Wednesday, February 23, 2011


How much more will our economy have to take the shaft from the Liberal morons before Americans finally FORCE the government to start drilling like we SHOULD have been doing ALL ALONG?

Remember when the liberal idiots laughed at Palin when she said: "Drill Baby Drill?" Tina Fey and the other juveniles clucked like hens over and made fun of it but again, the old adage of: "he who laughs LAST, laughs BEST!" rings true again. The joke is on this corrupt regime and the liberal dipsticks like Obama what with his no-drilling moratorium. 

Whoda thunk it that the crumbling Middle East would bring the decades of liberal lies and myths, like a turd in a punch bowl, to the surface? Liberal idiots mewled that it would take YEARS to drill and bring it to market, whaa, whaa, whaa. And if we HAD started drilling back then, the oil would BE at the market now, we WOULD be refining now, and we could sit back and watch the crumbling of our enemies into chaos and confusion, and not have to worry about it affecting our economy.

As the late great John Belushi would say, "but noooooooooooooooo," the idiots [liberals] stood by Owl Gore and the other enviro-nazis, and slapped down bogus lawsuit after bogus lawsuit, keeping Americans from harvesting the natural resources we now desperately need. Will Americans have to shiver in the dark while we live atop lakes of oil and natural gas? Will we allow scumbags like John "Kill Em All" Holdren and the other enviro-freaks to let us freeze to death while THEY, like Owl Gore, live in 20,000+ sq ft mansions, well-heated and well-cooled? What will it take for Americans to grab these enviro-nazis by the scruff of the neck and hang them up by their heels for a Mussolini-type experiment!?

Back in 2008 when we enjoyed $100.00 tanks of gas, truckers who were spending on average, $850 to fill their 250-gallon fuel tanks, began to pay over $1,100! For you dumbass liberals, that was a rise of over 40%. That was all the result of a DEMOCRAT MAJORITY CONGRESS RUN BY NUTSY BALONEY! Yes, it was the LIBERALS who prevented Americans from drilling in a area comparable to the size of a POSTAGE STAMP, when set on the flight deck of the USS Ronald Reagan, up in ANWR. Yes, it is LIBERALS who have sabotaged oil drilling on the North Slope of Alaska, to the point where the pipeline, an engineering FEAT, may end up being shut down because of the LACK of oil flowing through it. ANWR alone is ESTIMATED to be over TEN BILLION barrels, or enough oil to last us 19 YEARS when compared to the 1.5 million barrels we import from Saudi Arabia. No fear of Iranian kooks. No fear of riots by those "secular" Muslim Brotherhood kooks.

WHO was it that killed the construction of new oil refineries? That would be Jimmy the Dhimmi Karter and the Demerrhoids back in 1976. (Liberalism, like VD, is the gift that keeps on giving.)

WHO was it that killed the construction of new nuclear power plants? Demerrhoids.

WHO is it that allows Americans to go jobless? Demerrhoids.

WHO weakens the nation through economic stupidity? Demerrhoids.

Maybe one day in the future, our economy will run on fuel squeezed out of useless liberals but that day AIN'T TODAY! (More's the pity!) This nation RUNS ON OIL libs, deal with it. The Left pulls their hair, wails, and gnashes their teeth over imaginary threats to the poor Delta smelt and wide-open tundra (wasteland), even as our petrodollars sponsor global terrorism, Islamofascists, and friends of Jimmy the Dhimmi Carter and Obama (PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah, etc.)

So let us THANK Imam Obama and his fellow myrmidon Ken Salazar, as they defy a Federal Court on the drilling moratorium, and liberals in general, for putting America behind the eight-ball, as they did prior to WW1, WW2, Korea, Bay of Pigs, in fact, just about every sh*tty thing that has happened to America can be laid at the feet of the Demerrhoids. It is Imam Obama, the clueless naif from Kenya who has imposed massive new regulations, higher taxes, more restrictions, and ignored a Federal Court order that has negatively impacted OUR domestic oil production but NOT the oil production of his buddies like Soros (Petrobras) or his commie buddies in Cuba, China, or Venezuela, who are currently drilling the Gulf of Mexico.

