Saturday, January 1, 2011


and emits crapulence. THIS steaming pile of dung is what the WaPo calls an expert political journalist? The same douchebag who was behind the JournoList scandal? Now the liberal metrosexual whines that the Constitution is too hard to understand and thus, is not binding because its old? The Gunny has stepped in moose shit that has a higher IQ than Klein. Liberals cannot possibly get any dumber than they already are.


  1. Gunny,

    Klien is indeed a douchebag. I find it ironic that the Left regards the Constitution as an outdated only because it was written "over a hundred years ago".

    Good grief, they just can't get dumber. The problem is he speaks what most liberals actually believe and as always it is a false narrative.

    The Constitution and its 27 amendments and the Bill of Rights have served this country well for over 200 years and it is a legal document.

    It is refreshing that the new congress wants to read it aloud for the first time in 233 years. It's about time.

    Naturally the left will barf on their birkenstocks!!

  2. The government is acting like the schoolyard bully.
    Because we didn't push back when Wilson ignored the Constitution FDR went a little farther. We didn't push back hard enough when FDR violated the Constitution. So "progressive" presidents since have continued to ignore the Constitution. They now are saying it is "living, breathing" whatever that is, and continue to ignore the law of the land.
    Push back is going to come to shove back and they, like the playground bully, will go running, crying to teacher...

  3. Was it written in Chinese??

    This man is brain dead!!(I use the term man loosely)

  4. Happy New Year Gunny. Made it to Yuma,some serious globull warming here. 42 degrees in the frigging desert??WTF?? When I heard this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance open his cake chute,I knew the educational system in this country has EXCEEDED the left's desire to dumb-down the populace. Tools like this one,and the insipid Amy Walter at America's Barack Channel,who espoused the R's had best NOT spend 6 months repealing obamacare,simply prove their plans have been fully implemented. If you haven't
    caught this crap,get over to Drudge,click on ABC staffer tells Republicans link. You'll love it,and some of the comments.

  5. Journalist. The only thing on the planet slimier than a politician.

  6. I guess that's why Liberals can't understand the Bible, it was written hundreds of years ago and it has confusing concepts like truth and honesty.

  7. I just found your blog. Keep up the good work. This fellow must be confusing the reason he believes folks can't understand the Constitution. It probably goes back to their education, doesn't it? They just can't read. The words, precepts, and ideals of our contract with our government are in simple language. Perhaps the folks Ezra is referring to went to the same school as he.

  8. Hardnox,

    Agreed. He's the poster boy for limp-noodle libs!

  9. Buck,

    You need to run for office brother!

    I can't WAIT until we push back again in 2012.

  10. Nanna,

    He is a typical liberal, willfully and blissfully ignorant.

  11. clyde,

    I heard the libs crying for "bipartisanship" now.

    F EM!

  12. Navyvet,

    Shakesphere gave us a good starting point... lawyers. Add Pols and journo-weenies to it.

  13. Jim,


    BTW, I think Ivan is back because he missed you.

  14. SFC USA ret,

    Thanks for your service and the comment.

    Liberals have no common sense and anything sensible and easy is difficult, if not impossible for them to understand.

    I think it comes from their inherent desire to fix things that ain't broke and the need to micromanage other people's lives.