Friday, February 18, 2011


How like Demerrhoids to cut and run. These asshats gets elected to DO A JOB and when that job needs to be done, THEY RUN!

Orders state troopers to bring Dems to Capitol...
Dem Sen: We'll stay away for days, weeks... (and still collect their paychecks)
WALKOUT: Milwaukee Schools closed; teachers call in 'sick'...
REPORT: Average city teacher salary tops $100,000...
DNC playing role in protests...
Jesse to the Rescue: Jackson rallies protesters... (OL SHAKE EM DOWN to the rescue!)
Union Fight Heats Up...

But the REAL story is the headline of this essay which is the headline on Drudge right now. Here we have the Kenyan Usurper SIDING with the WRONG SIDE against America! The system is bankrupt. The system cannot support the weight of the greedy union bosses, lazy union workers (the Gunny has seen them close-up), and a pay scale wayyyyy past what is required for a job that requires nine months of work and three months of vacation.

But even deeper than that is what is REALLY not being reported in the Lamestream Media and that is, the Community Organizer, like his fellow rabble rouser Jesse "Shake em Down!" Jackson, can be counted on to stand against America. In Egypt, the Kenyan Usurper aka Our Illegal President, supported the Muslim Brotherhood against a long-term ally, Hosni Mubarak. Yet, in a nation that is not only strategically located but also the HOME of the US 5th Fleet, Bahrain, Ol Barack the Magic Negro (LA Times) is siding with the rabble-rousers against the government! What happens to our strategic base there IF the rabble-rousers take over.

Consider what happened when Ronaldus Magnum faced a similar crisis with a Union. The Air Traffic Controllers went on strike for more money, they worked to shut down commerce within the United States and abroad, and Ronnie fired their asses, installed military controllers, and AMERICA CHEERED! What makes Ronaldus Magnum GREAT and why he'll REMAIN a GREAT president is that HE WAS ALWAYS ON OUR SIDE! He knew it and we knew it. But here we have libscum on strike in Wisconsin, taking illegal days off to protest, sick days are NOT days for protesting. (In other words, they're getting paid for NOT being at work and for protesting!) And of course the Chief Asskisser for the Unions, Obama the ACORN, is right in their with the rabble. And Oprag wonders WHY Americans DO NOT respect this community organizing dumbass? Please.

The TAXPAYERS of Wisconsin are supporting these dirtbags and THEY are the ones who elected Governor Walker to CUT the budget and here we have DEMERRHOIDS fighting against the will of the people, much like the Man-Child, Nutsy Baloney, and Dingy Reid trampled on our rights with ObummerKare and just about every other action they've done since the Demerrhoids went hard left about 1933.

So Obama backs the Union rabble and the rabble in Bahrain but he stands AGAINST the Tea Party. Obama whines that WE need to rein in spending yet he backs big spenders and big taxers and big parasites like SEIU, AFl-CIO, Teacher's Unions. It seems that the Clueless One in the White House is all for freedom for anyone but his own people. Quite telling.



  1. Great again Gunny,
    This is another illegal move this "president " has done. This most certainly is illegal!! He is acting like a dictator, and is getting away with it.!!
    But the Dems,and Organizing for America have told these teachers to break their contracts by having them walk out of class.

    They may be causing their own demise by pulling this.
    I did just get some encouraging news .World Net Daily said that the Supremes are considering taking this last case of consideing whether or not Obama is a legitimate president or not. All we can do is hope they take it, and that they find him NOT our president.!!( I won't hold my breath though)

  2. Oh yeah, I love the picture with the comment!!! snicker snicker...

  3. I really thought they would be a smarter individual after claiming you hold so many degrees (supposedly)...But please...lets settle this once and for keep calling our President a Kenyan. Please explain this: Why did, multiple, local newspapers report news of his birth the day after he was born?! PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT! Is it that this was a plan from the left all along? Or is it the Muslims who have been planning this? You always argue that "he should just show his BC" "Why doesn't he have to show his BC" HE DID! And he shouldnt have to whip it out every time some backwoods yokel wants to question his citizenship. SO I WILL WAIT HERE WHILE YOU EXPLAIN HOW HIS NAME WAS PRINTED UPON BIRTH...

  4. Commies of a a feather always flock together.

    What the demmeroids don't get is that WE are sick and tired of their shit. Our ranks grow by the day as more and more people are waking up to their sucubus ways.

    We couldn't buy air time that is this good. The left is imploding at their own hand.

  5. Gov.Walker needs to take a page out of Ronaldus Magnus' book,and FIRE all these "educators". About the children my ass. The "children" are mere pawns. As to the cowards formerly known as dhimmi state senators,they should ALL have their asses recalled,and charged with dereliction of duty. All this bullshit they spout about "being for the working families" is pure shit.When a TOUGH vote needs to be taken,instead of being in there and FIGHTING for their constituents,they run like sissymirrie bitches. Hey,cheeseheads who voted for these slugs,HOW YOU LIKE THEM NOW??! Do the RIGHT thing,and FIRE their sorry asses. As to the head asshat siding against a repub governor,no surprise.The frigging union bought and paid for his goddamn ass,they want their money's worth.I think HE needs to be brought up on charges of inciting a riot for his political action committee bussing in troublemakers.The damned DNC should be brought up as well. This is a STATE matter,fucking Obama has NO business injecting himself into the fray. Again,NO class at all from the professional agitator. Seems as if that would be an impeachable offense. Gunny,I do believe that motherfucker WANTS to get the citizens fighting each other.No other explanation.Goddamn the sonofabitch,and ALL who voted for the prick.

