Monday, February 14, 2011


The smell of fear and desperation on the Left is truly a sweet scent! They are in full spin mode for their lord and master, grasping at any straw they can, to try and make the Community Organizer-in-Chief look like he at least has some idea of what the hell is going on in the world. 

For example, Barry CLEARLY dropped the ball in Egypt and there can be no doubt that Little Boy Barry, a clueless mook in both foreign and domestic affairs (other than getting petitions signed and meeting with ACORN officials), was caught by surprise and then, as we say in the military, was OBE, overcome by events. Then, he went into full-blown Demerrhoid mode and simply made it up as he went along, running his mouth and saying whatever sounded good to the Lapdog Media.

Little naïf Barry lost Egypt to America, that is a fact. It matters not that Mubarak was a dictator, hell, Barry is butt-buddies with Chavez and Castro, both dictators, but that we lost an ally of 30 years, who was a friend to the US and Israel, in a region where we lack them. Barry also managed to hack off our other allies in the region when he failed to go to the aid of a friend, something that liberals have the knack for. But hey, he DID manage to give some nice Hopey/Changey speeches that the Lapdog Media was able to get some snazzy sound bites from to play back for his Ozombies.

And speaking of presidents, let’s examine how Barry and his minions in the Lapdog Media actually compare this bonehead to other presidents. This twit has been compared to Lincoln and now he compares himself to Ronaldus Magnum (which made the Gunny throw up a little in his mouth hearing that) but in reality, he’s more in tune with other presidents like Woodrow Wilson, the clown who created the laughable League of Nations, which failed miserably, as Barry recently trotted out serial imbecile Susan Rice, to blather on about needing to strengthen the Useless Nations with our money of course! Barry is also a lot like Wilson in his oppression of the American people. Wilson jailed Americans for speaking out against the war and Barry tried to murder the First Amendment by putting two morons into the SCOTUS, Sotomayor and Elena ("some speech can be disappeared") Kagan. Oh, and oddly enough, Wilson sold out Germany to the French (ensuring round two in 1939), much like Barry sold out Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood, but don’t worry, they’re secular, according to Barry’s Director of Intelligence, Clapper! Haha.

Wait, maybe the Gunny is being unfair here. Barry MIGHT have made a mistake and instead of deeming himself "the Gipper", while reading off of TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States), he actually meant that he’s The Gypper! You know, a person who cheats, bilks, defrauds, swindles, tricks, and victimizes people. Now THAT would be an accurate description of the Kenyan Usurper, who has lied to us from day one, well, actually before that, i.e., hiding his real birth certificate, lying about his two (ghostwritten) autobiographies, denying he was a Muslim, that he never listened to Rev Wright, tricked us about ObummerKare, Beer Summits, Stupid White Cops in Cambridge who act stupidly, defrauded us in his failed Stimulus, etc, but the Gunny digresses.

Maybe Barry the Naïf is more like FDR. Yeah, that’s it; Mr. New Deal and Mr. Raw Deal are definitely one and the same. Like FDR, Barry has prolonged the recession, now into its twentieth month (and going strong) and unemployment (U3+U6) is up around 20%. FDR was anti-business and anti-Constitutional and Barry is goose-stepping along nicely in those footprints. And when it comes to pissing away tax dollars, why, both FDR and BHO simply excel, with the SECOND federal bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac coming in at $153 billion and climbing, our deficit at almost UNPAYABLE levels, 2-3 TRILLION and climbing, and of course, ObamaKare, much like the mandatory Ponzi Scam of Social Security, the gifts that keep on giving.

Why just the other day, Oprag whined that Obama deserves respect if for no other reason than he is the president. Wrong answer Orca. The Office of the Presidency demands respect but not the person holding the office; indeed, where was Orca when the Left was in an all out attack on Bush 43, led by Demerrhoid Senators and Congcritters? AWOL. What this far left freak and her minions fail to realize is that the president, as with ANY leader, needs to EARN OUR RESPECT and the respect of world leaders. Little Boy Barry has failed miserably at it, by trashing our economy, seizing control of various companies, wrecking our country's security (by installing an idiot named Napolitano, among others), and made us a laughing stock throughout the world, Carter version two.

