i.e., Obama, Holder, Incompetano, Kagan and Sotomayor (the fix is in at the SCOTUS twins), Ghietner, Bernanke, AND their enablers in the GOP, no one in government cares.

Case in point.


There were 52 Americans held hostage by a Third World nation that still hadn't heard of flush crappers and yet KGB Karter could not free them and thus Operation Eagle Claw was born. During this mission, several Marine helos were forced down due to dust storms haboob and they had classified systems on them and classified operational information aboard as well. The military wanted to go in and hit them with an airstrike and thus, prevent the classified material from falling into the hands of the Iranians. Ol KGB Karter came to the rescue...of the Iranians that is. This clown said no, they might hurt some Iranians, and the material was nabbed by the Iranians and later sold to the Russians. But then again, since KGB Karter asked for help from the Soviets against Ronaldus Magnus in election 1980, what else should we expect from this treasonous dirtbag?

BTW, it should be noted that the downed Marine helos currently serve in the Iranian Navy. Well done Jimmy, well done indeed.


A TOP SECRET drone crash lands or lands whatever you want to call it, in Iran. Evidently history repeats itself with the Kenyan Dumbass not allowing any military strikes on it to keep it from falling into enemy hands. Consider what Bush43 would have done. In a word: "BOOM!" But not the Kenyan, no way.

"Please Ahmadinejad, can we have it back?"


"Pretty please?"


"With sugar on top and a few virgins on the side?"


"Okay, sorry to bother you."

So here we are with a TOP SECRET drone with STEALTH technology now in the hands of the Iranians and likely to be sold to the highest bidder all thanks to the gutless douchebag in the WH more concerned with fundraising and whining about Congress and paying off his buddies with OUR TAX DOLLARS THAN DOING HIS F*CKING JOB AS COMMANDER-in-CHIEF!

ANY President worth his salt would have had a cruise missile impacting that drone ASAP but no, not, "I'm going to give the Russians the codes to Britain's Trident missiles," "I am ending the missile shield," Kenyan Dumbass.

And the Liberals call him the smartest man in the world?

The guy on the left just heard someone say Obama was
really really really smart.

History repeats itself when you have treasonous cowards in the White House.


  1. Gotta tell you,the parallels between these two asshelmets is striking. Good post.

  2. Gunny, love your posts. Couldn't agree more, this a$$hat couldn't make the right decision if his life depended on it.

    BTW you would not believe the number of co-workers that don't have a clue about Fast & Furious, or the Iranians having one of our stealth drones.


    Dawn in Eastons Sister

  3. Disgusting, Gunny. I always heard we destroyed those helos. It should be a reflex action:

    "Mr. President, we lost a drone over Iran."

    Can we destroy it?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "Make it so."

    How long did that take? Certainly not four months.

  4. ...And Carter went to the USNA!
    But where did Zero go?

  5. Clyde,

    Both of them are stupid ideologues who REFUSE to see the REAL WORLD as IT IS and that is the problem.

  6. Dawn,

    Thanks for the kudos. Remember, it is YOUR JOB to educate them! haha. Seriously, we will need to drag people to the information and make them read it! The problem with many Americans is if it DOESN'T IMPACT THEM, they ignore it.

  7. TGP,

    I did a counterterrorism paper for one of my classes for my MA and Op Eagle Claw was part of it. I also heard a lot about it on active duty way back when!

    There was a lot of TS material on those birds along with a lot of crypto/comsec that ended up in the hands of the Soviets.

    Of course, Karter also did NOTHING when the Soviets whacked the US Ambassador in Kabul.

  8. Buck,

    If I did not know better, I would say that Obama went to Lumumba University in Moscow.

  9. James Earl Carter is as much of an embarrassment to the USNA as Lyndon Baines Johnson is to real Texans.

  10. Crawfish:
    Good ol' "Landslide" Lyndon.
    He won election to congress by a plurality of 87 votes.
    His opponent got a recount.
    The ballot box was sequestered in the court house over the weekend for a recount on Monday.
    The courthouse burned down over the weekend.
    King George did not want to grant liberty to the colonists for one reason not mentioned in history books:
    He did not think the colonists were capable of governing themselves.
    235 years later ol' Georgie is being proven right.