Monday, January 24, 2011


Once again, it is apparent that the idiots in the GOP may have failed to learn their lesson in 2006 and then in 2008. They trot out Taxachusetts healthcare drone Romney and now Gingrich throws his hat in the ring. Maybe they can dredge up McLame to try it again. Or maybe they can get Ol Jellyfish Michael Steele to run. Toss in Huckabee and Guiliani, and maybe Jeb Bush, and we’ve got a real nice circlejerk of country club RINOs going.
(PAPER: Gingrich 'intends to run for president'...)
Has the GOP NOT learned their lesson from 2008? Has the GOP NOT understood that Conservatives WILL NO LONGER hold their noses and vote for a McShamnesty? A Romney? A Gingrich? We Conservatives are looking for a Conservative who can rally America much like Reagan did. Who can and has fully embraced the "CAN-DO" spirit of Reagan, not the flaccid Obama mewl of "together we thrive" or his "hopey/changey" malarkey. What utter and total bullshit. What Americans want is someone who says, "Together we can KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES!" Who seeks to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit and hard work ethic that has made America's economy the envy of the world for many decades and who, like Reagan, knows that helping American businesses and investors through tax credits, depreciation deductions, and cutting the corporate tax, will ressurrect the our economy, now on life-support, thanks to Obama and his minions.
Reagan wrote the playbook, which is tried and tested. He refused to give up on America (like Carter and the Left did), and raised the bar for Americans WHO MET THE CHALLENGE! Reagan knew that America should be and still could be, the shining city on the hill. He had a vision for America and did what he knew to be best for America, not by knuckling under to the Liberals through "bi-partisanship" but by embracing American exceptionalism and telling us that we can, GIT ER DONE! THIS is what we DO NOT get from RINOs. What we get from RINOs is their anal desire to compromise with the Liberals. To kiss the ass ofthe Left so that the Lapdog Media writes nicey-nice about them. What we get from RINOs is their liberal spending traits, their liberal big government traits, and their liberalesque elitism. What we get from RINOs is their distain for the Tea Party and the common Americans, which is more liberal than Conservative. Our buzz words are "limited government" and "low taxes" and "personal responsibility" while their beliefs are "bi-partisanship" and "compromise" which is their code for abandoning the former GOP values of fiscal and social conservatism. The Left sees bi-partisanship as US bending over for THEM and the RINOs oblige them, time and time again.
Indeed, remember Dede Scozzafava, the idiot RINO from New York? She endorsed the DEMOCRAT in NY-23 and SHE was, of course, endorsed by, yep, Newt Gingrich! RINOs are little more than squishy Conservatives along the lines of that idiot Brooks. They are wishy washy and speak out of both sides of their mouths. Consider the putrid RINO Lindsey Grahamnesty (but not after eating). This maggot is a typical RINO, all over the place, bending over for the Libs, going along to get along, and thinking of himself (and his reelection) only. No principles, just, "I got mine and the Devil take the hindmost." RINOs cannot be trusted and they never could be trusted. Skuzzyfava and Gingrich and the rest of them are a plaster mold. They yap out of one side of their mouth, "I will stand for conservative beliefs…" and then roll over and we get screwed with Obama’s crap and tax, ObamaKare, Porkzilla bailouts, Juan McLame’s amnesty, etc, etc, ad nauseum.
Where are the Conservatives like Mike Pence, Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, or Tim Pawlenty, who appear to support the three pillars of the Reagan Revolution, fiscal and social conservatism backed by a strong military offense/defense. What WE need is a Conservative who believes in our values IN THE HEART and can speak to our values without a teleprompter like the Community Organizer-in-Chief needs, not another damn RINO.
If the GOP runs another RINO, let Americans join the Saint Crispin’s Day Society and refuse to vote for another frigging RINO.


