Monday, January 17, 2011


"He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The Republic was not established by cowards, and cowards will not preserve it." Elmer Davis.

The cowardice of Liberalism raised its ugly head in Tucson this past week. The physical cowardice and intellectual laziness of nattering nabobs so wrapped in their failed ideology as to ignore the reality of life around them for it was James Madison who wrote in Federalist No. 55, "there is a degree of depravity in mankind which requires a certain degree of circumspection and distrust." This then, is the root of the problem of liberalism, their abject cowardice, for they accept evil with nary a whimper; indeed, they held a pep rally there hosted by the biggest coward of them all, Obama, he who bows to anyone, anywhere, at anytime!

Consider the radical Muslims who want to build a mosque at Ground Zero, in a direct slap in our face. Who supports it? Why, none other than the gutless wonder, Mayor Bloomberg, who, rumor control has it, was in the Bahamas when NYC was getting hit by a massive snowstorm AND who failed to stand up to the lazy unions, guilty of fraud and in getting a few people killed due to closed roads. Who, when it comes time to confront Muslims, for say, lopping off a head or two, the NY Obama Times is AWOL. Moreover, this is the same paper that has no problem revealing classified information for the entire world to see (how the CIA/FBI tracked terrorists via cell phones) but did not have the guts or the balls to print the Danish cartoons! Why? Because they know the US Gov’t won’t do a damn thing but the Muslims WILL, likely holding a violent protest somewhere. Who was it who tried to blame the Times Square car bomb on the Right? Oh yeah, the gutless blunder in the NYC Mayor’s office but he sure is tough on keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. Libs would do well to remember that Muslims burnt down the library at Alexandria because all they needed to know was in the Koran.

The Left refuses to see Islam as a religion of anything but peace, considering that Mohammed was a caravan raider and a warrior who, after being banished from Mecca, raised an army that forced Mecca into submission and his rule. That Mohammed invented "jihad" and Islam has tried to conquer the world ever since. Liberals refuse to view the historical fact that the West has been confronting this threat since before the Middle Ages. To the Left, it is all just a big mistake and our fault. Remember in the 70’s when liberals told women who were being raped to lay back "and enjoy it" and that THEY were the problem because of the way they dressed! Again, their cowardice prevented them from targeting the real perpetrators. Their cowardice is again at the root of the issue of "no profiling" because it isn’t fair, boo-hoo-hoo. This plays out every single day in America when the TSA pulls a ball grope, a boob grab, or a skivvie search, or investigates that brown soupy substance in an infant’s diaper, but are too gutless to detain or do anything about the "flying Imams," talking loudly in Arabic, requesting extra lap belts, etc., and when the passengers spoke up, THEY were the problem.

Notice that whenever there is any disastrous event, liberals run and hide, attacking any safe target? For example, Loughner was a right-winger, Tea Party nut, Palin was responsible, guns are evil! Even Congcritter McCarthy predictably dusted off her gun ban bullshit along wth the other gutless hoplophobes. They wildly pointed fingers anywhere, but again, failed to address the problem, i.e., Sheriff Dipstick’s inability to confront the crazy leftist Jared Loughner, Sheriff Dipstick’s mistake of not having a Deputy posted as security, or even leftist website’s like the Daily Kook’s targeting of Giffords on their website. Oh no, far more easier to blame the right, the stupid old-fashioned Second Amendment, guns, Palin, etc, etc, ad nauseum. When one fails to address an issue by avoiding it that is called cowardice.

Janet Incompetano just yanked the plug on the Virtual Fence that the Nutsy Pelosi Kongress left languish, as hordes of human locust pour over the border, taking jobs from Americans and slurping up bennies that they never paid into. And in yet another example of liberal cowardice, Mexicans are now shooting at American highway workers in El Paso and the government does nothing. Is this not an act of war? Better for the cowards to ignore it and HOPE it goes away. Indeed, Obama drags his feet concerning Iran and North Korea, as they work like gangbusters trying to develop nukes and missile delivery systems, doing nothing, but he is hell on the oppression of American citizens through the FCC (seizing the Internet, killing talk radio, locality laws, the Fairness Doctrine) and the BATF, (requesting "emergency" powers in the border states to thwart gun buys for AMERICAN citizens! Again, liberal cowards avoiding the hard issue while attacking the easy target. The Conservative knows that the only way to contain crime or tyrants is to confront them face on but this makes piss dribble down the legs of liberals. Obama, for example, talks a tough game but when he puts his spikes on, he’s a third-stringer better for bowing to a foreign potentate than going mano-a-mano with anything more than an infant!

Have you ever run across a small yapping mutt, i.e., a house rat, that barks and barks and when you stamp your foot, it runs back, then starts in again BUT, when you turn to walk away, runs up to nip your heel, maybe bite an ankle? That’s liberalism. WE are evil because WE stand up to the Muslim terrorists, to the criminals, and defend our religion and our traditions here in America. We’re accused of "loving" the Constitution too much by brainless hacks like Joyless Behar, as the cowardly left makes rationales for their gutlessness.

Liberals LOVE to mewl and bleat that, "violence never solves anything." Really libs? The American Revolution, Civil War, WW1, WW2, etc, all stand out in rebuttal. In reality, in this world, physical force is the ultimate peacemaker of all arguments and in the end, controlled violence may be needed to right a wrong, stop a tyrant, prevent a genocide, fight to keep one's rights. Indeed, FDR forbid the bombing of the death camps as it might kill some Jews and innocent people, yet in the larger scheme of things, a few would have died for the many who would have lived. Did FDR hate Jews (he prevented the SS St. Louis from landing) or was he merely another liberal coward? Just because we are a civilized nation should never mean that we’re never capable of kicking the crap out of our enemies. Liberals want to forget all of the above in their never ending quest for a utopia on earth. That human nature will suddenly do a 180 degree turn and a peaceful world somehow rise up, IF they can just get rid of guns, the Tea Party, Palin, Conservatism, etc.

