Thursday, January 6, 2011


EXCERPT: "The Pentagon will have to cut spending by $78 billion over the next five years, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said Thursday, forcing the Army and Marine Corps to shrink the number of troops on active duty and eventually imposing the first freeze on military spending since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."
Was it not ABSCAM Murtha who whined about the troops being overstressed and murdering Iraqis because they were undermanned?

"We're overextended worldwide, ... We have too small an Army for the job that we're doing, yet we can't increase the size of the Army because it's volunteer and we can't enlist anybody."

Was it not tax cheat Rangel who said we needed to reinstate the draft because troop levels were too low?

"If we're going to challenge Iran and challenge North Korea and then, as some people have asked, to send more troops to Iraq, we can't do that without a draft."

Was it not the Democrats who slammed Bush 43 over and over about this issue? (Of course they opposed the surge in order to LOSE in Iraq and embarass Bush 43, once again putting troop's lives in second place to scoring political points).

WASHINGTON — House Democrats on Friday sent President Bush the clearest message to date on his Iraq policy by passing a resolution that opposes a plan to send an additional 21,500 troops to the war-ravaged country. "Today, in a loud voice, the Congress of the United States said to the president: 'We need a new direction in Iraq,'" said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., after the 246-182 vote.

So did we not have enought troops to put more in Iraq to secure victory or was the Left playing with the lives of the troops by denying support in order to embarass Bush 43?

Chopping the missile shield.

Surrendering our nukes in a treaty the Russian DUMA refused to ratify.

Allowing Iran to develop nukes.

Letting the NorK's fire on an ally and doing nothing.

It seems that General Barry ain't got a clue, but then, what else is new.

The Gunny wonders how much we could save by chopping welfare parasites vice troops levels. Probably a helluva lot MORE than 15.6B a year over the next five years.

It's simply amazing that one of the actual REQUIREMENTS IN the US Constitution, for the Federal government, has Sir Golfsalot's brain AWOL. But then again, it's more fun seizing control of GM and firing CEO's and playing golf than actually ensuring the national security of America.



Pelosi's Final Debt Tab: $5.3 Trillion Added During Speakership -- $3.67 Billion/Day


  1. Are you saying Obama should have gone to war with North Korea and Iran?

  2. Last time I looked, firing on an ally was an act of war. He could have at least attempted to go through the Useless Nimrods (UN) but maybe vacation or golfing was more important.

    Of course, as far as Iran is concerned, he'd never go against his fellow Muslims. I like that though, giving up OUR nukes even as nutjobs get them. I'm sure the world will be more stable because of it.

  3. The HYPOCRATS on capitol hill see thru their own kool-aid glasses. I challenge ANY of them to go thru what our troops go thru and see if they still want to cut our forces short!!As a Navy vet who served during the cold war this burns me to the CORE!I hope the new new GOP batch gets busy--FAST--Allen West of Florida is one!

  4. Crossbow,

    I went through that sh*t when Karter was potus and when BJ Bubba was potus.

    Same old sh*t from the Left.

    I hope that LtCol West runs for POTUS! He would OBLITERATE the community organizer.

  5. The only surprise to me is it took them this long to make the military cuts. Now,along with this,a 78 billion reduction in ALL other departments,I could say OK,equal sacrifice.Ain't going to happen,however. Seems odd though,an administration who has taken profligate spending to a whole new level,would be concerned with saving of a paltry 78 billion.

  6. Clyde,

    That is why I put the link of Nutsy Pelosi's rampant spending for view on this story.

    I wonder how much her USAF plane and free food and free booze on her flights cost us.

    They could save it if Sir Golfsalot stopped his wild vacationing.

  7. Obama and Gates are now saying that they want to cancel the F-35. Guess what aircraft I'm trying to get a job working on.

    Oh well, the Chicoms are building a stealth fighter, and so are the Soviets. Why should we need to use that technology? Our out of date (and nearing the end of their airframe lifespans) F-15s, F-16s, and F/A-18s can keep handling the load of protecting us from Obama's allies.

