Monday, February 28, 2011


What president in the history of the United States has had visits from union leaders more than the Community Organizer-in-Chief? From Andy Stern of the violently thuggish SEIU to the corrupt and morally bankrupt AFL-CIO led by Richard Trumka (47 times), who has about as much economic sense as the dumbest liberal (which is saying a helluva lot), this regime is firmly in the pocket of Muslims and unions!

EXCERPT: "We need a dedicated source of revenue to create infrastructure in this country [by raising the gas tax]. We need to create jobs. The best way to do that is through infrastructure development. There's also a downstream effect, you put people back to work, they pay taxes, they don't use services, they're contributing, other jobs are created along the way as well." Then, "Trumka didn't say specifically how much he would raise the gas tax, but mentioned he's shown the President a $256 billion plan to improve infrastructure. If every billion spent on infrastructure creates 35,000 jobs, as he claims, this package would create close to 9 million jobs over the next five years." (You mean like Porkulous was supposed to do?)

Sounds good right? First let’s check out the background of one of Barry’s buddies.

1. Trumka visits the White House about twice a week. In other words, he’s acting as a fund raiser for Barry’s 2012 campaign. More union workers equals more union dues taken from their paychecks, and routed to the DNC.

2. As an economist, Trumka plainly sucks (as do all libs). When Trumka was the AFL-CIO’s CFO, their net assets to plummeted from $66 million (2000) to MINUS $2.3 million (2008). How much went to the DNC? 

3. As of 2008, their liabilities were over $90.7 million. This, of course, was before they spent millions on electing Barry Soetoro. (Wonder WHY the big push from the White House to payoff unions and force Americans into them? That way, WE can pay for THEIR unfunded pensions.)

4. Trumka increased his from $165,000 to $238,975. (44% pay raise) He also gets a fat 60% pension of his last year’s salary (HIS pension IS fully-funded). In comparison, the US Military rewards their retirees with 50% of their last three year’s (averaged) after 20 years.

As the Gunny has long held, when it comes to liberals, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Trumka calls for the raising of the gas tax to fund infrastructure jobs. Would that be UNION jobs Trumka? How does THAT help America, seeing as how the union drones in Taxachusetts ran the Big Dig over budget by a mere few billion and then it fell apart killing a few people. Wasn’t Porkulous supposed to fund these "shovel ready" jobs? The Porkulous bill did nothing but pass along jobs to help Obama’s buddies in the various unions. If unions get the upper-hand, aided by the Meddler in the White House, you can work all right, AFTER you join their union and AFTER you see your union dues go to keep liberals in power for life. This is the tepid thinking of liberals and is typical Demerrhoid type thinking, i.e., raise taxes on Americans, funnel the money to the government, who scratches the back of unions, who scratch their backs, route infrastructure projects to union workers, like Senator Dianne Feinstein, who routed military contracts to her husband's companies (and was not punished), who pay more union dues back up the chain to their fat-cat union bosses like Trumka, who then route the money to the Demerrhoid political vermin, and the parasitic cycle continues.

Trumka wants to raise the gas tax on Americans yet currently, gasoline taxes average .48 cents per gallon and diesel fuel taxes average .53 cents per gallon (higher in places like NY and Taxachusetts). In addition, some states impose a fuel tax on commercial truck drivers who simply drive through their state, even if they filled up in another state! America uses about 140 BILLION gallons of gas alone, which comes up to about 69 (+) BILLION in funds that they [government] did nothing to earn and which can be siphoned off by politicians for any project they so desire. This tax actually hampers commerce but the stupidity of liberals, as exhibited by Trumka, somehow think it encourages commerce. Raising taxes has NEVER increased business or commerce. It only limits or reduces it. (Witness businesses fleeing high tax Blue States and/or fleeing the US for overseas nations with a low Corporate tax.)

Trumka also wants to create a financial transaction tax in order to raise another $100 billion in revenue, that won’t, get this, come OUT of the pockets of the middle class. Amazing isn’t it? Who the hell does this idiot THINK uses banks, ATMs, loans, etc? The parasite class led by Peggy the Moocher? Hell no. It’s the middle class, the production class, who uses banks, and who will get hit with yet ANOTHER tax. This is how the diseased minds of the Demerrhoids work my friends. When they pass yet ANOTHER tax on us, it somehow becomes chiseled in stone that the money will somehow keep rolling in. Consider the leftists and their cigarette taxes. They tax the plant at the farmer’s level, on up the chain of production. They slap a huge tax on each pack of cigarettes, to discourage smoking ala Cass "nudge" Sunstein. Smokers either get their smokes on Indian Reservations, dodging the tax (well done y’all), or smuggle them in via other ways (even better), or quit smoking altogether. What happens to the revenue? It falls. Less smoking equals less tax revenue in, yet idiots like Mayor Hoplophobe in NYC can’t seem to wrap their low IQs around that notion.

