Saturday, January 29, 2011


like a turd in a punch bowl.

Jimmy Carter was an idiot as a president and is an even bigger one as a former president, an Islamic apologist and one of those schmucks who refuses to believe that anything that happened is HIS fault. Indeed, he's the perfect Islamic "tool."

Let's do a historic review shall we?

Carter had an issue with the Shah's human rights policy. The Shah's secret police ruled with an iron fist, ferreting out traitors, and torturing suspects, brutalizing them, imprisoning them, etc. Was he protecting his nation's interests as dictator's are wont to do? Probably. Was this wrong for our ally to do? Probably. But in the long-run, was it right for America to let a LONG TIME ALLY fall for this? Hell no, especially considering what replaced him! Let us remember that it was Amnesty International who whined about the Shah's 2,200 political prisoners that caused Carter to have a case of the red-ass, the same Amnesty International, who, say, backed the vicious Marxist terrorists, Shining Path, in Peru. But today, China is far worse in the human rights area, and yet Obama bowed to Hu Jingtao and even allowed an anti-American song to be played in the White House when Barry played host to the Chinese! We do business with them, they buy our debt, and one day, will become our land lords, thanks to the Demerrhoids and RINOs.

We won't even compare the stupidity of Carter's energy policies (gas lines, gas rationing, no drilling, no refining, etc) with that of the current nitwit but cut right to the chase on Iran 79, Iran 09, and Egypt right now.

Quite clearly Carter had idiots in his State Department and his Admin who were formulating foreign policy in the Middle East, idiots who say, had never read "Ma'alim fi-l-Tariq" or as it is known in the West, "Milestones," by Qutb. Qutb called for the Islamic radicals to get their own country in order to foment islamic revolution and sponsor global Islamic terrorism and Ol Jimmy the Dhimmi served it up to them on a silver platter. Qutb was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the same group now whipping up the rioters in Egypt, much as Ahmadinejad and his cronies in Iran whipped up the Iranian students in 1978/79. Naturally, the leftist Lapdog Media, led by the NY Obama Times actually tagged the Ayatollah Khomeini as "tolerant" and that his closest advisers, "were uniformly composed of moderate, progressive individuals!" While the NYT editorials stated that the Ayatollah Khomeini would provide "a desperately needed model of humane governance for a third-world country," it was Carter's clown in the UN, Andrew Young, who actually called the Ayatollah, "a twentieth-century saint." In the first year of the Ayatollah's rule, he murdered more people (50,000) than 25 YEARS of the Shah's rule and some estimates put it at 1 million by 2003. Trusting liberals to watch your back will get ya killed everytime.

So in 2009, we have a repeat of the turmoil in Iran, with students going against Ahmedinejad and the mad mullahs, and what does our hero Obama do? Why nothing. No encouragement, no aid, no assistance, nothing. What do we owe a leadership who not only committed an act of war by seizing our embassy in Tehran, taking and holding Americans hostage for 444 days, but who has CONTINUED to attack America through Hamas and Hezbollah and who sends EFP's into Iraq? Not a damn thing. In fact, we SHOULD have done everything to bring this Islamic nutbags down. But no, Obama tucks tail and allows the mad mullahs to continue to work on their nuclear weapons program and to kill Americans in Iraq.

Let us also remember that our Dear Leader, Sir Golfsalot, gave a speech in Cairo, wherein he FAILED to use the word "terrorism" or the word, "terrorist" and never made any reference to the war on terrorism. Indeed, those words are no longer used by this regime, i.e., terrorism is now a "man-caused disaster." What liberals ALWAYS fail to note is that kissing the asses of criminals or terrorists ONLY makes them bolder but stupid is as stupid does.

