Tuesday, January 25, 2011


the lies will flow, and morons will lap it up.


Obama, the nattering nabob, recently mewled that he will "focus laser-like on the economy." Really? The unemployment rate in the US is around 15% if you tabulate ALL of the numbers from the DoL yet the Left, led by the Dear Leader, are as anti-business as Michael Mooreon and Rosie O'Piglet are food friendly! For example, the Demerrhoids passed ObummerKare, much to the displeasure of the American people, in back room deals and shady handjobs, yet today, we read: "3 SEIU Locals Get HealthCare Waivers; SEIU Spent $28M on Obama Campaign." So again, we see that Sir Golfsalot says one thing and does another, and the morons, like Juan McShamnesty (the poster child for TERM LIMITS) yammer about the Kenyan moving to the CENTER! Dear Capitol Police, can we get about 300 piss tests for Congress/Senate because they are smoking crack.

Here are a few of OBAMA's and the LEFT's DEEDS:

Unemployment UP since Jan 2009 to 9.4% (+) (more if you add other numbers).
Americans getting unemployment benefits UP 22.2% since Jan 2009.
Unemployed as of Jan 2009: 11,616.000. NOW at: 14,485,000.
Americans on food stamps UP 35.1% since Jan 2009.
National Debt (Jan 09): $10.6 TRILLION. NOW: $14.3 TRILLION. UP 32.3%.
Crude Oil in Jan 2009: $43.49. NOW: $99. UP 127.7%.
Corn was $3.56/bushel in Jan 2009. NOW: $6.33. UP 60.5%. Corn, BTW, is in EVERYTHING WE EAT as well as livestock feed!
Coffee in Jan 2009 was about $1.50 a pound. NOW: $2.30 a pound. UP 45%.
Sugar (raw) in Jan 2009 was $13.37. NOW: $35.39. UP 164%.
Fannie and Freddie... http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/24/business/24fees.html?_r=2&hp


HOW is that Hopey/Changey working for ya America? Indeed, Ol Barry waves around a book on Reagan, mouths slogans and platitudes that SOUND Conservative in nature, and then we read today: "Renewed Push to Give Obama an Internet 'Kill Switch'. And Obammy wrote an insipid article in the USA Today praising Reagan YET, Zero calls for more spending, more taxes, and more government!

THAT IS NOT REAGANESQUE BARRY! Reagan would NOT try to seize control of the Internet. Reagan CUT taxes (with a liberal-majority Congress BTW), and Reagan would not have slashed the military, military programs like the missile shield, nor would he have BOWED to foreign potentates like King Faud, Hu, Chavez, Castro, the Japanese Emperor, and a few doormen to be named at a later date. Did the Gunny miss any?

McLame says that Barry is moving towards the center after bashing America for FOUR YEARS!? What a complete load of bull squeeze! Rest assured, Barry is gonna trot out Conservative buzzwords at the SOTU screech and the RINOs will nod their stupid heads, like a little plastic doggy in the back of a low-riding Chevy Impala! "Yes," they will puke up, "see, he's moving to the right, he's one of us." Yeah, until the next step in his Soros-led agenda.

For example, the American people want to see the long form and the White House today, led by Baghdad Bob Gibbs, yapped: "White House: 'Birthers' aren't 'rational'." Yeah, wanting to make sure that we have a legal president ala the US Constitution is somehow dorked up yet it was this regime that promised the most transparent administration in our history and on the FIRST FRIGGING DAY that Barry sat in the Oval Office, he generated an Executive Order sealing his records, and the leftists were as silent as a liberal in church! Had Bush 43 done this, the Demmerrhoids would have needed a semi truck load of Preparation H to achieve relief. Hell, Al Sharpton would have rented a riot to protest this and probably shook down the nearest corporation!

No, no, no, Americans should not believe ONE THING that comes out of Little Boy Barry's suckhole tomorrow because it will be one pack of lies from start to finish.

