Monday, January 31, 2011


Think  my friends, WHAT is one of the COMMON themes with this illegal president?

PAYBACK for his homeys, that's what! Another is his oppression and attacks on those who stand in the way of his agenda. But PAYBACK is what we're looking at now.

Think about it for a second. The unions here in the US fund ACORN, fund Obama's campaign, back his seizure of GM and Chrysler, supply thugs to beat down his opponents ala Nazi Brownshirts, supply phony doctors in white coats to sell ObammyKare, and their payback is numerous waivers from ObammyKare as well as a chunk of GM/Chrysler (in addition to their phat benefit plans)! In fact, SEIU CORE-PAC shelled out over 13 MILLION for Barry and Barry has hooked them up ever since, meeting with their former president Ol' Andy Stern to hatch their little socialist plans, and shelling out $2,250,000 (plus) to them! Obama was an organizer for the SEIU and SEIU returned the favor in 2008, as they performed door-to-door "get out da vote" for Barry, voter identification and registration, phonebanks, and more than likely, a wee bit of voter fraud. The BIG payoff came with mega-socialist Andy Stern getting put on Obammy's debt commission (now THAT really IS FUNNY!) and another SEIU minion, Anna Burger, now representing SEIU and the other corrupt unions at the National Labor Relations Board. IS OBAMA STACKING THE DECK OR WHAT?

Then, AARP jumps into the ObammyKare fray and sells out, getting a nice little payback from Barry, with AARP hoping to make bank on selling additional insurance to the sheeple. Sweet deal huh?

Hey Barry, can we get a round of ObammyKare waivers over here or what?

And WHO can forget Barry hooking up his Sugar Daddy Soros with a few BILLION to Petrobras, even as Barry removes the competiton (US drilling) fom the playing field. Quite the hookup huh?

Why, back in 2009, Barry even paid off the Alaskan libretard, State Senator Kim Elton, who initiated the bogus Troopergate scandal, trying to tar then Governor Sarah Palin, with a tasty position as the Director of Alaskan Affairs at the US Interior Department. Yet ANOTHER federal department that needs to GO AWAY!

In fact, Obammy's Porkzilla was just one big payoff plan to his homeys, following Sir Golfsalot's modus operandi of using public funds to pay off his pals. The bottom line is that we could fill a VOLUME listing all of Barry's paybacks from the time he was a State Senator on.

So all of this made the Gunny wonder WHY Obama is selling out Egypt to the Islamic radicals and then BAM! like a 155mm HE shell landing at his feet, it hit the Gunny...


Yes indeedy do, Obama is paying back his homeys for manning those phone banks in Gaza for him. (June 2010, 400 million dollar US taxpayer funded aid package to Gaza.)

Not only does he hook up Hamas members with unfettered migration to the US (for overseeing those phone banks) but also for those lovely Palestinians who manned those phone banks for him, raising big money in 2008. Why, he even takes an anti-Israel stance for them (although not a hard thing for Barry, the Gunny is sure.)

But then, what about the untraceable millions and millions that came in through those phone banks, via foreign credit card? Could it have come from the Muslim Brotherhood? Could it have come from Iran? Could it have come from Hezbollah members? Could it have come from Egyptian radicals who are now standing to gain from all of the rioting in Egypt?

"We don’t mind–actually we like Mr. Obama. We hope he will (win) the election and I do believe he is like John Kennedy, great man with great principle, and he has a vision to change America to make it in a position to lead the world community but not with domination and arrogance."
Ahmed Yousef, political adviser of the anti-Israel terrorist group Hamas. (WABC radio)

To lead America? Barry went to his daughter's BB game and then went to an AMF party with David Axelroid (Good riddance to that corrupt SOB) while Egypt burns. And his SuckState? Hitlery "I dodged sniper bullets in Bosnia?" Klintoon? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So it really is easy to figure out that Sir Golfsalot is merely paying back his Muslim buddies for that hook up in 2008. This sabotage of Egypt's leader, Hosni Mubarak, serves three purposes for the Kenyan Usurper. One, he pays back his pals and two, radical Muslims get another two or three nations (domino effect) that surround Israel, and three, the balance of power is upset in the Middle East, with the US shown as an unreliable ally and our position now untenable. We again lose national honor, just like we did under Jimmy "the dhimmi" Carter! The loss of the Suez Canal will cripple oil shipments to the West, driving up oil prices and gas prices, just as Barry wanted. Our economy will grind to a halt and Barry can finally be happy.

And leftists wonder why many of us have absolutely NO respect for the Kenyan Usurper.


Saturday, January 29, 2011


like a turd in a punch bowl.

Jimmy Carter was an idiot as a president and is an even bigger one as a former president, an Islamic apologist and one of those schmucks who refuses to believe that anything that happened is HIS fault. Indeed, he's the perfect Islamic "tool."

Let's do a historic review shall we?

Carter had an issue with the Shah's human rights policy. The Shah's secret police ruled with an iron fist, ferreting out traitors, and torturing suspects, brutalizing them, imprisoning them, etc. Was he protecting his nation's interests as dictator's are wont to do? Probably. Was this wrong for our ally to do? Probably. But in the long-run, was it right for America to let a LONG TIME ALLY fall for this? Hell no, especially considering what replaced him! Let us remember that it was Amnesty International who whined about the Shah's 2,200 political prisoners that caused Carter to have a case of the red-ass, the same Amnesty International, who, say, backed the vicious Marxist terrorists, Shining Path, in Peru. But today, China is far worse in the human rights area, and yet Obama bowed to Hu Jingtao and even allowed an anti-American song to be played in the White House when Barry played host to the Chinese! We do business with them, they buy our debt, and one day, will become our land lords, thanks to the Demerrhoids and RINOs.

We won't even compare the stupidity of Carter's energy policies (gas lines, gas rationing, no drilling, no refining, etc) with that of the current nitwit but cut right to the chase on Iran 79, Iran 09, and Egypt right now.

Quite clearly Carter had idiots in his State Department and his Admin who were formulating foreign policy in the Middle East, idiots who say, had never read "Ma'alim fi-l-Tariq" or as it is known in the West, "Milestones," by Qutb. Qutb called for the Islamic radicals to get their own country in order to foment islamic revolution and sponsor global Islamic terrorism and Ol Jimmy the Dhimmi served it up to them on a silver platter. Qutb was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the same group now whipping up the rioters in Egypt, much as Ahmadinejad and his cronies in Iran whipped up the Iranian students in 1978/79. Naturally, the leftist Lapdog Media, led by the NY Obama Times actually tagged the Ayatollah Khomeini as "tolerant" and that his closest advisers, "were uniformly composed of moderate, progressive individuals!" While the NYT editorials stated that the Ayatollah Khomeini would provide "a desperately needed model of humane governance for a third-world country," it was Carter's clown in the UN, Andrew Young, who actually called the Ayatollah, "a twentieth-century saint." In the first year of the Ayatollah's rule, he murdered more people (50,000) than 25 YEARS of the Shah's rule and some estimates put it at 1 million by 2003. Trusting liberals to watch your back will get ya killed everytime.

