Friday, February 25, 2011


What exactly is wisdom? Book learning from, say, Yale or Harvard or the liberal traitor HQ at Columbia U? Not really, considering that Pharaoh Obama, the wannabe Emperor of the World not only can’t spell Libya right, but pronounces "coreman" as "corpseman", and thinks that there are 57 states in America! Get your money back Barry, you got flim-flammed, much as you flim-flammed the US in 2008. John Adams once noted: "Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings, and a desire to know." Then, "Wisdom and knowledge, as well as virtue, diffused generally among the body of the people, [are] necessary for the preservation of their rights and liberties."

James Madison wrote: "What spectacle can be more edifying or more seasonable, than that of Liberty and Learning, each leaning on the other for their mutual and surest support?"

So we can factually state that it takes wisdom, learning, and a huge heaping spoonful of common sense to keep the "shining city on the hill" alive and well. But since liberals have take over, we have states like Wisconsin, wherein 66% of 8th graders CANNOT READ! Excuse the hell out of the Gunny but WHAT THE F**K are these union grubs clamoring for more about? Talk about liberals rewarding failure with our money...but the Gunny digresses.

Consider this scenario. You live next door to a farmer who sells you produce, meat, and the diary produces that you need to survive. Let us consider that you, in your cottage industry, clean the veggies, process the meat, churn your own brand of butter, and make your own brand of cheese for resale. You continue in this manner for years, being supplied by a sole producer even though you yourself own, say, 25 acres of prime land wherein you could be producing your own above named items but a government zoning board keeps preventing you from doing it, through a lawsuit filed over and over by a neighbor down the street. One day, the farmer who produces what you need for your business drops dead and his heirs consider any contract with you null and void. In fact, THEY open up a business in direct competition with you. Bottom line? You’re screwed and you’ll get to find out if Nutsy Baloney was right when she babbled about unemployment stimulating the economy.

Now consider this scenario. Leftists and enviro-nuts, paid by outside agencies like the Tides Foundation, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, etc., keep Americans from drilling for oil across the nation, aided and abetted by a now criminal regime, ignoring Federal ruling, ignoring the Law of the Land, the Constitution, ignored Federal laws like the DOMA, because, as Pharaoh Obama yammered, he THINKS it is unconstitutional. How has that helped America? It hasn't. It has done nothing but hinder and hamper our economy, putting us at the mercy of our enemies, who, oddly enough, would slice the heads off of these pagan enviro-nazis as infidel scum but stupid is as stupid does!

Now infuse a little common sense and wisdom into the first scenario.

While you’re purchasing stuff from your farmer neighbor, you establish small garden plots and obtain, say, a cow or two, even as you petition the zoning board to quit hampering your pursuit of happiness. Eventually, you replace much of the farmer’s items you used to buy with your own and when the farmer dies and his heirs go off of the deep end, you have the resources to continue your business. Free market competition on the march.

EXCERPT: "With the unrest in the Middle East as his springboard, Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell lashed out at the Obama administration's stance on domestic oil production, saying it was having a tangible effect on the country's foreign policy. In a speech at the National Press Club, the Republican governor called the federal government "openly hostile" for red tape in oil-producing states, including the delays in allowing Shell to drill exploratory wells on leases the company purchased in the Arctic in 2008. "If it looks like a moratorium and walks like a moratorium ... maybe it is," said Parnell, who is in Washington this weekend for the National Governors Association winter meeting.

Parnell said there's a direct link between the economic recovery and the failure to use Alaska's oil reserves as a national security buffer against the uncertainty in Libya and other oil-producing countries in the Middle East. Higher gasoline prices are exactly what's not needed right now for a recovery, Parnell said. "This is the moment our government must re-examine its 'no new wells' policy when it comes to oil exploration and development here at home," Parnell said. "The U.S. foolishly imports more than 63 percent of our oil. That leaves us vulnerable to the economic shock of disruption of these oil supplies, and it drives down that economic recovery."

The Constitution's 10th Amendment states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Our Constitution is very specific upon the limits that it places upon the Federal government and it is also explicit about the responsibilities reserved by and for the states. The Left, leftist activist judges, guest lecturers on the Constitution like Barry, and the Lapdog Media has done much to cover for the termites who have gnawed away at the plain language of the Constitution. Thus, it can be said that the Federal government and the EPA, as well as the DOE and the BLM, have acted illegally to prevent state’s from harvesting the resources located within their boundaries, which prevents the states from enjoying prosperity and which punishes their citizens. Governor Parnell should go the next step and expose those in Alaska, who work against drilling and mining and JOBS, and where THEIR paychecks come from. Then out those bastards on the TV, Radio, and the newspapers.

A commitment to individual liberty and state’s right, through limited government is what will strengthen America, not a greedy central government gobbling everything within sight and making stupid decisions that penalize the American people. WE THE PEOPLE contribute to the federal government through the sweat of our brow yet we witness more and more of OUR MONEY being illegally seized by The Colossus and turned into entitlement and welfare schemes that crush initiative, personal responsibility, and individual prosperity. We have a Clinton appointee, a black-robed moron, stating that the "commerce clause" has oversight on mental activity and that any decision to not to act, in relationship to commerce, is an act and you can be therefore required to do what the governments you to do. 

Three words here: WHAT THE F**K?