  6. Gunny,
    I was in the FAA in 81 when PATCO walked out. There was plenty of blame to go round on that one. PATCO deserves the biggest portion, but management in HQ has never been the most forward thinking bunch either.
    If PATCO had followed the advice of others ( a by the book slowdown), they would have kept their jobs and got a partial raise, but they thought they could do it all alone.

  7. I remember when Reagan stepped up to the plate and hit a home run! Now all we hear on captiol hill is the tax-a-crats fiddle music while america falls into the sinkhole THEY are digging!!!Harry GREED and his cronies could not care less about this country or our childerns future!!

  8. Nanna,

    I'll be satisfied if we can boot his ass out in 2012 without fighting massive voter fraud!

  9. Nee,

    Thanks. I was rolling when I saw that! Obama is a tool and it just gets more and more laughable.

  10. broken record,

    One, he showed the certificate of LIVE birth. Far different from the Long Form. In fact, to get a government security clearance you have to show the LONG FORM! Duh.

    Two, why does the Kenyan keep his BC under lock and key with lawyers in Hawaii?

    Three, why did the Kenyan hide his other records under an executive order on his first day on office?

    Four, why did the Kenyan have multiple social security numbers?

    Five, why does the Kenyan back the Egyptian protestors (Muslim brotherhood) but not "his own" citizens in the Tea Party who he scorns and slurs?

  11. Hardnox,

    The next question is, "how can we HELP them meltdown?"

  12. clyde,

    I'm gonna have to edit your posts!! haha.

    You what Obama reminds me off? A kid who can't play normal sports, for example, but when something comes up that he CAN DO, he jumps on it like Rosie on a gallon of ice cream and goes overboard with it.

    The Meddler in the White House (Michael Savage's term which is GREAT!) can't HELP but rabble rouse, it is ALL he knows.

  13. OK,OK I'll try to clean it up.bwahahahahhahahahhahahhhaha. All this crap,and after reading D.Limbaugh's excellent tome,it is harder to keep my fingers in check. Obama,despite what Oprahmowmow says,deserves nothing but SCORN and RIDICULE.

  14. Pack Rat,

    I did not know that, interesting. Funny that the unions are repeating history! They have definately outlived their usefulness.

  15. 8th Man,

    After seeing the crap at CPAC, the ruling class STILL ain't learned their lesson! Time for Savae to start his Nationalist Party. Screw the GOP and the DNC.

  16. Gunny,

    We don't need to do much other than shine light on their stupid programs and actions. Americans are waking up to their game and not liking it one bit.

    Also we need to keep holding our elected officials' feet to the fire on the promises that they made.

  17. broken record,

    One more for the record:

    The Foreign Affairs Minster of Egypt stated he had a one on one meeting with Obama back in January of 2010 wherein Obama told him that once he overcame a domestic issue, Obama Care, he [Obama] would show the Muslim world what he would do with Israel as he was still a Muslim, son of a Muslim father, the stepson of a Muslim stepfather and that his half brothers in Kenya were Muslims and he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda. So much for his telling Americans that he was a Christian huh? So there is NO CHANCE he’s lying about his birth certificate, right? After all, his presidency is SO transparent. "Round Table Show," Nile TV.

  18. Broken record,
    a) As soon as his white grandparents in Hawaii got the international phone call announcing the birth, they put the announcements in their own local papers.
    b) Why does his own Kenyan grandmother say she was there when he was born in Kenya?

  19. Don't forget PackRat, FLee Bailey was the PATCO lawyer and he advised the union to strike. He thought Reagan wouldn't have the spine to fire them. Reagan did what was right and FLee now lives in Maine trying to avoid his "stellar" career.
    Oh, by the way, my father was one of those controllers. And he was offered his job back a couple of years later but didn't want to go back to the stress of the job.

  20. I think "broken record" is a good name for this guy who cannot handle the truth. When the representive of Kenya can show the actual cirtificte--and the govenor of hawaii does not have the "_alls" to step up--who will you believe??Keep the fire goin Guns!!Semper-Fi

  21. Blah Blah Blah...all you are doing is bringing up talking FAILED to address the point I brought up about the announcement of his birth in AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS! Just furthers the point that talking to lemmings such as yourself is nothing but a waste of time.

  22. I'm kinda with Ron Paul on our overseas bases.
    Screw 'em! We don't need their frikkin' oil. We just need to drill our own frikkin' oil.
    We pull our troops out of the Mideast, Bring the Fifth Fleet home. Issue no visas to nor accept any travellers from those countries. Germany wants to be a schidthead? Good. We don't need to be there, either. We have been protecting AND PAYING FOR PROTECTING the Germans and the Frogs for far too long. It seems our foreign military installations are based on World War II strategy. Or Cold War at the outside.
    Ahhh. Just got back from the VFW Regional Mid-Winter Conference and am too hung over to make this click. I just think we need to let the arabs go on doing what they have been doing for the past 1400 years. Namely, killng each other. Something like that.... Boy. How would you like being homeported in that shithole where the Fifth is?????