Now Jimmy "the Dhimmi" Carter is an idiot as he gave up Iran to the Islamic radicals, but they did not then have nuclear weapons and were limited to only supporting terrorism but now, after a decade plus of liberal idiocy (Clinton and Obama) towards Iran, they now have the real possibility of another radical Islamic nation if Egypt falls. This, my friends, is what happens when idiots elect a naive community organizer to lead the free world. HE doesn't have a clue what to do because one, he's never been in a real fight so he can't judge the seriousness of it all, two, his admin is full of ivory-towered morons who ALSO have no clue about the real world (and fighting), and thus, spin around like tops doing shit-all, and three, liberals always play softball against our enemies but are hell on oppressing their own citizens.

EXCERPT: "The United States is "absolutely not" giving Israel a green light to attack Iran, U.S. President Barack Obama told CNN Tuesday. We have said directly to the Israelis that it is important to try and resolve this in an international setting in a way that does not create major conflict in the Middle East," Obama said, referring to Iran's nuclear ambitions."

This whole sordid deal is like watching Neville Chamberlain and the other idiots selling out Czechoslovakia to Hitler, thinking that it will avoid a war. Wrong. If Egypt falls to the mad mullahs, it will virtually guarantee a war in the Middle East because Israel will be surrounded by enemies and we have a crybaby weakling in the White House. Ahmadinejad says he'll nuke Israel the first chance he gets and Israel, and rightly so, not only says "Never Again" but their nuclear weapons program operates under the "Masada complex." Under Liberal leadership in the White House and Congress (1979), Iran was allowed to go from the 20th century back to the 12th century and now under Obama, Nutsy Pelosi, and Dingy Reid, Turkey has been moving towards a radical Islam, Lebanon is owned by Hamas and Hezbollah, and now, Egypt is falling thanks to a dumbass doing naught but twiddling his thumbs. Or maybe, Obama, as a Muslim sympathizer at the very least, is doing everything he can to help radical Islam to reform and spread like a cancer. Especially since Sir Golfsalot made it a point to tell Israel that HE would not support a strike against Iran to forestall their obtaining nukes by Israel and who banned the IAF's overflight of Iraq. Way to telegraph your move Barry and encourage our enemies...once again.

This is especially worrisome since Obama, like his mentor Jimmy the Dhimmi (who slashed the military budget to the bone), has cut our defenses in the areas of missile defense, the Multiple Kill Vehicle (intercepts several targets simultaneously), the Kinetic Interceptor, the airborne laser, a missile defense shield for Europe, and ground-based interceptors. Thanks again Obama, good job. Liberals, the original head-up ass "wait-and-see" crowd. Well, they waited in 1979 and Carter told the Marines NOT to defend the embassy and this happened...





Muslim Brotherhood: Arabs will topple leaders allied with the United States.
Iran Sees Rise of Islamic Hard-Liners in Arab Lands.
Thousands protest in Jordan, demand PM step down.
Huge anti-government protest in Albania.
New protests erupt in Yemen


Axelrod: Obama 'Directly Confronted' Mubarak for Past 2 Years 'To Get Ahead of This'...

It looks like Axelroid is busy spinning this for Barry. If Obama was busy helping Mubarak, then WHY are they NOW helping the Islamic radicals? Why have we NEVER heard of this "great effort" before!? AXELROID = LIAR

Maybe Obama can hustle over to Cairo and give another speech! Wait, that didn't work so well the first time. So much for Biden and his quote of Barry having the steel to measure up! Too bad the libs have been blocking our domestic oil production since the 70's or our economy would not be tied to these third worlders and their 7th century lunancy. It appears that Palin was right on the money when she said: "DRILL BABY DRILL!"


  1. Drill here Drill Now, Pay Less. Get rid of phonies like black noser poser Bill Nelson and all the rest.

    bowwowbamster will take a crotch dive at any male with a rag on his head all the while giving any ally of the real America and even some of his lefty moonbat buddies(link below) the im ina jihad teamed up with the bamster version III(photo above).

    Gee, aint he neat?

