Saturday, February 12, 2011


EXCERPT: "Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, will argue in a major address Friday evening that the nation should "strengthen" — not "starve" — the world body. The address is the first in a series of speeches — to continue this spring — making the case to the American people for why the U.N. matters to national security, and detailing how it is being improved. The ambassador will be speaking to the World Affairs Council of Oregon in Portland.

"The U.N. provides a real return on our tax dollars by bringing 192 countries together to share the cost of providing stability, vital aid and hope in the world’s most broken places," Rice said in prepared remarks. "Because of the U.N., the world doesn’t look to America to solve every problem alone. … We’re far better off working to strengthen the U.N. than trying to starve it — and then having to choose between filling the void ourselves, or leaving real threats untended."
The Gunny agrees with the highly unqualified Susan Rice in one regard here, the UN should NOT be starved. It should be put down like a horse with four broken legs and a sway back would be and FAST!

But like her boss, ANOTHER UNQUALIFIED IDIOT, Susan Rice has made incompetence a resume filler. Evidently, Soros plays Obama and Rice like Punch and Judy!

Rice played a role in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda wherein somewhere between 800,000 and one MILLION people were hideously murdered. Susan Rice was the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in the Clinton Administration and she informed BJ Bubba NOT to intervene because it was an election year! Sandy Berger, Les Aspin, Susan Rice, etc, are the usual incompetent idiots offered up to the American people by the Left. Will we NEVER learn?

Way back in 1996, this incompetent idiot worked overtime to persuade then President BJ Bubba to TURN DOWN Sudan's offer to turn over Osama bin Laden (then living in the Sudan), ti the US. Guess why. This nitwit told BJ Bubba that because Sudan had a lousy reocrd in the area of human rights, that the U.S. should have no truck with their government! Indeed, that we should IGNORE nabbing the LEADER of al-Qaeda as well as getting any real HUMINT (Human Intelligence) information on the A-Q terrorists from Sudanese officials. They could have PREVENTED 9-11 by taking OBL into custody.

Susan Rice was AWOL during the vote to allow human rights disgrace Libya onto the UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL! (The Gunny guesses that things have changed since 1996 and OBL).

Susan Rice was AWOL during a Security Council Resolution that condemned Israel. This was the FIRST TIME that such bullshit was not vetoed by America.

Susan Rice promised to reform the UN Human Rights Council but the reform has not happened yet.

Susan Rice allowed a HUGE loophole to find its way into the Iranian sanctions resolution in that Iran can obtain SAMs (Surface-to-Air Missiles) from Russia and other nations. This enables Iran to easily defend their nuclear weapons sites from attack by the US or Israel.

This regime is chock full of morons either SO incompetent or SO anti-American that choosing the stupidest one is neigh on impossible. Holder is a moron. Napolitano is clueless and stupid. Susan Rice is dumb as a bag of dirt. Obama is so narcissistic as to be as out of touch with America as Hitler was to his situation in say, March 1945!

At the core of Rice's whining for a strengthening of the UN is the Obama administration's absolute and total lack of talent, brains, common sense, and incompetence and their unique inability to effectively manage the world's changing economic, political, and cultural situations. This regime is even worse than the failed Carter regime, if that is even possible but Oprag mewls that we need to respect Barry. BULLSHIT! When that idiot EARNS our respect, he'll get it.

The ONLY thing that is United in the Useless Nations is their hatred for the West. They HATE America. They HATE Israel. They HATE the West and the freedom it stands for. The UN cannot claim ONE SUCCESS unless one counts sex slavery, murder (they stood by and watched Bosnians murdered by Serbs), rape, looting, and pillaging as a success. The UN has been worthless for decades and now is just a gathering place for corruption (Kofi Annan), failure, fiscal abuse, sexual abuse, failure, and incompetence. Susan Rice just another Ivy League dumbass that Imam Obama has surrounded himself with and most likely, is just doing what the wannabe Emperor of the World tells her to do. Comrade Barry is a failure as a President, a failure as the leader of the Free World, and his rank incompetence is on display DAILY by choosing incompetent Demerrhoids to run his Administration.

The UN was founded by communist sympathizers in the Truman administration and the second coming of Woodrow "fascist" Wilson's FAILED League of Nations! Once again, we can see liberals trying something that MISERABLY failed before but expecting a different outcome. This corrupt gang of criminals IS AGAINST the interests of the American people and freedom yet this regime wants them EMPOWERED? This regime wants to partner MORE with them? Really? Once again, this cabal of asshats, in power since January 2009, are doing something AGAINST the will of the people, who would rather see the UN DEFUNDED and BOOTED from our shores. (We pay 22% of their budget!)