  8. Craw,

    Yep, and we can thank BJ Bubba for selling a lot of advanced technology to the Chinese, i.e., 4 Axis milling machine then on "no-export" list.


    The libs have a long history of selling us out.

  9. There are withut a doubt people in office who are intentionally weakening our country in every way possible. They have:
    (1) destroyed our petroleum industry;
    (2) destroyed our economy; and now they are
    (3) destroying our military and thus our means to defend ourselves from an evil world.
    They are destroying the military by demoralizing the troops through forcing acceptance of homosexuals in their ranks, defunding weapons systems and downsizing the troop level.
    They should be taken out and shot.
    nix that
    They should be taken out and hung.


    From The Associated Press:
    "In a nod to the tea partiers who put the Republicans in power, GOP lawmakers took time out from their campaign to change the way government works to read the document upon which the government was founded. Democrats went along but pointedly questioned the Republicans' insistence on omitting sections that show how the Constitution has changed over time — such as one that classified a slave as three-fifths of a person."

    Yep, those rightoids loooove the Constitution . . . except, of course, for those parts that they don't. Those parts, of course, can simply be ignored . . . along with historical accuracy, ethics, integrity . . . .

    What a thigh-slapping display of conservative hypocrisy.

    Guess what, guys? The Constitution is not -- repeat, NOT -- immutable holy writ, penned by God or delivered to Tom Jefferson by an angel in full heavenly regalia. The Constitution is a document, written by a bunch of guys before electricity was harnessed, and alterable whenever national consensus deems that alteration is called for (and yes, that includes even the Second Amendment. Tough shit).


    "For the first hour of the recital the Republican side of the chamber was full, while far fewer Democrats occupied the other side. After an hour, the number of Republican listeners also declined."

    So much for absurd and unnecessary ritual.

    Scratch a rightoid and find a liar -- every time.

  11. Gunny,

    Like I said before, the left only panders to the military and veterans before an election with all the bogus flag waving and patriotic posturing. Once the election is over the left always throws the military under the bus.

    Then when the shit hits the fan due to their goofy policies they blame the republicans.

    If their motive is to save money they should cut all the redundant and ineffective departments at the federal level but that of course would pizz off their constituents.

    Liberals never operate in the real world. They exist in an alternative universe devoid of reality and common sense.

  12. After every conflict slows down or ends, the politicians can't wait to cut the military budgets to pieces, RIF'ng personnel , and then expressing shock and dismay when another conflict comes along and we have to play catch-up.

  13. Buck,

    I could not agree more. I love how the libtards whine about gas prices even as they close down onshore and offshore drilling. They truly are the enemies of America.

  14. Ivan the absolute asshat.

    Thanks for showing again, that you know everything about nothing.

    That 3/5ths "rule" was put in so that slave owners could not count their slaves and alter the balance of the slave/free states. If you put down your book of Mao and read some of what the Founders wrote, especially Jefferson, you'd know that they expected slavery to die of natural causes anyway.

    National consensus? Nothing hardly moron. Try reading Article V nitwit.

    Stick to the soviet constitution, you probbaly know that one by heart.

  15. Hardnox,

    Yep, and Ivan and his troll buddy Johnny are perfect examples.

  16. Pack Rat,

    You know the Left, every day is a new day, history is something to be ignored, even as it is being revised by their "scholars."

  17. Ivan,

    You are proof that Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

    We on the right find it amusing that you and yours use the constitution as an ala carte' menu only when it suits you.

    It's a legal document and has served this nation well for 234 years.

    You acknowledge the amendment process but the left's only recourse has been judicial fiat since your brain-dead ideas would never get radification.

    Yes, the reading was symbolic. Get used to it. You might even learn something but that's not likely.

    I recommned that you and your commie buddies get a helmet to keep your heads from exploding. Your cockroach pals will be exposed to daylight in short order and so will the commie policies.

