Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What is happening in America is a counterrevolution, a revolution of the people, by the people, and for the people. WE are fighting for the future of America while they, the scumbag union pukes in Madison, are fighting not only for THEIR pensions but for the fully-funded pensions and pay for their union bosses. Why should the people pay 95% of the pensions for the unions? Because some previous Demerrhoid Governor bought off on it, to keep his union support at the polls and the graveyards? Bullshit. Right now in America, the erupting Conservative revolution is beginning to put strains on the liberals, who have to bus protesters in and pay them, and then have to suffer when pictures of these squirming maggots, who deface and trash our nation, surface.

The next step is to force them to fight defensive battles in every spot across the nation.

Since a lot of our leaders have not been in the military, a point of military strategery might help them in the effort to crush the festering pustule of liberalism from sea to shining sea.

The OODA loop is crucial in the Marine Corps’ maneuver warfare effort. It stands for the recurring cycle of: "observe-orient-decide-act." It is vital in the effort to observe the enemy, orient your forces, decide on the event, and then act. For example, the Tea Party’s quick reaction in Madison prevented the Demerrhoid backed unions (also backed by Little Barry the Clown) from having it all their own way. The Tea Party was able to insert themselves into the process and disrupt the liberal scumbags from intimidating Governor Walker, like they’ve done in the past, across the nation. Hell, one pussy RINO tried to compromise ALREADY but the Governor is standing fast. Kudos Governor Walker.

Soros owns the Demerrhoids and is their sugar daddy. Make him pay at every turn because again, we in the Tea Party arrives on our dime, the leftists have to PAY for their protesters, buses, lunches, etc. We are non-violent, they aren’t. We keep our protest area neat and clean, they’re pigs. So by "getting inside their decision cycle" we can bleed them dry. For example, the leftist vermin are going to protest in the Mall, again, bought and paid for by Soros, so let us get Tea Party rallies across the nation, thus draining media from the leftists as well as forcing them to gin up their efforts to compete. This drains them of the time to train their drones into not being violent; not being pigs, not being maggots, etc, and then we expose their poltroonery to the media, caught on film for the consumption of red-blooded Americans nationwide, i.e., Breitbart, The Blaze, Fox, etc.

Thus, we observe and report the raw information on which future decisions and actions are based. So when we observe an act like Governor Walker’s asskicking of the corrupt union, our previous experience with the ProgStats shows us that they’ll bus in paid protesters and try to intimidate the politician(s) involved. We counter protest to show OUR support and we get there, "the firstest with the mostest." By using their own tactics against them, we force them OUTSIDE of their decision cycle and insert OURSELVES into it. In essence, WE force THEM to react to us, spending money all along the way and as they spend, we track it and expose it. Follow the money. Our buzzword is tempo! By operating at a faster tempo than the global ProgStats, we dictate the rhythm of the events vice the ProgStats and that sows confusion and disorder among our enemies, and they ARE our enemies, we must face that fact. THEY stand against everything WE stand FOR!

For example, we use the media BETTER than they do now, and have more viewers, i.e., Fox, Beck, Rush, Brietbart, etc., and can use them to highlight the perfidy of the left, say, the massive pay that Wisconsin teachers get and their fine pension and benefits, all paid for by Wisconsin taxpayers, as we bring in the Wisconsin Tea Party to counter protest, with media coverage showing up at the same time, oddly enough. We move faster than the liberal enemy who cannot adapt, who then has to react in a way that they cannot control, which allows for the true nature of the thuggish left to erupt out of control. And then we expose that in the media for all to see. We can also use this against Little Boy Barry since he always comes down on the wrong side of American values ANYWAY! He SUPPORTS the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, we ask why. He SUPPORTS the parasitic union drones in Madison, we ask why. Every time Obama shows a hint of confusion, or he over/under reacts to events or conditions, it gets splayed across numerous networks, which also forces the Lapdog Media to react, and either say the truth or cover for him, which puts them in a further bad light with the American people.