So we have been handcuffed in our drilling and mining efforts through the efforts of the far-left, who have infiltrated the Demerrhoid Party and every level of our government, from a crybaby idiot in the White House, to black robed idiots in our courts, to rabble-rousers in unions, to the detriment of the nation. They are too stupid to realize that you prepare for the worst and hope for the best! That the federal government's REAL charter is what they SHOULD be doing, i.e., protecting the rights of the citizens and the states to prosper and enjoy the fruits of their labor! There is a report out that the Gunny is tracking down, that states that Alaska, if full oil production was allowed by The Colossus, would be the 8th LARGEST oil producer in THE WORLD! Add Texas, Utah, North Dakota, the Gulf of Mexico, etc, into the mix and we are energy INDEPENDENT and the Middle East can POUND SAND! But this regime CONTINUES to PREVENT us from drilling, refining, and mining.

Imagine America being freed of policing the world and only needing to stand up for our ally’s Britain, Australia, NZ, Japan, Canada, Israel, etc., against the Islamofascists. Imagine an America economy wherein the only unemployed are those too lazy to work (but we’ll find them jobs) and where we make their poverty "uncomfortable!" Imagine an American economy that kicks ass and takes names, where the dollar really IS sound, and we really ARE rich enough to help other countries when they have a natural disaster, that is, IF they are our friend. The only thing standing in the way of it all IS THE LEFT and their ALLIES in the enviro-nazis, eco-terrorism, anti-American, progressive movements, bought and paid for by Soros and his cronies. But their days are coming to a close as the States begin to RISE UP (as we help).

By hey, Ken Salazar spent OUR money putting "climate study facilities" at the University of Alaska at Anchorage to study the debunked hoax of climate disruption even as the Feds FIGHT to keep polar bears on the Endangered Species List when they clearly are NOT endangered.

Baraq al-Obama and Ken Salazar should be standing in a court of law, being charged with contempt of court on two counts over the illegal no-drilling moratorium. Why aren't they America?
America's Economy sliding...
Obama PARTYING IT UP at the White House...AGAIN


  1. You know the answer to the questions. It is the plan,man. As to Obama not being brought up on charges,the cowardice of the GOP to do so is the reason. Too gunshy from the BJ Bubba fiasco.

  2. BJ Bubba was guilty of perjury and a weak-ass Senate ignored the crime.

    This regime is criminal from the top down, way more criminal than BJ Bubba's admin. I hope that when Issa amasses enough evidence, that the subpeonas go out and charges are brought. The hell with impeachment, I want them in PRISON!

  3. Gunny,

    Good post. This regime is rotten from top to bottom. Fortunately folks have woken up to that fact. Now that they have exposed their hand I fully expect pitchforks in the streets in coming months.

    Many states are flexing their new found muscles and the freshmen US reps are reving up.

    I share your sentiments.

  4. 1."Wisdom and knowledge, as well as virtue, diffused generally among the body of the people, [are] necessary for the preservation of their rights and liberties."
    This means we're in deep doo-doo.

    2. Why doesn't Parnell just tell the drillers to go do it? At the same time tell Alaskans to keep their powder dry and watch for "revenooers'??
    What COULD the feds do????

  5. The bottom line: we have enough oil deposits in this country to be energy-independant well into at least the next century, and even a net-exporter country if we choose. And that's assuming that we currently know where every deposit is, which is ridiculous. New deposits are regularly discovered, and new technologies developed to extract previously unrecoverable oil.

    We have the largest known deposits in the world, more than Saudi Arabia, just in recoverable shale oil.

    This "shortage" is clearly artifical, and political in nature.

  6. Obama won't be happy til our vehicles are horse drawn like the Amish, and then they will complain about the horse's "exhaust".

  7. Hardnox,

    I am eagerly watching my state begin to flex ITS muscle and better yet, its economic muscle! When the Blue States finally figure it out, we'll be way past em! haha

  8. Buck,

    A WHOPPING MAJORITY of Alaskans have already stood up and said start drilling and said so at an Fed meeting on offshore drilling the other day!

  9. BrianR,

    You are exactly right and I wonder when those who manufactured this bulshit will start to pay for it with jail time!

  10. Pack Rat,

    HAHA! Yeah, the Lefgt will be bitching when they're hung with new ropes.

  11. Anon,

    It is easy to get your comment published when:

    a. you don't hide behind an anon...
    b. you publish FACTS that refute what I write about...
    c. you polish up your insults beyond the 5th grade level. Surely you can use SOMETHING from an SEIU thug rally, etc.

  12. The drilling moratorium is partly political (payoff for the Greenies) and partly a power grab of global proportions.

    As BrianR has mentioned, and others icluding myself have proven, the US has enough proven oil reserves to last us clear into the 2100's or longer. I personally think that we have enough oil reserves in the US to last us until we get "cold fusion" going which will be sometime within the next 100 years.

    If that is the case (and the Democrats realize that it is), then why all the fuss?

    First, the Democrats MUST pay off their useful idiot allies the Greenies. Therefore no nuclear power and no drilling.

    Second, if the Democrats get the US consumer (and the world) to be acustomed to $5.00/gallon gasoline, then the profits will be unbelievable.

    The Solution?

    Treating Democrat/Liberals/Socialists like the Nazis treated the Jews is starting to look more and more acceptable to a large number of US citizens. As for myself, I want them locked up in US prisons (after they are convicted in criminal trials) and ALL their wealth confiscated to pay off the federal debt.

  13. Y'know, Gray, it's interesting.

    Your "solution" is pretty extreme, and violates all constitutional principles of freedom of expression and political action.

    There was a time I'd have been outraged at the very idea.

    So the thing that's REALLY interesting to me is that I'm not.

    Oh, I can't support it, of course, and know you said it with tongue in cheek. But I have to admit, the thought has occurred to me. Often. And though I can't support it, it doesn't outrage me, either.

    What does that say about liberalism?

  14. Brian R, G-Ghost

    I'll tell you what it says.
    It's kinda like watching the barroom bully get kicked to death.
    You'd not do it but you are not appalled when it happens.