Thursday, February 10, 2011


The Gunny got an email from a lib asking why the Gunny was so against liberals and liberalism and what was so great about Conservatism.

We’ve discussed the ills of liberalism on many occasions but the question of why "we" think Conservatism is so great caught the Gunny’s interest. Here is his answer.

Liberals see Conservatives and Conservatism as the enemy, as we witness them making a Faustian Bargain with the Islamofascists, aligning themselves against the interests of the United States, i.e., oil drilling bans, which can only end badly for them. However, Conservatism is not just an ideology, us against them, like Liberalism is; it is much deeper than that because it is how we think that sets us apart from the Left. For example, the Left latched on to the globull warming/cooling/disruption scam like Lindsey Lohan snatching up a crack vial (or more recently, a necklace) and can’t seem to let it go whereas Conservatives and Conservatism in general, is forming an opinion based on facts, reason, and logic. We think globull warming is bullshit, it is revealed to be a lie through the East Anglia emails, failed hurricane predictions, the failed "ice age" predictions of the 70’s, and we observe Owl Gore fleeing debates with Lord Monckton like Senator Boxer running from God on "brain installation day!" Thus, we can logically conclude that it is all bullshit, made up to make the elites money while screwing us, and know that our opinion is grounded in logic, and ignore their stupidity but the Left can’t and won't let it go. That is why Obama subsidizes Government Motors piece of shit Volt with our money.

Conservatives also know that while everyone is born equal, not everyone lives equal lives and we deal with it. Consider the oil company who explores a region, shells out money and time in doing so, drills wells, and ultimately brings a product that people want, need, and desire to market. Do they not deserve to make a profit? Hell yes. Do they not deserve to make as much as the market will bear? Again, hell yes. We still believe that if you make a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. Liberals, on the other hand, see forcing equality on us because their need to control the masses requires it. How can you have a Bill Gates, for example, who invents something and profits from it under liberalism? You can’t! He’d be taxed and regulated and his money redistributed by some faceless bureaucrat to the human leeches whereas Conservatives would profit by inventing software or hardware to IMPROVE on Gate’s invention. Some win, some lose, that is life. Is there corruption? Hell yes. But what is more corrupt is the Democrat's slush fund called Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because who watches the watchdog?

Along those lines, liberals believe in taking the fruit’s of one’s labor, usually through mandatory programs like the Ponzi Scam called Social Security or Earned Income Credit, and redistributing it to those who "seem" to need, usually ushering in high levels of fraud, waste, and abuse. In contrast, Conservatives believe in private charity that exists on a local level, for example, giving to the local church(es) so that local residents in need, who are KNOWN to be in need, can receive the help they need. There is no stigma in needing a hand UP but there SHOULD be a stigma attached to a hand "out" as Benjamin Franklin pointed out. We Conservatives are ordinary people who have learned our values from our families, our church, our neighborhoods, and our own personal integrity and responsibility and that develops our attitude on what work and life are all about. That is why we can look on someone’s personal difficulties and not blame them on society but rather, the product of his/her personal choices, their lack of or misuse of their God-given skills, a run of bad luck, or more likely, their lack of honesty and efforts to make something of themselves because liberals tell them that it is "not their fault" they suck. We embrace family values and traditional beliefs not because we do not want to “progress” but because we know that this is what keeps our lives solidly grounded in decency and honesty and hard work, as well as giving it purpose and human value. We know instinctively that forced diversity and forced equality only leads to equal misery for us (but not the elites).

Liberals stand for nothing and thus, fall for everything, and that is why they get sucked into social program after social program, benefiting us with their Harvard or Columbia "expertise" while lightening the load in our wallets! They HAVE to get something back for that high-priced sheepskin and thus, they HAVE to implement their "make society a utopia" programs and with a centralized government, they also liberate the tax money necessary to keep them running. This is in line with their condemnation of personal morality, personal responsibility, family values, and religion (bitter clingers) because those ideas, loved ones, and organizational thinking interferes with their ability to swap out one interchangeable drone for another. We, on the other hand, seek to reduce taxes and red tape because individual Americans make better decisions for their own lives than the ivory-towered nitwits like Holdren, Chu, Obama, etc. Consider the stance of one Doctor John "Kill Em All" Holdren, who in his asinine book "Ecoscience", outlined his sick plan to create a race of interchangeable drones and oddly enough, the Leftist media never said boo about it. To the Left, it is all about management of a "system" while to us, it is all about happiness and living the life God meant for us. That is why we’re more patriotic, honest, loyal, and law-abiding because we feel an obligation to a nation that provides us a safe, secure, and relatively uncorrupted place to raise a family in.