Yes, let us THANK Imam Obama for:

1. Delaying offshore drilling.
2. Cancelling existing permits and then ALL drilling.
3. Higher taxes on American energy production. "I will bankrupt the coal industry." Obama 2008
4. Allowing the EPA to run amok.
5. Putting a moron named Stephen Chu in charge of energy.

"I wish that the gas prices would have rose more gradually." Obama 2008.
"I hope the US boosts the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." Stephen Chu

Let us remember in the future that the previous 25 years BAN on drilling on most of the Outer Continental Shelf was due to a DEMOCRAT MAJORITY Congress, back in 1986. This regime DOES NOT want America OR Americans to prosper. This regime wants to CRIPPLE America, putting US at the mercy of our enemies. Oddly enough, many of these super-rich libs, like Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, Nutsy Baloney, etc, are directly responsible for this and yet, own private jets. Must be nice not having to have the TSA perform a cavity search just to frigging fly somewhere. And was it not the Nutsy Baloney Congress that tried to foist a MASSIVE TAX on our energy through cap and trade, backed by vermin like McShamnesty and Grahamnesty?

"Under my plan of cap and trade, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket." Obama 2008

Let us remember that it was Imam Obama and this regime, along with an agency gone rogue, the EPA, that tried to slap a tax on carbon dioxide, which would also hamper ANY oil and natural gas production. And then imposed a carbon cap on us through the EPA.

Let us remember that it was this regime that tried to slap a massive new gasoline tax on us through their crap and tax bill in the DEMERRHOID MAJORITY Senate, led by Dingy "SEIU voter fraud" Reid!

Let us remember that THIS REGIME LIED TO AMERICANS when they claimed that they had consulted with experts who told them to slap down a moratorium. Guess what? They didn't and the experts outed the regime (but the Lapdog Media ignored it).

Let us remember that TWO federal courts on THREE separate occasions stated that the ban was ILLEGAL yet this regime IGNORES IT.

"lifting this moratorium makes me uncomfortable." Ken Salazar.

Let us remember that thousands of good paying jobs have left for other nations around the world, leaving Americans unemployed and getting gut-punched at the pumps. This is going to hurt us for DECADES unless we fire this regime and get adult supervision (Conservatives NOT RINOs) back in charge.

Let us remember that it was Bush43 who lifted the executive ban in July 2008 and let us ALSO remember that it was the Meddler-in-Chief who REINSTITUTED IT!



(but the Gunny hears he coaches a mean game of basketball...)


  1. What these idiots do not get,is when the price of fuel,no matter gas or diesel,rises,that cost DOES get passed along.You like fresh produce? It takes FUEL to plant,harvest,transport,and market it. Same with EVERYTHING else we use. Ship by train? Duhhh,diesel powered. Truck? Same thing.While today there are surcharges to the purchaser of the fuel for road transport,it STILL results in raising the price. I remember paying those $1000 fuel bills,when there was NO mechanism to recover the increased costs.The shippers will only pay just so much to get their shit moved.That doesn't begin to address those who use heating oil for their homes,or oil-fired power plants. How can a political party be so DAMN stupid is beyond me.

  2. Clyde,

    Exactly right. Cotton is the highest it has been since the CIVIL WAR! Farmers have to pay more and then, so do we.

    "A man with a full stomach does not take to the streets in anger." Arab proverb

  3. clyde,

    Meant to add, they're SO STUPID because they're nothing but Alinsky ideologue and socialist parasites.

  4. Great piece.

    I had a longer comment but the system ate it. The gist of it was that I'd like to know your thoughts on the EPA, specifically pertaining to he delta smelt.

    Thanks, again, for a great read.

  5. Gunny,

    Excellent post!!!!!!! The left lives in an alternative universe. Of that there is no doubt.

    On the occasion when I chat with a lefty about "alternative energy" they always prattle on about plugging in. I ask into what? They answer into the wall socket of course (with a condescending snear). Then I ask where does the power come from? Then I get a DUH! Never fails.

    I have spent hundreds of hours researching solar energy in order for me to go "off grid". I have concluded that it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. I have a super energy efficient home (that I built myself) and still it would cost $250K just for the materials. WTF?????

