Thursday, February 3, 2011


Greek mythology has a lesson for those of us engaged in the fight against the corruptive and corrosive influence of liberalism in America.

Case-in-point: The second labor of Hercules was to destroy the Hydra. The Hydra was a lot like liberalism in that it had the body of a serpent and many heads (think SEIU, AFL-CIO, ACORN, Hollywood, Soros, etc) and one head that was immune to any weapon. They hydra also wielded an attack consisting of a toxic breath (think NY Obama Times, PMSNBC, SS Sgt Schultz, Kristof, etc) that could kill a man or beast or a nation. The Hydra would emerge from the swamp and attack the herds of cattle and and any villagers who got in the way, and then devour them with its numerous heads. (think Michael Mooreon, Rosie O’Donnell and any food that gets in their way). The Hydra, like liberalism, terrorized the population for a very long time!

Thus, Hercules traveled to Lake Lerna with his nephew Iolaus, to destroy the Hydra. When Hercules reached the cave of the Hydra, he commanded Iolaus to stay back with the chariot as Hercules went to slay the Hydra. After Hercules shot fire arrows into Hydra’s den, it came out to fight. (This is akin to Darrell Issa’s attempt to investigate the Regime and it’s dealings, i.e., ObammyKare) Hercules attacked the Hydra, chopping at the many heads with his sword but each time, two would grow back in the place of the head he lopped off! It seemed that victory was impossible. (Kinda like making sure Demerrhoids don’t cheat like a mo-fo in every election!) Hercules called on Iolaus for help, (kinda like the Tea Party wants to help the GOP right 75 YEARS of liberal wrongs), and as Hercules chopped off a gourd, Iolaus, with a torch, cauterized the wounds before the heads could grow back! With the last head, Hercules crushed it, ripped it loose, and buried the head! It was a team effort, much like what the GOP and the Tea Party could achieve, destroying the liberal hydra.

Quite clearly, this battle could reflect Hercules (Conservatives), engaged in a fight against the Hydra (Liberalism), with Iolaus (GOP (maybe)), using the flaming torch of the Constitution to burn back the beast.

You see, brothers and sisters, we are being attacked by the liberal hydra on every front, including: gun control, higher taxes, forced healthcare, rampant government spending, porous borders and illegal immigration, NO voter ID, crappy schools and crappy teachers that suck down more and more tax dollars, no school vouchers, corrupt unions, ACLU against everything we hold dear (pledge of allegiance, displays of religious images and Nativity scenes in public buildings or places, no religious oaths in courts, no death penalty, etc), crippling America’s energy sources by slapping down no drilling bans, banning new refineries, no coal-fueled energy plants, no new nuclear power plants, attacks against free speech by Kagan, Obama, and other Leftists, the war against the incandescent light bulb, the failed War on Poverty, TSA grope and poke, Nutsy Napolitano, no transfat, political correctness making life BORING, piece of shit electric cars like the Volt, and many other droppings from the anus of Liberalism.

You see, the Hydra of Liberalism spews out, instead of a toxic breath, a fetid stench of false ideas, false promises (think Hopey/Changey), twisted lies and outright bullshit, and a revisionist group that would have made Stalin short-stroke it, (think Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers and his wife Bernie Dornh), rewriting our history in the hope of destroying the very principles that made this country the shining city on the hill for the rest of humanity!

Hercules (Conservatism), attacks the Hydra on every front yet when the head of ObamaKare is chopped off, two heads grow in, NY asshat Carolyn McCarthy’s call for gun control and Internet censorship! The People’s Republik of California chops off benefits for illegal aliens with Prop 187 and homosexual marriage and repeal DADT grow in! Hercules chops off the head of higher taxes and in grows a bill by Dingy Reid to raise fees somewhere else and another round of ObamaKare waivers sprouts up!

So what to do?

The Gunny has long espoused the motto of: "One Team, One Fight!" It took the mighty Hercules joining with his nephew to kill the Hydra and we as conservatives need to band together, to organize, and to have one focus in mind, to return the United States of America to a vital, economically ass-kicking, militarily strong, Republic that has its combat boot firmly on the serpent’s (Liberalism) neck! We really ARE fighting multiple heads here, i.e., the Kenyan Usurper and his AWOL birth certificate and vital records, his numerous commie advisors, Anita Dunn, Van Jones, Valerie "get me a drink General" Jarret, unions like the SEIU/AFL-CIO/Teamsters, Soros, radical socialism in the Teacher’s unions, politicians like Nutsy Pelosi and Dingy Reid pissing on the Constitution, radical Islam, and lib-communism everywhere.