To a Conservative, the customs, traditions, values and beliefs are the glue that binds a society which is why we react so angrily to the Left’s continued attacks on marriage, the military, our religion, the Constitution, and our basic way of life. When the Left attacks marriage, for example, they malign the sanctity of it, poo-poo the obligations of a marriage between a man and a woman, they undermine the ability of one generation of Americans to raise the next generation of Americans in the same manner that they were raised in, believing in the same traditions and customs that their parents and grandparents believed in. We, as Americans, owe the past just as much as we owe the future, because as Ronaldus Magnum stated, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free." By attacking our traditions, they attack the very root of Conservatism, which has been their game plan all along. As with communism, liberalism in their Nanny State style of thinking prefers the State to raise the next generation, not Mom and Dad. They're easier to indoctrinate that way.

In conclusion, conservatives have always recognized a community must be moral for the cohesion of both the individual and the society, which will produce a better way of life. Our Founding Fathers realized that and so should we. What we are seeing in America today is a last product of the 60’s hedonism that allowed hippies to rut in the mud at Woodstock and produce a generation of "Gimme-Gimme" parasites, enabled by liberals like Nutsy Pelosi, Obama, and Dingy Reid, who tell them they are owed! That they owe NOTHING to America, i.e., Waxman helping Code Pink at Fallujah, that the pussification of the US Military is okay, and that energy dependence on the largesse of our enemies is okay! Conservatism sees the necessity of traditions, customs, and values that embrace continuity and the inherent need to see things as right and wrong AND an adherence to those standards, not for power or self-aggrandizement but for the inheritance of freedom that follow-on generations are OWED by this generation and every follow-on generation. THAT is not only why the Left hates us but also why we are opponents of leftist tyranny at every turn, because we as Conservatives cherish the gift of freedom that was passed to us and want to pass it on to our children and their grandchildren. And the bottom line is that we WILL outlast the parasite class and their enablers because right and truth are values that cannot be supressed for long.


  1. Gunny,

    Well said. Take another bow. I particularly like your jewel: "Liberals stand for nothing and thus fall for everything...".

  2. Take a bow. Not much to add.

  3. Liberalism is like syphilis.

    It comes in the most appeling packages.

  4. Progressive (or neo, or social, or whatever they like to call themselves other than socialists) liberalsim is nothing but a disorder (take your pick from mental illness, to a religion, to a genetic disorder). Heck, they even identified the gene responsible for such idiotic thinking (or lack of it)
    Way to go, Gunny. Give 'em hell.

    Kerem "The Patriot"

  5. Hardnox,

    Liberals are chumps of the first order! They get suckered time and time again and come back for more! haha

  6. Buck,

    And like VD, Liberalism is the gift that keeps on giving!

  7. The Patriot,

    Thanks for the kudos. To use a Trumanism, "I don't give them Hell, I just tell them the truth and they [libs] THINK its Hell!"

  8. I will make a prediction, that neither you (Gunny) nor I will live to see. I predict that in about 50 years Liberals will be extinct. I say this for one main reason, abortion.

    The Liberals have been aborting and are aborting their children. They have done this for the last 40 years.

    Conservatives have not.

  9. Gray Ghost,

    I agree and moreover, the 60's dregs from the "peace, love, dope" crowd are getting old and will be taking their well-deserved eternal dirt naps soon. When America is shed of morons like Boxer, Waxman, Chuck U Schumer, etc, the better off we'll be.

  10. Good'un, Gunny.

    Now I have a job for you. Please kick me an e-mail with the URLs of your columns kicking the snot out of The Prophet Algoracle and his minions. I've got a few Glo-Bull Warming believers that need some 2x4s, and your evidence is usually overwhelming.

  11. Liberals being civil:

    Yeah , sure (end satire font)

  12. Its interesting that global warming is currently harming mostly red states. Texas fires, heat waves in the mid west, huge tornadoes. Perhaps God (an documented liberal), has a sense of humor.

    It is also interesting that educated people tend to be more liberal. That must be because education is a form of brainwashing (it certainly couldn't be the obvious that those that are smart enough to get into college are also smart enough not to be conservative.

    Yup, global warming is a liberal plot.

    Not mentioned in this article is the best benefit of conservationism. The humor it provides.

  13. I know you won't approve my last post, even with that quote at the top. This blog is not about free speech or truth. Its about your bias, which unfortunately taints your ability to see truth.

  14. Anon,

    I ALWAYS post comments from stupid liberals like yourself. I love your pathetic whine as well. Grow a pair and grow up.

    BTW, why hide behind the anonymous handle?

    Lastly, maybe you should review the Blue States and how they are all in the shitter. Love that liberalism and Hopey/Changey!