How do we do this? We funnel every bit of confusion, chaos, and uncertainty their way. We create more trouble for them on all fronts, knowing OUR strategery is to upset their apple cart and ultimately bring them down. Consider a protest by, say, the SEIU. We KNOW that they are paid thugs with low IQs and we can factor that into our counter protest. We consider any cultural traditions of unions, i.e., violence, lies, corruption, anti-Americanism, etc, and factor that in as well. We know that they usually have scumbag anarchists in their ranks who are little more than violent arrested developed juveniles, and factor that in as well. So we have plenty of media coverage and our people are non-violent and use the legal system to our advantage by "detaining" the violent until they’re arrested or removed. We have gotten inside their "OODA Loop" and turned their event against them. We generate the opportunities for our side as we take control of the situation and force them to react to us. We force the Left to defend their ideology, their actions, and their values and beliefs on every front and guess what; their house of lies will crumble.

In yet another situation, Republican governors begin to implement the 10th Amendment and retake the land illegally held by the Federal Imperial Government. This is especially important since after November 2010, we retook numerous states away from the Left and we can do this easily. They file numerous lawsuits on multiple fronts, forcing the Feds to react. Say Governor Parnell opens up the North Slope to drilling and jobs and revenue flourish. The Left steps in and tries to stop it through their enviro-nazis. Governor Parnell then puts them on display as anti-business, anti-Alaska, anti-jobs, and then goes a step further to expose WHERE THEIR PAYCHECKS COME FROM! We dictate, they react, we win, and they lose. THAT is why Little Boy Barry is SO afraid of the 10th Amendment and state sovereignty. If we don’t need HIM, we starve the beast. Indeed, a good general knows when he has been defeated or thwarted, when to consolidate his losses and retreat if necessary. His army survives to fight another day! The Left, led by a wannabe demigod, ALWAYS doubles down on their losses because the ideology of liberalism IS to reinforce stupidity and failure with more money and more effort; which drags along the dumbass drones in their party along with the Lapdog Media! Multiple wins on multiple fronts! The time to fight is now. If we lose, we're done.

You have no enemies, you say?
Alas, my friend, the boast is poor;
He who has mingled in the fray
Of duty, that the brave endure
Must have made foes! If you have none,
Small is the work that you have done.
You've hit no traitor on the hip,
You've dashed no cup from perjured lip,
You've never turned the wrong to right,
You've been a coward in the fight.

Charles MacKay ( 1814- 1889 )
(one of the Gunny's favorites)


  1. Gunny, you are a genius! I shared this post at that page I run and again, I salute you, sir.

  2. Dear Gunny,I love what you stand for ,I also love that poem,
    You are a great American.GOD bless you!

  3. Whats upsetting as a taxpayers of Wisconsin is to see our capital taken over by these out state union drones and real live communists ...why do I have to see these dirty greasy protesters that have never even been here before sleep in and trash our statehouse?!..Jesse fing Jackson twice in a week?!...my state senator (chris "the thief" Larson) spending my tax dollars in Illinois!?

  4. "...ideology of liberalism IS to reinforce stupidity and failure with more money and more effort,..."
    Plus the fact that looking back on communist revolutions from 1917 on, liberalism is willing to spend not only the working man's money to reinforce their failure but also his life. Liberally. Without remorse.

  5. Excellent article Gunny! (And so true!)

    We are in a revolution RIGHT NOW. Thankfully it is not a shooting revolution; although knowing the Liberals/Socialists as we both do, who knows what the Leftist Idiots might try. We must continue to push the enemy every chance we get. And looking at the "trash" the Left bussed into protest in Wisconsin, I cannot see how we will fail.

    (Also, a personal thank you for quoting one of America's greatest tactical military leaders, Nathan Bedford Forrest. His strategy of "getting there firstest with the mostest" describes in an easily remembered manner one principle of military tactics: concentration of your forces at the point of attack. He also lived in my own Coahoma County Mississippi after the Civil War. As a boy I use to ride my bike to his home site and explore the property.)