No, wait, somehow, that doesn’t quite grasp the quintessential Kenyan Usurper. No, he is a definite blend of Wilson and FDR but with a massive dash of the gutless dhimmi Carter thrown into the blend. Carter was rat poison to our military (the Gunny witnessed it first hand) and of course, this fumbling fool has ushered in the repeal of DADT as well as putting women on submarines and into combat units. Naturally, NO LIBERAL women will serve but this was merely eyewash to a few women who wanted to punch their tickets and make General. Where will Little Barry be when the first "Jessica Lynch" disaster happens and men are killed because of this liberal social experiment? Or his minions, Gates and Mullen? Who will tell of parents of Sgt. John Q. Smith that he died in combat because of a social experiment, the pussification of the US Military, had gone awry? No wait, Carter so effectively handled the Soviet Union and HIS START treaty that Barry simply HAD to double down on it. Now THAT was a real masterpiece of liberal poltroonery as Putin played Barry the Naïf like Charlie Daniels playing a fiddle!

Oh yeah, Barry and Carter are hand-in-glove, what with Carter and HIS inability to drill for oil and Barry’s actual disregard of a Federal Court (that’s a crime BTW Holder), in regards to his illegal offshore oil drilling ban. Carter subjected us to the whims of OPEC; Barry is merely subjecting us to the whims of OPEC AND the Environazis here in America, who work tirelessly to keep us from drilling, mining, and refining. Yes indeedy do, Barry, like that insipid and senile fool Carter (is being his secret service agent a punishment tour?), simply inserts himself into our lives on a daily basis, giving nasally whiny speeches from TOTUS at every turn, condemning and apologizing for America, while encouraging our enemies, showing his glaring stupidity at every turn. The Gunny thinks Barry just celebrated his 1000th speech in 24 months! haha. At least the morons who voted for Carter had SOME excuse, as he was a Governor (not a good one) but the mooks who voted for this current asshat should be flogged. You voted for an empty suit, and gee, go figure, that is what you get. An empty suit that grubs from one presidential resume to another, trying to find a suit that fits! (Barry should be in short pants!)

So we come to the point where Little Boy Barry has compared himself to the Great Communicator, he who spoke from the heart, not from a teleprompter. Conservatives everywhere should be up-in-arms and maybe we can get Al Sharpton to rent-a-riot and protest this but in any event, SOMEONE (not that pissant Ronnie Jr) should stand up and say to the Kenyan Usurper, "Barry, I served with Ronald Reagan, I knew Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. Obama, you're no Ronald Reagan."

Indeed, Barry "All Sham-No Wow!" Obama is as far away from Ronaldus Magnum as Michael Mooreon is from being anorexic! Ronaldus worked with British PM Thatcher to crush Communism and bring down the Berlin Wall. Barry sells out and pisses off our British allies. Ronaldus slashed taxes WITH A LIBERAL CONGRESS BTW, and our productivity and economic boomed. Barry manages to piss away a few trillion and put future generations into a Cloward-Piven debt from Hell. Business boomed under Reagan, businesses flee the country under Obama. Reagan walked away from a bogus treaty with the Soviets at Reykjavik, Barry bend over for one in Russia. Ronaldus Magnum took a military that the Demerrhoids had quite nearly destroyed and breathed new life into it, turning it from sh*t into a force quite capable of kicking ass, anywhere, anytime. Barry is working to ensure that the exodus in the next year or two from the military will exceed the exodus in 1999, from the policies of one BJ Bubba. Indeed, Ronaldus FIRED the air traffic controllers, who tried to shut down the nation in a strike (friggin unions again), bringing in the military to keep commerce going, while Barry kisses the asses of clowns like Andy Stern and who makes sure that the SEIU and other unions are EXEMPT from ObummerKare. Oh what a wicked web Barry has weaved…