  18. Hardnox, Pack Rat

    Exactly. The politicians pander to the military during every election campaign then once in office it's "F.U." as usual.
    Kinda reminds me of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown to try to kick.
    She always promises not to pull the ball away.
    So he does.
    And she does.
    Every time

  19. Gunny
    Your knowledge of the Constitution amazes me. I didn't know what the 3/5 rule was about until Glenn Beck explained.

    And in an unusual, rare confession, I must say I have to agree with Ivan. In a way.
    I believe the entire Constitution should have been read. Nothing should have been omitted or edited.
    I'm afraid the Republicans have not yet learned.
    A 2x4 works well to get a mule's attention. Might have to use in on a few elephants.

  20. What language in the Article V prohibits amending the constitution when deemed acceptable? And really..."Ivan the Absolute Asshat"?!?! How old are we Bob? Are we not old enough to move childish insults and actually articulate our points through clear, concise and POLITE discussion? Is this the way you would like to represent your military? With childish name calling? This is the problem with politics today, you are all so quick to declare anyone with an opposing ideology an, "Asshat" or "Idiot" No gentlemen, anyone who is educated enough to read, follow and take a interest in civic duty is not an idiot. They may be misinformed but the name calling is getting old and its not scaring anybody. Give it a rest because all you are doing is making yourself look bad.

  21. Buck,

    Don't get me wrong, Ivan WAS right on that part but again, at least they read it. When has THAT happened in our lifetime? It's a start and now it is up to us to hold their damned feet to the fire.

    On the Constitution, I went to private school 1-6 and they taught American history, warts and all. Even in HS, in Conservative Colorado, American history was taught as it was, not the revised crap.

  22. John,

    Evidently, you don't know what the basis of this site is. I want to DESTROY Liberalism and exile those who support it. Historically speaking, your party has done more damage to America than any enemy ever did. If a lib comes here and acts civilly, they get it returned to them but fat too many trolls like Ivan have stopped by.

    Also, I treat your party and your potus just like the Lapdog Media treats Conservatives and how they treated Bush 43.

    Indeed, I treat RINOs the same as Liberals so what is fair, is fair. Can your fellow liberal sites say the same? (Listen to Ed Schultz or Mike Malloy for example or read Newsbusters)

    BTW, there is a HUGE difference between America loving Democrats and the scum in your party today. I simply give back to the Left what they do to the Right. It's called playing hardball and we're now beating you Lefties at your own game.

    Lastly, I don't give a fat baby's ass what anyone thinks about me. I have a mission, the destruction of liberalism and helping any way I can.

    "Marines, no better friend, no worse enemy." Guess which side the Left is on.

  23. John 16:3

    I would say you have not seen Ivan's previous posts/insults or you ignored his "Scratch a rightoid and find a liar -- every time"

    Aen't you being a bit selective in your criticism?

    Yes I know it's John 3:16 as your posting ID

  24. John,

    One more point. Here is your party at work/play.

  25. Gunny,

    The Zombietime website is most enlightening. SF is definitely the mecca for fruits & nuts. It explains why Nutsy is so.... well... er, nutsy. Those folks are her constituents.

    What is comical is how the left freaks out when us conservatives go to a rally and then we are labeled "far right fringe".

  26. John,

    In case you didn't notice. The New Year's resolution from us on the Right is that we are done being polite to those of you on the left.

    We have been polite for decades. In return the left has been hateful, deceitful, and flat out rude to us.

    You had better wrap your head in duct tape to keep your heads from exploding.

    Frankly we are just tired of attempting to have polite exchanges with your side so now we are going to give it to you straight so that you can understand.

    Our new motto: "Still Right but not as polite"

  27. BTW, the 3/5ths rule was forced through by the states which we all now refer to as "Blue States". This was done so that the South wouldn't have representation in congress proportionate to the actual population.

    In other words, the left has always been holding the Blackman down since day one.