So in 2009, we have a repeat of the turmoil in Iran, with students going against Ahmedinejad and the mad mullahs, and what does our hero Obama do? Why nothing. No encouragement, no aid, no assistance, nothing. What do we owe a leadership who not only committed an act of war by seizing our embassy in Tehran, taking and holding Americans hostage for 444 days, but who has CONTINUED to attack America through Hamas and Hezbollah and who sends EFP's into Iraq? Not a damn thing. In fact, we SHOULD have done everything to bring this Islamic nutbags down. But no, Obama tucks tail and allows the mad mullahs to continue to work on their nuclear weapons program and to kill Americans in Iraq.

Let us also remember that our Dear Leader, Sir Golfsalot, gave a speech in Cairo, wherein he FAILED to use the word "terrorism" or the word, "terrorist" and never made any reference to the war on terrorism. Indeed, those words are no longer used by this regime, i.e., terrorism is now a "man-caused disaster." What liberals ALWAYS fail to note is that kissing the asses of criminals or terrorists ONLY makes them bolder but stupid is as stupid does.

Now Jimmy "the Dhimmi" Carter is an idiot as he gave up Iran to the Islamic radicals, but they did not then have nuclear weapons and were limited to only supporting terrorism but now, after a decade plus of liberal idiocy (Clinton and Obama) towards Iran, they now have the real possibility of another radical Islamic nation if Egypt falls. This, my friends, is what happens when idiots elect a naive community organizer to lead the free world. HE doesn't have a clue what to do because one, he's never been in a real fight so he can't judge the seriousness of it all, two, his admin is full of ivory-towered morons who ALSO have no clue about the real world (and fighting), and thus, spin around like tops doing shit-all, and three, liberals always play softball against our enemies but are hell on oppressing their own citizens.

EXCERPT: "The United States is "absolutely not" giving Israel a green light to attack Iran, U.S. President Barack Obama told CNN Tuesday. We have said directly to the Israelis that it is important to try and resolve this in an international setting in a way that does not create major conflict in the Middle East," Obama said, referring to Iran's nuclear ambitions."

This whole sordid deal is like watching Neville Chamberlain and the other idiots selling out Czechoslovakia to Hitler, thinking that it will avoid a war. Wrong. If Egypt falls to the mad mullahs, it will virtually guarantee a war in the Middle East because Israel will be surrounded by enemies and we have a crybaby weakling in the White House. Ahmadinejad says he'll nuke Israel the first chance he gets and Israel, and rightly so, not only says "Never Again" but their nuclear weapons program operates under the "Masada complex." Under Liberal leadership in the White House and Congress (1979), Iran was allowed to go from the 20th century back to the 12th century and now under Obama, Nutsy Pelosi, and Dingy Reid, Turkey has been moving towards a radical Islam, Lebanon is owned by Hamas and Hezbollah, and now, Egypt is falling thanks to a dumbass doing naught but twiddling his thumbs. Or maybe, Obama, as a Muslim sympathizer at the very least, is doing everything he can to help radical Islam to reform and spread like a cancer. Especially since Sir Golfsalot made it a point to tell Israel that HE would not support a strike against Iran to forestall their obtaining nukes by Israel and who banned the IAF's overflight of Iraq. Way to telegraph your move Barry and encourage our enemies...once again.

This is especially worrisome since Obama, like his mentor Jimmy the Dhimmi (who slashed the military budget to the bone), has cut our defenses in the areas of missile defense, the Multiple Kill Vehicle (intercepts several targets simultaneously), the Kinetic Interceptor, the airborne laser, a missile defense shield for Europe, and ground-based interceptors. Thanks again Obama, good job. Liberals, the original head-up ass "wait-and-see" crowd. Well, they waited in 1979 and Carter told the Marines NOT to defend the embassy and this happened...





Muslim Brotherhood: Arabs will topple leaders allied with the United States.
Iran Sees Rise of Islamic Hard-Liners in Arab Lands.
Thousands protest in Jordan, demand PM step down.
Huge anti-government protest in Albania.
New protests erupt in Yemen


Axelrod: Obama 'Directly Confronted' Mubarak for Past 2 Years 'To Get Ahead of This'...

It looks like Axelroid is busy spinning this for Barry. If Obama was busy helping Mubarak, then WHY are they NOW helping the Islamic radicals? Why have we NEVER heard of this "great effort" before!? AXELROID = LIAR

Maybe Obama can hustle over to Cairo and give another speech! Wait, that didn't work so well the first time. So much for Biden and his quote of Barry having the steel to measure up! Too bad the libs have been blocking our domestic oil production since the 70's or our economy would not be tied to these third worlders and their 7th century lunancy. It appears that Palin was right on the money when she said: "DRILL BABY DRILL!"

Friday, January 28, 2011


Didn't the Left say that Barack Hussein Obama was some sort of a Godlike genius? He Who Descended From The Clouds At Invesco Fields was the savior of not only the United States but would right every wrong, redistribute money ala Van Jones, lower the rising seas, release the unicorns, and command global warming to cease and desist!

Well, it appears that the pseudo Constitutional "scholar" plagiarized his recent WTF SOTU speech.

And that Time cover of Ronaldus Magnum and Boy Blunder? Please. Barry wouldn't be fit to carry Reagan's coffee. Indeed, if Barry was to REALLY write a book (Bill Ayers wrote his two autobiographies), he should title it, "A Study of Mediocrity and Inconsistency, the President Obama Story."

But it was classic Obama as he lifted his chin while speaking, invoking images of Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Che, Chavez....


Yesterday, the Kenyan Usurper committed political suicide by throwing a bone to his far left hoplophobes by stating that he was going to push for gun control.

Could this be a link to the UN’s quest to remove our shooting-irons through the Hillary Clinton-backed UN Small Arms Treaty? Or is it simply Sir Golfsalot’s hatred of we bitter clingers of our guns and our bibles coming out?

The Left, my friends, NEVER EVER does ANYTHING without a plan for it was Sir Golfsalot who stated that he would, "back launching talks on a UN treaty to regulate arms sales/gun ban!" Oddly enough, not only is America’s first wannabe dictator backing this crapulence but a host of other repressive and hostile (to America) regimes are backing it: Iran, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Syria, Vietnam, China, Burkina Faso, and others.

Strange that Obama backs the UN Small Arms Treaty and then uses the Giffords/Roll shooting as a sop to his kool-aid drinkers, or is it? After all, and this needs to be on a sign hung around Barry’s neck, "they can never let a good crisis go to waste."

EXCERPT: "Two weeks ago, in another reversal of policy, the U.S. joined a nearly unanimous 153-1 U.N. vote to adopt a resolution setting out a timetable on the proposed Arms Trade Treaty, including a U.N. conference to produce a final accord in 2012."

What Obama, Hillary, the UN, the Leftists, and some other Marxist tyrants want is "a group of governmental experts to look into the feasibility, scope and draft parameters for a comprehensive, legally binding instrument establishing common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms". (UN treaty words)

Now, in another part of the lib’s plan is the installation of two Obama hacks on the SCOTUS, both anti-gun, both anti free speech, Sotomayor and Kagan. Why? Because like Sir Golfsalot, they are anti Constitution and want to shove a progressive agenda down our throats. And because one case stands directly athwart their path:

In Marbury v Madison 1803, the SCOTUS ruled: "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." John Marshall (1803)

We have a 5-4 split on the SCOTUS over the illegal DC gun ban. What happens when it goes 4-5 AGAINST US? We can thank a few RINOs for betraying us by endorsing Sotomayor and Kagan.