Moreover, when spending is set aside for infrastructure, it has to be decided which projects can truly spur America’s economic growth, yet the politicians are so corrupt that they USUALLY divert funds to their pet projects, in their states, that do not serve the needs of America’s economy. For example, the corrupt SOB ex-KKK’er, Demerrhoid Byrd from West Virginia, was a master at scamming funding for HIS infrastructure projects (that have HIS name on them in West Virginia) that did nothing to help the nation’s economic viability. In fact, just a few years ago, Virginians rejected a rise in sales tax for road projects because they know from experience that politicians waste the money buying voter support with projects that are needed. A point of fact is Imam Obama’s high-speed rail malarkey. If rail travel is so great, then why does Amtrak need a few billion every year in subsidies? If green jobs are so needed, then why did the solar panel plant in Taxachusetts fail miserably, after getting HUGE taxpayer subsidies from that economic genius Obama (end sarcasm).

The inherent stupidity of liberals is exhibited for all to see when a clown like Trumka wants to raise gas prices through more taxes. Instead of calling for infrastructure jobs like more drilling or the building of new refineries in America, that would lead to lower gas prices and more jobs, which would result in more revenue through gas taxes, AND energy independence for America, he calls for the opposite. Whether a community organizer or a union organizer, or a grasping parasite, liberals are just brain dead fools.

What SHOULD be scaring the hell ALL Americans is the "the Golden Ratio of Civilizations" which the Gunny learned many years ago and was able to grasp as a kid that adult liberals can't seem to understand.

"when 85% of the citizens are productive and are supporting the non-productive 15%, that civilization has reached their apex, and can rise no higher. It takes about 100-150 years for that ratio to begin to slide and when it reaches 80%/20%, that civilization is considered to be in decline although it can recovery at this point. When the ratio drops to 65%/35%, that civilization cannot recover." We're in the last ratio my friends and are going to hit rock bottom, HARD. Maybe after we hit bottom and run every liberal OUT of America, we can rebuild along the lines of what our Founders WANTED for us, a strong Republic, not a mob-run Democracy.

The Gunny was asking this question as a young teenager and that is, what the hell is the US gonna do when the parasites outnumber the producers? He has his answer under this regime.

The answer is so easy to see and yet so hard for this corrupt regime, and their GOP minions to implement, even though they have the playbook from our Founders as well as Ronaldus Magnum! A vibrant middle class is created when there are good opportunities, a solid infrastructure, and economic security through a sound nation, for people to take advantage of. THAT is why the Founders put the Federal government in charge of securing the nation against outside threats and for keeping interstate, not intrastate, commerce open. THEY secure the borders and the states take care of the rest but somewhere along the way, it got derailed. Americans are urged to SPEND SPEND SPEND and not to save, while the government buys NINJA (no income, no jobs, or assets) mortgages (Fannie and Freddie), that we all pay for to the tune of 1/2 a TRILLION taxpayer dollars. The federal government’s job is NOT to create jobs but rather, foster a tax and regulatory structure that allows job creation by entrepreneurs and Joe and Jane Sixpack, in a business friendly environment, amidst a level playing field. But with Obama kissing GE’s (and Immelt’s) ass, and providing kickbacks to Government Motors and Chrysler, it ain’t level and it is nothing but a scam.

"I will turn this country [SEIU] purple." Pharaoh Obama.

American could easily be working in manufacturing jobs, mining jobs, oil production, etc, if the goal of the Demerrhoids/RINOS was to create wealth and financial independence from the government but their goal is the redistribution of treasure from the producers to the grifters. The First Grifter and the First Grubs go off on yet ANOTHER vacation while Americans suffer. Barry the 16th has party night in the White House while Americans remain unemployed! Barry has his head up his ass while four Americans are murdered by Somali scumbags and then this regime is upset because they are taken into custody! The US Navy should have hanged the bastards from the yardarm, w/o a trial! This regime is more concerned with allowing women in combat and a vacating of the Defense of Marriage Act, than in ensuring a strong and vibrant America! Darrell Issa has a lot of work ahead of him and may Americans see this regime imprisoned, their assets seized, and America put back on the RIGHT track. Up is down when it comes to the Left and Trumka, who, like his fellow puppet Obama, is as clueless as a newborn puppy in all things not pertaining to self-aggrandizement, golfing vacations, and wrecking the United States of America.