Look at the Left’s actions during Vietnam. It was not anti-war but rather, an, "I don’t want to put my rich liberal ass in danger," movement. Liberals will attack this point but again, history proves the point for once the draft ENDED in 1973, the rich white liberals STFU and went back to being professional students, even though the war went on until April 1975. Once the draft ended, they were safe! A liberal Congress ended support for South Vietnam, and the commies proceeded to murder with wild abandon. The Left was as quiet as whores in church as the Killing Fields raged, as long it was not THEIR asses in jeopardy. And in their cowardice, they blamed the men who had the courage to go to Vietnam, pelting them with shitty diapers, spit, beer bottles, etc.

In conclusion, even the act of self defense is unacceptable to a Liberal because it involves guts and the courage to ACT. An example being Sgt Schultz's stupidity over the gent in Tucson who would have used his CCW to put Loughner down. This is why Liberals are maniacally anti-gun because those of us who USE guns or WOULD use guns to protect hearth and home, show up the Libs as the cowards they are. No, they’d rather have the Nanny State protect them. Just call 9-1-1 and wait an hour or so for the police to show up. Liberals are cowards and it is time we started labeling them thusly and quit playing pattycake. Oh, and the GOP sitting next to these cowards with their 14 trillion dollar debt at Sir Golfsalot's SOTU blather? Ain't that sweet.

"God does not grant liberty to the immoral or the cowardly but only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it." Daniel Webster.


  1. The CCW carrier in Tuscon was further proof Americans are competent to keep and bear arms.
    He was asked why he didn't shoot Loughner. He stated by the time he got on the scene Loughner was already subdued.
    Much as you and I would loved to have gone ahead and blown this jerk's ass away, the CCW carrier was right.
    The jerk was subdued. Instead of a $1.00 bullet, he will be dealt with in multi-million dollar court action.
    But the CCW carrier was right.
    And he proves the case for carrying.
    Concealed or open carry.

  2. Pretty much nails it,I'd say.

  3. Since were throwing out Martin Luther King quotes what do you think of this: "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane:

  4. As usual Gunny, your post did not disappoint. It was really great!! A true '"rainbow president"!
    Black and white with a large yellow stripe down his back!!
    Our brave leader just said he will sue the states that have said they want to put an amendment to their State Constitution, that will give their citizens a right to private ballots when voting for a union.
    Also he is giving 5 million to the EPA to take more of our rights!
    Yet he hides under the desk when it comes to protecting the citizens of the United States.

    Go get him Gunny, don't let up till we are rid of this Kenyan bum!

  5. Buck,

    Not to mention that Zamudio was running TOWARDS the sound of gunfire! THAT is the kind of citizen this nation needs, not the sissy libsheep type.

  6. pushpins,

    As I have asked you in the past, please name someone who has been denied healthcare and has successfully sued for it.

    When I took my son to the ER for a soccer injury, I saw more illegal aleins in one spot since I turned 17 of em over to the Border Patrol while at Camp Pendleton!

    In fact, I beleive that they are getting about 1.2 BILLION dollars of healthcare in Mexifornia ALONE, all taxpayer funded.

    Moreover, if we DID NOT have illegal aliens bankrupting county hospitals and free clinics, we WOULD have free healthcare for Americans who could not afford it.

    BTW, it is against Federal Law to deny help to people in an ER because they can't pay. No wonder illegals flock to ER's.

  7. Nanna,

    When you're not a citizen, you owe no allegiance to the nation you're lording it over. If you can see every action Obama takes as anti-American, then you'll know his agenda!

  8. Great post as usual Gunny! Hey Pushpins in regard to your quote from MLKJ, he was referring to segregation of blacks in clinics, hospitals and blood banks. Not health care as a right; to which I imagine you are referring.

    “The dread of evil is a much more forcible principle of human actions than the prospect of good.” John Locke

  9. rikdergis,

    Thx. C'Mon, you expect a LIB to not cherry pick something and bend it to fit their agenda? haha. Nice catch.

  10. I wonder if liberals know what sort of filth is coming out of their mouth, every time they use the term "teabagger".

    So much for tolerance and diversity.

    You should see the amount of CDS ( Conservative Derangment Syndrome)on view at a liberal site I stubleded into.

  11. Inequality can mean that individuals are receiving different levels of quality, not just that one group receives healthcare and the others dont. Yes, anyone can go to the emergency room which is why they are always swamped and have hourlong waits. What everyone does not get is checkups and preventative care (Which would lower the amount of people in emergency rooms) or healthcare without having to declare bankruptcy.

    Yes my agenda is advocating universal healthcare, but I dont think by just posting a quote I was bending his words to my agenda. I believe you that MLK was talking about healthcare inequality along racial lines, what do you think he would have to say about healthcare inequality along class lines?


    Yes I'm a liberal, I eat babies and am brain diseased and everything else. Now can I post comments without me being called a lib fifty times. I never call you guys any names.

  12. "In conclusion, even the act of self defense is unacceptable to a Liberal.."

    Which reminds me of something I said earlier.

    One of the biggest lies the libs try to perpetrate on you, from the 1st Grade on, is,

    "Two wrongs don't make a right."

    This is always said to you after some asshole has done something to you and is desperately deserving a fat lip.
    Didn't work in the 1st Grade. Don't work now. But I heard it from teachers, playground moniters and, usually before a visit with the Vice Principal's paddle, from the VP.