    Further, I checked into solar for my barn. $10K just to run a dorm room refrigerator!!!!

    The left clings to the utopian idea of non-fossil or non-nuclear energy production but they cannot come up with ONE single example where it actually works economically.

    Wind turbines are a loser too since the wind doesn't always blow unless its installed near Zero's teleprompter.

    Plus, if the user is anal-retentive in maintaining fluid levels they might, just might, achieve 8 years of duty life from storage batteries. Next question: what do we do with all the friggin batteries since they are a hazardous waste???

    Alternative green energy is a joke and a fraud of the highest order akin to this Global Warming bullshit and must be exposed as such.

    Sorry for the long post but this pisses me off.

  6. They had a driller on local radio here some time back. They ask him about how long it would take to retrieve oil from ANWAR. He said 6 weeks from the time he left Oklahoma he could be pumping.
    And Oklahoma has lots of drillers, tool pushers, worms, derick hands and all the folks with all the experience to do the job.
    It ain't the time to get the oil. What we need is the refineries...
    The states should declare 10th Amendment rights and start drilling oil and building refineries.
    Right Now!!!

  7. Chris,

    Thanks for the comment. The EPA is a rogue agency that has grown too big for their britches.

    Mankind has dominion over animals and NO HUMAN should suffer loss of life, liberty, or the pusuit of happiness over a two inch bait fish! Nor should generational farms and human food production be hampered for it. Those responsible should be charged with crimes against humanity! This is how crap like the Holodomor in the USSR gets started!

  8. Hardnox,

    What makes the Left's position there so untenable is that 50% of our electricit comes from COAL! haha. I'm curious about all of the hybrid batteries now beginning to go south and need replacing and disposal.

  9. Buck,

    And since the LAST refinery we build was in 1976...

    We have them up here but NO OIL for them anymore, thanks to the enviro-nazis in Anchorage.

  10. Gunny,

    My friend's wife (a tree-hugger)has one of those hybrids that needs new batteries to the tune of $3,000. The dealership has also told her that the gas engine will need rebuilding soon ($4,000) due to all the cold starts.

    My friend estimated that the hybrid car costs about $4 a mile to drive. Plus it has absolutely no resale value beyond a boat anchor.

  11. Hardnox,

    Sorry to hear of your friend's luck but I am made happy at the thought of countless libidiots who are gonna feel that sme sting in THEIR wallets/purses. When libs get f-d over by the sh*t they espouse, it's pure joy to me.

  12. Gunny:

    " When libs get f-d over by the sh*t they espouse, it's pure joy to me."

    They'll just blame Bush.

  13. Gunny,

    Ha, ha! My friend and I had a good laugh at her expense for the very same reason. The libs never consider the laws of unintended consequences. We tried to tell her before she bought the POS, but noooooo she had to do her part to save Gia.

    Another friend, a pro fire fighter, has informed me that all fire fighting personnel around the country must undergo special hazmat training now because of the batteries in cars. Again more unintended consequences that have BIG pricetags.

  14. Damn you Gunny! I was working on a similar blog! Every point I was going to make, you hit! Good for you (must be nice to have the time! Well, once the economy takes the hit from gas prices we can kiss his second term good bye and he can kiss my butt!

  15. Jim,

    Publish it amigo! This is an attack on multiple fronts!

    Here is a great read on the very subject!

  16. You droolers are morons, I've never in my life seen a bunch of retards as brainwashed as you simpletons are. The only good thing about you douchebags is that most of your old racist asses will be dead by November 2016, proving there indeed is a God.

  17. Anon,

    Were you going to address the essay or simply give us a great example of leftist civility?

    Dead by Nov 2016? You're assuming that Barry the bungler will be reelected?


  18. Anon,

    Your posts are getting deleted because like a lefty, you hide behind your keyboard. Please stop that and repost with a handle because your posts are hilariously STUPID and my readers who love to read em!

  19. Thanks for the blog and expressing your views, but I respectfully disagree. Since all fossil fuels are finite resources and we are consuming them at an alarming rate, the most conservative thing we can do is try to use less through efficiency and work hard to develop alternatives. We need to make sure we look out for the next generations, too.