Saturday, February 5, 2011


Y'all ever notice how Liberals ALWAYS reward failure? How they ALWAYS double down on stupidity, failure, or abject corruption?

Consider the education system in DC. They throw about 25K PER STUDENT, PER YEAR, and have a population that is 40-50% functionally illiterate! That means, they can vote for whomever they're told to but are worth little else to their masters. DC wastes more money on their students than any other US city and get less and less a return for their investment. Small wonder that 100% of the Democrats, including Pharaoh Obama, send their lib larva to PRIVATE schools. Why fix the problem if it doesn't affect YOUR KIDS and serves to keep you in power?

Consider the election of a Demerrhoid for President.

JFK, failure. In fact, it was his brother who was quoted: "The President is in a grave situation [Cuban Missile Crisis] and does not know how to get out of it." "Khrushchev Remembers." (Sounds like Pharaoh Obama in just about EVERYTHING he does!)

It was JFK who escalated Vietnam, lost us bases in Northern Iraq and Turkey (surrendered to end the Cuban Missile Crisis).

It was LBJ who lost not one war but two, The War on Poverty, and The War in Vietnam. In fact, LBJ lost Cambodia, Laos, and nearly Thailand as well.

Carter? Moron. Total Failure. Epic Failure. Successful Islamic Fifth Columnist. Loses Iran.

Clinton? Lost National Honor (along with his own - if he ever had any)

Pharaoh Obama? Loses Egypt and probably much of the Mid East to America as allies or even as friends.

So we have one little turd who slid in under the radar.

Remember Arne Duncan getting appointed as Secretary of Education? The press hardly reported it but under his tutelage as the honcho of education in Illinois, only 54% of freshmen in the Chicago public school system graduated four years later. (2005 stats). And the dropout rate is still in the 50 percentile, with more and more money being shoveled to the teacher's union through higher wages. Rewarding failure with OPM (Other People's Money).

They've hired more teachers, who have returned a less useful product, but who suck more higher pay and have inflicted a ONE BILLION dollar pension deficit on the city, in a state that has a FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLAR budget deficit. But like liberals are wont to do, they keep reelecting Liberals! The Demerhoids have held the Mayor's office since 931 (hat tip to the numerous dead who continue to vote for Libs) and Daley has been running the show since 1989 with Rahmbutt "Ballerina" Emanuel soon to take over! You REALLY cannot make this stuff up! haha.

Liberals can always be counted on to double down on failure (Porkzilla, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and then BJ Bubba doubled down on it in 1995! And WE the US Taxpayer will be bailing out these two losers again here shortly to the tune of somewhere between 150 and 700 BILLION (S&P).

Liberals, rewarding failure with OPM for 100 years!

Oh, and those wonderful liberal gun bans? Daley is against those evil guns but in 2009, Chicago's homicide rate was THREE TIMES that of NYC! In the area of violent crime, Chicago's rate was DOUBLE that of NYC and the illegal alien sanctuary city of Los Angeles! But guns are too blame, right Daley?

It is hilarious that Pharaoh Obama actually puts a loser like Duncan in charge of the ENTIRE NATION'S EDUCATION SYSTEM but then again, this is the same clown who puts big donors like Immelt in charge of an office that can rubber stamp the exporting of US technology and science to our economic and military enemy, China. In fact, the Pharaoh appointed an idiot as Ambassador to Luxembourg, a reward for raising 500,000 DOLLARS for the Pharaoh in 2008, who also, as Obama showed us, has ZERO experience in foreign policy or critical thinking, but could SERIOUSLY spend our money (thousands for party food and drink), and now resigned after screwing up the Embassy like a monkey screwing a football.

Liberals can always be counted on to double down on failure because liberalism, like insanity, means doing the same stupid thing, over and over, yet expecting a different outcome in the end.

OBAMA GIVES UK NUKE SECRETS TO RUSSIANS (via the bullshit new START treaty).

BEST COMMENT (UK Telegraph site): "Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim son of a whore and illegal alien from Africa, was selected as POTUS by the gay mafia who control the Progressive Liberal party known as the Democratic Party. Their propaganda arm, the American and European Media/Press was compliant. Left leaning Americans and Europeans alike celebrated this coup d'etat. Why complain now? You got exactly what you wanted."

And to think BOTH of my Senator's, Obama ass-kisser Begich and RINO Murkowski voted FOR this treaty. (Happy NOW Alaskan Native Corporation?)


  1. They definitely have the Crapper touch.Everything they touch,turns to shit. That 25k figure in the D.C. schools,figure maybe $4,000 actually goes to teaching. Look at the number of administrators,non-teaching personnel,et al,that are siphoning away those funds. THERE is the problem. Same as with most other school districts.

  2. Gunny,

    Here's a complete list of Demmeroid accomplishments that benefitted America:


  3. clyde,

    Yep and moreover, the union PREVENTS subpar teachers from being canned, thus reinforcing crappy teaching and a waste of money, resources, and brain power.

  4. Hardnox, your list is 0 too many

  5. Hardnox,

    Yep. Liberalism, when viewed under the harsh light of reality, cannot claim ANY success stories and ONE DAY, the American people will realize that and act accordingly.

  6. I am waiting for BHO to walk out onto the porch of the White House and say "so let it be writen, so let it be done."

    Or another way to put it :where is our Moses?

  7. Two comments.
    Last first.
    I don't think the Eskimos give a big rat's ass about the United States or anything behyond getting their entitlements.
    Second, The only cure for our education system is to can the entire mess and start over. At the local level. Hire teachers (school marms, if you please) and pay them according to their ability. Return corporal punishment to the classroom. Get rid of truant officers and laws mandating schooling for adolescents. Students that don't want to go to school should not be forced to go to school. And lastly end professional welfare mommas and soft criminal sentences. Restore public execution. You gotta get their attention. Then you will see them WANT to get an education.

  8. Detroit public schools just used 49 million in Obama bucks (taxpayer money) to give every teacher and, every 6 thru 12th grader their own laptop computer.
    The kicker is that they're already turning up in pawnshops all over Detroit.

    Another government turd polishing project courtessy of our taxes!

    Hey Buck, to add to what you've posted how about requiring a diploma to get welfare or, prove that the able bodied applicant is mentally retarded.
    The retarded can't get driver's licenses and that should cut down on all the Escalades parked at the housing projects.

  9. Excellent read Gunny. The descriptor of pbammy was great though I would include muslim son of a commie whore etc.

  10. Gunny, Yesterday Sarah Palin said that Obama got that three AM call, and it went straight to voice mail. I thought it was an accurate statement, but the media says it isn't fair. Even this morning of Fox and Friends they were saying that it wasn't a fair statement, that he didn't get the information. The CIA says they warned him last year about Egypt. I believe the CIA!!! What an incompetant community organizer he is!!!
    As for the schools, Obama took away the kids (mostly black) vouchers for them to go to the good schools. (couldn't have his "offspring" rubbing elbows with the great unwashed.)
    Need to remove all the stupid PC from the schools too. They always shove any rule to the point of being really stupid. These people are braindead!! If a child brings a two inch gun to school, they punish him and send him home, but stand by and do zero to kids beating the stuffings out of weaker kids!! Also cowards!!

  11. Sepp
    I also favor drug testing welfare recipients.