Wednesday, January 12, 2011


21 November 1943: Col Shoup sent a SITREP (situation report) to division HQ on the battle for Tarawa. His SITREP has become one of the most famous of the war. He radioed:

"Casualties many. Percentage dead not known. Combat efficiency — we are winning."

And so goes the war in America, for the soul of America, between the Right and the Left.

A few days ago a leftist kook gunned down people, murdering six, evidently because girls rejected him, he could not find a job, and he was still living with Mommy and Daddy. What compounded this was an incompetent Sheriff Dupnik, who failed to act on death threats from this clown even AFTER visiting his house, and his apparent stalking of Congresswoman Giffords since 2007, and who failed to take basic security precautions for a public official meeting her constituents. 

Then, the Leftist media's colon churned into high gear, spewing out feces-laden nuggets from idiots like Sgt Schultz, Chrissy "tweetybird" Matthews, and a host of other ignoramus', all trying to pin on first, vets, then the Tea Party, then the Right, then gun owners, then the Second Amendment, and then the hell with it, all of the above. 

But guess what? Their putrid efforts FAILED and failed MISERABLY!

In a CBS News study (minus at least 12% for a leftist media outlet fudge factor) only 32% of the American people believe that political/fiery rhetoric was to blame for the shooting in Arizona AND, BTW, gun sales have SOARED in Arizona. A free people buying the means to protect hearth and home, go figure.

1.  57% said the harsh political tone had nothing to do with the shooting.
2.  32% said it did.
3.  Republicans: 69% said rhetoric was not to blame; 19% said it did.
4.  Dems were almost split, 49% said no connection while 42% said it was responsible.

5.  Independents said 56% said rhetoric was not to blame while 33% said it was.

What did we on the Right do? Gathered the facts and slapped the Left with them right between the running lights and then gathered fantastic quotes from clowns like the Kenyan Usurper, i.e., "if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun," (tough talk from a punk who couldn't fight his way out of a thick fog or a wet paper bag). We brought up how the Muslim appeasing Leftists mewled about Hasan's murdering of US Army soldiers and dependents and "not to rush to judgement!" Yet, Loughner's actions were Rush's, Beck's, and Palin's fault and we must have more gun laws, more gun control, less ammo stockpiles, and more Kumbaya singing, not to mention an "OH THE HUMANITY" moment.

The Gunny won't mention latrine skeezers like Bernie Sanders who is trying to raise money off of this issues by blaming his age old favorite, "right-wing reactionaries." Give it a rest geezer. Why not retire to the old commie's home huh and quit contributing to global warming with your fat oral sewer spewing that poisonous CO2. 

Much of this left-wing reactionary hate-filled anti American, anti-gun, anti-freedom rhetoric is crapped out of NBC's various outlets, like PMSNBC, in an all out effort to condemn the right in any way, shape, or form, truth and facts be damned. Americans are not the sheep (the 20% who call themselves liberals are) and the zero credibility of the Lapdog Media is in full view as it swirls 'round the toilet bowl, shedding advertisers and viewers and readers, like BJ Bubba Clinton shedding morals!

We on the right, the guardians of Freedom (that job USED to belong to a free press), cannot give up because the Left will never give up. Like roaches, they infest a little at a time, and every time we relax, they gain. Thomas Jefferson was dead on when he wrote: "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom," for this is an endless battle for the soul of America. Oh, and yes Joy(less) Behar, we LOVE our Constitution as well.

"Combat efficiency — we are winning."


  1. Good post. When I read about Sanders fundraising off this TRAGEDY,I fired off an email to his site. No response. Gee,I wonder why?? (sarc off).

  2. Gunny.This is an excellent post!!RIght on the money!
    It has been amazing to me the things that the left has blamed for this shooting. Every hour there seems to be a new one.
    I called Speaker Boener's office this morning. They said he isn't going to bend for the left, his plans are to stand firm against all of this, and continue with the same plans as before! (no matter the rumors and New York Times)
    I'll say this too, I am so proud of Sarah Palin. She is so far above these liberal nuts that it is no contest. She has made more sense in her 8 or so minute speech, than all the liberal screeching that has gone on simce Saturday.

  3. Gunny,
    Good post! As always, regular Americans can see through the BS that the left spews which is why they got their butts handed to them last November.

    The left have exposed themselves as to what they are and there is no reverse now. This has backfired on them but they don't realize it just yet.

    The left has just woken up more folks to their hypocrisy.

  4. It's hilarious. Everytime the left goes off on one of these knee jerk tirades, they simply add legions to our side.



  5. Nanna,

    We lose ONLY when we give in. Thx for the kudos.

  6. Hardnox,

    Remember back in 08, we said they'd overextend themselves and BINGO! here we are. Their approval rate is lower than BJ Bubba's morals.

  7. Diamondback,

    You are exactly right and a good observation to keep in mind when they rant! haha

  8. Just a heads up, Gunny. I googled "Reichstag Moment", and one of the first 10 articles that was presented was a column by......GUNNY G!

  9. good post, I laughed at "tough talk from a punk who couldn't fight his way out of a thick fog or a wet paper bag" ... but that should read:

    "tough talk from a usurper-hired-prompter-reader, mom-wearing-jeans wussy-punk who couldn't fight his way out of a thick fog or a wet paper bag".

    fixed it for ya... ;)

  10. The Crawfish,

    I was wondering why the hell I was getting so much hate mail and I found out that the awesome Neil Boortz had linked my essay on the history of leftist violence on his site! All the leftist haters went from his site, to mine, to my email! haha.

    Thanks for the tip. I hope it chokes the Left to see it.

  11. Lisa,

    I laughed like Hell back in 2008, when I saw the pansy riding that sissy bike and wearing his little helmet! And when he threw the baseball like a girl, I almost had a heart attack in hysterics!

    My son is 15 and could probably issue a beatdown to Barry! haha

  12. Boortz linked you? Gunny gone Big Time!

  13. I mentioned this over at the Claw but it is worth mentionint again here:

    In thinking about Virginia Tech (a "gun free" zone, by the way)
    Tuscon, I have to ask this.

    How many people, politicians, judges and bystanders, would have been killed or seriously injured if
    the citizens on the campus and at the shopping center both had been armed when these two nuts started blasting away???

  14. Looks as if the Liar-in-Chief can't even get a damn memorial service right. Saw this this morning,Obama said Giffords opened her eyes for the first time since the shooting shortly after his visit,on Sunday the doctor said"Gabrielle can open her eyes,and respond to simple commands".OK,who's shittin' who here? Who to believe,the doctor,or Obama??

  15. The Craw,

    Well, that's just one out of a few hundred, nothing to get swelled up over! haha. You know my stance brother, one team, one fight!

  16. Buck,

    Indeed. If one soldier would have been armed in Ft Hood, Hasan's brains would have been splattered before he got going. Or on the LIRR where McCarthy's husband and son were shot. Unarmed people are merely victims waiting for an incident.

  17. clyde,

    Moreover, the Kenyan Usurper almost turned it into a Wellstone Funeral moment.

  18. bames,

    Your posts are not getting published because they are juvenile in nature and basically a mishmash of words looking for a coherent thought. Just trying to help a leftist achieve a basic grasp of critical thinking skills.

  19. Can't help but wonder how much of a role Harry Reid plays in all this.