  1. I saw the straw poll results and almost puked. Yankee liberal Republicans will never learn.

  2. This is why I'm pestering Congressman Allen West and begging him to run for 2012 and urging everyone I come across to join me in doing so. Nobody in the establishment is even talking about him, but I urge you to do some research on him & you'll see why I've got West fever!

  3. The Craw,

    And neither, apparently, does the GOP.

  4. Zilla/MJ,

    Dropped him an email on it. Keep up the good work.

  5. I saw McLame on Fox and Friends this morning (a clip) and he was saying how Obama was changing and moving to the middle, he is going to be calling for spending cuts. I swear, I wanted to throw something at my televison. How in this world can people fall for this again? They heard all his promices before, and know what he has done, and continues to do, but a few lies and a pat on the head and the Rinos fall down and roll over like a puppy dog to get their belly scratched.
    I am waiting for the offices in Washington DC to open this morning, and for the staffers to get their morning coffee, then I'm going to burn the phone lines up!
    BTW this post was past excellent!!!

  6. Sorry, Gunny

    But even a RINO would be better than BHO.

    Not much, but better.

    I'll support the RINO vs Dummycrat with my vote. I've seen the damage done when we split our votes and voted for

    What is it? Tle evil of two lessers?

  7. I agree the Republican heirarchy has not learned. Or maybe they are in reality Soros moles for the most part? They surely do everything they can to sabotage the conservative chances including refusal to fund the primary election choice for Senator in a couple of instances.
    THAT does not sound like they want to help fellow Republicans win elections. It sounds more like a bunch of leftists pursuing an ideology.

  8. HJC,time to crank up the SCDS already? Bunch of damned idiots anyway.Looks like the RNC and their cohorts MISREAD the election results.Time to give them a gentle reminder. Like a swift kick in the ass. They keep trotting out the old lame MEDIA favorites. EFF THAT. Who's next,Brown?? Sheesh.

  9. Good post Gunny,
    The circle jerk comment is only too fitting for this group and they have had the man up front come around and form a circle in a effort to keep any real and decent AM_Cons out. But the real decent folks don't want to belong to that circle anyway, it's time for that circle to just go away.
    I got an email from friends of Herman Cain the other day that he is appointing an exploratory committee for 2012. The little I know about him from listening to him once in a while gives him a leg up on all the rinos you listed here.
    I'm for having Sarah and or Michelle in the mix this time. I'll take a look at West.

  10. Great essay, Guns.

    I agree 100%.

    GOP = The Perpetually Stupid Party.

  11. Gunny,

    My sentiments exactly!!! The GOP just won't learn. This time we don't want the media and the elite to pick our candidates.

    Zilla has a good point. I myself have been a staunch admirer of Allen West. He is exactly the man for the job. He's almost a Reagan clone.

    I'd love to see the media label us racists after West's nomination.

    If the GOP isn't careful they will create a 3rd party.

  12. Its great how were trillions upon trillions in debt, gas and food prices are moving up, unemployment is still out of control and these chimps in suits are more concerned about seating arrangements for the state of the union and how we should be nice when we talk to each other.....well suck my ass washington!

  13. Nanna,

    They fall for it because they themselves are liars. McLame is a moron and should have retired about 20 years ago. He is the poster child for term limits.

  14. Pack Rat,

    I see your point but unfortunately, RINOs are little better than Liberal-lite. Until we demand a stop to it, the GOP elite will keep sending us shitheads.

  15. Buck,

    All they care about is keeping their power and nothing else. They'll happily hold the helm as the ship sinks under them.

  16. clyde,

    Brown makes me want to puke. In fact, the whole east coast GOP makes me want to hurl.

  17. R E,

    Herman Cain is THE MAN! We need to break the hell away from the GOP, I can see that now. The eastern bluebloods are too entrenched.

  18. milwaukeerob,

    Indeed. I'd like to see a conservative senator or congressman/woman get up and cane the sh*t out of some scummy lib! haha. The libs expect US to be civil while they call for revolution. Piss on em.

