Monday, February 21, 2011


The Gunny has come to the conclusion that Obama, the Meddler in the White House, as Michael Savage calls him, is a liar, a scumbag, and something less than what the Gunny steps into while hiking in the woods! But moreover, the derision and contempt that the Gunny has for the black racists, affirmative action RINO morons like Colin Powell, stupid white liberals, and asshats like David "I like the crease in his pants" Brooks, who voted for this polished turd in the White House, is deeply felt. You are little more than traitors and the Gunny hopes that the lowest level in Hell is your eternal reward. You bastards deserve little else.

The Community Organizer sends the First Grifter and his grubs off to Vail, he "coaches" one of the grub’s basketball team, while all hell is breaking loose around the world. The First Wookie shoves ribs down her neck in Vail while telling the rest of us to eat berries, roots, tree bark, tofu, etc. To the woman who looks like a Cape Buffalo from behind, the Gunny would say to her face, "piss off."

Many of the 65 million morons, idiots, simpletons, and nitwits were lied to by Obama. They are to blame because they are WILLFULLY IGNORANT! The information on this rabble rousing anti-American Kenyan Usurper WAS THERE for the reading. You DO NOT hire a burger-flipper to run a nuclear power plant do you? Then WHY IN THE HELL would you elect an idiot so devoid of experience to run the nation and represent America to the world? WHY? The Gunny would wholeheartedly SUPPORT the impeachment of this shitbird. He meddles in Wisconsin, calls the Tea Party anti-Americans, and then rushes to support the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in Egypt! It is high time to call it like it is. Barack Hussein Obama was elected because he is 1/8th black and has the required skin tone to please the tribalistic blacks (who heap scorn on black Conservatives) as well as making guilty white libvermin happy! In truth, America was sold a pig-in-a-poke. A snake oil salesman. A bullshit moderate who is so far to left as to make Lenin look middle-of-the-road! And you who voted for him deserve to be rounded up and run out of this country. You will forever be seen as traitors in the eyes of the Gunny. It is his skin tone and the race card that will prevent him from being impeached and the gutless GOP won’t even get close to touching that lightning rod.

Think the Gunny is wrong here? A racist? Consider that the lies began to flow on this miscreant before the presidential campaign as Obama claimed one ethnic background after another. From his uncle serving in the Red Army who liberated Auschwitz to his white granny who paid his way through school while crossing the street to avoid blacks, while using the Lapdog Media to invoke the racist past of America, who studiously ignored the 20 years Obama spent in the company of a black racist, playing the race card over and over, quite simply, to instill "liberal white guilt", which kept many Americans from questioning this punk, roiled racial tensions across America (it is what community organizers do best), and smoothed the path for a triple-vested jackanape to soil the Oval Office. Who acted stupidly in Cambridge? White cops. Who got a free ride from Eric "Dumbass" Holder in regards to voter intimidation? The New Black Panthers. Who told the Hispanics to crush their enemies? Who told his zombies to bring guns to a knife fight? Ronaldus Magnum was the Great Communicator and Soetoro is nothing more than the Great Divider. We’ll shed this SOB in 2012 and have to listen to his bullshit, like we have from Jimmy the Dhimmi, for another 40 years. Gag. Old Demerrhoids never die, they just become a bigger pain in America’s ass. Oh, and that southern border…

WHAT president of the United States has EVER made his foreign policy platform a world tour of kissing ass and apologizing for America, while at the same time, condemning and denigrating his nation? (That is, if you believe Obama is an American, which the Gunny does not. Whether he was born in Nairobi, Mombasa, or Honolulu, this SOB is as anti-American as Hugo Chavez.) Consider this. A Private in the Army downloads classified material and gives it to Wikileaks. He goes to jail, likely to be charged with espionage. Yet we have a president who GIVES the Russians the codes to the Trident missiles that we have sold to the British and then claims that since they belong to the Brits, it ain’t a crime. Excuse the Gunny but, WHAT THE F**K is this mental midget doing empowering OUR ENEMY at the expense of OUR ALLY? What this crybaby has done is wipe out, in one fell swoop, the enormous sacrifices generations of Americans who have fought for freedom worldwide, by this act and his continuing bash America tour.

