Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You know, Liberals are simply what a dog leaves behind on the ground about three hours after a good meal. Take, for example, the moronic Mayor of New York City, the same idiot who evidently was chilling in the Bahamas while his constituents were under about 4 feet of snow, people could not get to work, ambulances could not get to homes, union workers were sleeping on the job (THAT'S A SURPRISE HUH!?), and life in the over-taxed liberal Hellhole was even worse than normal.

So what does this two-legged douchebag do? Does he, say, investigate the union's sloppy handling of the snow? Nope. Does he investigate the city's handling of the storms? Nope. Does he investigate the myriad of other crimes that plague his city? Nope. Does he think of new ways to help his bedbug-ridden city? Nope. In fact, the Leftist douchebag once AGAIN sends strawman gun buyers into another state to preform illegal acts and of course, according to the email the Gunny got back from the BATF, ain't nothing gonna happen to Bumbutt. Maybe John "Love Puppy" Leftwards was right, there really IS two Americas, legally speaking that is. One for the rich, one for the rest of us.

But here is a little history about Ol Lefty Bumbutt that maybe y'all did not know.

1.  He is the founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). This is nothing less than a civilian run gun grabber and disarmament Leftist organization. Guess who the CEO is? If you guessed another famous gun grabber, the mayor of the murder capital of the US for decades, Mayor Daley of Chicago, give yourself a pat on the back. The wonders if Soros is a shadow member?

But wait...there's more.

As with any liberal group, most of its members are felon, ex-cons, or other assorted scumbags.

2.  Former Racine Wisconsin Mayor Gary Becker, is under five felony indictments for child pornography, attempted child sexual assault and child enticement. He resigned after pleading not guilty. He later received a three year felony sentence in prison.

3.  Former Guttenberg New Jersey Mayor David Delle Donna was indicted under federal extortion and mail fraud charges. He was convicted in 2008 and got four years and three months in federal prison. (Club Fed)

4.  A SERIOUS liberal criminal by the name of Mayor Sheila Dixon, mayor of crime-ridden Baltimore, was indicted in 2009 on not one, not two, but TWELVE criminal counts:
     a.  four counts of perjury
     b.  two counts of misconduct
     c.  three counts of theft
     d.  three counts of fraudulent misappropriations.

This is the mayor who used gift cards intended for the poor for her own personal purchases. And naturally, libs looking out for libs, she got "probation before judgment" which allows her to keep her $83,000 a YEAR pension.

5.  A serial scumbag by the name of Mayor Jerramiah Healy was convicted for obstruction of justice in 2007 and more recently, he was implicated in the corruption sweep in New Jersey involving the sale of body parts and money laundering. Not indicted. Imagine, a felon as the mayor of Jersey City. HILARIOUS! Maybe they can elect Tony Soprano next! HAHAHAHA!

6.  Former DETROIT Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was arrested, convicted, and subsequently jailed for 99 days. Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to two felony obstruction of justice charges stemming from his efforts to cover up an extramarital affair. He also assaulted a police officer attempting to serve a subpoena on a Kilpatrick friend in that case. The charges and allegations (not all against this loser lib himself) were:

     a.  marital infidelity
     b.  conspiracy
     c.  perjury
     d.  corruption
     e.  murder.

Oh, the Feds also nabbed him on a 19-count indictment says the EX-mayor used his nonprofit Civic Fund for relatives' tuition, polling, yoga and golf lessons.

7.  Another slimy liberal, former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford was investigated in 2007 on corruption charges. (SEC) In 2008, a lawsuit was filed against him for illegally accepting $156,000 in cash and benefits. December 2008, he was arrested by the FBI on a 101 count indictment. Got that? ONE HUNDRED AND ONE COUNTS OF LIBERAL SCUMBAGGERY!

     a.  conspiracy
     b.  bribery
     c.  fraud
     d.  money laundering
     e.  filing false tax returns (connected to a long-time bribery scheme.)

His trial ended on October 28, 2009 with convictions on 60 counts, and resulted in his automatic removal from office.

8.  New resident of Hell and former Jackson (MS) Mayor Frank Melton, before he joined Ted Kennedy, was under felony indictment on civil rights charges but back in 2006, this member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns pled guilty to a firearms charge! He was armed with a concealed pistol. He pulled a liberal, ignored the Constitution, and conducted a raid without a warrant to "bust up" a duplex apartment, accompanied by a group of youths that were not sworn law enforcement officers. In November 2006, he pleaded no contest to three misdemeanor charges: carrying a gun in a park and in a church, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Do as I say, Not as I do, right Frank? (The Liberal Mantra)

9.  Former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez was indicted:

     a.  bribery
     b.  fabricating evidence
     c.  conspiracy to fabricate evidence felony charges.