  2. Iran has their fingerprints all over this mess. Iran has been meddling in Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Albania, Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Wikileaks has disclosed several days ago that the Obama administration has been assisting Egyptian protest movements also sponsored by Iran. So much for helping our allies. This administration has no honor whatsoever.

    It should also be noted that when Egypt goes the way of Iran so does the Suez canal which will cause a major problem for world economies.

    Here comes $5-10 gasoline.

  3. This is unfolding almost exactly as we predicted 2 years ago...

  4. Good post,and spot-on. I am wondering,though,in a paragraph about a quarter the way down in the post,you said "The NY Obama Times labelled the Ayatollah Khomeini as ". As what? Looks like the end of the sentence got lost. Knowing the Slimes,most likely said Khomeini was the ME's BFF.Off topic,and I normally don't plug anything,but if you haven't read it already,pick up David Limbaugh's "Crimess Against Liberty". EXCELL-FRIGGING-LENT. Nails Obama AND the shills.David is,IMHO,MUCH smarter than his more-famous brother.

  5. R E,

    I no longer have any doubts that Obama is a fifth columnist and does not have our best interests at heart. He hates America and what it stands for.

  6. Hardnox,

    I read that about Obama and them helping the radicals and the Iranians in Wikileaks. Typical. Hopefully the GOP will field a candidate against him who will USE this info against Sir Golfsalot, unlike McShamnesty.

  7. The Craw,

    Yes, we definately called it didn't we? Obama is selling us and our allies out at every turn. He is so anti-Israel that he is willing to risk nuclear war to end their existence.

  8. clyde,

    Sometimes this blog chops and relocates stuff when I save it to publish. Thanks for catching it and I fixed it.

    The reason I posted it was to show how stupid the NY Obama Times was along with all the other libtardsm like Young and Carter. Historically, they ain't never been RIGHT!

    David writes well, Rush speaks well. A good 1-2 punch against the libs and I'll get his book next time I'm in the book store.

  9. Gunny, Enjoyed your great Post. Obam is so much like Jimmy Carter that it is unreal. And you really brought that out!

    They are now also rioting in Sudan.
    The word being said on other blogs is that Obama is behind the Muslim Brotherhood.I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    Obama was also watching a basketball game (I think his daughter's) And then he went to a party. Obama plays while Cairo burns.
    If Egypt is taken over by these Islamists, all of the antiquities will be destroyed. All of the wonderful old statues, the paintings, the Sphinx, perhaps even the pyramids. They have no use for history. They did the same thing to the ancient Budda in Afghanistan.
    Israel will be in a heap of trouble for sure, and the big O will be hiding under his bed!!

  10. Nanna,

    The American Thinker today has a post that calls Obama and his regime, "intellectually unprepared" for this crisis! Hell, Obama is an idiot who is unprepared to deal with a clogged toilet much less this and his myrmidons are no different.

  11. Ha hahaha

    clogged toilet!!!! I love it!!

  12. All those who said never drill in ANWAR, never drill in the gulf and never drill in the oceans because there is no danger of a shortage are now shown to be the fools they are.

    $5.00 a gallon gasoline may be a bargain before this business is done.

    Just read where "looters" destroyed at least two mummies in the Cairo museum. You know those mummies so important to Egypt's histrory that other countries can not take them out of Egypt.

    Shouldn't be surprised as Nanna ponted out.

  13. Pack Rat,

    The drilling in ANWR can be compared to putting a drilling rig on the USS Ronald Reagan's flight deck. The rig would take up the space of a postage stamp with the rest of the deck free and clear.

    THAT is how stupid it is NOT to drill in ANWR.

  14. haha didn't Carter call himself "the greatest U.S. president"? our country would be nothing now if Reagan hadn't stepped in

  15. What is plaguing me is the reasons Obama chose to destabilize Egypt.
    What is in it for him?
    Why do this to an ally?
    Why install a muslim brotherhood scumbag into office there?

    Fill your gas tanks up. When Obama's "friend" takes control of the Suez, we aren't getting any oil.