Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In an op-ed printed of course in the NY Obama Times, this liberal idiot twisted facts, cherry-picked facts, and basically ignored REAL facts by using outdated bullshit. But Kristof is just another slack-jawed liberal seeking to implement a flaccid agenda by squeezing every bit of hysteria out of a shooting spree in Tucson, committed by a deranged leftist kook. (Wednesday's essay out early by popular demand!)

EXCERPT: "To protect the public, we regulate cars and toys, medicines and mutual funds. So, simply as a public health matter, shouldn’t we take steps to reduce the toll from our domestic arms industry? Look, I’m an Oregon farm boy who was given a .22 rifle for my 12th birthday. I still shoot occasionally when visiting the family farm, and I understand one appeal of guns: they’re fun."

The first line of bullshit is the "protect the public" spiel. The Constitution allows basic regulation of commerce and allows states to further regulate these issues. Note that STATES can regulate but not the Federal Government and this is where Kristof first inserts his head up his ass. For example, South Dakota CAN pass a law requiring ALL legal citizens over 21 to obtain a firearm for their self-defense (as per our old militia laws) but again, the Federal Government cannot, i.e., Obammykare ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL because of the federal mandate. Next, ya really GOT to love liberals when they pull the well-worn crapulence of: "I'm a republican but..." or "I voted for Reagan but he..." or "I USED to be a Republican..." He may have been a farm boy but Kristof is a big government loving liberal without a clue as to the Constitution, the Second Amendment, or the intent of our Founding Fathers with regards to firearms.

The second line of Kristof's bullshit followed close on the first one: "All that said, guns are far more deadly in America, not least because there are so many of them. There are about 85 guns per 100 people in the United States, and we are particularly awash in handguns."

Absolute and total hogwash. First off, firearms save about 2.5-3 MILLION lives in a year, either by being drawn and the criminal sees it, OR, in actual usage. Second, according to the stats at Nation Master, there are only 3.6 handgun deaths per 1 MILLION Americans and only 2.3 per million for long arms (rifles and shotguns for you dumbass liberals reading this) and ICELAND has a higher death count at 3.36 per 1 million. Hardly a shootout at the OK Corral every day right? But then again, Kristof is writing for liberal morons, who either can't think for themselves, won't think for themselves, or who enjoy safety because the uncertainty of criminals as to whether their neighbors are gun owners. As a point of fact, the top 15 causes of death in the United States as listed by the CDC do not even show firearms as the cause.  

Then Kristof mewls: "(The only country I’ve seen that is more armed than America is Yemen. Near the town of Sadah, I dropped by a gun market where I was offered grenade launchers, machine guns, antitank mines, and even an anti-aircraft weapon. Yep, an N.R.A. dream! No pesky regulators. Just terrorism and a minor civil war.)"

Wow, could this nattering nabob get any more condescending? The Gunny has been a Life Member of the NRA for many years and he has yet to hear of anyone wanting to own a rocket launcher or seek to create a violent revolution (minor civil war) but he HAS HEARD liberals like Obama's drone Valerie Jarrett, commie Van Jones, and serial scumbag Francis Fox Piven call for "violent revolution." Maybe this pissy-legged liberal crybaby could write his next op-ed piece explaining how liberals can call for revolution and the Lapdog Media ignores it. Oh, and the Gunny wonders how much of that weaponry in Yemen came from the former Soviet Union/Russia.

Then Kristof further regurgitates dreck from his oral sewer with this jewel, "Just since the killings in Tucson, another 320 or so Americans have been killed by guns — anonymously, with barely a whisker of attention. By tomorrow it’ll be 400 deaths. Every day, about 80 people die from guns, and several times as many are injured."

It took the Gunny about two minutes to find out that Nicky got his stats from a gun control website. Gee Nick, ya think they PAD those numbers by, say, including gang violence in them? Duh. Factually speaking (alien to liberals), doctors kill more people in America than guns do and there are over 80 MILLION gun owners and roughly 700,000 doctors. In fact, according to the CDC, homicide is the #15th cause and there were only 18,124 of those (2005) but Kristof would have you believe that 29,500 people are murdered with guns! That is kinda like a liberal candidate getting more votes than there are voters in his/her area. When Kristof speaks, you can almost hear: "(cough) Bullshit! (cough)"

Laughably, he continues with this joke: "The chances that a gun will be used to deter a home invasion are unbelievably remote, and dialing 911 is more effective in reducing injury than brandishing a weapon, the journal article [American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine by David Hemenway] says. Really? The Gunny wonders how fast the police respond in say, places like New York City, especially when the streets are clogged with snow? Indeed, 911 calls average, according to LIBERAL papers, to be about 20 minutes in response. That is a LONG TIME to wait when your life is on the line. The USA TODAY wrote:

1.  Few cities know exactly how long their emergency crews take to reach cardiac arrest victims, and most are selective about how they portray their performance. Only nine of the 50 largest cities track their response times precisely enough to know how often emergency crews reach the victims of cardiac arrest within six minutes.