One of the reasons that they Gunny is so vociferously AGAINST the revision of history, for crap like political correctness is that we forget or gloss over the lessons of history. For example, during the 20th Century, in disarmed nations, i.e., USSR, China, Nazi Germany, Cambodia, Rwanda, Uganda, North Korea, etc, over 260 MILLION people were murdered by their government.

Indeed, Mexico has strict gun laws and they are overrun with drug cartel violence, the governments does little but hunker down, and the people are unarmed and powerless. Take that awesome Chicago gun ban for another example. It is an abject and total failure. The numbers clearly show that before the gun ban, Chicago's murder rate had been falling but after the ban took effect, in a circle jerk of liberal stupidity, Chicago's murder rate rose and in fact, FACTUAL NUMBERS show that in only TWO years out of the TWENTY-NINE years the ban has been in effect, has the murder rate been as low as pre-ban days. Moreover, in every city that prevents their law-abiding citizens of access to legally owned firearms, it in effect, turns the city over to the thugs, murderers, rapists, and drug dealers and indeed, the city becomes an ACCOMPLICE to these crimes. Thus, the defense of freedom, justice, and the defense of self is more heinous to liberals than the crimes the thugs perpetrate on innocent victims.

Again, and it cannot be said often enough, our Founding Fathers knew and said that a government that doesn't trust its citizens with the means of self-defense is not worthy of the trust of the citizenry. When we are disarmed, we are slaves. That is a FACT! Any gun ban only emboldens the criminals and makes the citizens victims. Dial 9-1-1 and hope. Is THAT the HOPE Sir Golfsalot has yammered about? BTW, before any liberals open up their sewerhole, FACTS show that after the illegal gun ban of DC was struck down, DC's murder rate dropped 25%! (Washington Times.)

The right to keep and bear arms is a God-given right and cannot be abolished by man. The CREATOR is the author of liberty, the granter of rights, the source of our FREEDOM; NOT the White House, not the State, not the UN, and NO human being on Earth for that matter! This is the Amendment that guards our freedom of speech, also under attack by the Left, and to allow Obama or ANY politician or activist to trample it is to sacrifice our freedom on the altar of abject liberalism!

Obama calls for more laws. Typical liberal pablum puked up by the Far Lefty himself. NO! What is needed is a fast trial, followed by a fast execution of sentence, with endless stays of execution, assisted by the Catholic Church (one reason why the Gunny left them), the ACLU, the SPLC, Liberals, etc, etc, ad nauseum. WHY are prisoners on Death Row there for 15, 20, THIRTY YEARS before they are removed from the society they attacked? WHY are we spending 50K-100K on MAXIMUM security for these vermin? WHY are we putting traitors like Hanssen, Ames, etc, into a prison for LIFE when the penalty for treason was, and SHOULD STILL BE, death. WHY was violent crime LOW in America in the early 20th century? Could it be that criminals feared "riding the lightning" in Ol’ Sparky? Could it be that swift justice was a DETERRENT to crime? Could it be that an avalanche of ambulance chasing lawyers has hijacked our criminal justice system and perverted it for their own gain, making our courts into revolving doors? How many paroled prisoners have escalated in crime, finally raping or murdering an innocent victim or shooting a police officer, and it is back to prison, on our dime. WHY are liberal’s still blaming society when it is starkly clear that it is the CRIMINAL’s fault and that they must be dealt with harshly, to protect society, not the criminal.

My friends, it is quite apparent to the Gunny that our rights are under attack by a group of anti-American liberals who care more for POWER than our nation and its citizenry and that they'll sell us out in a minute. Thus, NOW is the time to put away our petty quarrels and join the NRA, join the Gun Owners of America, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, etc. NOW is the time to unite behind a solid Conservative, like LtCol Allan West, Michelle Bachmann, and many other Tea Party politicians, who will fight this tyranny from the White House.

Patrick Henry said it best when he said: "I know not what course others may take but for me, give me liberty or give me death."

Brothers and sisters, we only lose when WE SURRENDER!


Thursday, January 27, 2011


It looks like the Kenyan Usurper, a Saul Alinsky acolyte and former ACORN rabble-rouser is going to push gun control, just like all dictators like to do, i.e., Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc.

EXCERPT: "But throughout the hour long speech, he never addressed the issue at the core of the Giffords tragedy—gun control—and what lawmakers would, or should, do to reform American firearm-access laws. That was intentional, according to the White House. An administration official says Obama didn’t mention guns in his speech because of the omnipresent controversy surrounding the Second Amendment and gun control. Tuesday’s speech was designed to be more about the economy and how, as Obama repeated nine times, the U.S. could "win the future."

But in the next two weeks, the White House will unveil a new gun-control effort in which it will urge Congress to strengthen current laws, which now allow some mentally unstable people, such as alleged Arizona shooter Jared Loughner, to obtain certain assault weapons, in some cases without even a background check."
This, of course, is pure bullshit. If, for example, Sheriff Dipstick in Pima County had done his job and asked for a court-ordered mental examination of Loughner when his threats and insanity began to surface, vice covering it up because mommy working for the county, Loughner would not have been able to LEGALLY buy any firearms. We have to marvel at the construction of the Liberal mind, as shallow as it is. Loughner demonstrated time and again to everyone around him that he had mental issues, yet the Liberal sheriff, charged with protecting the public, IGNORES the real root cause problem. The Sheriff's dereliction of duty IS the root of this issue, not guns. Indeed, an armed citizen was RUNNING towards to the sound of gunfire, drawn and ready to rock and roll, which goes unmentioned by our illegal president. Only a liberal, with his head so far up his ass that he can see his liver, would think that l
imiting LAW-ABIDING American's access to self-defense items, is the answer. An American has the RIGHT to protect his/her life, their home, and their property, and one malignant anti-American cur sitting in the Oval Office cannot stop us.

EXCERPT: "Tuesday night after the speech, Obama adviser David Plouffe said to NBC News that the president would not let the moment after the Arizona shootings pass without pushing for some change in the law, to prevent another similar incident. "It’s a very important issue, and one I know there’s going to be debate about on the Hill."
There can be no doubt that the Community Organizer-in-Chief WOULD NOT or COULD NOT let "this crisis go to waste," in his effort to oppress and control the US population. Unfortunately, this so-called Constitutional "scholar" fails to note that the Second Amendment stands like a monolith against the wishes of little Barry to control the masses and force gun control on us.

EXCERPT: "The White House said that to avoid being accused of capitalizing on the Arizona shootings for political gain, Obama will address the gun issue in a separate speech, likely early next month. He’s also expected to use Arizona as a starting point, but make the case that America’s gun laws have been too loose for much longer than just the past few weeks."
How stupid can the Kenyan Usurper be? Loose gun laws? There are literally HUNDREDS of gun regulations in place for the legitimate gun buyer. Even the bullsh*t gun show loophole that the leftist vermin refer to is just that, bullsh*t. The Gunny bought two firearms at a recent gun show and had to supply TWO PICTURE IDs and his social security number for a background check. THAT, my friends, is MORE than one has to do to VOTE and the Gunny dare says that VOTING is more of a gun to our heads than one Loughner running loose, especially when 60 million morons voted for an empty suit that promised them the world and delivered a basket full of dog sh*t.