Our victory comes when we band together but not as a big tent bringing in RINOs like Juan MCShamnesty or Newt Gingrich, but as a coalition of Conservatives, teaching Conservative values and beliefs, who vote for and only for Conservative candidates who walk the walk and talk the talk, i.e., LtCol West, Michelle Bachmann, Issa, etc. The Hydra of Liberalism wants to devour the United States Constitution and initiate a rule of man on us, not the rule of God, i.e., Our Inalienable Rights from our Creator, and this means that we are in a full-on fight that must be won over the Hydra’s attempt to destroy our rights, our society, our cherished traditions, and in the end, our country.

Indeed, the Hydra controls most of the means to promulgate vital information and outlets like PMSNBC, who actually have a few viewers who believe that tripe! The Hydra, brothers and sisters, AIN’T GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! The Hydra has taken the long view, like their fellow travelers in China do, and they plan their attacks decades out. For example, Bill Ayers, once a bombing terrorist, is now an advisor on school curriculum's! The professional students of the 60’s now run academia, just like the game plan they espoused 30 years ago, poisoning the minds of our youth. We’re still revving in second gear working to remove the caltrops they drop in our path as they "move on" to the next target. Consider this? WHY do liberals embrace radical Muslims? Because they see US as the enemy, as do the Muslims, and to the Left, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," until the war is won and then libs will be on the head-chopper's menu! We can still gloat over retaking the House, ushering in gun rights, working to boot the Kenyan and the First Grifter, but we must press the attack. Patton said it best when he said, "I don’t like paying for the same real estate twice!" Liberalism has beset us for at LEAST one hundred years and we’ve been held back by "progressivism" (another pseudonym for oppression), and their false religion is far from defeated. We have to stay focused, stay the course, and work tirelessly, as we educate our children to stand a watch on the wall, because this fight is far from over. We’ve won a few elections, and we’ve chopped off a couple of the Hydra’s heads, but they WILL grow back, they WILL try to eat us, that is why we MUST persevere, why we MUST adapt and overcome. The nation depends on US to do our duty and we are HONOR BOUND to do it. We need to retake the Senate and the White House and KEEP IT THAT WAY until we roll back the Hydra!

We OWE this nation, it don’t OWE us and THAT, brothers and sisters, is the DIFFERENCE between we many Hercules and the Hydra of Liberalism.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." We can never again go back to sleep.


  1. Great metaphors Gunny, but I prefer to think of liberals as dingle berries, and we all know what dingle berries are!

  2. A great analogy Gunny!!We simply must kill the Hydra, and take back out nation. We must drill for oil and gas again, and everywhere we can. We must build more refineries, more power plants, begin to teach real history again. Quit funding Planned Parenthood (put them out of business asap. Tear up the stupid treaty with Russia, close the borders and deport the illegals!! Just to start!!!!

  3. Gunny,

    You are definitely on a roll today. Good post and spot on brother..

    We are most certainly in for a "long war".

    The biggest difference between Conservatism and Liberalism is most people will embrace conservatism with open arms whereas leftist policies are always forced on the people.

  4. Never thought about it in terms of Greek mythology but it makes sense.
    When Acorn was exposed I figured it would "dissolve" and re-emerge under a different title but with the same folks, same funding and same goals.
    Not sure why the socialistic liberal ideas find even a modicum of traction with Americans. Possibly because of catchy phrases, classroom indoctrination and an ingrained inability of most Americans to think for themselves.
    However the territorial imperative came into play in 2012. For the first time in a century the American people woke up, looked at an ever encroaching socialist government that was invading the individual rights i.e. territory and stood up and said, "Enough!". Much like any other animal, warm or cold blooded, will do when its territory is threatned.

  5. Jim,

    HAHA! Yeah. But since they revel in corruption and filth, that is why I call them maggots.

  6. Nanna,

    We have a LONG WAR against liberalism ahead of us and those things you listed are just the start.

  7. Good post Gunny. We must defeat the beast by attacking its food supply. The House must stop funding all of the liberal appendages that feed the beast. House Republicans must have resolve to take action on the rhetoric that got them elected this past November. Otherwise we'll be stuck with four more years of Obummer.

    "A government resting on the minority is an aristocracy, not a Republic, and could not be safe with a numerical and physical force against it, without a standing army, an enslaved press and a disarmed populace." James Madison

  8. Hardnox,

    Thanks amigo. You are correct and there is no ONE liberal program that has not been mandatory!

    Says a lot.

  9. Buck,

    Great post. Americans are pretty tolerant so we let the leftists have their way for a while but they are done. We've seen their little man behind the curtain (Sir Golfsalot) and don't like it.

  10. Maybe try a nuke on the Hydra? Blow it up,cauterize it at the same time.