Salazar again in contempt of a Federal court ruling. The lawlessness of this corrupt regime continues unabated.,skf,^dji,^gspc,ge,iyj,xom&sec=topStories&pos=9&asset=&ccode=


  1. Your figures on Trumka's pension are a tad low. That number is for his AFL-CIO office ONLY. Every local,joint council,conference,or any other union that he was an officer in,will ALSO have pension benefits. THIS is the problem with union LEADERSHIP. NOT the rank and file.They are LUCKY if they'll ever SEE their pensions.I know quite a few people I worked with in the past at a Teamsters represented company who have had to hire attorneys to fight for their pension. One guy told me he went to the hall to file,they told him to take a number,call a lawyer,and get in line,there is no money.I'm already figuring by the time I can file,in about 4 years,I'm sure I'll hear the same thing. SO glad we planned WELL.Having that money would be nice,thank God I don't have to depend on it.

  2. Trumka sounds like one of those rich persons that the democrats say we ought to tax for their obscene salaries. ( Does not sound like your typical working class salary)

  3. clyde,

    I was once in the Carpenter's union many moons ago and saw the rampant corruption and nepotism. Glad I left them far behind.

  4. Pack Rat,

    Yeah, he's a fat cat but then again, so is Nutsy Baloney, Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry, Reid, Feinstein, etc, etc.

  5. Gunny,

    Good post. Fortunately much of what you stated here today is understood by the folks that are NOW actively engaged in the process.

    I was appalled at the 4 Americans murdered by the pirates. All the while the Navy surrounded them. Zero allowed it to happen. I must wonder how smart those innocent people were distributing bibles in that part of the world. What part of radical Muslims did they not understand much less pirates. No matter, God bless them and their families.

  6. Gunny,
    Why can't the states just quit sending out these huge pensions? If you're broke, you're broke. If in my life, if I don't have money, I can't make a payment that is due.

    And why can't oil companies just do as the court says and drill? this is awful!!
    I'm so sisck of unions and of Obama and his whole administration of evil!!
    You know, every other president has had nearly, or over fifty percent of his staff from business. Obama has EIGHT percent from business.
    His whole bunch is nothing but leeches.

  7. Hardnox,

    As POTUS, I would tell the US Navy to annihilate them wherever found. If taken prisoner, they get a fair trial at sea followed by a nice hanging from the yardarm. Unfortunately, Barry is a gutless wimp who could not fight his way out of a thick fog. This is only going to get worse.

  8. Nanna,

    Your last sentence said it all. This is coming to a boiling point. Wait until Americans CAN'T GET TO WORK, the store, school, etc. The enviro-nazis are gonna reap the whirlwind on this issue and it has been coming since the 70's.

  9. Gunny,
    Your comment to Nanna is well taken. The tree-humpers have been the problem and they will be at the receiving end of America's wrath.

    Unfortunately regular Americans will be paying the financial price.

  10. 1. With a conservative legislature all unions who contribute union dues to a political campaign should be declared a political organization. Then mandatory membership would definitely be unlawful and the union would be subject to taxes.

    2. I have ridden the old Texas Zephyr and I have ridden AMTRAK. Amtrak is going tits up because it is run by the government. While the Zephyr treated all passenges as first class, the employees of Amtrak were rude and condescending. I would hope Amtrak to go under. That way some enterprising person might put together another passenger rail system that is profitable. Oh, yeah, by the way, travel by railroad offers one an ability to truly see the nation's beauty. An opportunity not offered from behind a steering wheel or from FL350.

    3. I've often wondered just why the pirates are bothered with. Why bring them back for a trial and prison time (all paid for by US taxpayers)?? And if they are brought back instead of hanging them on the spot, why are they not tried by maritime law? And THEN hung.
    Preferably with a pigskin noose. THAT would stop 99% of the piracy.

  11. My step-father was an Iron worker and a Boilermaker for 45+ yrs.
    He hated the way the leadership behaved.
    He, like a lot of union guys thought that when he passed away, his wife, my mother, would be all set. That's what the union told him after all.
    When he got sick, they gave him a plastic clock that was made in China.
    Ha! Right after he died, the union told her she was off the health ins. and that she could get half his pension for 10 yrs or all of it for 5.
    She got a lawyer and managed better than that. Not much, mind you.
    These union workers had better wake up or they'll all be screwed too.
    And isn't it interesting that Trumka, et al claim they are protecting the middle class? I guess you're only considered middle class if you're a union member.