2.  Most other U.S. cities don't know their response times, refuse to disclose them or use imprecise measures that are meaningless in determining whether emergency crews reach victims in time to save them.

So most cities don't have a clue about their 911 response times but Kristof does. Hmmm. It appears that this idiot has excelled at creative writing but then again, he writes for the NY Obama Times. The Gunny would rather take his chances facing an intruder ARMED than hiding under his bed UNARMED, waiting for the cops to arrive. In Chicago, residents are happy if the cops even SHOW UP! Dial 911 at your own peril it seems.

But perhaps the best of all is this one from Kristof: "We can also learn from Australia, which in 1996 banned assault weapons and began buying back 650,000 of them. The impact is controversial and has sometimes been distorted. But the Journal of Public Health Policy notes that after the ban, the firearm suicide rate dropped by half in Australia over the next seven years, and the firearm homicide rate was almost halved."


It appears that Ol' Nick was again, spewing bullshit: "The Australian gun ban was supposed to halt gun crimes....the opposite has happened. "On November 1 last year, gang members fired a hail of bullets at a Sydney police station using high-powered 9 mm automatics or semi-automatics. Five police were inside. This barrage of shots in a city street was exactly the sort of scenario the buy-back was supposed to stop. Apparently the bad guys didn't get the memo. According to Australian officials, despite the government buy-back program, firearms activity has increased, especially in Sydney."

Inspector McComb noted: "meanwhile crimes involving guns have soared during and since the Australian buyback."

Oddly enough, the criminals NEVER get the memo OR follow the laws, that is why we call them CRIMINALS. Oh, and in Britain, THEIR gun ban is also a failure.

"In the 1990s alone, the homicide rate jumped 50%, going from 10 per million in 1990 to 15 per million in 2000 (Home Office 2001). Also, police statistics show that violent crime in general has increased since the late 1980s and, in fact, since 1996 has been more serious than in the United States. The rate of violent crime has jumped from 400 per 100,000 in 1988 to almost 1,400 per 100,000 in 2000. Clearly, there is no evidence that firearm laws have caused violent crime to fall. The firearm laws may even have increased criminal violence by disarming the general public. Despite banning and confiscating all handguns, violent crime—and firearm crime—continue to grow. The number of violent crimes involving handguns has increased from 2,600 in 1997/1998 to 3,600 in 1999/2000. Firearm crime has increased 200% in the past decade."

It is also a failure in Canada.

Kristof's pathetic solutions made the Gunny laugh. One gun per month to reduce trafficking? Oh yeah, THAT will stop criminals from going to the black market for guns much like Mexico's total gun ban has kept guns from the cartels. Improve background checks? Why, the Gunny bought a BRAND-NEW Springfield XD (.45) YESTERDAY and dedicated it to Obama's call for more gun control, and HIS background check went through the FBI's NCIC with TWO photo IDs and it was tied to my SSN. How can that be improved on? Oops, it can't. Too bad that Sheriff Dipstick in Pima County failed to do HIS duty or Jared might not have been able to purchase his firearm. BTW, again, where were his parents in all of this? One wonders. And that waiting period? A joke.

Lastly, Kristof whines: "The best memorial [Tucson] would be to regulate firearms every bit as seriously as we regulate automobiles or toys.

THAT is funny. How do you address such rampant Liberal stupidity?

In conclusion, what Kristof's puked up pablum is, is just another dumb-ass liberal spewing out total bullshit from his oral sewer, to the last remaining morons who read and believe the crapulence that the Old Dead Gray Lady pumps out. (No wonder their stock is worth about 1.50 and a corn dog.) Bogus and twisted "facts", and laughable figures from gun control sites are what he used to write an article with about as much honesty in it as an Obama speech and he is little more than a liar and a charlatan. What the liberal quack fails to realize is that it is HIS PARTY that has weakened criminal penalties to the point of it all being a joke.

Indeed, Mayor Bloomberg commits felonies with strawman buys and the ATF does nothing. Tookie murders people and the Left tries to free him. Mumia kills cops and the Left tries to free him. Ayers and Dorhn kill cops and they become PROFESSORS and are sorry that they did not bomb ENOUGH! The Blind Sheik bombs the WTC and Lynne Stewart becomes his useful idiot? Could it be that criminals DO NOT fear going to prison because liberals and the ACLU have made it a party time? A Joke? Could it be that criminals no longer fear the death penalty for their capital crimes because they know that the liberals will rally to their cause (and blame society for it all)? That IF they go to death row, they'll have about 20+ years to chill on our dime and maybe die of natural causes before they meet the executioner and then only AFTER endless appeals, filed by the usual suspects (ACLU, SPLC, etc), again, usually on our dime. The government coddes criminals and actually seeks amnesty for illegal alien criminals! Hmm.