  19. I like Herman Cain and Allen West... but aren't you all forgetting about someone who has weathered the constant media critiques and fought back eloquently, has proven management and governing experience, has proven conservative credentials AND the "it" factor?

    well of course don't count out Sarah Palin boys... she may still run yet!

    take a grain of salt with all those anti-Palin polls you read... here is a good pro-Palin one:

    cheers from Chicago girl gone Galt living in NZ

  20. Lisa,

    Unfortunately, Palin enacted AGIA up in AK and we hate it, it, along with the greenies, is killing oil production. It is nothing but taxation and redistribution. I can't vote for Palin for POTUS. As the head of the GOP? Yep. Kicking Butt in the UN? Hell yes. An Ambassador to the UK? Indeed. MAYBE VEEP. But she is not a solid conservative.

  21. Palin's last official position was still pro-amnesty, too. So on top of all her other negatives -- and there are a ton of them -- that one alone is a deal-killer for me.

    Anyway, with Michelle Bachman around, who needs Palin?

  22. BrianR,

    Yep. The more I read about her, the more I realized that in DEEDS, she ain't a Conservative.

    It is high time that we start JUDGING them by their deeds.

  23. Yep Gunny,

    and I have been writing my GOP to let them know what I do and don't like .

    Plan to keep it up.

    Sometimes, I get a reply.

  24. OK so you have 2 anti Palin thoughts... boo hoo... She still "supports" McCain which I can't stand.. but her positives STILL outweigh her negatives.

    Why did she have 80% approval in Alaska?

    I think the rest of America will disagree with you... and to each their own...

    I'm not voting for any more cucumber and mayonnaise white bread RINOs dats for sure...

    let's see who wins the R primaries, shall we?

    if it comes down to Palin v Obama...? you KNOW you'll vote Palin! deal with it and put a happy face on

  25. AGIA, the gas line through Alaska into the USA is "killing" oil production?

    The killing of oil production is being done by greenies - STOPPING where the drilling can occur - and CURRENT Federal government shutdown of permits. The gasline project is a GOOD thing.

    I don't get your position at all.

  26. Lisa,

    The AGIA scam actually slaps higher fees on oil production as well as forcing them to pay higher costs to Alaskans. The oil companies simply drill elsewhere, i.e., Brekken fields in ND. And the greenies are also to blame but this is all a one-two punch. And there are a lot of Alaskans who did not like her term of office, I know, I listen to them every day. She did fill the pockets of some of them, hence the approval rating, kinda like Barry and the welfarites!

    Also, she was bi-partisan with some serious liberals in Alaska and she put some real leftists in jobs overseeing places like the Dept of Revenue.

    Voting for Palin for POTUS? Sorry, can't do it. I'll vote for Barr again, as I did before. I WILL NOT sacrifice my principles for a damned RINO anymore. HOWEVER, as I stated, I would support her in other areas. Hell, I was hoping she'd take over the RNC from Jellyfish Steele.

  27. Lisa,

    My position? I don't believe in redistribution of wealth and Palin did it through a windfall profit tax and it serves to kill oil production.

    BTW, we already have the PFD which is oil revenue that we get in a check.

  28. Who is Barr?

    You would seriously vote Obumbles over Palin?

    U got some 'splaining to do lucy...!

    I think we're getting ahead of ourselves. You vote for whomever you want in the R primaries. Its your right and I support the rights Americans still feebly have been given to them by the all might Fedzilla...


  29. Lisa, like Gunny, I voted for Barr against Bat Ears; I refused to vote for RINO McCain. (Barr was the Libertarian candidate; former Congressman and NRA Board Member).

    I won't go into all the reasoning; you can go to my blog and go back to the essays I wrote at the time leading up to the election.

    But I have absolutely no regrets about doing so, and in fact, feel that things have turned out better than if McAmnesty had won.