No, what this is, is Sir Golfsalot's chance to limit our access to firearms for without firearms, a population is no longer a citizenry but a group of slaves at the mercy of their government. Our Founding Fathers KNEW THIS TO BE TRUE and many of us in Flyover Country know it as well. 

We must ask ourselves WHY, every time there is an incident, that the Demerrhoids promote more gun control legislation. The Gunny surmises that the Kenyan is either a tool of control freaks like Sarah Brady and her horde or that his intentions for America are very different from what he has mewled in the past.

Here is the crux of the issue, my fellow Americans and that is, you don't like the Second Amendment, if you don't like those nasty guns, then convince your fellow Americans that it should be repealed through the process laid out in the Constitution, not undermined by an illegal president so bent on ruling us, not governing us, that such actions will lead to OTHER RIGHTS being undermined. The Left is ALREADY attacking the First Amendment in a full court press, i.e., "some speech can be disappeared..." Kagan. With the Second Amendment gone, the First will follow suit very fast.

History is the judge of gun grabbers and the lessons are not good. The Turks disarmed the Armenians and then slaughtered them. Lenin disarmed the Russians and Stalin then murdered them by the millions. Mao disarmed his population and then massacred them by the millions. Castro disarmed the Cuban people and Che ran amok murdering them. Pol Pot, same thing. No, the American people WILL NOT be disarmed, we will NOT be limited to our access to firearms, and we will NOT be subjugated by the Kenyan Usurper who refuses to show us his LONG FORM birth certificate. Let us remind the trampling of OUR RIGHTS by the damned Demerrhoids, to include that pos David Plouffe, in the coming election in 2012.


Dear Demerrhoids... MOLON LABE you sons a bitches.

BTW Barry, how's that Sh*tcago gun ban working for ya? The Gunny is going out and buying a BRAND-SPANKING NEW .45, and dedicating it to our Kenyan Usurper in DC.

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011(?)...

Y'all ready to join the NRA or any other group that fights for our Second Amendment rights?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Now Evans is backtracking what he aid but is still standing by the story!




1.  Sir Golfsalot does not have a birth certificate.
2.  Sir Golfsalot has something embarrassing on it.
3.  Sir Golfsalot father was not an American citizen but a British subject.
4.  Sir Golfsalot does not meet the constitutional requirements of being a "natural born citizen" and thus, is an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT!
5.  Sir Golfsalot doesn't know who the doctor was who delivered him. (The Gunny remembers HIS doctor and can NAME HIM RIGHT FREAKING NOW!)

When this coverup is finally shown to be a fraud, then EVERYONE who helped elect him, helped cover it up, and who sheltered him, MUST BE TRIED FOR TREASON AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES. 

BTW Libs, the newspaper article of his birth could have been CALLED IN by his grandparents on Hawaii, when they found out that Barry was born in Nairobi. In other words, IT DON'T PROVE SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIT!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The predictability of Sir Golfsalot, what with his NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and his spoiled little child mentality is laughable. sie same imbecile who called for his operatives and Demerrhoid minions to basically piss on the GOP in 2008. He bleated: "We will move forward together or not at all." In other words, WE have to follow HIS agenda for economic revival or nothing will happen?

WELL EXCUSE THE HELL OUT OF US SIR GOLFSALOT if we have our OWN ideas of what it takes to turn this Demerrhoid wrecked economy around. Once again we hear that the Kenyan Usurper says one thing but actually means, "DO as I SAY or NOT at all. Do NOT oppose my rule." Or more likely, "If I don't get my way, like Granny always gave me, I'm gonna pout and cause gridlock until I'm booted out in 2012."

What REALLY made the Gunny laugh, reading the words of the Kenyan Usurper, was the Chavez-wannabe's referral to America's "sputnik moment." It figures that the Community Organizer-in-Chief would (a) use a commie moment as a reference point and (b), speak out of both sides of his mouth since it was BARRY who ended NASA's return to the Moon. Evidently, ACORN needed the money for his reelection, get out da vote gig. His green jobs "innovation" effort turned into a sinkhole for tax dollars as that solar panel company in Taxachusetts went belly up and of course Hanoi John Fond Kerry wants to throw more taxpayer money at it. Maybe that is what Barry Soetoro meant by innovation, creating ways to piss our money away.

Obama is a liar and a fraud without one ounce of credibility, Joe Wilson was again proved right. He exudes a greasy film of snake oil and his disdain for this nation is barely concealed when he talks about America. He calls for innovation even as he and his myrmidons move to stifle it through rolls of red tape and more big government bureaucracy. This lies of this regime are almost on the level of Chavez or Castro. He moves to the right, shedding his Marxist and anti-American convictions like BJ Bubba Clinton sheds his ethics, seeking a second term. Sorry Jimmy "Barack" Carter, ain't gonna happen.

"Move forward together or not at all?" Just another threat from the jug-eared mommy pants wearing, sissy throwing to go along with all of the other threats, i.e., "if they bring a knife, we bring a gun," bullsh*t. All Americans with a working brain SHOULD hope that the GOP doesn't go along with this clown's agenda. His fellow Demerrhoids have been in POWER since JANUARY 2007 and HE has had TOTAL control since being sworn-in in January 2009 and has the economy gotten better? HELL NO! Unless you're on welfare or collecting an unemployment check (Nutsy Pelosi thinks those HELP the economy).

Bet on this friends. Barry will be going on vacation in a week or two. THAT much we can always be certain of as sponging off of the American people is what the First Grifters do best. He promises to create 250,000 jobs? How? Where? The Kenyan doesn't say and in fact, the Demerrhoids have had FOUR YEARS to create jobs, when do they plan on getting started? This speech did nothing more than again reveal the fact that Barry is long on bullsh*t and running on empty with substance, gravitas, and leadership abilities. His yapping is just kool-aid for his OZombies and a lame-assed attempt for an image make over but again, Obama is moving to the right like we're drilling for oil in the Gulf. NOT!

When Obama talks, it is just lies, lies, and more damned lies. Pretty words to amaze the dullards that elected this narcissistic twit and his thinly-veiled attempt to distract us from the failings of the Demerrhoids and his failed presidency did not work.

In fact, his last words said it all: "the state of the Union is great." Really, what United States of America was he referring to?

FLASHBACK: Obama proposal kills NASA's back-to-the-moon project...
Obama mocks TSA patdowns...
Senate leaders eye option of state bankruptcy...
OH NO: Price Drop Points to Likely Double Dip in Housing Market...
Jobless Rise in 20 States as Workers Still Laid Off...
Feds wants Internet, cell records held longer...

Other GREAT economic moments ushered in by the Demerrhoids can be best viewed here:

                             THE REAL STATE OF THE UNION?


the lies will flow, and morons will lap it up.


