Thursday, January 13, 2011


The scientists at the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy laboratory, located in an undisclosed location, in a large underground complex, announced a fantastic discovery early on Thursday, January 13, 2011.

VRWC Labs spokesman, Doctor X (name withheld by request to protect against insane Leftists with access to weaponry) stated:

"One day, we were sitting around during lunch, trying to understand why people continue to vote for the high taxes and big governments, which slowly erode their souls, as well as the communities they supposedly serve, when we came up with the hypothesis that liberals lack common sense, and we decided to experiment with it."

The good doctor and his colleagues undertook examinations of a few of the many  phenomenons of liberal cluelessness and lack of common sense:

1. Blue States Raising Taxes.
2. Liberals Raise Cigarette Taxes.
3. Oil Drilling Ban.
4. Liberal violent rhetoric while calling for civility.

"Yes, early on, we looked at the liberal’s propensity to raise taxes to the Nth degree, thus driving out businesses and people," Doctor X stated. "For example," he said, "consider California’s situation. Not only did they reinstall a liberal moron as Governor, but they will have to raise taxes to cover their multi-billion deficit. How did they get there, is what we asked ourselves. First, they stopped property taxes raises through a Proposition. This halted them from properly taxing the huge mansions of celebrities and larger homes, thus forcing them to look for other means of revenue. Second, they attacked cigarettes and smoking, by slapping ever increasing taxes on them, driving out people who smoked as well as reducing revenue from taxed cigarettes, stogies, etc. Third, the liberals in California, as anti-business as any Leftist in the world, kept putting taxes on businesses, higher and higher every year, until businesses were forced to either flee the state to greener pastures, or declare bankruptcy. This served to reduce corporate tax revenue coming into the state treasury. Next, they attacked the individual Californian, by hitting their income through excessive taxation, until the people who could, fled to other states where taxes were lower. Lastly, they allowed the Ninth Circus Court to toss out Proposition 187, (banned welfare/medical care for illegal aliens), which allowed their welfare costs to skyrocket, thus adding to the problem."

Doctor X then called on Doctor D (again, name withheld to protect against deranged Leftists or SEIU workers), who is the resident expert in the situation in Illinois, to deliver the next briefing.

"The situation in Illinois is grim," he said. "What has happened is that the liberals in Chicago keep raising taxes, which started a vicious cycle in the state. For example, when they raised business taxes, some businesses fled the state, usually to tax friendly states like Indiana, and now Pennsylvania, which caused a shortfall the next tax cycle. Then, they raised business taxes again, as well as raising individual income taxes, which caused more businesses and citizens to flee the state, as we saw in California. This created a large revenue shortfall in a state that panders to illegal aliens, so the liberals against raised taxes on businesses, cigarettes, income tax, property tax, etc. This again resulted in more businesses and people fleeing the state. Again and again, the liberals in Illinois did this until recently, when they finally voted to raise taxes 66% in Illinois. This," he stated, "should drive a stake in this Blue State, in a short time."

Doctor D then called on Doctor S (again, name withheld to protect against deranged liberals from Nutsy Pelosi’s district), who is the VRWC’s resident expert on the backbone of Liberalism, the theories of Socialism, to deliver the next statement.

"The premier belief of liberalism is a sense of elitism by pseudo-intellectuals, backed by condescending attitudes, with a dash of the worship of their ‘smart’ leaders, and stirred into the mix of Socialism, which kills the self reliance among the masses, which is why Blue States cannot survive under lib-socialism. The Left, draws on the thinking of Marx, Lenin, Hegel, Rousseau, Mao, and Owl Gore, which flows, like sh*t, from the top down, to their, what can be best described as drones, through leftist propaganda outlets like Media Matters, and on occasion, through physical force and intimidation by the SEIU, AFL-CIO, New Black Panther Party, etc. So what we see is a seizure of businesses by Obama as well as seizing of individual health care through Obama Care, which enforces the big governmental cradle-to-grave mentality that liberals seek to inflict on Americans. Thus, we can propose that liberalism is about feeling good, doing well, and fixing problems where no exist, and that facts, logic, and rationality cannot penetrate the wall of propaganda built by the Soros owned and operated Media Matters."

Doctor D wrapped up the brief by covering the last remaining subject, liberals versus energy independence in America.

"Liberals, especially under Obama, see the energy independence of America as a bad thing just as they see oil usage, oil refining, coal mining, timber harvesting, hunting, and commercial fishing as evil." For example, he pointed out, "consider the state of Alaska and their richness in oil and natural gas. It is proven that they have enough oil and gas to propel America’s economy, at current rates, for at least another 100 years, maybe more. Yet Obama and Ken Salazar forbid [illegally it seems] oil production both offshore and onshore and seize state lands to keep it under the ban. In fact, it was Obama who said that he was going to bankrupt the coal industry. We were amazed to see that people in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, both coal producing states voting for him, which further confirmed our results. We simply could not understand why liberals ban oil production domestically, even as Obama gives billions to Petrobras, a Soros’ company, to drill in the Gulf of Mexico." Also, he noted, "liberals call for civility while embracing violent rhetoric and acts of violence [SEIU in action], which also amazed us." For example, he noted, "consider the following verbiage from Obama himself:

"They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun"
"Get in Their Faces!"
"I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!"
Punch back twice as hard!"
"Put a boot on their necks..."
"It’s time to Fight for it."
"Punish your enemies."
"I'm itching for a fight." [He said this one really made them all laugh, knowing Obama is a sissy]

So, in conclusion," he said, "we proved our hypothesis that liberals lack one iota of common sense for how could they have any if they continually perform acts that lead to ruination and devastation in the end? They have destroyed Detroit, which has been under Liberal rule since the 70’s. They have destroyed California, again, which has been under liberal rule since the 70’s. They have destroyed the education system in America, turning out functionally illiterate citizens [50% in DC are thus] and use the Teacher’s Union as a campaign slush fund. Not to mention that the Liberals have lost the War on Poverty, at the cost of about 8 trillion dollars, and have really only exacerbated the problem. As a point of fact, liberals have destroyed everything they have touched, from every Blue State, to Social Security, to the housing industry through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to the southern border and the illegal alien problem, to the war with Islam, and everything in between. Here at the VRWC Labs, we hope that Americans wake up to the threat that Liberals pose to America, who when elected, is akin to giving a loaded handgun to say, a liberal kook or a toddler."