The United States is on the precipice of collapse. We have over-spent for social bullshit to the pint where we who WORK are tired of paying for those who AIN’T! Consider the teacher’s whining in Madison about their pensions. THEY think it is OKAY for 94% of THEIR pension to be paid for by the people who have to provide for THEIR retirement as well! We challenge this and the Left goes berserk like money simply falls from the sky. The "end justifies the means" according to these leftist bastards and if it collapses the US, why, Cloward and Piven will step in and fix it. This is why the Gunny considers the Left to be devoid of truth, integrity, and honor. That is why they went to the polls to elect an angry punk who could not lead a squad of thirsty Marines to free beer.

Where is Obama now that former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Anthony Maschek (shot eleven times during a firefight in northern Iraq) was seriously disrespected, with shouts of "racist!", shouts, catcalls, at a reception at Obammy’s alma mater, Columbia University? Evidently, those students did not act stupidly enough for Barry to notice but he can insert himself into the affairs of Wisconsin! Kudos to Governor Walker who told Zero to mind his own damn business and get HIS ACT in order first! Note to libs. If the Gunny EVER sees a libstain disrespect a veteran or active duty troop, stand by to get the shit kicked out of you. THAT is not the America he will tolerate.

The Hopey/Changey this steaming turd promised is little more thana pack of lies surrounded by a shell of a failed ideology, which uses emotions, fears, lies, and the stupidity of liberals to undermine our society. Obama is a lair. Obama is a thief. Obama is a leftist ideologue. Obama is a wannabe demigod. He is the king of the idiots who not only voted for him but continue to back him. A pox on the lot of you.

A long time ago, Aeschylus stated: "A people's voice is dangerous when charged with wrath," and brother, we’re getting pissed. We’re sick and damned tired of having our British ally pissed on. We’re sick and tired of having our ONLY ALLY IN THE MID-EAST crapped on when morons like Hitlery Scumbag bleats: "I think it is absolutely clear to say, number one, that it's been American policy for many years that settlements [Israeli] were illegitimate." The stupidity of the left is on full display here. Dear Hitlery, Israel has been our ally since 1948 and after kicking the hell out of the Arabs in three wars, as Julius Caesar put it, "war gives the right of the conquerors to impose any conditions they please upon the vanquished." Why hasn’t the Pig in a Pantsuit asked the Arabs WHY they refuse to give the Palestinians citizenship in any of the other Arab lands? Oops.

This is the same clown who now asks to have the "off" switch for the the internet. Why? Liberals will attack the Gunny for this but too damn bad libs. It is time to BLAME those who voted for this bag of guts. The Gunny soundly DAMNS you for the damage you have inflicted on the US by electing this idiot. You failed to question ANYTHING about him but voted like the sheep you are. You never paused to consider:

Why is he hiding his birth certificate behind THREE LAW FIRMS?
Why are they hiding his school financial records?
Why did you not consider his 100+ “present” votes in the corrupt Illinois Senate as pure crap?
Why did you ignore the fact that he numbers domestic terrorists like Ayers and Dorhn as his friends?
Why did you not question his racist pastor who spoke of a hatred for whites and this country?
Why did you not question why this idiot NEVER HAD A REAL JOB?
Why did you never question his anti-military stance?
Why did you never question his vote to allow infants to DIE cold and alone after surviving an abortion?
Why did you never question this SOB’s partying with PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi?
Why did you never question his connection to a big scumbag named Soros?
Why did you never question his foreign money that came in from Hamas run phone banks in the Gaza?

The fear the Gunny has is that the sheep will illegally reelect Obama, like SEIU did for Dingy Reid this last November, with massive voter fraud. Thus, we must support impeachment proceedings against this domestic terrorist in the Oval Office. He MUST be charged and tried for the treasonous poltroon that he is. Every crime that he has committed against the Constitution, which he considers flawed, must be levied against him, and the penalty paid in full. How disgusting is it that this jackanape will receive a PENSION from the American people, for the rest of his miserable life as well as Secret Service protection. (Another penalty tour for agents who screw up!) Only by impeaching this traitor can we strip him of his glomming ways on our tax dollars, save our Constitution, and our nation. The Gunny prays that the Congress, which seems to have found some balls (defunding various liberal crapulence), will find the courage to stand behind Darrell Issa, as the leftist try to thwart him, and charge the Kenyan Usurper for crimes against America. A bonus would be crippling the Demerrhoid Party for decades until more of these 60’s dregs like Nutsy Baloney and Crybaby Boxer are taking their eternal dirt-nap.