Obama, the nattering nabob, recently mewled that he will "focus laser-like on the economy." Really? The unemployment rate in the US is around 15% if you tabulate ALL of the numbers from the DoL yet the Left, led by the Dear Leader, are as anti-business as Michael Mooreon and Rosie O'Piglet are food friendly! For example, the Demerrhoids passed ObummerKare, much to the displeasure of the American people, in back room deals and shady handjobs, yet today, we read: "3 SEIU Locals Get HealthCare Waivers; SEIU Spent $28M on Obama Campaign." So again, we see that Sir Golfsalot says one thing and does another, and the morons, like Juan McShamnesty (the poster child for TERM LIMITS) yammer about the Kenyan moving to the CENTER! Dear Capitol Police, can we get about 300 piss tests for Congress/Senate because they are smoking crack.

Here are a few of OBAMA's and the LEFT's DEEDS:

Unemployment UP since Jan 2009 to 9.4% (+) (more if you add other numbers).
Americans getting unemployment benefits UP 22.2% since Jan 2009.
Unemployed as of Jan 2009: 11,616.000. NOW at: 14,485,000.
Americans on food stamps UP 35.1% since Jan 2009.
National Debt (Jan 09): $10.6 TRILLION. NOW: $14.3 TRILLION. UP 32.3%.
Crude Oil in Jan 2009: $43.49. NOW: $99. UP 127.7%.
Corn was $3.56/bushel in Jan 2009. NOW: $6.33. UP 60.5%. Corn, BTW, is in EVERYTHING WE EAT as well as livestock feed!
Coffee in Jan 2009 was about $1.50 a pound. NOW: $2.30 a pound. UP 45%.
Sugar (raw) in Jan 2009 was $13.37. NOW: $35.39. UP 164%.
Fannie and Freddie...


HOW is that Hopey/Changey working for ya America? Indeed, Ol Barry waves around a book on Reagan, mouths slogans and platitudes that SOUND Conservative in nature, and then we read today: "Renewed Push to Give Obama an Internet 'Kill Switch'. And Obammy wrote an insipid article in the USA Today praising Reagan YET, Zero calls for more spending, more taxes, and more government!

THAT IS NOT REAGANESQUE BARRY! Reagan would NOT try to seize control of the Internet. Reagan CUT taxes (with a liberal-majority Congress BTW), and Reagan would not have slashed the military, military programs like the missile shield, nor would he have BOWED to foreign potentates like King Faud, Hu, Chavez, Castro, the Japanese Emperor, and a few doormen to be named at a later date. Did the Gunny miss any?

McLame says that Barry is moving towards the center after bashing America for FOUR YEARS!? What a complete load of bull squeeze! Rest assured, Barry is gonna trot out Conservative buzzwords at the SOTU screech and the RINOs will nod their stupid heads, like a little plastic doggy in the back of a low-riding Chevy Impala! "Yes," they will puke up, "see, he's moving to the right, he's one of us." Yeah, until the next step in his Soros-led agenda.

For example, the American people want to see the long form and the White House today, led by Baghdad Bob Gibbs, yapped: "White House: 'Birthers' aren't 'rational'." Yeah, wanting to make sure that we have a legal president ala the US Constitution is somehow dorked up yet it was this regime that promised the most transparent administration in our history and on the FIRST FRIGGING DAY that Barry sat in the Oval Office, he generated an Executive Order sealing his records, and the leftists were as silent as a liberal in church! Had Bush 43 done this, the Demmerrhoids would have needed a semi truck load of Preparation H to achieve relief. Hell, Al Sharpton would have rented a riot to protest this and probably shook down the nearest corporation!

No, no, no, Americans should not believe ONE THING that comes out of Little Boy Barry's suckhole tomorrow because it will be one pack of lies from start to finish.

If Barry wants to move right, let's go back to the beginning. One, SHOW THE LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE. If WE are wrong, we'll apologize and move on; if not, paging Darrell Issa. Then, he can release ALL of the forms he locked up. THEN, let's ban the unions, endorse "at-will" employment, stop trying to force "card-check" on businesses, endorse slashing the corporate tax, endorse drilling everywhere, endorse refining, endorse building new nuclear power plants, lead the charge for a balanced budget AND a Constitutional Amendment that keeps the government in check on spending, cut entitlements, CUT TAXES PERMANENTLY, boot the illegal aliens, seal the border, STOP SPENDING, build the military UP, not DOWN, declare global warming pure bullshit, declare green energy pure crap and a waste of time, money, and effort, and CHAMPION AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM! That means STANDING UP for our ALLIES, NO MORE BOWING, and telling our enemies to stick it up where the sun don't shine, and most importantly, PUTTING AMERICA FIRST! EVERY SINGLE TIME. Oh yeah, get that Churchill bust BACK in the Oval Office and let it stare at Barry EVERY DAY!

If he doesn't, it's just more smoke and mirrors from the KING of smoke and mirrors...

(with his teleprompter)


Monday, January 24, 2011




Once again, it is apparent that the idiots in the GOP may have failed to learn their lesson in 2006 and then in 2008. They trot out Taxachusetts healthcare drone Romney and now Gingrich throws his hat in the ring. Maybe they can dredge up McLame to try it again. Or maybe they can get Ol Jellyfish Michael Steele to run. Toss in Huckabee and Guiliani, and maybe Jeb Bush, and we’ve got a real nice circlejerk of country club RINOs going.
(PAPER: Gingrich 'intends to run for president'...)
Has the GOP NOT learned their lesson from 2008? Has the GOP NOT understood that Conservatives WILL NO LONGER hold their noses and vote for a McShamnesty? A Romney? A Gingrich? We Conservatives are looking for a Conservative who can rally America much like Reagan did. Who can and has fully embraced the "CAN-DO" spirit of Reagan, not the flaccid Obama mewl of "together we thrive" or his "hopey/changey" malarkey. What utter and total bullshit. What Americans want is someone who says, "Together we can KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES!" Who seeks to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit and hard work ethic that has made America's economy the envy of the world for many decades and who, like Reagan, knows that helping American businesses and investors through tax credits, depreciation deductions, and cutting the corporate tax, will ressurrect the our economy, now on life-support, thanks to Obama and his minions.
Reagan wrote the playbook, which is tried and tested. He refused to give up on America (like Carter and the Left did), and raised the bar for Americans WHO MET THE CHALLENGE! Reagan knew that America should be and still could be, the shining city on the hill. He had a vision for America and did what he knew to be best for America, not by knuckling under to the Liberals through "bi-partisanship" but by embracing American exceptionalism and telling us that we can, GIT ER DONE! THIS is what we DO NOT get from RINOs. What we get from RINOs is their anal desire to compromise with the Liberals. To kiss the ass ofthe Left so that the Lapdog Media writes nicey-nice about them. What we get from RINOs is their liberal spending traits, their liberal big government traits, and their liberalesque elitism. What we get from RINOs is their distain for the Tea Party and the common Americans, which is more liberal than Conservative. Our buzz words are "limited government" and "low taxes" and "personal responsibility" while their beliefs are "bi-partisanship" and "compromise" which is their code for abandoning the former GOP values of fiscal and social conservatism. The Left sees bi-partisanship as US bending over for THEM and the RINOs oblige them, time and time again.
Indeed, remember Dede Scozzafava, the idiot RINO from New York? She endorsed the DEMOCRAT in NY-23 and SHE was, of course, endorsed by, yep, Newt Gingrich! RINOs are little more than squishy Conservatives along the lines of that idiot Brooks. They are wishy washy and speak out of both sides of their mouths. Consider the putrid RINO Lindsey Grahamnesty (but not after eating). This maggot is a typical RINO, all over the place, bending over for the Libs, going along to get along, and thinking of himself (and his reelection) only. No principles, just, "I got mine and the Devil take the hindmost." RINOs cannot be trusted and they never could be trusted. Skuzzyfava and Gingrich and the rest of them are a plaster mold. They yap out of one side of their mouth, "I will stand for conservative beliefs…" and then roll over and we get screwed with Obama’s crap and tax, ObamaKare, Porkzilla bailouts, Juan McLame’s amnesty, etc, etc, ad nauseum.
Where are the Conservatives like Mike Pence, Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, or Tim Pawlenty, who appear to support the three pillars of the Reagan Revolution, fiscal and social conservatism backed by a strong military offense/defense. What WE need is a Conservative who believes in our values IN THE HEART and can speak to our values without a teleprompter like the Community Organizer-in-Chief needs, not another damn RINO.
If the GOP runs another RINO, let Americans join the Saint Crispin’s Day Society and refuse to vote for another frigging RINO.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Once again, the foreign-born illegal president who Soros, Immelt, SEIU, Hamas, and Hezbollah, etc, bought the White House for, has allowed a foreign power to embarrass the United States.