Doctor D concluded with: "Most liberals move through life with little or no common sense and unfortunately, there is no cure for this problem. They are herd animals on two legs, possess little or no individuality, and constantly look to the government to provide the answers that they cannot think up for themselves. This makes them an unhappy and angry breed and we can see that in their daily lives, as they seek to ban anything that make other Americans content. And again, unfortunately, this also makes them an easy target for manipulation through their elitist leaders. There is one slender ray of sunshine here and that is, this issue is mostly concentrated in the inner-cities, ruled by liberals for decades, and our inherent common sense tells us that this eventually, may become a dormant gene as liberalism dies out."

S.G. (name withheld to avoid an Obama gulag) reporting at the VRWC Labs.


  1. Good post. I think Doctor S sums it up nicely with,"liberalism is about feeling good...etc." The Liberal elite appeal their constituents on base emotions by promising to correct perceived injustices. This tactic attracts just the type of voter the Left needs, the blissfully ignorant.

    "If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner." H L Mencken

  2. Really a good post Gunny.
    Love the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Labs.
    Got some good doctors there, and they have the situation figured out!!

  3. Well gunny, you just got a comment by James Fisher. That was me. My grandson has been on my computer, and had logged on with his Yahoo account or something or another that I don't understand. Anyway, after Nanna pitched a little snit, he took pity on the lil' ol' lady, and fixed it, acting as if I should have known, the way most young people do when talking computers.Auuugggghhhh!! :-)
    Anyway, wanted you to know I was reading your post and love it.
    Also love the way you said the VRWC was in an undisclosed location'

  4. James,

    I don't think that they can come up with a vaccine for liberalism!

  5. Nanna,

    They HAVE to be in an undisclosed location lest the SEIU pay them a visit and beat up innocent people or the Kenyan Usurper sends his civilian national security force to visit them.

  6. rikdergis,

    LOVE the quote. Sums up the libs perfectly.

  7. Loved it!

    Wish you had your own late night comedy show. That would REALLY piss off the liberals. They think they have that tied up too.

  8. Nancy,

    Thanks but the amount of "civility" bing shown me in hate mail makes me think the Left would not appreciate it! haha

  9. Ahhh,the good works of the VRWC labs. Where would we be without them?

  10. Gunny,

    Funny post. It would be even funnier if it weren't mostly true.

    Odd about the "civility" thing. It seems the left wants us to be civil while they remain insane.

    The left has dropped the pants and shown us their ass over the Tuscon horrorfest along with the campaign rally... er... memorial.

    Americans aren't amused one bit. Even the ones that haven't been paying attention are awake now.

  11. I agree, there is no real cure for Liberalism, short term. If they're forced to actually think, which true no true liberal will willingly do, it does plant a seed that may turn into the ability to think on their own. This can lead to Conservative thought.


  12. clyde,

    Rumor has it that they can turn libs into humans but that is as yet, unconfirmed.

  13. Hardnox,

    Obama's "Wellstone Moment" is gonna bear us fruit in 2012. I thought the whole t-shirts thing and the freakish medicine man (who talked about himself for 10 min. was frigging weird.

  14. Upchuck,

    Thanks for posting and from your typing to God's eyes but I think that hardcore libs are lost to insanity. If we can "rescue" one out of ten, we'd be doing well.

  15. It reminds you of drones taking orders from the hive. Don't think, just react and protect the queen (Obama, the queen?)

  16. It seems for some of the liberal lites, facts seem to wake some of them up. For those others lost to revisionist history are lost in a permanent psychotic psychosis unable to understand the basic concepts of life, ie. freedom, liberty, and family.


  17. Liberal Mindset - Feelgood Gone Awry
    Everything the "useful idiots" do seems to be to feed their own "feel good" appetites.
    Every "for your own good" piece of legislation goes against your own right to choice. They know it but it makes them feel good if they have forced you to do/not do something, "but it's for your own good."
    Refuse to quit smoking?
    We'll raise taxes so you pay more. We'll pass laws banning smoking in private businesses.
    Yes, it violates your right to self determination. But it's for your own good.
    Don't like wearing a skid lid when you get in the wind?
    We'll pass a law making you wear it. It's for your own good. Never mind the lib argument that you have to wear it so if you do have a wreck you won't be on life support at public expense for years. Evidence is the non helmet wearing biker usually takes himself out of the gene pool right away while the helmet wearer is the one plugged in for years.
    But it is for your own good.
    And why is it but for some inner feeling of "feel good" causes Hollywood types to travel to Africa to adopt an orphan when there are many, many American orphans who would love to have a homelife??
    Same thing with the Christain Children's Fund.
    If poverty is so rampant in this country, as the "useful idiots" claim, why should we send our money overseas? I guess it makes them feel good and helping children in the USA doesn't.
    Lib mind. Makes sense.

  18. Thank God we finally saw the light November before it was to late...hopefully Illinois businesses run north now