Like ObamaKare, the return on our investment in the UN SUCKS! The UN RAPED their way through the Sudan, the UN leadership made MILLIONS off of the Iraq "oil for food" program, as Iraqis STARVED and suffered! As stated earlier, UN "peacekeepers" watched while Bosnian men and boys were murdered and their women raped and then murdered. The UN was SUPPOSED to investigate their fiscal mismanagement and corruption but that somehow died before any crimes were uncovered. (Gee, go figure)

The bottom line here is that Obama and his entire administration is absolutely and totally clueless. Obama is incompetent and clueless and has promoted his fellow idiots to high positions in our government, where they can do the most damage in the shortest amount of time to our nation. Susan Rice is not qualified to hold her position, as pointed out above, just as Obama was not qualified to be a garbage collector, much less the President, but that's liberalism for ya, redoing the same old failed tactics, hoping for a different outcome, yet serving up the same old sh*t. This should be a lesson to the American people that you DO NOT elect an idiot as President, expecting him/her to learn the job though OJT!

The 65 million idiots elected a community organizer as the POTUS and Zero put Susan Rice in as the community organizer to the UN! Oh, and yes, Rice is a Progressive Socialist Democrat, which fits in well with this regime, chock full of such vermin. We can only HOPE that America survives this idiot and his cabal of morons until we can CHANGE them out in 2012.

Congress: Defund our contributions to the UN or else we'll boot YOU in 2012.
Senate: Kick the UN out of this country or else we'll boot YOU in 2012.

The Gunny can't WAIT until adults take charge again after we boot the Kenyan Usurper and his clowns in 2012, that is, if we make it that far.


The ONLY thing the Gunny has in store for the UN...


  1. Gunny,

    We could save $100 billion in a snap by just defunding the UN.

    If we need a reason check this out:

    Coming to a town near you. Its already started.

  2. You know well my thoughts on the goddamned U-fricking-N. I would have had some respect for al-Qaeda on 9/11 if they'd hit that edifice of shitmongers on Turtle Bay. Full or not. ANY candidate who has as a position to get us out of the snake pit would have my full support. And to think,the John Birch Society was RIDICULED over their stance on the assholes 50 YEARS ago.Yet we're still stuck with the contents that septic tank. This Rice is yet another in a long list of U-frigging-N Kool-Aid drinkers. The WORST part of this sad farce is these sonsabitches KNOW EXACTLY what they are doing. It is NOT incompetence,it is on PURPOSE.

  3. Susan Rice is most likely yet another Clinton bangee. How else could she qualify?

  4. Okay, I know of ONE thing that the UN has done well. They have regulated the packaging and labeling standards for the transportation of hazardous materials. Yes, I had to take that class at the Navy Supply Corps School in Athens, GA, once upon a time.

  5. Knowing for years that 9/11 falls directly on the shoulders of der schlickmeister and that it could have and should have been stopped. Slick willie shares that same lack of leadership bone that the bintotus has. This post adds more fuel to the fire of the failures of the clinton admin. Demerrhoids have jimmah, willie and the boy, what a trio of nincomturds.

    I just caught this over at Newbusters and unless I'm wrong Larry, Moe or Curly should be able to whip up on a kenyan usurping muslim illegal soa commie hoe.

  6. Evidently the UN has never accomplished its planned mission, whatever that is.
    Back in the early '50's a late night talk show host was talking about a newspaper article on the UN. Except the newspaper had had a typo and prnted, "UNTIED NATIONS" and he was asking then if it was the Untied Nations or the United Nations. Of course he went on to cite a bunch of gaffes the UN had done. Much like today.
    So the argument to leave the UN has been around almost since its inception.

  7. I agree with Hardnox.

    The new Congress is looking for 100 Billion to cut from the budget.


    If they "miss it" they need to be changed out in '12 for someone who can see it.

  8. Gunny, like the target, adjusting sights now, good hunting.

  9. I witnessed just how effective the UN was at playing "peace police" in Jugoslavia. A complete joke...especially when Clinton ordered airstrikes on the Serbs who simply picked up some French UN guys and tied them to important bridges and command posts.

  10. -Sepp,
    the French probably liked getting tied up.

  11. Center Mass.
    You don't need to say more!!

  12. What would be news is if Obama nominated a person well qualified with background rather than political hacks.

    What a novel idea.

  13. Let them be "united" and plan against us in another country, not right under our nose. Why are we funding someone to plot against us? Their nose is all in our business. and they need to go!!

  14. You might as well stop bitchin' about Zero's cabinet and ambassadorial picks.
    NO sleazy politician will ever appoint someone smarter than he is to a high position.
    I think it is something about personal fear for job security.
    Ergo... A nation presided over by a moron will be run by idiots.

  15. Where can I buy a pack of these targets?

  16. HEY GUNNY I AM WITH YOU!! 1000%