Remember back in May 2010 when Calderon, the president of the nation of human locust came to the US Congress (then run by the Demerrhoids), and barfed up this nugget, "
However I strongly disagree with your recently adopted law in Arizona." Then, the Demerrhoids all stood up like the good little traitors they are and applauded Calderon's remarks. It was repeated at the White House with Sir Golfsalot steeping up to the mike afterwards and criticizing Arizona.

So here we are in January 2011 when Ol Hu visited the US, hosted by the Kenyan Usurper (who refuses to host a dinner for, say, our best ally, the Brits, and this incident occurs.

EXCERPT: "Lang Lang the pianist says he chose it. Chairman Hu Jintao recognized it as soon as he heard it. Patriotic Chinese Internet users were delighted as soon as they saw the videos online. Early morning TV viewers in China knew it would be played an hour or two beforehand. At the White House State dinner on Jan. 19, about six minutes into his set, Lang Lang began tapping out a famous anti-American propaganda melody from the Korean War: the theme song to the movie, 'Battle on Shangganling Mountain.' The film depicts a group of 'People’s Volunteer Army' soldiers who are first hemmed in at Shangganling (or Triangle Hill) and then, when reinforcements arrive, take up their rifles and counterattack the U.S. military 'jackals.'"

First of all, let us set the record straight for any Chinese able to see this blog through their heavily censored commie network.

We kicked your ass at the Chosen Reservoir. If you're still looking for those SEVEN divisions that the mighty 1st Marine Division DESTROYED, try looking for their bones along that road. Then you asshats can hold your muster in a phone booth. So SUCK it commies.

That said, one has to wonder if Sir Golfsalot knew about this beforehand. "Cheng Xiaonong is a former assistant to former CCP General Secretary Zhao Ziyang. He now lives in New Jersey and is a commentator on Chinese politics. Cheng said that, 'The White House had to report in advance to the Chinese delegation and so the Chinese delegation would have certainly known Lang Lang’s program.'"

Oh, so the regime KNEW about this BEFOREHAND? Should we be surprised, considering that this is the same regime who employed scumbags like Anita Dunn and Van Jones, both lovers of Mao and employs a whole host of radical commie scumbags. Indeed, didn't Little Barry take Chavez's anti-American book when he visited the thug and said that he'd read it? Yeah, he probably was looking for more ideas on how to usurp more of our freedoms.

This is the reaction of the Chinese:

"My Motherland" having been played at the White House will be seen as a propaganda triumph in China."

"In the eyes of all Chinese, this will not be seen as anything other than a big insult to the U.S. It’s like insulting you in your face and you don’t know it, it’s humiliating." (Yang Jingduan, a Chinese psychiatrist now living in Philadelphia who had in China been a doctor in the Chinese military.)

"This deeply anti-American chauvinism has been fanned by the CCP for years; Lang Lang is expressing the feelings of this generation of angry young people," Yang said.

Oh, and BTW, the Chinese ALSO celebrated 9/11. ("A well-known example of such feelings was seen on Sept. 11, 2001, when Chinese chat rooms were filled with young people celebrating this act of terror as an American defeat.")

So WHY are we allowing the Chinese to buy up our debt?

Because the Demerrhoids mainly, but the GOP as well, CANNOT STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY and also to blame are the horde of parasites who clamor for more bread and circuses, too damn ignorant and stupid to see their freedoms slipping away in their urgent need to buy the newest piece of shit from China. 

What we need to realize, as a nation, is that China IS NOT OUR FRIEND! They are NOT our ally. WHY are they enjoying a favored trading nation status? Because they own a large part of our debt and it always comes back to that. Sir Golfsalot sends back the bust of Churchill yet allows foreign vermin like Calderon and Hu to piss on us!? This is not the first time this illegal president has embarrassed America. From his apology tour in Cairo to his bowing to King Faud and Hu, Sir Golfsalot is little more than a bumbling idiot on two legs. 

The Chinese have 300 MILLION people out of work. Maybe it is time for a little turnabout and we stop importing their crap and put MORE of the THEM out of work.

Wait, we can't, sorry. They refuse to allow their currency to be traded, probably to keep Soros from crashing their currency like he did to the Brits, the Thais, and now us. We COULD manufacture MORE products here in America but wait, the Left has raised the corporate tax to the highest level in the civilized world and we allow the enviro-nazis to dictate to us, (EPA) so that avenue is out. We COULD tell the Chinese to pound sand but wait, that's out. Nutsy Pelosi and Dingy Reid rang up our debt tab to OVER 14 TRILLION, so that's out. And militarily, we COULD enjoy our technological advantage, oops, BJ Bubba Clinton sold them missile and jet technology and the Chinese spies arrested in America are merely in prison (if that) and not hung up by their heels as an example. 

Nice job libs. What'ya do for an encore? Sell the White House to Hu on his next trip? Here are a few pics of the Community Organizer-in-Chief in action.   

(So much for a salute by the C-in-C)


Saturday, January 22, 2011


The DEBT clock in graph form. Take a nice long look at the years the Libdolts ran the Kongress under Nutsy Pelosi and Dingy Reid.



Ever hear of Casey Brezik? Probably not considering that the Lapdog Media kept his attempted assassination attempt on Governor Nixon as quiet as a liberal at an ethics hearing! This leftist anarchist was evidently inculcated in leftist violence by his leftist college professors! As Reverend Wright, Obama's racist pastor would say, "America's chickens, are coming HOME, to roost." How's them Che t-shirts working for ya lefties? 

EXCERPT: "The Kansas City Star reports that 22-year-old Casey Brezik, a student at Metropolitan Community College -- Penn Valley, thought he had stabbed the governor and was disappointed when learning that the victim was actually the school's dean of instruction, Al Dimmit Jr., who survived the attack."