Evidently, CRIME DOES PAY and we can thank liberals since the 60's for it.

GREAT SITE FOR GUN FACTS: http://www.justfacts.com/guncontrol.asp

http://www.gunsandcrime.org/faildxprmt.pdf (Great site with charts showing gun bans DON'T work)
http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=57641 (GUNS DETER CRIME)


  1. Gunny,

    Excellent post as always. Did your data include home invasions?

    After the gun grab in Australia home invasions went off the charts and became the norm and still is. Thugs armed with bats just simply break down the doors of the citizenry then beat and rob them.

    This is also true in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Europe is also on the rise. Seniors are especially targeted.

    These gun bans are a criminal’s wet dream.

    The often used phrase "when seconds count, the police are minutes away" is so appropriate.

    Kristoff, like all lefties, always use a false narrative. They ignore that fact that in EVERY city or state where gun laws have been relaxed the crime rates FALL. That is an undisputable fact.

    Further, to compare the USA with Yemen is ridiculous. Our government won't seal our borders to drugs, illegals, or guns but these douchebags want to disarm honest citizens. Liberals can not accept the fact that evil exists and has since the dawn of time but their insistence that guns are the root of all evils is just simply intellectually dishonest.

    Are liberals getting dumber, or is it a figment of my imagination?

  2. A "GUN FREE" zone is really a free fire zone.

    Additional comment: The SCOTUS has ruled that the police cannot be sued if they do not respond to your 911 call. Disbeleivers Google for your self

  3. I saw that Kristoff editorial, too, and wrote this email to him (since you couldn't post comments on that particular editorial -- I wonder why...):

    Mr. Kristoff, I'm wondering why you didn't carry your "alternate history" metaphor through to its logical conclusion. "What's that", you ask?

    Well, in all those paragraphs about how highways and cars are so well engineered and designed to be as safe as possible -- as are guns, by the way -- you fail to actually use the one accurate metaphor for saving "thousands" of lives: lowering the freeway speed limit to 25 MPH, which would accurately analogize to limiting firearm magazine capacity.

    After all, with tens of thousands of lives lost each year due to high speed accidents, wouldn't such a low speed limit save a lot of lives?

    Yet we don't do that, do we?

    The other thing you miss the boat on is the usual gun-ban rhetoric about the Second Amendment only being applicable to "flintlocks". First of all, the flintlock was the "assault rifle" of the era, so clearly the Founders wanted the general populace to have the same firepower as the military, particularly in light of the fact that in most cases members of the military had to provide their own firearms.

    More importantly, for your assertion to have any validity at all you have to be intellectually consistent and also hold that the First Amendment rights of free speech and press don't apply to any modern technology other than newspapers; not radio, nor TV, nor the internet, nor movies, nor any other technology developed after the 19th Century. Is that your position? Really?

    Brian Baker

  4. Gunny,
    This was such a good post, you just get better and better!
    These liberal just keep trying to take our guns. Don't know when, if ever they will stop.
    But I feel if they ever give it a real try, what is going on in Egypt, will be a picnic!!

  5. What can I say?
    When seconds count the police are only minutes away.
    I experienced living in a crime ridden part of a large city and a 1911 was more comforting than anything.

  6. Well, Mr. G. Here's a funny for you...have you read what South Dakota is doing? A bill has been introduced that says every person over 21 should own a gun...to poke fun at Obamacare.
    It says the individual must provide for it's own self defense and own a gun.

  7. You seem to be a very paranoid individual. You preach about the need to keep firearms in case of home invasion and revolution. Now revolution I could understand, but I have a problem with the idea that masked invaders will target your house and kill your family. How many times has this happened to you Mr. Gunny? How many times have you had to use that weapon in defense of your life in Alaska? I am not against you owning a gun but I think that the cultural aspect of widespread gun ownership in America is more dangerous than it is helpful. And I checked your website about murders with guns and we seemed to be ranked 4th on the murder with firearms list, right behind developing countries like thailand and mexico. Not the best company I would say. I as an American would like to see that statistic change.

  8. It's scary how much we think alike. As I'm reading this I got to the part about Australia's failed gun ban and I was saying to myself "what about Britain?". Then when I was reading about Britain I was saying to myself "What about Canada's failed gun ban?" I'm surprised you didn't mention Switzerland's gun law. Ironic that no one is pointing out that crime continues to fall in the US while it continues to rise in countries that have banned guns.

  9. Hardnox,

    Not only are they stupid, they're getting desperate.

    Nation Master stats did not include the home invasion numbers but that is a great idea for research.

    Myself, I think that every non gun owning liberl should come out of the closet and post a sign on their lawns stating that their house is a gun free zone.