  6. Madison is just the first fight in what is shaping up to be an absolute battle for the direction of the country.People paying the bills are simply getting fed up with this shit. I've been reading numerous articles on the situation in Wis.,and reading the comments(when the media carrying the story allows comments),they are running in FAVOR of Gov Walker.I've emailed him,as I'm sure many others have,urging him to stay strong.

  7. Zilla/MJ,

    Thanks for the kudos and for sharing the post. After all, as I have said, "One Team, One Fight!"

  8. Anon,

    Thanks for the comment. Just doing my part to crush liberalism once and for all.

  9. Zilla,

    BTW, added you to my blog roll and will read your essay on COEXIST in a few!

  10. milwaukeerob,

    I could not agree more. I had to laugh seeing Jesse Hijackson show up! haha. Mr shakedown is pathetic.

  11. Gray Ghost,

    Thanks for the kudos. I agree that we're in a revolution and that the sooner we ACKNOWLEDGE that liberals and liberalism IS THE ENEMY, the sooner we can crush it. We've got people like West, Bachmann, and Walker on the front lines and they need to know we've got their six. It's fish or cut bait time.

  12. I guess I'm just too old to comprehend how many of us there were that knew about this radical illegal muslim beforehand and the number of those useful idiots that just wouldn't listen and have put this nation in the current discombobulated state it's in and why they did it. Seems like they need some form of punishment to me.

    The great messiah uniter is all that we knew The Great Divider, a community agitator(aka commie organiser) and the worst african african to ever set foot on American soil, along with all the others with a moHAMmed stuck somewhere in thier name.

  13. Sometimes I wonder at the intelligence of anyone who wants these idiots teaching their children.
    They can't even understand that their state simply can't afford this any longer. And that he is promoting a PARTIAL cut to collective barganing. If they can't figre this out, and do the right thing, I wouldn't want them teaching MY grandchildren.
    They should all be fired!!! They are much too stupid to be teachers.

  14. Gunny,

    Good post. The lib cochroaches can't survive in daylight and they know it. Our job is to turn up the candlepower. Americans have awakened and are watchful.

    Je$$e Jack$on has added to the illumination by adding his 2 cents where it doesn't belong. Ditto for Zero. Walker told them both to F-off.

    The demmeroids are imploding from the weight of their our bullshit. People aren't buying into their lies and distortions anymore.

    This is no time for cowards. This is the death struggle for who owns America for the next generation and beyond. The Left/Communists has exposed themselves for who they are.

  15. I just finished reading a article last nite, got the link from instapundit btw, that this was all planned out by Obummer and his Democratic group to go to Wisconsin and as we all can see it is backfiring big time...Gunny thanks for your ideas and contributions and I like your blog title!

  16. R E,

    No doubt. Although Obama has A LOT to answer to the American people for, we'll never hear it BUT we'll have to support this turd and his family for life.

  17. Nanna,

    HAHA! Indeed. What is funny is the stats now coming out of Wi wherein half the kids CAN'T READ!

  18. Hardnox,

    And they have REALLY made themselves look BAD to the majority of Americans. Greedy union drones grubbing for more money!

  19. renoman,

    Thanks for the comment and the kudos. All Obama KNOWS is rabble-rousing and this is going to be hung around his neck like a dead turkey! The DNC OWNS THIS MESS!

  20. What was your reply to my earlier post? Looks like it got lost in the sauce!!bwahahahahaha How about those dhimmis,running for the hills in Hoosierland? Ahhh... the democrats.Working for the "little guy". Mofos,the lot of them. Don't even have the courage of their convictions to stand and fight for their views. Goddamn'em anyway.All you coming here who support these clowns,I hope you are proud of them.

  21. Well Gunny, it seems like the Democrats want to change the on-going revolution to a "shooting" war. Look at the following quote:

    "Rep. Mike Capuano (D-MA)from Massachusetts is raising the stakes in the nation’s fight over the future of public employee unions, saying emails aren’t enough to show support and that it is time to “get a little bloody"."

    I wonder if the Democrats realize what they are about to unleash?