Guess what? The KC Star no longer has a record of the article on their website. 

It appears that Ol Brezik is involved with: environmental extremism, radical Islam, anti-capitalism, anti-Zionism, and his buddy is Che Guevara and lists a quote: "Our every action is a battle cry against imperialism." Indeed, Brezik whined: "How are we the radicals left to confront the NEW RIGHT, if we avoid confrontation all together?" Moreover, this leftist clown was arrested, charged, and deported in Toronto at the G20 summit. He bleated on his facebook site: "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED."

And the liberal Lapdog Media can claim "mission accomplished" as they hide yet another leftist criminal. Where is Carolyn McCarthy's bleat to ban knives?



We REALLY have to laugh at the idiocy that surrounds this sniveling punk the Lapdog Media selected, Soros bought and paid for, and the parasites like Peggy the Moocher voted for (and will do so again in 2012). Hawaii says that a "privacy law" prevents them from releasing the long form birth certificate and of course, Sir Golfsalot hides behind that law and a phalanx of lawyers that he pays to keep on retainer, to keep that birth certificate under wraps.

The liberal moons mewl and whine that the right won't take their word for it that Sir Golfsalot is an American citizen. Yeah, libs, there is this thing called the Constitution and we have this thing about making sure that the president is legitimate under it. So again, WHY the effort to keep it hidden? Surely, if Sir Golfsalot, aka The Kenyan Usurper WANTED the issue settled, HE would release it, but no.

Is it possible, as Buck thinks, that the Illegal President is using this as a smokescreen? Probably.

EXCERPT: HONOLULU – A privacy law that shields birth certificates has prompted Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie to abandon efforts to dispel claims that President Barack Obama was born outside Hawaii, his office says. State Attorney General David Louie told the governor that privacy laws bar him from disclosing an individual's birth documentation without the person's consent, Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said Friday. "There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document," said Dela Cruz. "Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president."

There is one way to settle this and that is for Sir Golfsalot to release the long form and at the same time, release his college records so that we can see IF he attended Columbia and IF he attended Harvard, and IF he used a foreign student status to gain financial support.

Oh, and in the news is Barry hooking up his donor Immelt with an economic post AND the liberal idiots have selected Patrick Gaspard to serve as the political party's new executive director. But more recently, Gaspard was the Director of the Office of Political Affairs for the Obama Administration. Barry's hatchet man.

Hilarious. One crook after another, from Maoists like Dunn and Van Jones to scum like Ghietner the Tax Cheat and Doktor Evil (Soros), fill this regime. And they wonder why Americans hate the Democrats and this regime.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again)

With liberals, one can always count on them to do stupid things and get others to pay for it. Case-in-point, Social Security. Hatched by liberals who naturally exempted themselves from it (until Ronaldus Magnum corrected that little "error"), they bled the American taxpayer and American businesses dry, pissed away the money on every social program they could think of, emptied out the trust fund, and stuffed Owl Gore's "lockbox" chock full of paper IOUs as worthless as used toilet paper.

Naturally, it was not just at the Federal level that they screwed the American people like a three dollar whore on payday, they've done it at the state level, the Blue State level that is. They've ran every Blue State (run by the Demerrhoids for decades) into the ground, with whopping debt, crumbling infrastructure, a fleeing population, and an environment as unfriendly to business and, HORROR OF HORRORS, "profits!", as Saddam was to the Kurds, but VERYYYYYYY friendly to ever increasing taxation, and continue to do the same stupid thing, over and over, in other words, the central tenet of liberalism.

EXCERPT: "California's precipitation this season has gone off the charts. Statewide snow water content is 198 percent of normal; in the all-important Northern Sierra snowpack is 174 percent of normal. This is not only a wet year — it is one of the wettest years on record. Yet [Tuesday], we have this announcement from the Department of the Interior: that despite a nearly unprecedented abundance of water, the Bureau of Reclamation will only guarantee delivery of 45 percent of the California Central Valley's contracted water supply south of the Delta. This is the same percentage they received last year with barely average rainfall.

This is of crucial importance to the entire nation, since the Central Valley of California is one of the largest producers of our nation's food supply. California produces half of the U.S.-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables on the nation's grocery shelves and the prices you pay are directly affected by the California harvest. The deliberate decision by this administration in 2009 and 2010 to divert hundreds of billions of gallons of water away from the Central Valley destroyed a quarter million acres of the most productive farmland in America, it threw tens of thousands of families into unemployment and it affected grocery prices across the country.

At the time, the administration blamed a mild drought, but never explained why a drought justified their decision to pour 200 billion gallons of water (that we did have) directly into the Pacific Ocean."
So let the Gunny put this into context. The Demerrhoids, using the Federal Imperial Government as the sledge hammer (much as the EPA, DOE, and BATF operate), STOPS food production in one of the breadbasket's of America, losing foodstuffs, losing tax revenue, losing jobs, losing farms that in many cases, have been in the same families for generations, all for the Delta Smelt, a non taxpaying fish and like liberals, are about as useless for anything other than bait. (Libs, visit Alaska this year to find out more about being bait). And these are the same morons who want to run our healthcare?

What this appears to be is the Kenyan Usurper, taking a page from Mugabe's Zimbabwe, starving his subjects into submission.

Wait, never mind. It was Nutsy Pelosi who said that more unemployment checks equals a growing economy. Rest assured, Blue States WILL BE BAILED OUT, after decades of Mugabe-like libcommie misrule.

-Coming soon to America-

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


When the scales tipped for the libstains in 2008, with the election of the Kenan Usurper, their true colors FINALLY started to show. Here the Leftists COVER the statue of George Washington at their annual MLK day! Can you imagine the OUTRAGE from the Left if say, the Republicans held a convention and covered up MLK's statue but it is somehow okay for the Democrat bloc called the NAACP to disrespect a true American hero and the first President of the United States? Another despicable event brought to us by the putrid leftists.


It appears that the Kenyan Usurper is INDEED an illegal president and it appears that one raging libdolt confirmed it:


Q: "You stirred up quite a controversy with your comments regarding birthers and your plans to release more information regarding President Barack Obama's birth certificate. How is that coming?"

A: "I got a letter from someone the other day who was genuinely concerned about it; it is not all just political agenda. They were talking on Olelo last night about this; it has a political implication for 2012 that we simply cannot have."

(Abercrombie said there is a recording of the birth in the State Archives and he wants to use that.)

"It was actually written I am told, this is what our investigation is showing, it actually exists in the archives, written down...

What I can do, and all I have ever said, is that I am going to see to it as governor that I can verify to anyone who is honest about it that this is the case. If there is a political agenda then there is nothing I can do about that, nor can the president."

A written down birth certificate? An "oral" verification from a senile lib who probably can't remember the last time he took a healthy dump!

Once again, THE TRUTH WILL OUT!!!

Once Obama is impeached, ANYONE connected with this coverup NEEDS to GO TO JAIL and EVERYTHING this illegal president has done can be immediately revoked.


Monday, January 17, 2011


"He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The Republic was not established by cowards, and cowards will not preserve it." Elmer Davis.