He refused to step down as Hartford's mayor. (Gotta love that liberal chutpaz!) He trial was set for February, 2010 but on September 2, 2009, Ol Lefty Perez was busted for first-degree larceny by extortion, stemming from a no-bid parking lot contract. Even though this liberal asshat said he would stay in office, he was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison.

10.  Passiac New Jersey's old Mayor, one Samuel Rivera, was convicted of corruption, influence peddling, and extortion charges. Sentenced to 21 months in prison.

11.  Austin Texas had a libstain named Will Wynn as Mayor until he was convicted of a Class C misdemeanor for a choking assault on a man who had crashed a party.

So there we have it folks. A collection of scumbag liberals, out to piss on the Second Amendment, while using their offices to enrich themselves, their families, and other liberal criminals, led by the moron who banned transfats, salt, cigs, etc., is a city festering with rats, bedbugs, crime, taxes, a crumbling infrastructure, fleeing businesses, etc., but hey, those evil bad nasty guns really ARE the problem.

Maybe one day, we'll have a government that actually charges scumbags like Bumbutt, for violating the Federal Firearms Act of 1968, among various state laws, and a BATF that actually goes after CRIMINALS, not law-abiding citizens or legal gun dealers along our Southern border. Maybe. 

But there IS HOPE my friends, (not the Hopey/Changey that Dopey promised) because states are waking up to the 10th Amendment AND taking charge like South Dakota is, putting forth a bill requiring ALL LEGAL CITIZENS TO OWN A FIREARM!

Suck on THAT ONE NYC Mayor Strawman.

(Endorses 9/11 mosque - fights against the Constitution)
(in other words, a liberal)



  1. I can't stand this little weasley jerk. He has his nose in everyone's business!! He is another narcissist that needs to be brought down. He acts like a little Chavez, or Castro.
    One can hope that when he is gone from the New York scene that he will stay out of politics, or at least go back to the democrat party where he started!!
    Good post Gunny!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, I read about Bloomberg's latest "sting" this morning. The guy's the dimmest of bulbs.

    He can't even run his own city, but he has to go running AAAAAAAAAAAAALL the way across the country to try to make noise in Arizona, a state full of people who probably despise Nooo Yawkers more than anyone else in the country.

    "Douchebag" is completely appropriate.

  3. Nanna,

    I think that he elected himself Mayor for life! haha

  4. BrianR,

    I had no idea that his organization was so full of scumbag criminals!

  5. Didn't this buttmunch get bitch-slapped over fraudulent gun buys in Virginia a few years ago? One thing about Bloomberg,like most libtards,he IS persistent. Persistently WRONG,but persistent. BTW,as to Kwame,the judge sent his ass back to the hoosegow for failure to abide by the terms of probation. His dad is going down,his BFF Ferguson is going down HARD,as are quite a few of the scumbags. BUT,in a recent poll,63% of Detroit residents said they would vote for him AGAIN. WHAT THE HELL is it about people in large urban areas who DO NOT think before they vote.

  6. It's hard to understand liberal thinking sometimes.
    It means nothing to them that places with the lowest crime rates are NOT places with the toughest gun laws.
    But they just don't see it for some reason.

  7. clyde,

    No, the ATF did NOTHING to Bloomberg the first time he did this and NOTHING will be done now.

    They (inner city scum) are stupid parasites and will vote for whomever promises them the biggest handout.

  8. Gunny,
    More truth than fiction in your statement.:-)

    BTW...It's feeling more like your neck of the woods here today, than Oklahoma!!

  9. Good post.

    I read about this last night. The y blather on about buying two nines. I wonder how many Gun show attendees turned them down and how much above the asking price they offered before someone sold them the nines. Also, did they have false AZ resident papers?

    The douche outta spend more time worrying about the homicide rate but deflection is every lefty's recourse.

  10. Last time I bought a gun, the form asked (under penaly of fines and prison) if I was buying for someone else.
    So, technically, the guy who Bloomberg used is now a fellon as well as Bloomberg.

  11. Even though I don't live in South Dakota, you have to admire the man that proposed that all citizens in South Dakota (who are not legally prevented from doing so) MUST own a firearm. I even like how the proposed bill gives the choice of the type firearm owned to the citizens (rifle, handgun, shotgun, machine gun, etc.).

    As for Mayor Boombutt (spelling intentional) of the Big Apple, he is an arrogant b*stard. I hope the good people of New York vote him out of office ASAP.

  12. I heard Bloomberg was going to OKC to tell them how to remove snow (satire alert).
    And then he was going to show New Orleans how to prepare for a hurricane.

  13. I am with ya. Via Florida.