May the lowest level of Hell be their reward and that right soon.


  1. Gunny, I take it you don't like the bamster, snark. I sometimes I wished the earth was flat so these dregs would fall off into never, never land. God bless you gunster.

  2. dong_ha68,

    Him and his wife are scum, who use their kids as props, and are more hypocritical than Michael Mooreon and his grubbing for more money through lawsuits! haha.

    His whole regime needs to be investigated and those guilty, charged and punished. Failing that, we the people need to pursue justice, if our leaders won't.

  3. Gunny, Iagree with you 1000%. investigate and prosicute not impeach. I he is impeached he is verified a legit and anything he signed stands, Investigate and if found guilty, punish with extreme pregudice.

  4. Gunny,

    Good post as always. Obama has been a bigger disaster than anyone could have predicted in their wildest nightmares. Tragically we will all need to pay the price and Obama will get a pass.

  5. Wow I have found paydirt.

  6. dong_ha68,

    Once he is impeached and removed from office, he can be tried for crimes in other areas. They can prove the illegality of his presidentcy and then void all of his bullshit.

  7. Hardnox,

    Thanks. The First Grifters are gonna be riding the gravytrain unless we can boot them out in disgrace.

    Hope the First Hog is enjoying her taxpayer funded vacation in Vail.

  8. hey there, Gunny, I think you've written one of the best damned blog posts I have ever read, so I posted it to an anti-liberal political information page that I run at facebook, here:
    God bless you, sir, I salute you. I also agree with you 100%, 0webowmao has repeatedly committed treason in my humble opinion. He should not just be impeached but tried for treason and punished appropriately. Too bad the GOP is filled with a bunch of gutless suckups. Most of them need to be removed at the nearest primary - especially the dicks who voted for that stinking pile known as the START treaty.

  9. You REALLY need to open up and tell us how you REALLY feel! mwahahahahahahahahaha Good post,Guns. Take a bow. BTW,did you catch the interview the libpig Candy Crowley from CNN did with Rumsfeld? He skinned her like the hog she is. Good stuff.

  10. Zilla/MJ,

    Thanks for the kudos and I could not agree more. If the GOP cannot rectify their lack of guts, then I hope that Michael Savage DOES start his Nationalist Party or someone, say the AWESOME LtCol West or Herman Cain, starts the Conservative Party.

  11. clyde,

    NO! Do you have a link? I know others missed it and I would love to see it! I ALWAYS enjoy libidiots getting fed their lunches!

  12. Will send a link to your dead drop.I can't seem to link here for some reason.

  13. Funny you should mention it.
    But maybe you didn't.
    I counted 3 groups of people who voted for Obama.
    First there was the lazy and ignorant. Like you said the information was out there but they refused to see it and when someone did show them they became part of the second group. The stupid who knew but believed he wasn't REALLY that far out. Besides, anyone but Bush or another Republican.
    And the 3rd group was the racists who voted for him because he was black.
    Funny. The party that accuses others of racism is itself comprised mostly of racists.
    But the one thing the ignorant, the stupid and the racists have in common. They voted for this clown because they saw in him, "more for less and free cheese."

  14. Actually, I am about to lose faith in the American electorate.
    Hillary Clinton lies through her eyeteeth about having to spiral down through anti aircraft fire and then run for cover from sniper fire and she is not drummed off the national stage. "She misspoke." !
    That senator from... Connecticut..I think, who campaigned on his Viet Nam record. Oh, he, too, "misspoke" but was elected, anyway.
    Charlie Rangel is caught with his hand in the cookie jar and is reelected anyway....
    A representative from Houston who asks NASA if the Mars rover will photograph the flag the astronauts planted. Another representative asks the CNO if placing so many troops on Guam would cause the island to tip over and capsize.
    And they all get elected. Uh...except Hillary but she gets the consolation prize. Secretary of State where she can go shit on Israel...
    Doesn't give me much confidence in our nation's electorate.

  15. I agree Gunny. The AA binobamacarter epitomizes the ole saying "Lower than a snakes belly".

  16. So let it be written so let it be done!!!
    Make it so!! etc.
    Impeach and imprison!!!

    You go Gunny!!!!!!!!