Monday, January 31, 2011


Think  my friends, WHAT is one of the COMMON themes with this illegal president?

PAYBACK for his homeys, that's what! Another is his oppression and attacks on those who stand in the way of his agenda. But PAYBACK is what we're looking at now.

Think about it for a second. The unions here in the US fund ACORN, fund Obama's campaign, back his seizure of GM and Chrysler, supply thugs to beat down his opponents ala Nazi Brownshirts, supply phony doctors in white coats to sell ObammyKare, and their payback is numerous waivers from ObammyKare as well as a chunk of GM/Chrysler (in addition to their phat benefit plans)! In fact, SEIU CORE-PAC shelled out over 13 MILLION for Barry and Barry has hooked them up ever since, meeting with their former president Ol' Andy Stern to hatch their little socialist plans, and shelling out $2,250,000 (plus) to them! Obama was an organizer for the SEIU and SEIU returned the favor in 2008, as they performed door-to-door "get out da vote" for Barry, voter identification and registration, phonebanks, and more than likely, a wee bit of voter fraud. The BIG payoff came with mega-socialist Andy Stern getting put on Obammy's debt commission (now THAT really IS FUNNY!) and another SEIU minion, Anna Burger, now representing SEIU and the other corrupt unions at the National Labor Relations Board. IS OBAMA STACKING THE DECK OR WHAT?

Then, AARP jumps into the ObammyKare fray and sells out, getting a nice little payback from Barry, with AARP hoping to make bank on selling additional insurance to the sheeple. Sweet deal huh?

Hey Barry, can we get a round of ObammyKare waivers over here or what?

And WHO can forget Barry hooking up his Sugar Daddy Soros with a few BILLION to Petrobras, even as Barry removes the competiton (US drilling) fom the playing field. Quite the hookup huh?

Why, back in 2009, Barry even paid off the Alaskan libretard, State Senator Kim Elton, who initiated the bogus Troopergate scandal, trying to tar then Governor Sarah Palin, with a tasty position as the Director of Alaskan Affairs at the US Interior Department. Yet ANOTHER federal department that needs to GO AWAY!

In fact, Obammy's Porkzilla was just one big payoff plan to his homeys, following Sir Golfsalot's modus operandi of using public funds to pay off his pals. The bottom line is that we could fill a VOLUME listing all of Barry's paybacks from the time he was a State Senator on.

So all of this made the Gunny wonder WHY Obama is selling out Egypt to the Islamic radicals and then BAM! like a 155mm HE shell landing at his feet, it hit the Gunny...


Yes indeedy do, Obama is paying back his homeys for manning those phone banks in Gaza for him. (June 2010, 400 million dollar US taxpayer funded aid package to Gaza.)

Not only does he hook up Hamas members with unfettered migration to the US (for overseeing those phone banks) but also for those lovely Palestinians who manned those phone banks for him, raising big money in 2008. Why, he even takes an anti-Israel stance for them (although not a hard thing for Barry, the Gunny is sure.)

But then, what about the untraceable millions and millions that came in through those phone banks, via foreign credit card? Could it have come from the Muslim Brotherhood? Could it have come from Iran? Could it have come from Hezbollah members? Could it have come from Egyptian radicals who are now standing to gain from all of the rioting in Egypt?

"We don’t mind–actually we like Mr. Obama. We hope he will (win) the election and I do believe he is like John Kennedy, great man with great principle, and he has a vision to change America to make it in a position to lead the world community but not with domination and arrogance."
Ahmed Yousef, political adviser of the anti-Israel terrorist group Hamas. (WABC radio)

To lead America? Barry went to his daughter's BB game and then went to an AMF party with David Axelroid (Good riddance to that corrupt SOB) while Egypt burns. And his SuckState? Hitlery "I dodged sniper bullets in Bosnia?" Klintoon? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So it really is easy to figure out that Sir Golfsalot is merely paying back his Muslim buddies for that hook up in 2008. This sabotage of Egypt's leader, Hosni Mubarak, serves three purposes for the Kenyan Usurper. One, he pays back his pals and two, radical Muslims get another two or three nations (domino effect) that surround Israel, and three, the balance of power is upset in the Middle East, with the US shown as an unreliable ally and our position now untenable. We again lose national honor, just like we did under Jimmy "the dhimmi" Carter! The loss of the Suez Canal will cripple oil shipments to the West, driving up oil prices and gas prices, just as Barry wanted. Our economy will grind to a halt and Barry can finally be happy.

And leftists wonder why many of us have absolutely NO respect for the Kenyan Usurper.



  1. Okay, the joke's over. Bring back Carter. He'd be an improvement.

  2. Good post Gunny. You forgot about the 900 million to Hamas in January 2009.

    There are now over 500 exemptions to ObummerCare.

    As always with this cast of clowns...follow the money.

    I hope the new House defunds this train wreck.

    Also, the congress needs to pass a "daylight" clause for campaign finance.

  3. Great post Gunny (as usual)
    This whole thing with Egypt makes me nervous. Need a lot of prayers that things settle down, No help from our partying prez!!

    There were several states that had communists marching yesterday calling for riots in the US. some werecarrying signs that said "Yes we can"
    What idiots!!!
    I don't recognize my country any more! Thanks to a puppet in the White House.
    Don't forget to pray!!!!!

  4. The waiver list is up to over 700 now. 2/3 of them have gone to...wait for it...unions. Imagine that. One minor correction,if I may,Guns. The SEIU head thief is Andy Stern,not Stark. Damn good post.

  5. Hardnox,

    Good post and I would add that Issa needs to hire an army of investigators to bust out this regime.

  6. Nanna,

    It's a real mess and Barry is clueless.

  7. clyde,

    Good catch. I put those in to check my readers! haha

  8. I read somewhere the other day (James Lewis @ American Thinker maybe) that community agitator actually translates commie organizer. Fits Jow Blob bamster to a tee.

    I swear at the LA party for his mussy buddy kahlidi a few short years back that he and moochelle were Ubangi dancin chantin Death to America, Death to Israel.

  9. The government never seems to call it what it is.
    Mao was an "agrarian reformer".
    Nobody read between the lines on that one.
    So was Castro. Nobody read between the lines on that one, either.
    And the government is still pretending Chavez is anything but an anti-American communist.
    So when they say it is time for Mubarak to go I say it is time for us to ask, "Why? Who do they have in mind to replace Mubarak?"
    Whomever, I guarantee he will not be pro-American.

  10. Buck,
    The problem with the Left is that they are stuck on stupid. They believe in the kumbaya notion that "democracy" is actually possible within the confines of Islam. The only reason, Egypt, Saudi, Libya, and the other autocratic governments maintain any type of stability was due to their keeping radical islam at bay.

    No doubt everyone has already heard that their Jesse & Al mullahs in exile are all returning to their homelands to stir up more shit and reap the spoils. Their kool-aid drinkers will no doubt have buyer's remorse as well like in Iran. Too bad once Sharia law is in place it will take decades to undue, if ever.

    The only way for democracy to florish is for the people to abandon Islam. I ain't holding my breath.

  11. The Israelis know what side Obama's on....that of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  12. Yeah, Crawfish is right.
    Bring back Jimmy Carter

    At least Rosalynn had some class