If Barry wants to move right, let's go back to the beginning. One, SHOW THE LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE. If WE are wrong, we'll apologize and move on; if not, paging Darrell Issa. Then, he can release ALL of the forms he locked up. THEN, let's ban the unions, endorse "at-will" employment, stop trying to force "card-check" on businesses, endorse slashing the corporate tax, endorse drilling everywhere, endorse refining, endorse building new nuclear power plants, lead the charge for a balanced budget AND a Constitutional Amendment that keeps the government in check on spending, cut entitlements, CUT TAXES PERMANENTLY, boot the illegal aliens, seal the border, STOP SPENDING, build the military UP, not DOWN, declare global warming pure bullshit, declare green energy pure crap and a waste of time, money, and effort, and CHAMPION AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM! That means STANDING UP for our ALLIES, NO MORE BOWING, and telling our enemies to stick it up where the sun don't shine, and most importantly, PUTTING AMERICA FIRST! EVERY SINGLE TIME. Oh yeah, get that Churchill bust BACK in the Oval Office and let it stare at Barry EVERY DAY!

If he doesn't, it's just more smoke and mirrors from the KING of smoke and mirrors...

(with his teleprompter)



  1. Where do I get my Barry the Bullshitter Action Figure?

  2. I ain't even gonna bother watching. I've got more important things to do.

    Which might include daughter #1 making the decision to put down her first pet, who is suffering with diabetes.

  3. Gunny,

    Spot on brother! Actions do speak louder than words. We must never forget what he has done these last two years. The lamestream keeps telling us to ignore our lying eyes and ears.

    Barry praising Reagan is shameful. The left has been bashing him for 30 years. Anyone paying attention knows this. Barry can't legitimately tack right with all the socialist legislation that was championed by him.

    The GOP better see this tactic for what it is and grow some cajones and call him on it.

  4. C'mon man, you didn't even give Barry for what DID make a come back since he took office...BEDBUGS!

  5. Did you hear about the SOTU drinking game?

    Every time obama says "perfectly clear" or "bipartisan" or "stimulus", you take a drink.

    A sober timer keeps time to see how short a time it takes for everyone to get falling down drunk.

  6. McCain and Colin Powell both up on the tube praising Zero.
    I expected it from Powell as he is a backstabbing POS.
    Arizona screwed up. He played the conservative card at election time and the kindly folks of AZ believed him.
    After AZ foisted this jackass off on us again it kinda makes me wonder just why I have any sympathy for their immigration problems....

  7. Just tape this across the bottom of your TV screen if you watch the show: Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man? Most likely he will be distracted watching the fools in the peanut gallery playing Wee Willie Winkie with one another while they are sitting next to each other. I think they have better things to do than worry about the seating arrangements on the SS Obamatanic.

  8. amen AMen AMEN!!!
    This liar is a professional for sure. That is all he knows how to do. I knew whenthey kept talking about Bill Clinton moving to the center and saving his presidency that O would do the same thing.
    How dare he speak of Reagan!! This makes my blood boil. That name should never pass his purple lips!!
    Just yesterday, or the day before, one of his minions was blaming Reagan for the Iran hostages.

  9. Another good post Gunny. You nailed it. Obongo will talk a big game wanting the American people to think he's being conciliatory, but all the while his policies will continue to be leftist. And, of course, the media will provide cover for him.

    I, like Crawfish, will not watch the speech. I couldn't care less what he has to say. Not to mention all the BS with RINOs and Jackasses holding hands singing kumbaya.

    "A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves." Unknown

  10. Larry,

    I don't know but when I saw that, I laughed like hell.

  11. The Craw,

    Yep, skipping it as well. Hope the SCOTUS does as well.

  12. Hardnox,

    Indeed but I don't think the GOP has the required set of balls yet. Too many old RINO's like McShamnesty in it.

  13. Pack Rat,

    Good thing you're not drinking on uh's, um's, and ah's. Barry would have you drunk in 5 minutes!

  14. Buck,

    McLame played the same card Barry is playing now. HOPEFULLY Americans will see through his bullsh*t better than the AZ clowns did.

  15. clyde,

    I am PRAYING that Joe Wilson is there! haha

  16. Nanna,

    If WE, as a people, examine the deeds of the Left vice listening to their slogans and bumper-stickerisms, they'd NEVER be elected again.

  17. "That name should never pass his purple lips!!" Really NANNA?! I mean is it hard to type with that white robe hanging over your wrists? I guess this makes you the grand dragon Gunny! Quite the constituency you have here. How can you even take yourself seriously?

  18. That was a really mean and racist thing to say Nanna, I agree completely with the Gunnys post here but comments like that allow the libs to manipulate the good work of the writer.