Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Sgt. Sean Collins of Yelm, Washington was killed in action in Afghanistan last month. His senator, Maria Cantwell (D) sent the family a condolence letter but got the name wrong. Evidently, doing five minutes of research was too much for Ol Voter Fraud Cantwell as she referred to Sean as "Bryn." When his father, Lt. Col. Patrick Collins (Ret.) called the White House, to ask that Comrade Blowbama take a few minutes to call Sean's mother and offer condolences, he was told by a libtard that, "Obama did not regularly make phone calls to the families of fallen soldiers." Bush met with the families of hundreds of troops who made the supreme sacrifice for America, yet Zero can't make one frigging phone call to correct a stupidity from one of his fellow Marxists.

Oddly enough, Comrade Douchebag was able to call Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie and offer praise to Lurie for giving convicted felon and absolute scumbag Michael Vick a second chance to play football in the National Felon League. After all, Vick only ran a dog fighting ring that resulted in dead and maimed dogs, and all for money. Maybe Comrade Douchebag was too busy golfing or on smoke breaks to call a mother and tell her that her son's sacrifice was not in vain.




Thank God for the Internet so that we can find out how truly worthless the man-child is.


  1. Gunny,

    You are being polite by calling the resident a douchebag and a disgrace.

    The left loaths the military except during their campaigns and when they want to inflict their utopian ideas.

    I remain disgusted but am hopeful for a neutering with the new congress.

    Two more years of this creep and it's A.M.F.!!!

  2. Attention Liberal Douchebags !!!

    How is that "Hope & Change" shit working out for you so far?

    Please list one, just one thing that the resident has done positive for you.

  3. Obama supports Vick because of his skin color. Would he have done that for a star player who happened to be white? Ohhellno!

  4. oh, and......

    SHAMELESS BLOG PLUG TIME! Not on my blogspot site (can't get it to work right now), but at Red White Blue News......

  5. Hardnox,

    Keep an eye on the Kenyan Usurper, he plans to rule by Executive Order to avoid the GOP congress and "restructured" Senate.

  6. Hardnox,

    You won't get an answer because there is NO answer that they can give that ain't 100% pure Center for American Progress/Soros bullshit.

  7. Crawfish,

    You got that right. As long as Sir Golfsalot gets his reparations by looting the treasury for his homies and his vacations, he's down with it.

  8. Craw,

    GREAT ESSAY and as usual, I can't login there for some stupid reason.

    I posted that quote from Cicero numerous times on the old TH Blog and it is always good to post it again. It seems that Rome had their own problem with liberal parasites.

  9. Found your site a week ago...great to have a place that calls an asspipe an asspipe

  10. Bush made many appearences at the homes of fallen troops which were not in the media because to him it was a private matter, not a press oppertunity. He grieved with these people because he truly cared for these people. I have learned something about liberals and I want to share it. you know the old saying " if you're not a liberal at 18 you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at 30 you have no brain? Well it works the other way just as true. If you're a liberal at thirty you have no heart.

  11. Gotta agree with Hardnox
    A douche bag has a useful purpose.

  12. Gunny. I keep thinking of how you tagged this asswipe as an empty suit very early in his campaign. The liberal fecal diners excoriated you. I just wanna say, you were right on the mark then, and have been ever since.

  13. milwaukeerob,

    Glad to have you here. I calls em likes I sees em. Of course, knowing that the Left HATES the truth and that logic makes their heads explode, is just sweets to the sweet!

  14. Jim,

    You are right on the money about Bush. When the Left mewled that he did not attend funerals, he stated that it would take away from the fallen soldier's funeral.

    Funny, I don't remember BJ Bubba attending any funerals after the shit he caused, i.e., Mogadishsu.

  15. Navyvet,

    Thanks for the kudos. That was on the old TH blog and I took HEAVY FLAK from the Left over it. When I dug up his record in Chicago and the praise that the Democrat Socialists of America gave him and posted THAT, I was getting death threats by the bucketload and posted a lot of them. Ahhh, the good old days.

  16. While Bush certainly was an asshat on most things,I do believe his feelings for the families of fallen troops were real.At least he showed some class,unlike the current asshat.

  17. From President of the United States to

    Putz of the united States!!!

  18. Remember When George Bush was visiting the wounded at Ft.Hood, Hussein Obama was playing golf.
    Remember the picture of George and Laura taken on a cell phone then a week later the pictures of the messiah and Mikhail Obama done by their' photographer.
    Shows you who has what priorities.

  19. clyde,

    Indeed. Bush43 is a RINO but he does have more class than the punk-in-chief.

  20. Jim,

    SALUTE on that one. I'd forgotten about that. The Zero and the First Klingon are about as classless as they come.

    I call them the First Grifters as it is all about what they can get.