The bottom line is that Dutch LOVED America and America loved him. The Kenyan Usurper AIN’T one of us, never WAS one of us, and never WILL BE one of us, whether he was born in Nairobi, Honolulu, or downtown Motown! Ronaldus Magnum proclaimed that America was the "shining city on the hill," while Barry the Naïf proclaims us the problem facing the world! Guess that is the Soros influence coming out. Reagan was THE MAN, Barry is the Puppet.

Barry, the Gunny never met Reagan (more’s the pity) but punk; you ain’t fit to shine his boots. Ronnie was the truth; you’re nothing but a lie. Ronnie was red meat, you’re tofu. Ronnie was the real deal, and Barry, you’re nothing but a joke on two legs, a mere place holder until we can dump your ass in 2012.

Ronaldus Magnum was a spring morning in America.
Little Boy Barry IS mourning in America.


  1. So Gunny, tell us how you REALLY feel about King Barack I.

  2. Good rant Gunny,

    Tens of Millions of us are frustrated with Zero. All of this was predicted because we knew that the POTUS job required a resume'.

    Now he wants to be compared to Reagan. What a friggin joke. The joke is on barry short pants becasue Americans aren't buying it.

  3. One of the things Oprah and The View have in common is that they both have 90% woman audience.
    I have watched both. It is strange how when Joy Behar or Whoopie says something really left, no matter how idiotic, the audience always gives them an enthusiastic round of applause. After watching a few of these shows it is plain to me women operate more on emotion than common sense.
    Another amendment that needs repeal.

  4. I gotta tell you,Gunny,it is fricking HILARIOUS to watch the lapdogs try to turn shit into sugar.Comparing Obama to ANYONE but Mugabe,or Carter,is simple futility. The BEST thing the lame ass media could do would be to just back away from this walking,lying disaster,and let HIM do the talking. But,alas,they won't,because that would spotlight THEIR absolute failure.Another shining example of the utter asshattery of this fool,yesterday he blathers on about how HIS cuts were bigger than the r's cuts,yet this morning,here come a 3.73 TRILLION dollar budget proposal from the asshelmet.WITH over 1.1 TRILLION in deficit spending.HJC,this clown lies so much,he can't keep them straight from one day to the next. Good post.

  5. The Craw,

    HAHA! Yeah, I HATE sugar-coating things.

  6. Hardnox,

    It made me puke that Numbnuts could even THINK he was Reaganesque.

  7. Buck,

    The first guy women voted for was Harding, because he was good looking. Both of my sisters voted for BJ Bubba because he was good looking! haha. Natch that the libwomen would be emotional but if we repeal that amendment, that would keep OUR women from voting!

  8. clyde,

    It made me sick to think of the debt behind Barry's 3.7+ TRILLION dollar budget. He's still trying to implement ObummerKare heedless of a court order.

  9. Gunny: Ditto JFK. I was home on leave from the Navy at a party of old high school pals & palettes. I asked the girls if/why they voted for JFK. All of 'em said he was so good looking and cool sounding....
    I'm not sure there are that many of "our" women.

  10. GREAT post Gunny,
    My sister hadn't heard about the gipper remark that Obama had made. I told her, and she came unglued!! She couldn't believe he had the nerve to even use his name in a sentence with Reagan.

    One of his newest is Obama is trying to get cable companies to carry AlJazerra. Can you believe it??
    Also an oil company has gone belly up because of Obama disregarding the court order to allow them to start drilling again.
    Hope someone will burst his bubble before much longer. How can he keep getting away wiath doing what he wants and ignoring the law??

  11. Obama dropped the ball on Egypt. Well no sheeeeit! When your head intelligence officer gets his information fron CNN....
    WTF do you expect?????????????????????