The cowardice of Liberalism raised its ugly head in Tucson this past week. The physical cowardice and intellectual laziness of nattering nabobs so wrapped in their failed ideology as to ignore the reality of life around them for it was James Madison who wrote in Federalist No. 55, "there is a degree of depravity in mankind which requires a certain degree of circumspection and distrust." This then, is the root of the problem of liberalism, their abject cowardice, for they accept evil with nary a whimper; indeed, they held a pep rally there hosted by the biggest coward of them all, Obama, he who bows to anyone, anywhere, at anytime!

Consider the radical Muslims who want to build a mosque at Ground Zero, in a direct slap in our face. Who supports it? Why, none other than the gutless wonder, Mayor Bloomberg, who, rumor control has it, was in the Bahamas when NYC was getting hit by a massive snowstorm AND who failed to stand up to the lazy unions, guilty of fraud and in getting a few people killed due to closed roads. Who, when it comes time to confront Muslims, for say, lopping off a head or two, the NY Obama Times is AWOL. Moreover, this is the same paper that has no problem revealing classified information for the entire world to see (how the CIA/FBI tracked terrorists via cell phones) but did not have the guts or the balls to print the Danish cartoons! Why? Because they know the US Gov’t won’t do a damn thing but the Muslims WILL, likely holding a violent protest somewhere. Who was it who tried to blame the Times Square car bomb on the Right? Oh yeah, the gutless blunder in the NYC Mayor’s office but he sure is tough on keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. Libs would do well to remember that Muslims burnt down the library at Alexandria because all they needed to know was in the Koran.

The Left refuses to see Islam as a religion of anything but peace, considering that Mohammed was a caravan raider and a warrior who, after being banished from Mecca, raised an army that forced Mecca into submission and his rule. That Mohammed invented "jihad" and Islam has tried to conquer the world ever since. Liberals refuse to view the historical fact that the West has been confronting this threat since before the Middle Ages. To the Left, it is all just a big mistake and our fault. Remember in the 70’s when liberals told women who were being raped to lay back "and enjoy it" and that THEY were the problem because of the way they dressed! Again, their cowardice prevented them from targeting the real perpetrators. Their cowardice is again at the root of the issue of "no profiling" because it isn’t fair, boo-hoo-hoo. This plays out every single day in America when the TSA pulls a ball grope, a boob grab, or a skivvie search, or investigates that brown soupy substance in an infant’s diaper, but are too gutless to detain or do anything about the "flying Imams," talking loudly in Arabic, requesting extra lap belts, etc., and when the passengers spoke up, THEY were the problem.

Notice that whenever there is any disastrous event, liberals run and hide, attacking any safe target? For example, Loughner was a right-winger, Tea Party nut, Palin was responsible, guns are evil! Even Congcritter McCarthy predictably dusted off her gun ban bullshit along wth the other gutless hoplophobes. They wildly pointed fingers anywhere, but again, failed to address the problem, i.e., Sheriff Dipstick’s inability to confront the crazy leftist Jared Loughner, Sheriff Dipstick’s mistake of not having a Deputy posted as security, or even leftist website’s like the Daily Kook’s targeting of Giffords on their website. Oh no, far more easier to blame the right, the stupid old-fashioned Second Amendment, guns, Palin, etc, etc, ad nauseum. When one fails to address an issue by avoiding it that is called cowardice.

Janet Incompetano just yanked the plug on the Virtual Fence that the Nutsy Pelosi Kongress left languish, as hordes of human locust pour over the border, taking jobs from Americans and slurping up bennies that they never paid into. And in yet another example of liberal cowardice, Mexicans are now shooting at American highway workers in El Paso and the government does nothing. Is this not an act of war? Better for the cowards to ignore it and HOPE it goes away. Indeed, Obama drags his feet concerning Iran and North Korea, as they work like gangbusters trying to develop nukes and missile delivery systems, doing nothing, but he is hell on the oppression of American citizens through the FCC (seizing the Internet, killing talk radio, locality laws, the Fairness Doctrine) and the BATF, (requesting "emergency" powers in the border states to thwart gun buys for AMERICAN citizens! Again, liberal cowards avoiding the hard issue while attacking the easy target. The Conservative knows that the only way to contain crime or tyrants is to confront them face on but this makes piss dribble down the legs of liberals. Obama, for example, talks a tough game but when he puts his spikes on, he’s a third-stringer better for bowing to a foreign potentate than going mano-a-mano with anything more than an infant!

Have you ever run across a small yapping mutt, i.e., a house rat, that barks and barks and when you stamp your foot, it runs back, then starts in again BUT, when you turn to walk away, runs up to nip your heel, maybe bite an ankle? That’s liberalism. WE are evil because WE stand up to the Muslim terrorists, to the criminals, and defend our religion and our traditions here in America. We’re accused of "loving" the Constitution too much by brainless hacks like Joyless Behar, as the cowardly left makes rationales for their gutlessness.

Liberals LOVE to mewl and bleat that, "violence never solves anything." Really libs? The American Revolution, Civil War, WW1, WW2, etc, all stand out in rebuttal. In reality, in this world, physical force is the ultimate peacemaker of all arguments and in the end, controlled violence may be needed to right a wrong, stop a tyrant, prevent a genocide, fight to keep one's rights. Indeed, FDR forbid the bombing of the death camps as it might kill some Jews and innocent people, yet in the larger scheme of things, a few would have died for the many who would have lived. Did FDR hate Jews (he prevented the SS St. Louis from landing) or was he merely another liberal coward? Just because we are a civilized nation should never mean that we’re never capable of kicking the crap out of our enemies. Liberals want to forget all of the above in their never ending quest for a utopia on earth. That human nature will suddenly do a 180 degree turn and a peaceful world somehow rise up, IF they can just get rid of guns, the Tea Party, Palin, Conservatism, etc.

Look at the Left’s actions during Vietnam. It was not anti-war but rather, an, "I don’t want to put my rich liberal ass in danger," movement. Liberals will attack this point but again, history proves the point for once the draft ENDED in 1973, the rich white liberals STFU and went back to being professional students, even though the war went on until April 1975. Once the draft ended, they were safe! A liberal Congress ended support for South Vietnam, and the commies proceeded to murder with wild abandon. The Left was as quiet as whores in church as the Killing Fields raged, as long it was not THEIR asses in jeopardy. And in their cowardice, they blamed the men who had the courage to go to Vietnam, pelting them with shitty diapers, spit, beer bottles, etc.

In conclusion, even the act of self defense is unacceptable to a Liberal because it involves guts and the courage to ACT. An example being Sgt Schultz's stupidity over the gent in Tucson who would have used his CCW to put Loughner down. This is why Liberals are maniacally anti-gun because those of us who USE guns or WOULD use guns to protect hearth and home, show up the Libs as the cowards they are. No, they’d rather have the Nanny State protect them. Just call 9-1-1 and wait an hour or so for the police to show up. Liberals are cowards and it is time we started labeling them thusly and quit playing pattycake. Oh, and the GOP sitting next to these cowards with their 14 trillion dollar debt at Sir Golfsalot's SOTU blather? Ain't that sweet.

"God does not grant liberty to the immoral or the cowardly but only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it." Daniel Webster.