  10. Pack Rat,

    The SCOTUS has also ruled that the police ARE NOT for the protection of individual citizens and have ruled this a number of times.

    In other words, we're on our own.

  11. Brian,

    You are indeed a wordsmith. What WE need to do is DRAFT you to run for office as Americans did to G Washington! haha. Whether you like it or not.

  12. Nanna,

    For the most part, they're all talk. Kristof is just trying to wring every bit of sob-soaking misery out of a story and try to twist it into an attack on the right and the Second Amendment. He's an idiot and a hack, nothing more.

  13. Buck,

    I would LOVE to see the stats on police response times in the cities. I would bet money that relying on them getting there to save my ass vice relying on, say, my NEW Springfield XD, would be a losing bet.

  14. Nee,

    I saw that and what is funny is that a state CAN do this but the Feds can't.

    I'm hoping MORE states follow their example, if nothing else than to freak out the libs!

  15. The sly fox,

    When you need a gun and you don't have one, it sucks.

    To use your logic, we should not have a military since we haven't been attacked by a nation since 1941.

    When you checked the stat, did you go per capita? Makes all of the difference considering we're about 10 times LARGER than those countries.

    And if you want those murder stats to change, how about endorsing fast trials and fast executions for the criminals. Americans were able to buy Tommy guns from their local hardware stores in the 20's/30's so why wasn't there wholesale slaughter?

    In two words... Ol' Sparky.

  16. Jim,

    I would have discussed the Swiss but it was getting a little long! haha. It is amazing that they have assault rifles in every house with males over 21 and little crime.

  17. Well said, Gunny. I have a few more stats here:

  18. the interface,

    Thanks. But as we all know, facts and libs never mix well! haha

  19. What gun grabbers AREN'T big crybabies,Gunny? Good post. Sly Fox,which amendment to the Constitution do you like? Seems as if the 2nd isn't to your liking.

  20. Sly Fox,

    Guns are like fire extinguishers. You really don't apreciate them until you really need one in an emergency.

    Most of us that post here have been in those situations and therefore understand that being prepared for an emergency is not only wise, it is also smart.

  21. Yes, when I read Sly Fox's comment, the first thought that popped into my mind was Switzerland.

    Mr. Sly Fox, you wrote about America's "gun culture" being such a threat. Consider this:

    In Switzerland, every person of military age is required, BY LAW, to keep in their homes a weapon identical to, if not actually issued by, those used by the military. Depending on the person's job in the military -- and all citizens of military age are members of the military -- that weapon may actually be a fully-automatic assault rifle. Further, they are required by law to keep in their homes ammunition, and to practice regularly.

    Yet Switzerland has one of the lowest crime levls overall, including violent crimes, of any industrialized nation in the world.

    Is that a coincidence? An anomaly? Some weird twist of Twilight Zone happenstance?

    No. The fact is that the old canard that "an armed society is a polite society" is such a cliche because...

    IT'S TRUE.

    In this coutnry alone, according to peer-reviewed studies done by Kleck, Wright, Rossi, Lott and others, privately-owned firearms are used somewhere between 750,000 to over 1 million times PER ANNUM by private citizens to successfully prevent themselves from becoming victims of violent criminals.

    Studies of prison inmates have shown that their biggest fear isn't the police; it's running into an armed citizen ready and able to defend himself.

    Is that the"gun culture" you fear so much? Sounds like a good thing to me.

    In those states that have passed "shall issue" concealed carry laws, violent crime rates have fallen dramatically. The highest crime rates in the country are in jurisdictions with the most restrictive gun laws. Just another coinkydink?

    Your position seems to depend on a lot of coincidences and anomalies, doesn't it? Maybe, just maybe... you're wrong. Have you considered that?

  22. Sly Fox. Not sure where you live but I HAVE seen "masked men" invading homes. Homes they knew, or were pretty sure, there were no guns.
    I had a firearm and let folks know it.
    I was never invaded by your masked men.

  23. I have had to defend my life (and a friend's life) twice in my life. Both times the criminal I shot was armed (the first time the criminal was armed with a knife and the second time the criminal was armed with a handgun). In both instances, the affair was over in seconds. Both times were during natural disasters when dialing 911 would have been useless (1994 Ice Storm in NW Mississippi; 2005, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast 5 days after Hurricane Katrina).

    Sly Fox, and most Liberals in general, do not understand how fast a gunfight really is. There is no way the police can protect you. Unless you have private security personnel hired to protect you, you are on your own.

    And quite frankly I intend on protecting my family, my friends, and myself. And I will use whatever it takes to do so.

    Presently I looking into purchasing either a couple of AK47's or a couple of SKS's, and a thousand rounds of ammo. In fact, right now the seller and myself are discussing prices.

    Hopefully I will never have to use them in anger; but I will if necessary. And, as a former boy scout, I will be prepared.